ALL ACCESS | Yuki Tsunoda's First F1 Race

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Time to go behind the scenes with another All Access episode! We followed Yuki Tsunoda as he prepared for his first F1 weekend at the Bahrain Grand Prix, capturing everything from his first media interviews to throwing his dirty laundry at his trainer - we also have a nice solo performance from Yuki as he sings one of his favourite tunes in Japanese!
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  • Go Yuki go!😉👏

    Fritz LeodolterFritz Leodolter58 分 前
  • Props to Yuki and Alpha Tauri! It was great seeing him ALL ACCESS. Lot's of support and all the best wishes to Yuki and the team from Switzerland!

    SwitzerlandFromAboveSwitzerlandFromAbove時間 前
  • 22 my

    Kilt XanKilt Xan時間 前
  • I think I'm started to love this guy! I'm so excited for next race, and I think he can do very good job in Imola

    gastanbn1gastanbn1時間 前
  • Awesome All Access segment....keep them coming!

    SamSam時間 前
  • I imagine most people would prefer to undress down to their underwear privately. Give them some personal space and time.

    Armin KArmin K3 時間 前
  • He ain't really a Japanese. He is S.korean born in Japan .

    Max InpainsMax Inpains4 時間 前
  • Imagine being in your boxers and your boss walks in

    Thomas BaldwinThomas Baldwin4 時間 前
  • Now everybody doing videos like mclaren, love it!

    Lukas MargelisLukas Margelis5 時間 前
  • Yuki the smallest F1 driver with the biggest Future on the Grid!

    Shift47Shift475 時間 前
  • "Survive the first lap and the rest will come. It is better this way than crash in the first lap" look likes someone didn't know that

    Siu Lung LuiSiu Lung Lui5 時間 前
  • Great to see some more Japanese culture in f1

    CorporaalCorporaal6 時間 前
  • Japanese people are so humble, we should learn from that, especially the entitled generation we have over here. You could see he was honoured when the team boss walked in and at the same time embarrassed because he was sitting in his underwear. I'm expecting big things from this guy, if he keeps it up he'll be riding alongside Max next year.

    randeraadranderaad7 時間 前
  • Yuki the small man but a big boss off and on track with respect for his people...

    BeatExportBeatExport7 時間 前
  • 日本語の字幕を付けてくれてありがとう Thank you for adding Japanese subtitles

    tomo mtomo m8 時間 前
  • Yuki is cool. That will make him a best rider in future.

    Ankur SahuAnkur Sahu8 時間 前
  • 拝見しました。ありがとうございました。

    young Vivayoung Viva9 時間 前
  • Yuki u are also a great singer😄good Luck in the future 👍🏻😀😊❤ greets from the Netherlands 🇳🇱

    Freddy von grunnFreddy von grunn9 時間 前
  • Love his serious and confident way to walk, also truly emotional moment!

    Papaya마야Papaya마야9 時間 前
  • 角田選手 日本から応援しています。頑張ってください。

    丘本典敏丘本典敏10 時間 前
  • 17:14 🤣

    Le Chat NoirLe Chat Noir11 時間 前
  • Yuki je nešto što se lijepo dogodilo f1 unazad nekoliko godina... poz iz Hr sretno!!!!

    istina postenjeistina postenje11 時間 前
  • 0:28

    Le Chat NoirLe Chat Noir11 時間 前
  • Who is the guy who stays with Yuki the whole time? Is it yuki's assistant??

    Mio AMio A11 時間 前
  • Damn he looks tall on camera, but he's 5'2

    jeremy shu how lin fan Toojeremy shu how lin fan Too12 時間 前
  • Signing all those cards and stuff is definitely the most boring part of this job xD

    Nikhil PabelkarNikhil Pabelkar13 時間 前
  • サポートしてくれてる方々も、いい人ばかりだ

    odoyanodoyan13 時間 前
  • 7:36 good to see you, koh Stephen.

