A magical tent that makes otters withdraw in it. [Otter life Day 490]

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Finally, Ui has started to sleep in the tent.
It seems that otters can't help but sleep in this tent.
It looks a little cramped with two otters in it, but that's probably for the best because otters love small spaces.
★Here is the magical tent
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  • @Aty ...Have you considered sending your show into NHK?? I would so love to be sitting here in New York watching you on Internationally Syndicated TV!! Ui is a star!!

    L8dySysKeyKisukeL8dySysKeyKisuke日 前
  • What a beautiful & loving family. May they enjoy a LONG & HEALTHY life together. Love sent from Maryland 💞🇺🇲🇯🇵

    shell walshshell walsh2 日 前
  • Helen always thought you should Not poke a sleeping otter. It is rude And Ui is right on this one!

    Helen VaughanHelen Vaughan3 日 前
  • heyy, like UI I'm very afraid of others and takes A LOT of time to relax with people. don't give up yet!

    KimKim3 日 前
  • Practice with Ui in this situation does not make perfect. Aty is being subjected to a traumatized, distressed Ui and unfortunately will pay the consequences. Please give Aty his total, safe place away from unpredictable Ui.

    Anna Rae HollandAnna Rae Holland3 日 前
  • They look so cute 💖💞🌺🌸💕👍

    Isabel CarballeaIsabel Carballea3 日 前
  • I think Aty doesn’t want to share & doesn’t look happy 😕

    Sam HenwoodSam Henwood3 日 前
  • I almost dropped my phone when she reacted that way!

    Helen SandhamHelen Sandham4 日 前
  • Poor Aty lost his tent space now too? Aww....I feel sooooo bad for him. He’s had soooo many changes and none really for the better lately. I hope this works out with ui ASAP so poor Aty can feel safe again. 🥺

    Panicked JerzeeGrLPanicked JerzeeGrL4 日 前
  • 🥰🥰🦦🦦💕💕🙏🙋‍♀️

    ANGELA PereiraANGELA Pereira4 日 前
  • She has such peace, Papa Otterman, she's finding her way, letting down her guard, and learning how to trust your love. Aty and Mr. Cat are the best example of calm and ease. Great job🏆👏💕🦦💕

    TSITSI4 日 前
  • Otters sleep on their back because they tend to sleep in the water and they are buoyant and it is impossible for them to drown if they sleep on their back. It's funny out of the water, but when you see them floating in the water sleeping it looks totally normal for them. Ui has come a long way in a very short time comparatively speaking

    Derek WagnerDerek Wagner4 日 前
  • The girls in Aty’s life are all so feisty 😓

    L. YL. Y4 日 前
  • Ух ты! Спасибо за титры на русском!!!!!!!! 🦦🦦+😺=❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Елена ПЕлена П4 日 前
  • 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

    Carla LazzariCarla Lazzari4 日 前
  • Dude, let Ui sleep. It is healing, and Aty is okay with her taking up the middle.

    Scallop O’HareScallop O’Hare4 日 前
    • I'm not sure Aty is _that_ okay with it. It actually seems to annoy him but he's too nice to complain. We warned him he should've put a sign outside his tent reading: "ABSOLUTLY *_NO_* GIRLZ, KATS, OЯ HOOMNZ!!!"

      SoufriereSoufriere4 日 前
  • Do their noses get cold and wet when they are happy?

    Scallop O’HareScallop O’Hare4 日 前
  • Aren't those two of the most adorable faces you could ever want to see? Especially those little brown noses.

    Lynn CrosbyLynn Crosby4 日 前
  • How much is Mr Cat charging the otters for rent??

    Aunt Didi FurlgAunt Didi Furlg4 日 前
  • My enjoyment of these vignettes may be spoiled if I read that these otters will be sent out to an ocean on their own when they get uncontrollable as they age. Please tell us what happens when they get too aggressive to be pets.

    Donna DeesDonna Dees4 日 前
    • I haven't seen any evidence _yet_ this otter species becomes more aggressive as it ages. Aty is already a full-grown adult otter and Ui is near it. A woman named Ayako has an 11-year-old male otter Takechiyo. Otter Sakura is 5 (although her owner MaKo said she's 4 despite uploading videos of her before she would've been born)

      SoufriereSoufriere4 日 前
  • Between the addition of Ui to Aty and the new otter babies on LOUTRE channel, I’m approaching otter cuteness overload! ❤️🦦❤️🦦❤️🦦❤️

    Rebecca FarrellRebecca Farrell4 日 前
  • Simona AmorettiSimona Amoretti4 日 前
  • Why do they sleep on backs at home? Don't they sleep on their backs in natural, water enviroment?

