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  • I EAT Pineapples on Pizza aka Hawaiian Pizza. NUmber 1 flav

    Jackie LoganJackie Logan日 前
  • when you streaming 5 years and 0 donations inc feeling....

    Good][FriendsGood][Friends3 日 前
  • F*** Samsung

    why creepywhy creepy5 日 前
  • I would have TK'd him

    Usual MotivesUsual Motives5 日 前
  • He made more money than I make in a month. He has the right to do whatever he wants. It clearly works. Bunch of try hards are stopping him from having fun.

    HojjatHojjat5 日 前
  • if i was on that team i would of tked ^_-

    frep youfrep you6 日 前
  • Actually this is our furture: Being a slave of companies. But I don't wanna disturb your entertainment. Sorry. But I felt nothing funny about this clip.... it's just for the painless audience...

    Herr UlkichHerr Ulkich6 日 前
  • Everyone, SHUT UP. Red just killed Blue with an Orange.

    Mushroom MapleMushroom Maple7 日 前
  • Where’s the TTV at the end of Rowans name?

    B1ak N3ssB1ak N3ss8 日 前
  • How did you come up with the word 'Pesthörnchen'? Translated, this would mean either a sick squirrel or a plague infested noodle ...

    Felix SchiefermuellerFelix Schiefermueller9 日 前
  • Wait a minute, Rowan finally regained his accuracy. He has been missing all his shots in the sacrifice, rambo and revolver videos.

    Chen MingyiChen Mingyi9 日 前
  • For $2000, I could be as Rowan as I want

    Arun MuruganArun Murugan9 日 前
  • This video made me laugh the most of all the other videos I've already watched from you guys. Thank you

    MysteryMystery9 日 前
  • If anyone other then Ben said they weren’t as obnoxious I’d have believed it 😂

    Glen BogleGlen Bogle9 日 前
  • I came to this comments extremely confused because my name is also Rowan

    Rowan GallucciRowan Gallucci9 日 前
  • ben killed with potato gun XD XD

    GhostyGhosty9 日 前
  • That's a lot of blood for a bb gun and pebbles.

    Jeremiah LewisJeremiah Lewis9 日 前
  • Go-go-gonohrea!

    Anthony MartinoAnthony Martino10 日 前
  • a few of them have trigger discipline at least

    AlexAlex10 日 前
  • 2:21 "Potato gun"

    oooo10 日 前
  • This is why friendly fire is a thing....for people like Rowan

    Micheal VincentMicheal Vincent10 日 前
  • Ello bróthas. Me boyo showed me your channel one day. He talks about ya a bit. He and I have watched most of your shows and if that doesn't say something, we clearly enjoy it. He's 6 and started his own gaming channel but I wanted to say thank you for the clean entertainment you all do. We're both looking forward to Baelin's Route. Keep doing you then and keep bringing the joy. You got a good group of friends to work with

    Game Ragers boys of CRGame Ragers boys of CR10 日 前
  • Bon Jovi would be pissed at that impersonation, BAAAAAAAAAAD

    Mark HarrisMark Harris10 日 前
  • That go go gonorrea guy, is just into it

    Jhonny9211Jhonny921110 日 前
  • Can we get more Streamer Rowan?

    Square ZackSquare Zack10 日 前
  • I always wondered if it was called Hawaiian outside the US 😂😂

    kelly bradykelly brady10 日 前
  • 2:24 Rowan using UMP 45 and the sound is M416

  • The online streaming community is so fucking obnoxious.

    shafin rahmanshafin rahman10 日 前
  • I hate Twitch Streamers. Btw, subscribe to my Twitch channel.

    Chunky MoeChunky Moe11 日 前
  • Ben was like *Why do i have to play with this guy OUTRAGOUS*

    Ken PlaysKen Plays11 日 前
  • Pest Hörnchen=plague squirrel

    Antje BartlAntje Bartl11 日 前
  • Welcome back to y stream!

    KendoruSlinkKendoruSlink11 日 前
  • Will definitely be back to bug you guys and Rob on twitch once kiwifruit season is over, will have to make due with your vids till then...

