D.O. 디오 '괜찮아도 괜찮아 (That's okay)' Live Clip

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🎬괜찮아도 괜찮아 (That's okay) MV: jpworlds.info/up/bideo/omPEh8CDp5qFsqc
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  • 마음이 편해지는 명곡. 경수 너의 매력은 어디까지인거니...빠져나올 수가 없다ㅠ.ㅠ

    뭉밍뭉밍3 分 前
  • Can we get Exo back already? I'm tired of waiting, the Chen situation has died down and us international fans (for the most part) are fine with it.😩

    Leah LeviteLeah Levite4 分 前
  • i miss u so bad😭

    Lilis Es TLilis Es T59 分 前
  • Şarkı aşırı rahatlatiyor

    fndthmagicfndthmagic時間 前
  • a letra é perfeita a gente tem sorte de ter uma voz dessa no mundo ! Você é incrível kyungsoo

    Mirian SantosMirian Santos時間 前
  • i love the way that you sing ❤️ you bring me peace

    Mirian SantosMirian Santos時間 前

    Mirian SantosMirian Santos時間 前
  • his voice omg !

    chocomint dduchocomint ddu時間 前
  • chocomint dduchocomint ddu時間 前
  • ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ○ ♡♡♡ ○

    MiakaMiaka時間 前
  • Kangen exo🥲

    novita sarinovita sari時間 前
  • I love your voice and l love your smile......

    Mahdis AziziMahdis Azizi2 時間 前
  • It's 4.38 am in morning... And here I'm sobbing over his voice... Bangladeshi EXOL...

    Park SooPark Soo3 時間 前
  • Can't wait for your Solo...

    Park SooPark Soo3 時間 前
  • I love You Doh Kyungsoo...

    Park SooPark Soo3 時間 前
  • The sun will rise no matter what and you have no choice but to face it and keep going

    My Penguin D.O KyungsooMy Penguin D.O Kyungsoo3 時間 前
  • We are one exo

    مهووسة هيونسوكمهووسة هيونسوك3 時間 前
  • انا نايمه هنا محدش يصحيني

    مهووسة هيونسوكمهووسة هيونسوك3 時間 前
  • selam

    çileklipuf etiçileklipuf eti4 時間 前
  • ʜᴇᴄʜᴇᴄ4 時間 前
  • Wwoww,this is amazing

    AK채널AK채널5 時間 前
  • Cute my husband-! Aigoo

    Ana GalaksiAna Galaksi5 時間 前
  • i love him

    Deia R.Deia R.6 時間 前
  • 😍

    Jeanalyn parpanJeanalyn parpan6 時間 前
  • HAPPY 4.5M !!!

    Deia R.Deia R.7 時間 前
  • AB6IX Daewhi singing it in his V-live...

    Jomar ZabatJomar Zabat7 時間 前
  • We Are one EXO

    AmaniAmani8 時間 前
  • eyyyooo~~

    flatt ttflatt tt8 時間 前
  • ♡♡♡♡

    flatt ttflatt tt8 時間 前
  • although i really into ur junior but i cant deny u guys are still my forever favourite. im waiting for ur projects or solo kyungsoo :D I LOVE YOU AND PLS BE HEALTHY ALWAYS!

    NCT 2020NCT 20209 時間 前
  • ❤️

    Bernah Joy BitoBernah Joy Bito10 時間 前

    JessJess11 時間 前
  • Wow beautiful special unique voice i love from México ♡♡♡

    albi Gd24albi Gd2411 時間 前
  • 🐧🐧🐧🐧

    Diana KissDiana Kiss11 時間 前
  • A friend of mine says that his voice seems to sound like it has auto-tune, is that supposed to be a compliment or something else?

    Riri KimRiri Kim12 時間 前
  • Everytime i hear this song i think i wanna cry but healing at the same time

    Visual AddictedVisual Addicted12 時間 前
  • 정말 사랑해 내 이름은 시린 🥰🥰

    세레 인압둘 다젬세레 인압둘 다젬12 時間 前
  • Love u

    sholihatun Masfufah lihasholihatun Masfufah liha12 時間 前
  • l miss you Kyungsoo yah In my country (Myanmar), military junta detained our leaders since feb 1 and so I'm not okay Kyungsoo yah. I wanna support your first solo and movies in this year. Pls save Myanmar rapidly.

    Saw Kalayar PhyoeSaw Kalayar Phyoe12 時間 前
    • Pray for you & your country Pls. Be safe

      썬됴러브썬됴러브20 分 前
  • Kyungsoo fighting!! I always waiting your new music :)

    Real nrlReal nrl12 時間 前
  • This song makes me feel a bitter sweet feeling and i absolutely love it. I miss his heavenly voice so much

    RX HaiiyakoRX Haiiyako12 時間 前
  • 🤍🤍

    lula beautylula beauty13 時間 前
  • I'm here again

    Dks DohDks Doh13 時間 前
  • His voice is angelic. EXO will always be lucky to have him in their group. I mean all of them are lucky to be in that group. But their misfortune is being in SM, an entertainment that doesn't properly treat and promote their own artists.