    Morris BuschmeierMorris Buschmeier4 日 前
    • Not always. You're thinking of sea otters. Aty & Ui are river otters who sleep in dens on land in the wild

      SoufriereSoufriere4 日 前
  • In the wild, Otters live in burrows, so a tent, which is like a burrow, is a comforting place.

    unter menchunter mench4 日 前
  • Gizmo KutvalGizmo Kutval4 日 前
  • Бедняжка Уи, видимо, сильно ей доставалось от прежних хозяев. Как хорошо, что сейчас она в добрых и заботливых руках!

    Anna SultanAnna Sultan4 日 前
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Jen loves lifeJen loves life5 日 前
  • It looks like Ui is feeling more at home. I’m sure, with your patience and Aty’s, she will find peace at long last.

    Jude StewartJude Stewart5 日 前
  • ういちゃんもテントで寝ないかなぁと思っていたので 警戒が取れて寝てるの見て凄く嬉しかったです😆❤️ アティ隊長もオッターマンさんの入室は駄目だけどういちゃんはOKで良かったなぁ💕 途中で映る にゃん先輩もめちゃくちゃ可愛いし とても癒されましたm(_ _)m

    パンダloveパンダlove5 日 前
  • 威嚇初めて見ました。これは怖い(汗) でもウイちゃんはもっと怖い目に遭ってきたんだろうな…反射的に威嚇してしまうなんて本当になんとも言えない申し訳ない気持ちになる。 どんな目にあってきたのかな… 話変わりますがやっぱりういちゃんの口もとってピンク色でルージュ塗ってるみたいで可愛いですね!!

    junreisenjunreisen5 日 前
  • Kocham te wydry ❤

    Dorota KołodziejczykDorota Kołodziejczyk5 日 前
  • Hello Aty! You is adorable lontra!!!!

    Aparecidq MasakoAparecidq Masako5 日 前
  • Not surprised by the love of a tent your otters have as it brings them security and comfort.

    Daniel DuluDaniel Dulu5 日 前
  • Fantastic italian subtitles!

    Ramona FahrniRamona Fahrni5 日 前
  • Ui was sleeping and otterman has disturbed her suddenly she was afraid....it is normal. Better calm while sleeping or eating. But I think Ui is nice and lovely 💓

    Eva Alburquerque BullidoEva Alburquerque Bullido5 日 前
    • The fact that when she's awake and alert (and not eating), she will approach Otterman for cuddles suggests that's her real personality, but she seems to have Otter-PTSD and is quick to startle and immediately go on the defensive when disturbed. THIS time, she froze and didn't bite. By Ui standards that's improvement.

      SoufriereSoufriere4 日 前
  • 大丈夫です❗オッターマンさんとAty隊長とにゃん先輩と暮らしていれば警戒心なんて全く無くなっていきますよ🌻でも女の子は時には警戒心も必要だと思います✋笑

    ri nari na5 日 前
  • I think she will get better. I feel sorry Aty like he always on edge what next . Aty such sweet disposition. How is Mr. Cat ? I hope nothing happen with him. It's going take time an lot of patience. There is reward coming . I love her, some of our children's more difficult getting alone with others . Some make friends from the start. What I call family affairs.

    Debra KempDebra Kemp5 日 前
  • ❤❤

    Ann SjöholmAnn Sjöholm5 日 前
  • I'd bite too if someone kept poking me awake.

    DustyDusty5 日 前
  • Lindos

    Rosane OliveiraRosane Oliveira5 日 前
  • Ui behaves like a war veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder. She remains alert for signs of an attack. Otter hunters in South East Asia normally kill the adults and kidnap their children to traffic them to wealthier countries in the North. We don't know what she has experienced.

    Faithless HoundFaithless Hound5 日 前
    • We DO know Ui was not poached or trafficked through China -- if she was, Otterman would not have been able to get her licensed.

      SoufriereSoufriere4 日 前
  • Maybe Aty should visit with Hana again now that he's lived with a female otter... Maybe they will get along better.,.

