2009 CBR 1000RR WRECKED Bike Rebuild (Complete Rebuild Timelapse) Start to Finish

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The complete start to finish rebuild of my 2009 CBR 1000RR Repsol. Most of the talking has been edited out so you can see this bike transform right before your eyes!
To find out how much I paid for the bike and the cost to rebuild, check out this video!
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  • To find out how much I paid for the bike and the cost to rebuild, check out this video! jpworlds.info/up/bideo/cWScr86qfaN_0Ik

    RK MotorsportsRK Motorsportsヶ月 前
    • @Francis Andy trying it out right now. Seems great so far :)

      Raphael FordRaphael Ford4 日 前
    • I dont know if anyone cares at all but I just hacked my girlfriends Instagram account by using Instaportal. Cant link here so search for it on google :D

      Francis AndyFrancis Andy4 日 前
    • Perfect job !! Congratulations !

      MGoncalves PMGoncalves P6 日 前
    • Do you help your subscribers get bikes too?

      Julian KennedyJulian Kennedy14 日 前
    • 8

      Carlos MooreCarlos Moore14 日 前
  • small question cheaper to repair?

    Kanun CharhiKanun Charhi4 時間 前
  • Much better taste than the previous owner haha

    Francisco FernándezFrancisco Fernández11 時間 前
  • Woooow🔥🔥🔥

    euriko TVeuriko TV14 時間 前
  • ..nothing bended ?!!?..😬

    nerk23nerk2320 時間 前
  • Fantastic transformation. Inspiring

    Henrik SundemanHenrik Sundeman日 前
    • Thank you Henrik! 🤟😎

      RK MotorsportsRK Motorsports日 前
  • transparent tree - stream radio

    Ayush P.Ayush P.日 前
  • Really nice work! Quick tip use compressed air under the grips to easily slip them on. You can also use some soapy water and wait for the water to dry.

    TheSlayrnumber1TheSlayrnumber1日 前
    • I actually did use soapy water for these grips but they still put up a fight!

      RK MotorsportsRK Motorsports日 前
  • Great video. Just dont use the electric torque tool to screw all the bolts... you donts fell the torque...the treads...etc...

    Fernando RamalhoFernando Ramalho2 日 前
  • I love bike and raning 320 + spid

  • Wow ! Pretty sure I could never own these birds brand new. I wish I could have one of these rebuilt. But never mind, at the least I get to see them rebuilt here :P

    akshay palakshay pal3 日 前
  • omg love it when you throw away the crap acc and turn it back stock

    GluddonyGluddony3 日 前
  • ステアリングがトップブリッジさら左に傾いたままっていう。

    Mist KzMist Kz3 日 前
  • Wacthed for 30 min with only 2 ads

    _ Rudraksh __ Rudraksh _3 日 前
  • Good

    Sayed Nayeem ShouvonSayed Nayeem Shouvon3 日 前
  • Replaced not rebuild

    Tony MendozaTony Mendoza3 日 前
  • Hi! Do you have link for the side mirror for this bike? Thanks, and great vid!

    Neil AlfonsoNeil Alfonso4 日 前
  • I have a question,sir. When you rebuild the bike again, how could you remember to put every piece and nuts bolts at their right place. Please tell because if you know some life hack

    navneet salarianavneet salaria4 日 前
  • the speedometer and the upper triple clamp is for the older generation of cbr 1000 rr

    ado moslemado moslem4 日 前
    • Yes, thats because the bike is a 2009 but it has the 2012-16 headlight and fairings

      RK MotorsportsRK Motorsports4 日 前
  • did you leave pinched exhaust pipes? and please dont smash camera with hand..

    Joni HolmströmJoni Holmström4 日 前
  • ok i have to know where u got this bike from my it looks just like my friends same damage and everything

    Colby JostColby Jost4 日 前
    • Got it out of Rochester NY

      RK MotorsportsRK Motorsports4 日 前
  • Im like thats rebild but i have not bike i like join with you🥺❤️

  • I wish i could had a big bike like that. 🙏😊

    P.C VentureP.C Venture4 日 前
  • Isn't the exhaust pipe in the bottom a bit out of shape?

    Amirul IdrisAmirul Idris4 日 前
  • The CBR1000RR really didn't get itself together, being part of the 1000cc in-crowd, until 2008. That's bad ass.

    r1toor1too6 日 前
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    Anthony PhungAnthony Phung7 日 前
  • Цвет от оригинала отличается, а так нормик

    Галдан ЦеренГалдан Церен7 日 前
  • This bike is going to be back at your shop a few months after you sell it ahahah

    Illuvatar2kIlluvatar2k7 日 前
  • Sweet as a nut.

