Japanese crap Everyday

Japanese crap Everyday

The strongest killing time delivered by the official Tik Toker "Ryo Okarada (King of Trivia)".
We are delivering a video that cuts out a crappy everyday scene.

"Human beings are the only animals that can feel pleasure as the number of useless knowledge increases."

Quoted from Isaac Asimov (American writer / biochemist, born in Russia, 1920-1992)

In short, it's an egg tomato.


■ Real name
Yuhi Ogata

■ Date of birth

■ Occupation

■ Hobbies
Watching videos / Editing videos / Animation / Movies / Reading / Walking / Traveling

■ A comment
There is no pride. It's up to you to subscribe to the channel.
I like junk people, housewives, smart people, and cats.
My dream is to make people all over the world recognize the name "Ryo Okarada" as a "legendary producer".