    Riri KimRiri Kim13 時間 前
    • 👌

      lula beautylula beauty13 時間 前
  • can't get enough in this song :)

    kyungsoo dokyungsoo do14 時間 前
  • ☆☆☆♡♡♡

    ana anaana ana14 時間 前
  • ♡♡♡

    ana anaana ana14 時間 前
  • ♡♡♡

    pcy bbhpcy bbh14 時間 前
  • D.O.'s voice is so good he is the best member of exo

    MW KMW K15 時間 前
  • Leaving hearts here❤️

    My Penguin D.O KyungsooMy Penguin D.O Kyungsoo15 時間 前
  • Do 😇😍

    Marvin KolakaMarvin Kolaka15 時間 前
  • I can't imagine what it would be like if Kyungsoo collab with Zayn Malik or Bruno Mars

    Saa NaaSaa Naa15 時間 前
  • Miss you

    Diah putriDiah putri15 時間 前
  • Love D.O. also love do,kyungsoo❤️

    jade er-jade er-16 時間 前
  • Pls comeback again exo we miss you ‘)

    Nurul AidaNurul Aida17 時間 前
  • I wonder how people can do bad things just to get money , fame or everything that they want

    My Penguin D.O KyungsooMy Penguin D.O Kyungsoo17 時間 前
  • gosh , my do has comeback , miss ur angelic voice bb

    andrian setyantoandrian setyanto17 時間 前
  • His voice actually has a great healing power❤

    Shailen RizShailen Riz17 時間 前
  • Kyungsoo yaa miss u😔

    arss 12arss 1218 時間 前
  • this song and his voice is very soothing

    persian pearlpersian pearl19 時間 前
  • Arghhhhh D.O. love you!!!

    Park ChanyeolfillPark Chanyeolfill19 時間 前
  • you are amazinggg !!! Ilyy

    jeon chellejeon chelle19 時間 前
  • Question? Shouldn't they include in the profile of the song that D.O. wrote the lyrics?

    rose gabrielrose gabriel19 時間 前
  • It has been nearly two years long, many idols still recommend,mention and cover it. The most popular and the best station song ever.

    D Chae SanD Chae San20 時間 前
  • Although this song has popular ,it become more popular after his enlistment .

    D Chae SanD Chae San20 時間 前
  • i love you 😭😭😭😭😭

    Naomi ArchivesNaomi Archives20 時間 前
  • Love you D.O KING👑👑

    tania safira salsa bilatania safira salsa bila20 時間 前

    exo exoexo exo21 時間 前
  • I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you

    anisa rahmaanisa rahma21 時間 前
  • I need you😥

    Do KyungSooDo KyungSoo21 時間 前
  • DKS1 when????

    Pertiwi Citra DewiPertiwi Citra Dewi21 時間 前
  • D.O 😭😭

    Achong RonaldoAchong Ronaldo21 時間 前
  • Gracias por consolarme con tu voz, esperamos con ansias tus nuevos proyectos.

    Akira TOMOEAkira TOMOE22 時間 前
  • I like

    Yulia NisaYulia Nisa22 時間 前
  • 아무리 들어봐도 씨디랑 개똑같은데 라이브라니... 라이브라니... 정말 믿을 수 없어 ㅠㅠ

    박지현박지현22 時間 前

    ksoo furry pelvis hoarderksoo furry pelvis hoarder22 時間 前
  • I miss you😭

    Kim jamelaKim jamela22 時間 前
  • I have already commented, but I'm commenting again because I have this beautiful song (lyrics and composition, both) on repeat. I love this-- independent of all Korean bands and group members and other music I also appreciate- I LOVE this song. Thank you, D.O.

    Bon AndersonBon Anderson22 時間 前
  • Miss EXO, please comeback!!!

    cindi indrianicindi indriani22 時間 前
  • we miss u..

    nette de chaveznette de chavez23 時間 前
  • 😍😍

    Hajar IjhaHajar Ijha23 時間 前
  • Ignore all the people that's giving you a hard time everyday

    My Penguin D.O KyungsooMy Penguin D.O Kyungsoo23 時間 前
  • I wish SM will normalise putting eng sub in EXO’s videos chaeballlllllll

    Peach JaePeach Jae23 時間 前
  • 아 목소리....ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    takayama minakotakayama minako日 前
  • So bessssttttt

    Armina HomayounArmina Homayoun日 前
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Toon ToonnyToon Toonny日 前
  • This song makes me shed tears every time I listen to it. Being an EXOL saved me from anxiety and overthinking. Most of the time I pity myself because I don't have friends. There are times that I compare myself to others who have many people by their side. But because of EXO, I somehow overcome it. They became my resting place whenever I feel tired. Their video cheers me up whenever I feel down. They became the reason of my smile and why I'm not giving up. They became my strength. Even though I don't have anyone on my side, I believe that EXO is there for me. It may not be physically, but their existence already means a lot for me. I hope we can be friends, EXOLs.... We are one, EXO Saranghaja!

    exol phexol ph日 前
    • @cosmic latte that's why i love this fandom, I found a new family

      exol phexol ph23 時間 前
    • same with me. Now we have so many friends, exo and exo-ls! :)

      cosmic lattecosmic latte23 時間 前
  • Te extraño 😩😩😩

    camila carrascocamila carrasco日 前
  • Oppa ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Mala SariMala Sari日 前
  • 보고싶구나...

    저요저요저요저요日 前
  • Can't wait to see him and xiumin for their 10th anniversary album😭

    Charlene VizcarraCharlene Vizcarra日 前
  • Nice

    Maura. ZMaura. Z日 前
  • حياتي😢😢

    Baek ToshBaek Tosh日 前
  • ايلافيو😢

    Baek ToshBaek Tosh日 前
  • حبيبي😢😢😢

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  • مييييييس يوو😢💛

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  • حبيبي

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  • مشتاقة

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  • ♡♡

    ستريم سولو كايستريم سولو كاي日 前
  • دي او

    اكسو EXOاكسو EXO日 前