    46GamingCuber46GamingCuber13 時間 前
  • We NEED a video of Yuki for every race please....pretty please!!!!!!

    A MayaA Maya15 時間 前
  • Awesome

    Andrew MortonAndrew Morton16 時間 前
  • 10:25 Love the fist bump loading animation 😂 Thanks for all the content. Wishing Yuki more great overtakes! 🇯🇵

    AlienofAndromedaAlienofAndromeda16 時間 前
  • “Training?!?!” Hahahaha

    Kevin FernandezKevin Fernandez17 時間 前
  • 何気ない会話ですら面白いよなー。

    微分積分微分積分17 時間 前
  • ドライフラワー歌ってる!!☺️☺️☺️

    微分積分微分積分17 時間 前
  • P9!! Excelent job!!

    Felipe RomantiniFelipe Romantini17 時間 前
  • Mr Tsunoda often doesn't wear a mask. He shouldn't do it now.

    堀越毅堀越毅19 時間 前
  • This guy has got to get a WC atleast one based on his performance in the first GP, such a beast! Glad Alphatauri has given him the chance to prove himself and I hope Alphatauri will have a great year. The Honda engine is looking strong and as always has the best sound on the grid.

    Erwin JErwin J21 時間 前
  • ofc he plays golf

    1101 22021101 220222 時間 前
  • He's just a kid,WTF ninja tsunoda

    ruben gouveiaruben gouveia23 時間 前
  • I may not be a alpha tauri fan but lets be honest nobody in the paddock can hate Yuki

    Will GamingWill Gaming23 時間 前
  • Loved yuki before this and even more after

    Kyle RowlandKyle Rowland23 時間 前
  • Yuki "Big Bang" Tsunoda!

    TLR EclipseTLR Eclipse日 前
  • He was more like fancy f1 fans than rapid driver..

    sigit prasetyosigit prasetyo日 前
  • wonder if he uses a booster seat or not

    BLACK_HyDrA161BLACK_HyDrA161日 前
  • These videos are making me more of a yuki fan the more I watch

    Ciaran ReevesCiaran Reeves日 前
  • awww retierno el yuki 7u7

    KenschiveKenschive日 前
  • Enjoy his character during testing but really becoming a fan of him now.

    michael henstockmichael henstock日 前
  • Is this for netflix?

    lemmoRlemmoR日 前
  • So calm, a real profesional at work.

    CarlinCarlin日 前
  • Also, he knows a little Italian. Immediate big fan.

    icedbannanasicedbannanas日 前
  • So pumped to see how Yuki does this season, and hope that he has a long career in F1. Like his driving style and his attitude. Go Yuki!

    icedbannanasicedbannanas日 前
  • この雰囲気のハタチすげぇなぁ!

    takano YAStakano YAS日 前
  • How to get one of those signed autographs :(

    baxwalabaxwala日 前
  • no gear in Drive untill passenger in, door closed, locked & fastened !

    Алекс НиковАлекс Ников日 前
  • I’m srry Max but check this new yuki fan

    Riesjth JthRiesjth Jth日 前
  • I'm from the same town as Pierre and I really don't understand why he'd rather be under the Maldives' sun rather than locked down under Normandy's rain 😜 Also, best of luck to Yuki, I believe in you, man that dive on Alonso 😍 !

    ZazooZazoo日 前
  • Yuki is very professional very focus So glad We got this kids in the team 👊🏼

    thiago leao monteirothiago leao monteiro日 前
  • Why is it so long till the next race? 🙁

    Malik R.Malik R.日 前
  • Man , you can’t hate this guy ! I am a fan now ! You got this !!

    Oggi _02Oggi _02日 前
  • What if yuki tsunoda and lewis Hamilton at the same team? 🧐🤔

    Pyramid destroyerPyramid destroyer日 前
  • Yuki is like 15 year old boy just touring in the paddock and alpha tauri garage😂

    Akila FikriAkila Fikri日 前
  • Yuki!!