    Dragomir NedkovDragomir Nedkov9 日 前
  • The new wheels are sweet and fair play for that led lighting 🤮

    Dragomir NedkovDragomir Nedkov9 日 前
  • Se fosse no Brasil a reforma sairia mais cara que a moto em perfeito estado,das duas uma:ou vendiam pra desmanche ou iam guaribada e andar sem as carenagens kkkkkkkk

    Dilton PTDilton PT9 日 前
  • Good work! Christ you must have spent a fortune on parts!!!!

    Kieran JonesKieran Jones10 日 前
  • Perfect!!

    E. MeshE. Mesh10 日 前
  • That would be a very expensive build $$$ Nice to see all of that red tack removed :)

    Chris RaynorChris Raynor10 日 前
  • Awesome rebuild. Cutting into the new rider's seat packaging with the box cutter made me wince, though.

    HKMediaChicagoHKMediaChicago11 日 前
    • Thank you! I always try to be careful when opening boxes that way

      RK MotorsportsRK Motorsports10 日 前
  • Saya suka video ini bro👍

    Bukanrangga 5555Bukanrangga 555511 日 前
  • NICE VIDEO.!!! 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘

    StickerBaoStickerBao11 日 前
    • Thank you!!!

      RK MotorsportsRK Motorsports11 日 前
  • I really love the bike, The Color everything looks so cool man i love it thumbs up 👍 btw news subscriber here keep up the good work🤘

    Heung SooHeung Soo12 日 前
  • Where is the owner of this bike ⁉️😅 is he all rights ⁉️🤣🔫

    Hun TerHun Ter12 日 前
  • Looks amazing great work

    Glenn MaurerGlenn Maurer13 日 前
  • Baddest and cleanest on the internet love your work brother keep making dem bikes look great!!!!

    Julian KennedyJulian Kennedy14 日 前
    • Thank you Julian! I truly appreciate it!!

      RK MotorsportsRK Motorsports14 日 前
  • So much hardwork! Kudos to you dude.

    Anumeet SinghAnumeet Singh14 日 前
  • I like it bod nice one, by the way new subscriber..

    Carz76 VlogCarz76 Vlog14 日 前
  • I'm clad you got rid of all the squid stuff!

    Richard BalazicRichard Balazic15 日 前
  • Good work, I have a question, when you put the new chassis, you made special adaptations. Or is this new chassis compatible with the latest model?

    Ricardo MoralesRicardo Morales15 日 前
  • Really beautiful bike i just love honda most awesome bike

    model car restorationmodel car restoration15 日 前
  • Montar repsol é fácil quero você montar um cg 99 com motor de falcon kkkk

    Hernandes Dee LimaHernandes Dee Lima15 日 前
  • Amazing broo

    Arun RaiArun Rai15 日 前
  • Imagine Rk Motorsports Give me my dream big bike 😥🥰 Watching here from Philippines 🇵🇭 keep it up the good work buddy 💓

    King Paolo GavinoKing Paolo Gavino15 日 前
  • Where you get the orange rims from

    Joshua VanalstJoshua Vanalst15 日 前
  • Biopolítica llopññh

    Victor MayaVictor Maya15 日 前
  • Very Nice Job! Nice music!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Julian VallecilloJulian Vallecillo16 日 前
  • Algum brasileiro aqui?? 🇧🇷🇧🇷 Tmj

    Jeisael AiresJeisael Aires16 日 前
  • love the vids,im going to start buying and fixing up bikes myself and i watch your vids for inspiration so thank you vry much.keep what your doing despite the haters.

    Phillip BaughPhillip Baugh17 日 前

    Free Zone MotovlogFree Zone Motovlog17 日 前
  • Sadly here in Germany this Bike would never drive on the public road again because of the scratches in the frame. You need to swap the hole frame. With the scratches it's only rideable on the racetrack. But really great result, I can feel how much work it was but in the end it is such a beauty again.

    kawalukakawaluka17 日 前
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    bloody geezybloody geezy17 日 前
  • Please give me one bike😭😭😭😭😭❤❤

    Mizo wildlife photographer ElohimaMizo wildlife photographer Elohima17 日 前
  • Please don't give this back to the person who did this. It breaks my heart to see what happened to her

    KartikKartik17 日 前
  • Cool transformation. I always liked the Honda CBR1000RR in it's Repsol colors ever since Mick Doohan became champion.

    PasqualePasquale17 日 前
  • Top speed??

    Jay HaroldJay Harold17 日 前
  • If you don't mind answering, where did you get the new fairings? Thanks.

    Jason CovaJason Cova17 日 前
  • Did u keep the bike or sell it

    Brentstan135Brentstan13518 日 前
  • Oh good I saw the video well ^^ I have subscribed to you This is my style

    JoyMakerJoyMaker18 日 前
  • Shes a little beauty again now ! excellent work ! Did I detect a slight clutch slip on the test ride ?

