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This summer, you’re invited to Portorosso. Watch the new trailer for Disney and Pixar’s Luca and see the film June 18 on Disney+.
Set in a beautiful seaside town on the Italian Riviera, Disney and Pixar’s original feature film “Luca” is a coming-of-age story about one young boy experiencing an unforgettable summer filled with gelato, pasta and endless scooter rides. Luca shares these adventures with his newfound best friend, but all the fun is threatened by a deeply-held secret: they are sea monsters from another world just below the water’s surface. Directed by Academy Award® nominee Enrico Casarosa (“La Luna”) and produced by Andrea Warren (“Lava,” “Cars 3”), “Luca” releases June 18 on Disney+.
Hashtag: #PixarLuca

  • Did they just steal Wurt’s (from the game Don’t Starve) design?

    Steve MinecraftSteve Minecraft時間 前
  • That dad is from cloudy with a chance of meatballs! 🧆 😆

    Neil MNeil M時間 前
  • Giulia is an amazing character!

    Aria DayAria Day2 時間 前
  • The only way to watch this movie must be in Italian with subtitles in all the other languages!

    Santiago GonzalezSantiago Gonzalez2 時間 前
  • For the first 10 seconds I thought that it was an Italian trailer (spoiler: I'm Italian)

    SimonSimon2 時間 前
  • There's fish people among us

    Andrew CarlsonAndrew Carlson2 時間 前
  • Disney is gonna turn this Into an Italian beachside resort, aren’t they.

    Kiefer The Gibus DemoKiefer The Gibus Demo4 時間 前
  • I'm not sure if the two boys are brothers or friends, but if they're friends, they have to become a canon ship.

    That DuoThat Duo4 時間 前
    • @Aria Day I refuse to accept this.

      That DuoThat Duo2 時間 前
    • They’re friends, but they won’t be a canon ship. Sorry.

      Aria DayAria Day2 時間 前
  • 0:25 undyne

    Marcus LaiMarcus Lai6 時間 前
  • Хмм... Интересно 😉

    Оксана ГромакОксана Громак6 時間 前
  • Me: open a international trailer, hear a Edoardo Bennato song and italian words Me ad italian peaple : fanno sul serio finalmente

    Le maschere XYZLe maschere XYZ8 時間 前
  • from 0:00 to 2:25 is the best moments

    Walle FinderWalle Finder8 時間 前
    • That’s the entire trailer lol.

      Aria DayAria Day2 時間 前
  • So, I know the main song that starts at the beginning, but what about the song that starts at the middle? The crazy, super up tempo part?

    The Bahamian RainmanThe Bahamian Rainman8 時間 前
  • How do want this movie to be humans sea creatures? Sorry that’s my only one that I think about Pixar disney: YES

    Xxfrosty xXXxfrosty xX9 時間 前
  • YAY and my cousins birthday is on june 18

    Gaming EllaGaming Ella9 時間 前
  • His voice reminds me of the person that voiced the dinosaur in the good dinosaur movie

    play backplay back10 時間 前
    • Could be, but unfortunately, they are not the same person after all.

      Nena ArindrasariNena Arindrasari時間 前
  • This actually not that bad

    SpitfireSpitfire13 時間 前
  • ㄴㅛㄷㅂ

    * wLucas ** wLucas *13 時間 前
  • University- Unidentified The Good Dinosaur - Unidentified

    sehhi vootysehhi vooty14 時間 前
  • great, now they’re going to call me a mermaid at school, thanks Pixar

    Luca_NoobLuca_Noob14 時間 前
    • Lol

      Aria DayAria Day2 時間 前
  • ok this is so off topic but please read i soooooo ship "gordox mombay" (gordon bombay & alex morrow) from mighty ducks game changers who agrees?

    Hannah GarrettHannah Garrett14 時間 前
  • I cooka da meatball

    RustyBladeRustyBlade14 時間 前
  • Silencio Bruno!

    projeto dublagemprojeto dublagem15 時間 前
    • *silenzio, it's Italian

      Gmira99Gmira997 時間 前
    • Madonna sta canzone- la stanno mettendo in un film, la mia infanzia-

      sehhi vootysehhi vooty14 時間 前
  • Why do your movies suck now.

