Crazy The Flight Distance Golf Academy

Crazy The Flight Distance Golf Academy

Japanese amateur golfer, professional golfer
I want to raise the level of all golfers who love golf.
I want you to enjoy golf more and more.
This channel was born from such a thought.

Inquiries about lesson applicants are flooding!
Trial lessons are no longer available for new customers! ??

Daisuke Ura, a popular lesson pro, is now available on JPworlds!

Mainly to increase the flight distance
Course management and golf theory with the core,
We will send you all about golf!

・ Those who cannot easily increase the flight distance
・ Super beginner who has just started
・ Those who have been playing golf for many years but are not getting better
・ Those who can't get rid of habits such as slices and hooks
・ Those who cannot cut 100
This channel is recommended for such people!