    Nic NakNic Nak18 日 前
  • Everything is perfect but exhaust bipes bends do not change bro yyy but good work bro ❤️❤️❤️

    salman farishsalman farish18 日 前
  • How much money was spent all in all ? Wel dun 🤝 ok ok u got a video about price just noticed and that price was fair .

    Leon BennettLeon Bennett18 日 前
  • 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍🦾🦾💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯👌👌👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏👏👏 super motor💪👍🦾💯👌👏

    Мейлис БердиевМейлис Бердиев18 日 前
  • exhaust pipe was bent

    Rupinder SinghRupinder Singh18 日 前
  • Handa 😂

  • Just found the channel & loved the video Subscribed and liked 🤘

    Daniel CrossDaniel Cross18 日 前
  • Amazing job , sir .

    armando cardenasarmando cardenas19 日 前
  • whats the oldest bike make and model you've fixed up? My first and only is a KZ 750LTD belt its got electric and kick start with a hinged seat which i wish there was more of today.

    SeanSean19 日 前
  • The short life of a super sport bike .

    armando cardenasarmando cardenas19 日 前
  • you deserve many more subscribers!

    Toby LiubosToby Liubos19 日 前
  • Its ok bro only 817 people were mad you laid it on the side

    S1ick10292S1ick1029219 日 前
    • @RK Motorsports 😂😂😂

      S1ick10292S1ick1029218 日 前
    • I don't think that's too bad haha

      RK MotorsportsRK Motorsports19 日 前
  • Really awesome restoration sir.👏👏

    Wing'z EverythingWing'z Everything19 日 前
  • I like those motor ,but i domt have maney to buy

    JohnMichael BarbaJohnMichael Barba19 日 前
  • super

    Amazing MotorcycleAmazing Motorcycle20 日 前
  • 28:39 That sound

    jonnathan davilajonnathan davila20 日 前
  • Yesss..yeahh back to original...man i really hate SBK with stupid leds on it

    alberto kick butterskialberto kick butterski20 日 前
  • I like the way you respect the bike, no matter what 😀

    Diwesh ChaurasiaDiwesh Chaurasia20 日 前
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    Su ShSu Sh20 日 前
  • 👍

    Adem SerseriAdem Serseri20 日 前
  • Seeing something like this be re built nicely makes me feel all good inside. Lol

    Tyler HowellTyler Howell21 日 前
  • What kind of spray did you used sir

    mark kevin minianomark kevin miniano21 日 前
  • Hi good day like you are videos I was jus wondering where can I get a set of front rotors for my 2007 cbr600rr

    Umar AhmadUmar Ahmad21 日 前
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    Juan LopezJuan Lopez21 日 前
  • i`m worried about the rider hope hes okay

    hamdaam hamdaamhamdaam hamdaam22 日 前
  • He just replace the damaged part. Not a big deal.

    Shaon AnowerShaon Anower22 日 前
  • Great work personally I wish you had done pt1 & pt2 in slower motion so we could see the operations better. I wonder how much the parts cost ?

    Edgar AlanEdgar Alan22 日 前
    • The complete price breakdown is here jpworlds.info/up/bideo/cWScr86qfaN_0Ik

      RK MotorsportsRK Motorsports22 日 前
  • Sell me the bike

    Martin MwangiMartin Mwangi22 日 前
  • restoration cost sir?

    Fahmi ZandersFahmi Zanders22 日 前
    • The complete price breakdown is here jpworlds.info/up/bideo/cWScr86qfaN_0Ik

      RK MotorsportsRK Motorsports22 日 前
  • Ready to sale...😜

    Nazar Rudin Mohamad NorNazar Rudin Mohamad Nor22 日 前
  • At some points in the video man sounds like drew peacock

    YTPauliu zzYTPauliu zz22 日 前
  • you didnt change that dented up exhaust? why?

    Tom TomTom Tom23 日 前
  • No torque wrench?

    Aaron ThompsonAaron Thompson23 日 前
  • Dont know why but this video felt so relaxing and satisfying to watch. Thank you for giving me a break from my anxiety

    LeOnIdAs162LeOnIdAs16223 日 前
  • For me that was a PIECE OF ART !!!! I love Honda and I love Repsol (I hate Marquez) I wish to have skills like YOU,Great JOB !! Awesome Job !! all the best for you my friend,take care

    Jack kotJack kot23 日 前
    • Thank you so much!

      RK MotorsportsRK Motorsports22 日 前
  • do you use dot 4 for the breakes?

    Jayant ChoteJayant Chote23 日 前
    • @RK Motorsports nice im only 13 so they using dot also for my bike

      Jayant ChoteJayant Chote21 日 前
    • Yes, I believe DOT 4 is required for all sportbikes

      RK MotorsportsRK Motorsports22 日 前