Johnnys' Jr. Channel

Johnnys' Jr. Channel

Eight up-and-coming Johnnys' Junior groups post content every week at 8pm JST right here on the Johnnys' Jr. Channel! From fun skits and crazy variety-style games to sleek and cool rehearsal outtakes and performances, these boys just want to entertain you as they ready themselves for super-stardom!

【Weekly Video Schedule】

Tuesday: Kansai Johnnys' Juniors
 *Naniwa Danshi, A! group, Lil kansai
Wednesday: Shonen Ninja
Thursday: Travis Japan
Friday: 7 MEN Samurai
Saturday: B-Shonen
Sunday: HiHi Jets

*Mondays reserved for branded entertainment videos and ad hoc content.
*Graduated Groups: SixTONES, Snow Man

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