    Snerd SmithSnerd Smith16 時間 前
  • A male copy of the little mermaid

    Adrian Da Silva RamosAdrian Da Silva Ramos17 時間 前
  • So this was just a weird dream I was having last night. But I dreamed that I was hanging out with Luca and his friend... and then I realized that I have no idea what Luca’s sea pal is called. Watched this trailer again just now and I was right, his name isn’t in it anywhere! Still don’t know what his name is and I won’t look it up either, I will believe whatever the answers on this comment say it is :)

    LFAMV'sLFAMV's18 時間 前
    • You could just turn on the closed caption.

      Nena ArindrasariNena Arindrasari時間 前
    • @Cupcake Girl Guess this movie gets really stuck in our heads then hahaha

      LFAMV'sLFAMV's6 時間 前
    • What I coincidence, last night I dreamed about them too

      Cupcake GirlCupcake Girl8 時間 前
    • @Aria Day Another mystery solved, thanks!

      LFAMV'sLFAMV's8 時間 前
    • His name is Alberto

      Aria DayAria Day16 時間 前
  • Is Italy really this beautiful on its coast and during the nights because if so it looks like a really nice place to go

    Jake Makes MoviesJake Makes Movies20 時間 前
  • So...The Little Mermaid, kinda?

    Stef SStef S20 時間 前
    • Not even close

      athe pakiathe paki4 時間 前
  • Ariel coco Moana Nemo

    Lukatron 8Lukatron 822 時間 前
  • definately gonna watch this ♥️♥️

  • It's amazing to see the world through fresh and innocent eyes. Well done, Disney and Pixar family!

    JupiMeowJupiMeow23 時間 前
  • yes i am luca

    Luca SanduleasaLuca Sanduleasa23 時間 前
  • Wait it’s on Disney+ Luca good news

    Hector FloresHector Flores日 前
  • Very cool

    Super Jump BrosSuper Jump Bros日 前
  • Woah these are new depictions of mer folk

    Bouthaina BoustangiBouthaina Boustangi日 前
  • Madonna sta canzone- la stanno mettendo in un film, la mia infanzia-

    Teresa Da RosTeresa Da Ros日 前
  • Sadly some nostalgia old school people are gonna say use this film to say that 3D animation sucks. This film and every Pixar film continues to impressed me as they get better

    AndeTene BlitzAndeTene Blitz日 前

    Emil RojasEmil Rojas日 前
  • Silêncio, Bruno

    Felipe GomesFelipe Gomes日 前
    • *"silenzio". It’s Italian

      Gmira99Gmira997 時間 前
  • now I want the Neapolitan version that the protagonist is called ciro

    cane_Pollo23cane_Pollo23日 前
  • There's a Small Probability that his Brother is the Antagonist

    Ailsa NiAilsa Ni日 前
  • 1:37 Sleepytime

    Dr. GamecubeDr. Gamecube日 前
  • Guy: something's fishy with you two They: literal fishes 👁️👄👁️

    Tanmay patilTanmay patil日 前
  • Ff

  • So cute movie trailer I love it

    Disha Sethi VlogsDisha Sethi Vlogs日 前
    • I love how the animation is getting more and more realistic.

      Ailsa NiAilsa Ni日 前
  • I thought it was Jimmy Neutron!!!

    Vincenzo CassanoVincenzo Cassano日 前
  • There's a Small Probability that his Brother is the Antagonist

    Just a Random DudeJust a Random Dude日 前
    • it's a pixar movie... I don't think there'll be a "real" antagonist. I'd bet on the vespa guy to be antagonistic, but nothing more

      Gylfie7Gylfie7日 前
  • Cute 💛

  • Does this Luca live on the second floor?

    Naz's PlaylistNaz's Playlist日 前
  • Somehow I’m already obsessed with this movie

    Annette RydenAnnette Ryden日 前
    • me too

      Faby VaccaroFaby Vaccaro日 前
  • disney had its moment woke. screw disney, I will never take my family to disney again ever. We will build our won disney or something like it. Disney can shove it up theirs.

    Toni AlToni Al日 前
  • No doubt one of them will die I’m calling it.

    Shalom FosterShalom Foster日 前
  • I didn't know the dad from Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs was in this.

    JacksonJackson日 前
  • luca Frozen 8 Let it go nm gfhnmgngfyh

    Cesar VillafañeCesar Villafañe日 前
  • This is so cute and the animation is a bit different and I really like it

    PaigePaige日 前
  • They are sus

    lunmownlunmown日 前
  • 0:49

    Oliver GamerOliver Gamer日 前
  • Grubhub gives you perks.

    Talyn EdwardsTalyn Edwards日 前
  • I love how the animation is getting more and more realistic.

    Sebastian JironSebastian Jiron日 前
    • Its a cartoon. Looks fake to me.