    Bobby BrooksBobby Brooks5 日 前
  • Aty watches Ui at the corner😆💗 and Mr. Cat watches them like a big brother😆💗

    Belle LiuBelle Liu5 日 前
  • Definitely the new tent for camping...thanks Mr Cat...

    Kitty KatKitty Kat5 日 前
  • Otters pefer a den which in nature resembles what they would build in the wild. Cats prefer height and mr Cat love the mount with steps up.

    Alethia TruAlethia Tru5 日 前
  • Thank you for sharing! Strange, how a lot of our pets love hiding away in a tent, cave, bed, whatever. My pets love hiding away too.

    Deppendorf900Deppendorf9005 日 前
    • A den is a natural place for animals to be in.

      VulpisFoxfireVulpisFoxfire4 日 前
  • Mr. Cat says "I'll stay in my cat tree, thank you very much."

    G TaylorG Taylor5 日 前
  • Glad that Ui is in good hands now, as she has a wonderful family now. She may have gone through a difficult time with the previous owner and was traumatised by many incidents. So she became aggressive. Unlike Captain Aty which is brought up with love and kindness by Otterman. Ui Ganbatte!👌💪🦦❤🤩🤗😊

    Anicia WongAnicia Wong5 日 前
  • I believe she is comfortable and learning but it just takes time to forget the past.......

    Steve BrownSteve Brown5 日 前
  • 完全に魔法のテントですね笑❗️✨⛺️✨ ういちゃんもrelaxしてますねー☺️ お腹を見せて大の字なのはその証拠ですね🌱 ういちゃんの警戒心が解けるのも後少しって気もします😌 ヴ〜って言わなくなる日が来ること祈ってます🍀🍀🍀💚きっと来る!

    1977x121977x125 日 前
  • Was Ui hissing? :O Aty hid under the blanket from her, he dont want to get bit either, Ui just may take a little longer. Dont give up on her unless she really injures Aty. They will fight a little but Ui is very pushy, and Aty is a pushover for her, If she complains, he just goes to his man tent lol! so cute

    Robin PeterlickRobin Peterlick5 日 前
  • Otterman,why don't you give hearts to this community as Kotsumet does? Could be the right idea to get more subscriber ?!

    PeCo 3PeCo 35 日 前
    • @Soufriere At this point, I hope that those who hate Ui, ( or think she is better off somewhere else/dead) never have kids or own any animal.

      Hayley StormHayley Storm4 日 前
    • @Hayley Storm There are WAY too many people here who think they know more about otters than Otterman. Before, it was just the usual "Animal Rights" nutbars. Now they're joined by Ui-haters who've probably never rescued any animal, much less one who is likely to have been abused and/or mistreated.

      SoufriereSoufriere4 日 前
    • @PeCo 3 Otterman "hearted" one of my comments a few weeks ago. I wrote it in Japanese and it was a fairly early comment. Right now I think he's too busy to read comments. He uploads his videos early and sets them to go live at exactly 10am JST (by coincidence, that's the same time LOUTRE Otter Cafe uploads).

      SoufriereSoufriere4 日 前
    • @PeCo 3 I understand that want, but for now I'm fine with keeping things small. There are enough people in the comments acting like they know more then Otterman.

      Hayley StormHayley Storm4 日 前
    • @Hayley Storm Of course,you are right, I know that.But I wish Otterman would have as much subscribers as Kotsumet! I love both of them!

      PeCo 3PeCo 34 日 前
  • She is wild at heart that's all it is in protect herself mode that's it it may never leave her when eating or sleeping ..we can't expect a wild creature to do what we want every time raised early with humans helps but they are still wild animals after all its nothing personal.. she's already much less tense around you and aty and Mr cat .. let sleeping dogs lie is a saying for a reason .. ps hey otterman dad stop filming my tender bits .. much luv to you all and all who luv otters everywhere ..

    Tammy FaderTammy Fader5 日 前
  • Grandma Helen say hmmm! Maybe Aty wants to deal with His girl problem himself! Even If she’s biting. He think is HIS female, yeah?

    Helen VaughanHelen Vaughan5 日 前
  • Even this little snarl of surprise from Ui shows the progress she is making - she instantly realised she was still in her safe environment and who was with her ........... That's how I see it , though her hiss made me jump ! Shows that Otterman has coped with far worse fearful/protective reactions from Ui. Well done. Brave man !!! She is fast as lightning !

