Onmyoji / Kyomei Hashimoto's channel (Japanese fortune teller)

Onmyoji / Kyomei Hashimoto's channel (Japanese fortune teller)

We create and provide helpful videos for people hoping to be lucky to get a good fortune.

"Onmyoji" might make you remind of a movie title, especially for Japanese, but at that time the onmyoji were today's public servants.

"Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries", "Ministry of Land" are compositions of Japanese government nowadays, but there was an existence of "Ministry of Onmyo" back then.

One of their work was measuring the time and making calendars, helping a person who was today's prime minister by fortune telling and exorcising evil spirits at festivals or somewhere.

Onmyo was the study of statistics and all prediction was from the specialists.

- Kyomei's voice;
I am today's Onmyoji and always do fortune telling with the knowledge and statistics people of the past left. As a descendant of Onmyo, I keep telling you to live a great life by using both statistics, which approaches everything scientifically and nature, which is difficult to explain with only study.