    Kahn ThorpeKahn Thorpe11 日 前
  • Break the middle fingers. Break them all!

    Lord BloodravenLord Bloodraven11 日 前
  • Very nice and funny 😊😊😁

    enjoy lifeenjoy life11 日 前
  • LMAO I thought Adam was going to shoot him.

    crimsonraencrimsonraen11 日 前
  • how 'bout do an old broad stream lmfao

    Someonez MomSomeonez Mom11 日 前
  • usually the twitch streamer plays with his mods or chat, so they would already know, great vid still

    Captain UnohanaCaptain Unohana11 日 前
  • Ben wearing his helmet like that makes my eye twitch. Also, GET YOUR BOOGER HOOK OFF THE BANG BUTTON, HIGH SPEED!!!!

    Old Man JimOld Man Jim11 日 前
  • Wait in pubg mobile when you win your teammate revive automatic

    Obsidian Animation2112Obsidian Animation211212 日 前
  • Next video: drop a full mag on the floor and some-how is in your bag We need ben and romon to do that

    Obsidian Animation2112Obsidian Animation211212 日 前
  • Bwahahahahaha I know this guy!!

    quikdraw520quikdraw52012 日 前
  • Push to talk mate... KEKW

    Xavier PendragonXavier Pendragon12 日 前
  • Alan is trying to hold his annoyance. Ben is trying to hold his anger from punching the dude. Adam... well.. he's suffered it all through before - he has no hope or trust in humanity.

    MorgengratMorgengrat12 日 前
  • need alternative ending where adam just shoots him then they get chicken dinner

    John BrownJohn Brown12 日 前
  • today I learned VLDL is anti pineapple pizza and that makes me sad, for in the upcoming pro-pineapple wars, I'mma have to waste you boys =( also I'm American and every gun I see is a threat and almost certainly live and loaded, so Alan having his head so close to that (what I'm sure is either a decomissioned or absolutely safety-on+unloaded or play weapon) gun makes me go D: D: D: D:

    Zak BZak B13 日 前
  • Does anyone remember that's the same room where Ben was killed by his imposter 😂

    I SI S13 日 前
  • I love Rowan but if he has this persona on Twitch, I'm never watching lol.

    RamesGamesLCRamesGamesLC13 日 前
  • The song sounds like "Denis" intro... feeling old yet? ;_;

    nc btwnc btw13 日 前
  • Exactly how I picture what streamers are like.

    Tomas SoejaktoTomas Soejakto13 日 前
  • This is the truest video

    BastymussBastymuss13 日 前
  • Pretty much how I feel about streamers as a whole. Can't stand streamers.

    Cory VCory V13 日 前
  • Gigedygigedy 😂

    Max MadMax Mad13 日 前
  • kill fied: charmander killed bulbasaur

    Sufyan SiddiquiSufyan Siddiqui13 日 前
  • Dang algorithm. I didn't get notified of this video when it came out. Finally got to see it.

    Bryan AbbottBryan Abbott13 日 前
  • Is it a running joke that Rowan is just seeing how many skits in a row he can dance and/or be naked in?

    Yo Dawgz GamingYo Dawgz Gaming13 日 前
  • Btw, congrats for chicken

    Cʀᴀᴢყ々 SᴏᴜlCʀᴀᴢყ々 Sᴏᴜl13 日 前
  • Where's the flip flappin?

    FatefatalisFatefatalis13 日 前
  • this wasn't even funny because Rowan was so annoying. Well played

    VeldeezVeldeez13 日 前
  • This is so not me when streaming...maybe...probably...could most likely be me...THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUBSCRIBING OMG

    PhilmysterPhilmyster13 日 前
  • Do you guys stream pubg on twitch?

    ubberblade georgeubberblade george13 日 前
  • I laughed so hard at "Gogogonhorrea:

    Kirkeithy 2Kirkeithy 213 日 前
  • lol Charmander Killed Bulbasaur by burning him alive.