    Caralyn HaleCaralyn Hale5 日 前
    • This here is what anti-Ui commenters don't understand. If this had happened even a few weeks ago, she would've followed through and attacked whatever disturbed her. As it was, she froze in place and _very slowly_ began to relax as soon as her brain registered it was "daddy". In the closeup you can see her eyes follow his hand and she looks scared she'll be punished, but instead he pets her.

      SoufriereSoufriere4 日 前
  • I have a theory, Ui is actually a honey badger pretending to be an otter.

    Mare ObleetMare Obleet5 日 前
    • @Mare Obleet Yep!! 👍

      SoufriereSoufriere4 日 前
    • @Soufriere mustelidae!

      Mare ObleetMare Obleet4 日 前
    • LOL. What's even funnier about that is honey badgers _really are_ related to otters. So are wolverines.

      SoufriereSoufriere4 日 前
  • You can't get a more perfect environment than Otterman's loving home to raise and get Ui to calm down and recover from her trauma with Aty almost always in spoiled/rest mode and Mr. Cat being the definition of "chill" 24/7!

    OakOak5 日 前
  • Aty - smart, beautiful, and as an ambassador - what an otter !!!

    WiladilajnaWiladilajna5 日 前
  • I really like Ui, but she still has abit of aggression in her but I’m sure it will dissolve away with time and ottermans love 😊😎🦦🦦

    James DjukicJames Djukic5 日 前
  • Well. I guess you shouldn't touch her while she is sleeping, she clearly doesn't like it.

    KcbgKcbg5 日 前
  • Aty has such cute feet!! And guess what...Otterman does too!! Lol I love Aty so much 😘💕☺️👍🏻

    Missy DeeMissy Dee5 日 前
    • They *all* have good feet, including Ui and Mr. Cat.

      Carolyn McMasterCarolyn McMaster5 日 前
  • Aww Aty looked a little jealous haha

    Olav M.Olav M.5 日 前
  • It that was Ui’s reaction, then I can’t imagine what it was like when she was biting your legs and hands when you first got her.

    Areaka StudiosAreaka Studios5 日 前
  • 3:54 Ui surprised 🥺

    Seriko GamingSeriko Gaming5 日 前
  • Maybe Ui doesn't like to be touched while she is sleeping

    Gameboy InlockdownGameboy Inlockdown5 日 前
  • Bin froh das es schon mal soweit ist das die beiden sich zusammen im Zelt befinden hoffe es wird noch besser du tust dir auch große Mühe

    hannelore zervoshannelore zervos5 日 前
  • ういちゃんのトラウマは、かなり深いのかなぁ😞💧 アティみたいにオッターマンをはじめ、人間を百パー信頼する様になるまでまだまだかかるかも知れませんが、オッターマンの深い愛情で、きっといつかういちゃんもアティと同じ様に人間を心から信頼できる日が来ると信じてます👍😊 皆んなが応援してます❣️ 頑張って…👍

    川内智香川内智香5 日 前
  • Poor Aty, everything is being taken away from him. His comfortable sleeping spots, always having anxiety and scared of being attacked by ui, and always being botered by her so he can't sleep. No wonder he is depressed right now.

    WayfinderWayfinder5 日 前
  • 1:51 Otterman: "Hey Ui, where's Aty?" Ui: "I ate him" then she licks her top lip 2:00 Aty is found in the tent. Otterman looks at Ui: "Now you know how to make a joke and be cool, right?!"

    Hyu LeDHyu LeD5 日 前
  • You are showing Ui such love and care, she will feel safe very soon I think. Thank you for being so kind to your beautiful otter friends.

    dillonfodillonfo5 日 前
  • You startled her Otterman, lucky she didn't stink bomb you!😨

    Anj ButlerAnj Butler5 日 前
    • Otters can't do that. They have musk/scent glands but not for defensive use, that's only skunks (which AREN'T mustelids it turns out)

      SoufriereSoufriere4 日 前
  • 2匹からの川に連れてってアピールなのかもw 真面目なところ、快適なんでしょうね(*'▽')

    昆布社長昆布社長5 日 前
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Janat LaatabiJanat Laatabi5 日 前
  • カワウソさん達に大人気?なテント。ういさんもリラックスできる空間になっているんですね。

    内山千詔内山千詔5 日 前
  • 😊👍

    Leben mit der ErdeLeben mit der Erde5 日 前
  • Какая милая компания в палатке-притрутся и характерами и терпение у UI появиться ,короче буду пересматривать еще раз.Aty- ласковое солнце мое.