    Frederick ThorneFrederick Thorne日 前
  • No disrespect or anything but why is gasly the second driver?

    lilmarco 0lilmarco 0日 前
  • Yuki is cute

    SpaceonSpaceon日 前
  • Excited to see how far he can go!

    Andreas OlssonAndreas Olsson日 前
  • Looks and drives better than Stroll

    DespizedICONDespizedICON日 前
  • fingers crossed for him ♡♡♡

    rose191991rose191991日 前
  • "I'm not really afraid of making mistakes. Mistakes make me better".

    dqve11dqve11日 前
  • Yuki singing dry flower - Yuuri wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    Ambrosius StephanoAmbrosius Stephano日 前
  • しょっぱなが日本語でびっくりした(笑)

    kazu16Otherkazu16Other日 前
  • I think yuki speaks hongkong English 😂 not Japanese English

    Jonathan ChanJonathan Chan日 前
  • Love this guy! Keep it up

    CactusCactus日 前
  • 3:15 ドライフラワー歌っててすき

    たこたこ日 前
  • Yuki has superb talent, I hope he will become the future legend in f1

    YosiMoshi PlayYosiMoshi Play日 前
  • Footballer 🤣

  • takumi fujiwara 💪🏼🤭

    romancitoromancito日 前
  • That's awesome, very cool to the first race of a new driver in an F1 team! Thank you !!!

    Frederick DesbiensFrederick Desbiens日 前
  • Yuki singing to Dryflower by Yuuri, 👌🏾

    Harry's ArtworkHarry's Artwork日 前
  • these videos are fucking great

    MsGrowlandMsGrowland日 前
  • The shaky camera is intentional, right? Kind of annoying.

    furyofbongosfuryofbongos日 前
  • Yuki is so cute. Happy another Asian on the grid.

    Camella Anne ArellanoCamella Anne Arellano日 前
  • I like this kid , he should have a good future ahead of him

    JeckkzJeckkz日 前
  • this guy should be something in the future of F1

    ircham septa pradanaircham septa pradana日 前
  • 同じ20歳とは思えないくらい凄いな。世界は広い

    ポイフルポイフル日 前
  • I really want to watch these behind scenes of every race weekend. Pls🙏

  • 20% racing 80% yuki in his undies

    Akhyar RayhkaAkhyar Rayhka日 前
  • This is better then Drive to Survive .

    MrEntertainer89MrEntertainer89日 前
  • Already a star.

    Womberto BiaggiWomberto Biaggi日 前
  • anyone know what watch yuki was wearing during the video opening?

    HmmmHmmm日 前
    • I’m not sure but…CASIO EDIFICE EQB-1100YDC-1AJF…is similar.

      David LynnDavid Lynn日 前
  • 10:27 He is my new fav driver...

    AamoAamo日 前
  • 16:13 what he meant to say is: "It's better this way, than to end up like Mazepin"

    PaulPaul日 前
  • Japanese woman love to see Yuki almost naked 15:45

    Andi SAndi S日 前
  • Petition for a series called yuki vlogs

    Johnny WeaverJohnny Weaver2 日 前
  • Quickly becoming a favourite racer of mine!! ⛳

    Chip in4sevenChip in4seven2 日 前
  • Oke sooooo he is a footballing star that darts, golfs and drives a f1 car???? 😁😁😁😁

    JCrulesJCrules2 日 前
  • 10:53 so here is when yuki is spending his resource points from practice into upgrades for the car

    Adrián GonzálezAdrián González2 日 前
  • Imagine your boss walking into the room and you're just in your boxers. I'd be mortified. 15:54

    Lord DobiLord Dobi2 日 前
  • Bom Jesus da lapa-BAHIA-BRAZIL ) Tsunoda bom piloto F1 vai ser campeã F1 breve japonês vuador.🏆

  • He should know that he gets a covid test soon as he arrives at the track since he would of done it in f2 last year.

    adamadam2 日 前
  • 16:16 このフランツの言葉はピエールには酷だな😨