    Punisher6791Punisher679113 日 前
  • so, to be clear, these guys were annoyed that their friend earning somewhere around 4k in a matter of minutes could have potentially lost them one round of a video game. Which, incidentally, it didn't even do that.Which character is supposed to be the jerk in this scenario again? (:

    TJForceIXTJForceIX13 日 前
  • Red killed blue with an orange. Best Red vs Blue reference I've seen in a long time

    Wortigon2000Wortigon200013 日 前
  • I was hoping that they would just silently agree to team kill Rowan lol!

    LucksternLuckstern13 日 前
  • I was honestly expecting them to turn around and shoot him down

    Thomas StevensThomas Stevens13 日 前
  • Hmmm that's not what a ump sounds like... I dont use the gun cause it sounds like its about to break

    justice mwandiwanzajustice mwandiwanza13 日 前
  • teamkilling intencifies

    Jari GustafssonJari Gustafsson13 日 前
  • He would actually be a good streamer

    alpha tangoalpha tango13 日 前
  • Pinapple on pizza is pretty gross.. Me who just watched the latest upload of Dream shorts: Really?

    IrtazzaIrtazza14 日 前
  • Rowan was an extra in the movie Avatar so he knows how to use a gun I think

    Mr pumpkin 🎃Mr pumpkin 🎃14 日 前
  • Lol at red killed blue with an orange

    Mr pumpkin 🎃Mr pumpkin 🎃14 日 前
  • When will you do warzone real life 😭

    AouS •AouS •14 日 前
  • My name is TGHDI lol 😂

    TGHDITGHDI14 日 前
  • this is essential

    Werewolf MasterWerewolf Master14 日 前
  • Its funny that his channel is growing extremely fast when he is playing 😂

    Gyanesh SinghGyanesh Singh14 日 前
  • 1:55 How the hell do you kill someone with a orange?

    I eat crayons for breakfastI eat crayons for breakfast14 日 前
  • These guys need to do a collab with that will Anderson guy from Instagram, could be Alan's long lost brother

    HarryHarry14 日 前
  • "Go go gonorrhea" 😁

    Eric MsemwaEric Msemwa14 日 前
  • Rowan doesn't accept donations lower than 100$.

    miradnumiradnu14 日 前
  • I stream every match I play. Am I seriously one of the only people who understands to use a friggen push to talk key for in-game chat?

    MarioPfhorGMarioPfhorG14 日 前
  • GoGoGonorrhoea is an amazing username!

    Scoopy PigeonScoopy Pigeon14 日 前
  • "pesthörnchen" :D best name :)))

    Michael FuhrmannMichael Fuhrmann14 日 前
  • Is this how WackyJacky felt with Rowan?

    DMONEY2012DMONEY201214 日 前
  • 0:50 charmander killed bulbasaur by burning him 😂

    Ace AJAce AJ14 日 前
  • *people who have Hawaiian pizzas* - I have Hawaiians pizzas :(

    FaTaL BuLLFaTaL BuLL14 日 前
  • When Team Kill should be rewarded...

    RuralTownerRuralTowner14 日 前
  • Well at least you guys won😅

    ihajoihajo14 日 前
  • Bruh who would be stupid enough to donate 2000$

    Veljko StejićVeljko Stejić14 日 前
  • Btw twitch sucks

    WoomoortWoomoort14 日 前
  • I love their faces when they were downed. Premium sad

    MQMQ14 日 前
  • UMP ❌ M416 ✔️ 🤣

    Cochise AlexandriaCochise Alexandria14 日 前

    Christopher TorresChristopher Torres14 日 前
  • Red killed blue with an Orange

    HatwoxHatwox14 日 前
  • was zur Hölle ist ein Pesthörnchen?

    YøshiYøshi14 日 前
  • Lol quagmire gifted subs, thats nice Ps: come on man, pineapple is good on pizza. Roasted in bbq is really good as well (not together with meat while in the heat).

    Grey KnightGrey Knight14 日 前
  • ump used as m416 yeaa , seems legit

    O1OOO111O1OOO11114 日 前
  • Adam was aiming the SCAR but the sights were flipped down, immersion ruined!

    Alex BugnarAlex Bugnar14 日 前
  • I hate playing with streamers on vermintide 2

    Dan GarityDan Garity14 日 前