    леола Логуновалеола Логунова5 日 前
  • 順番待ちしてる可愛いういちゃんと、反射的に起きて威嚇するういちゃん、まるで別ウソですね。 横でアティ固まっちゃってたし。 寝てるところ触られると反射的に威嚇しちゃうういちゃん見たら、よくスパイ映画で、 寝てるスパイが物音で飛び起きて反射的に銃を構えるの思い出した。

    羊歯植物羊歯植物5 日 前
  • Does anybody else here agree that first and foremost, UI clearly was from a otter who likely has no lineage of being team. A.k.a. she was just a cash grab considering that she was for one of those otter cafés. But more importantly… She has to my point prominent weasel characteristics on her face she looks like a weasel and she has a lot of lot more of a psychotic like, Deranged, untamed look if if you ask me. Yes he's doing a great job and he literally is like not only the otter man but he's like an otter Saint he's just a great person and him an Addy aTY have a great life together and I don't want her to screwed up and I don't think she will I think atY and him will make it awesome but still, It does kind of suck because it's on when it stresses for the little guy who shouldn't have them but I don't think he'll ever be deterred is changed into anything other than a great little guy you know

    Ethan HarvestEthan Harvest5 日 前
  • Ui will around with time and your love. ❤

    KimKim5 日 前

    Lila BergLila Berg5 日 前
  • Mr Cat is the best cat! 🐈 Otterman took in two otters in the house, and Mr Cat is cool with it.

    SisterVanillaSisterVanilla5 日 前
  • That tent looks so comfy. ⛺️🦦🦦

    Chio MChio M5 日 前
  • Fun fact: otters love tents.

    Captain FreedomCaptain Freedom5 日 前
  • Ui looks like she's wearing pink 💄 lol

    Amanda MarieAmanda Marie5 日 前
  • aww. Ui sleep in an open position .. showing trust and safe feeling. keep progressing Ui … thanks to otterman for such a patient approach… 🐾

    guagua5 日 前
  • テント、不思議な魅力がある様で😆💞💖 うい、ガルゥッしなくなると良いなぁ🌟✨ 誰もういを襲わ無いよ☺️🌟✨💪 ある意味、野性的なのかな☘️ でも、大丈夫だようい🎶🎶☺️😆 大丈夫大丈夫💞💖💕 ニャン「僕もなんだかテント気になって来たけど…定員オーバーかな。入れないか…」😽😆

    しつじひつじしつじひつじ5 日 前
  • 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Irina FranIrina Fran5 日 前
  • なるほど、これがういの威嚇か。

    石井靖浩石井靖浩5 日 前
  • Awwwe she will find peace surrounded by so much love and patience 🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️

    Linda PelleLinda Pelle5 日 前
  • Maybe Ui's had too much bad for her to change quickly. I need more time. But with Aty and Mr. Cat, he'd be sure to finally understand that it would always be okay now. 🥰 The Tent is great.👍😁 Mr. Cat wonders what's so cool Aty and Ui see in this shack 🤔😂

    Alo RytAlo Ryt5 日 前
  • I just LOVE, LOVE your babies. I am very jealous that we cant have them as pets in the US. Don't think so anyway. I would definitely cry if I could hold and play with them!!! But I do have a question. Why do Aty's front paws look so torn up??

    D ASD AS5 日 前
  • 😍😘😘 je suis sur qu elle va se sentir mieux . 💕💕💕

    Corinne AkkanCorinne Akkan5 日 前
  • My dog growls at me when she’s very tired and sleepy. She gets annoyed if your move her or pet her lol. Maybe Ui just wants to rest peacefully?

    CaliD0LLCaliD0LL5 日 前
  • When will we see Aty and Ui get married and start a family? Mr Cat will make a very fine best man for the wedding, and an outstanding God Father for Aty and Ui's babies.

    Paul ChevrierPaul Chevrier5 日 前
    • @Soufriere Thanks. I had no idea about Hana's background, but I did know that her twin is a Loutre Café otter. I like him. He's a bit odd but charming. I remember Azuki from Northern Mishima very well. Not so well that meeting did go! Aty does seem to have issues involving how to successfully court a female otter. Of course, he's well and properly old enough to *want* a mate. I suspect that some of the mating problems and other social problems these otters are having stem from their not having been socialized to adulthood in an otter family. Their human family members do their best, but it's not the same as coming of age among other otters. Good luck to them all!