      John RJohn R20 時間 前
  • When I was kid I watch the sun... now I need glasses

    Splattime_ 06Splattime_ 06日 前
  • 2022: "And the Oscar goes to..."

    bimbrochlejbimbrochlej日 前
  • Haha, why does this reminf me of the movie "call me by your name"

    Ellie HopkinsEllie Hopkins日 前
  • me confused clapping at the screening of the trailer pretending like I know what's going on:

    bocoy noiubocoy noiu日 前
  • 2.22 disney plus for everything

    Marvel AvengerMarvel Avenger日 前
  • 2.22 disney plus for everything

    Marvel AvengerMarvel Avenger日 前
  • luca alberto and giulia are the cutest

    Oobi Hand Dead EditionOobi Hand Dead Edition日 前
  • Waiting 😃

    Funny Experiment HubFunny Experiment Hub日 前
    • Why there are no "Finding Nemo" easter eggs or references?

      bocoy noiubocoy noiu日 前
  • "A A O A O O A" - An Italian

    muP8085muP8085日 前
  • น่าชมมากเลยค่ะ รอติดตาม 😊💕

    Pop SuchadaPop Suchada日 前
  • Кто русс

    Elena IvanovaElena Ivanova日 前
  • "I'm trying to become a Yutuber" "I'm after 4K broadcast time" "I Need Your Support" "Hope you are healthy and always be successful"

    Hans YtHans Yt2 日 前
  • Mi Tula en tu peluca

    MendelMendel2 日 前
  • Oof furrys

    Armando SanchezArmando Sanchez2 日 前
  • show de bola !!!!!

  • I love how Pixar keeps working and I keep watching...

    deekshadeeksha2 日 前
  • umm... I remember pixar as a benchmark not some kido biznatch

    MineEasyMineEasy2 日 前
  • Spettacolare! 😁👍👍👍

    McZerrillMcZerrill2 日 前
  • Save the vespa = yep accurate.

    Thefollower GamerThefollower Gamer2 日 前
  • Hahaha whats wronge with u stupido lol

    Steel MagnoliaSteel Magnolia2 日 前
  • I know This movie will be good because all Disney movies are good not live action and remake

    Omar OmarOmar Omar2 日 前
  • Why there are no "Finding Nemo" easter eggs or references?

    HaXxan ParharHaXxan Parhar2 日 前
  • This looks great but I really hope there is no pointless love triangle between these kids

    TirahviTirahvi2 日 前
  • This isn't the pixar what it looks like today because the movie has a cartoon-ish than the previous movies

    John’s Play World 2John’s Play World 22 日 前
  • Pretty nice but there's no Pixar feel for some reason

    Seinen MonsterSeinen Monster2 日 前
  • How have we gotten to a point where Pixar starts copying Calarts trash artstyle

    Stryker505Stryker5052 日 前
  • That cat just wanted to eat fish

  • The fish cutting scene is so satisfying

  • The boy said what's wrong with you stupido

    Muhammad Faizan ShazadMuhammad Faizan Shazad2 日 前
  • I was in a summer and go i tokd

    Andra GhineaAndra Ghinea2 日 前
  • I'm glad finally they show true Italian stuff

    Government OfficiaIGovernment OfficiaI2 日 前
  • I mentally preparing myself for my sister to play this fifty times in a row bruh

  • Nobody: Me: Yo its the aquakids movie!

    2 日 前
  • He Hindi dubbing kab hoke aayega

    Jay prakash YadavJay prakash Yadav2 日 前
  • Needs more mobsters

    Joe DavidJoe David2 日 前
  • Silencio Pruno

    Fernando MartinezFernando Martinez2 日 前
    • *silenzio Bruno

      Gmira99Gmira992 日 前
  • Why is Pixar so obsessed with Latin America?

    Arindam KumarArindam Kumar2 日 前
    • What?? That is Italy! 🇮🇹 Read in the video description

      Gmira99Gmira992 日 前
  • 1:47 anyone else recognize the old man playing checkers from the geris game pixar short?

    SeventySeventy2 日 前
  • Pixar's 12 movie to win oscar

    Shalini GuptaShalini Gupta2 日 前
  • Always falling in love with Pixar animation 😉

    GryffinpuffGryffinpuff2 日 前
    • Yes 🌊🛵💙

      Nena ArindrasariNena Arindrasari2 日 前
  • **Rule35 artist waiting patiently for a dumbtruck on an aunt or mom**

    Lord GrimLord Grim2 日 前