      Carolyn McMasterCarolyn McMaster4 日 前
    • @Carolyn McMaster AFAIK Hana was never at any cafe (her twin brother is but he gets to go out a lot) and Azuki, the first girl to reject him, was at Northern Mishima but Otterman never said she came from a cafe -- he said Azuki was too young and Aty was too eager: watch it in slo-mo, Aty was literally drooling.

      SoufriereSoufriere4 日 前
    • @Soufriere I don't blame Aty for being somewhat scared of Ui. She's not a depraved monster, but she's had enough damaging experience(s) in her life that she's potentially dangerous if startled. In Otter Life 490, she handle the situation well, though. Nobody got her. Of course, one advantage Aty and Otterman have (and presumably Mr. Cat) is that she knows their smell waking or sleeping. She recovered quickly enough not to cause harm. A strange otter or a strange person *wouldn't* fare as well. Re: Aty as a real stud. He certainly should be! He's almost 3-years-old, very healthy, strong, and of a good temperament. At 18 months plus, Ui is also of prime breeding age and is (physically) healthy, and strong. Her temperament needs work, though. I'm hoping she'll make a good recovery and that she and Aty will become the parents of offspring healthy in body and mind. One question I've been meaning to ask you about the female otters who Aty's had bad luck with: are any or all of them alumni of the otter cafes? I ask because I've noticed that the otters who've passed through the cafes are pretty quirky at times.

      Carolyn McMasterCarolyn McMaster4 日 前
    • @Carolyn McMaster Aty's still kinda scared of Ui. Can't blame him for that given how jumpy she is when asleep. Go figure -- the _one_ girl-otter who actually likes him is the one who literally terrified the pee out of him. Aty by all rights _should_ be quite a stud (in the racehorse sense), but he has *_terrible_* luck with the ladies. Three so far have rejected him …and then there's Ui. Aty just can't catch a break.

      SoufriereSoufriere4 日 前
    • Not until she's calm enough to consistently not harm Aty or her potential babies. Before that, I don't think they'll have Otterman's blessing!

      Carolyn McMasterCarolyn McMaster5 日 前
  • Otterman, if you haven't tried it yet, reiki might help Ui. Reiki is very healing for abuse survivors.

    Miranda LangeMiranda Lange5 日 前
  • I love your Aty and Ui ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    La GitanaLa Gitana5 日 前
  • Oh, maybe Ui is feeling a bit territorial now that she has a lair. Aty has been with you from a much younger age and for a longer time, but Ui had a rougher time in her early life and she may never completely outgrow her defensive behaviour. But you have worked wonders with her, and it is not her conscious behaviour that is a problem, it is her instinctual behaviour. She seemed fine with you handling her once she was awake, it was just when she was awakened from a deep sleep that she reacted instinctively. She almost looked like she was not quite sure who you were when she hissed at you and snapped.

    AbsentWithoutLeavingAbsentWithoutLeaving5 日 前
    • She wasn't. Ui literally "snapped" as she woke up. It took her brain a few seconds to realize it was Otterman, and at that point she _immediately_ started to calm down. She was frozen in a defensive position and did not blink once, but you could see her eyes slowly shift from primal fear to fear of punishment (by Otterman) to calm as he pet her.

      SoufriereSoufriere5 日 前
  • 3:55 I was literally jolted off my seat! We're hoping for your wish to come sooner! be more patient waiting 🥰

    Daizy CruzDaizy Cruz5 日 前
  • All that Mr. Cat wants is a cardboard box.

    Six ToesSix Toes5 日 前
  • Ui's reaction was completely on reflex, and she calmed down as soon as her brain registered it was Otterman. You'll also note that the entire time Ui was on camera after being startled, she did not blink once until Otterman petted her head (she might have blinked when he briefly panned to Aty). Her stance suggests to me it's a fear response, and fear is _deeply_ hardwired into the brain. What Otterman did for Ui up to now was the "easy" part. THIS is the hard part.

    SoufriereSoufriere5 日 前
    • The unconsciousness will have to process it. She will meet those feelings in her dreams for a while still. It takes time. Otterman is doing great! Such a good countermeasure to fill her up with profound, happy experiences. More walks, dives, playtime and loving care.

      Dagmar HartwigDagmar Hartwig5 日 前