Dude Wars | OT 24

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DP Lightsaber action is BACK! Brand new segment, plus all your OT favs! Thanks Lords Mobile for sponsoring this video! Download to win BIG prizes here: igg.com/event/dudeperfect $50,000 CASH GIVEAWAY, AUTOGRAPHED BASKETBALLS and a $350 gift pack for everyone!
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Thanks for watching #Overtime24
Intro: 0:00
Cool Not Cool: 0:54
Fight Scene: 07:37
Halftime: 12:11
Judge Dudy: 13:20
Wheel Unfortunate: 18:45
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  • You guys should do a Sleepover Stereotypes, you haven’t done that? Right?

    ꧁Light peach꧂꧁Light peach꧂5 分 前
  • Dude perfect lost to mrbeast

    Munu MishraMunu Mishra56 分 前
    • That's what you think

      iamthebosshereiamthebosshere25 分 前
  • The fight scene is better than all the sequels

    E RatE Rat56 分 前
  • Great job with the star wars lebih semangat kedepanya ea

    SANG PengabdiSANG Pengabdi時間 前
  • Imagine Cody as a stormtrooper..... He’d be so tall

    Saltybear 668Saltybear 668時間 前
  • That jelly fish thing,I used to play with that as a kid

    Jimmy UnJimmy Un時間 前
  • Most of the stuff is from Vat19 isn’t it?

    Itgel GantaukhItgel Gantaukh時間 前
  • Make a trickshot stereotypes i think that would be fun

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  • Tyler remember toby the only weeknes for you

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  • They should do a Harry Potter duel

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  • They should spread their names around in a pool then the first one to be found is at wheel

    Nickz XDNickz XD2 時間 前
  • When dude perfect can do a better Star Wars fight scene than Disney.....

    Xverge_Xverge_2 時間 前
  • They should do a Get Crafty where they draw with a spirograph. There won't be a failed drawing and the results will be amazing

    Ferdinand KurniawanFerdinand Kurniawan2 時間 前
  • *force sound* Coby:sorry buddy

    HaydsHayds2 時間 前
  • Ty

    Indy TrimalIndy Trimal3 時間 前
  • am i the only one confused on what happened when they chose tylers name?

    Eli AdestEli Adest3 時間 前
  • This episode is literally better than the original star wars

    Valen PikaValen Pika3 時間 前
  • That fight scene was better than any of the sequel trilogy

    Austin AbbottAustin Abbott3 時間 前
  • Hey... What is Mean for OT ? TELL MEEEEEEE NOW......

    Mř. Ýț.Mř. Ýț.3 時間 前
  • That fight was better than Kylo vs Rey in Episode IX.

    Legless LEGO Darth MaulLegless LEGO Darth Maul3 時間 前
  • Wheel Unfortunate Update Cody Jones : 1 Will Choi : 1 Tyler Toney : 2 Garrett Hilbert : 5 Coby Cotton : 6 Cory Cotton : 7

    Anay LawateAnay Lawate3 時間 前
  • "Theres gonna be more scenes like that one!" (star wars) Editors: .... DP: We'll pay ya extra! Editors: WE'LL DO IT!

    Cameron RichardsonCameron Richardson4 時間 前
  • Why's this age restricted dude?

    Gurveer SinghGurveer Singh4 時間 前
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  • 11:10 what is that stance????

    Brydon MccreadyBrydon Mccready4 時間 前
  • Do a lord of the rings fight scene

    * gestus ** gestus *4 時間 前
  • The fight scene was better than the new star wars fight scenes

    AssonixAssonix4 時間 前
  • And that’s the second time Tyler broke a screen

    annag coclannag cocl5 時間 前
  • Fight scene is the best I’ve never laughed so hard in my life

    DraconixDraconix5 時間 前
  • "Fight Scene" also known as: The editors prove they deserve their weight in gold

    The DragonThe Dragon5 時間 前
  • that battle was better than anything from the sequels

    iDunnoiDunno5 時間 前
    • You guys should do hide and seek stereotypes

      annag coclannag cocl5 時間 前
  • I know u might not see this but video idea airsoft stereotypes

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  • fun fact: one hundred percent of people that drink water die.

    Getting Verified Before 2022 ChallengeGetting Verified Before 2022 Challenge5 時間 前
  • Hello There

    Rithwik ReddyRithwik Reddy6 時間 前
  • yo ty hows petey the bird going 😂😂

    trxly icytrxly icy6 時間 前
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    ShadowPlayysShadowPlayys6 時間 前
  • Is Ryan panda

    Rachel KolarRachel Kolar6 時間 前
  • Garrett could’ve dird

    RandomTidesRandomTides7 時間 前
  • Fight scene is a great new addition... Editing great ... Tyler acting so on point....But Coby really need to work on this looked really awkward while acting or even fighting against Tyler.

    Ritwick RoyRitwick Roy7 時間 前
  • When DP makes a better lightsaber fight scene then all 3 new star wars movies. SMH

    Ronin HashiraRonin Hashira7 時間 前
  • The cube was the best probably

    The PieThe Pie8 時間 前
  • I am a sheep, baa Sheep will take over the world, thanks to me, MasterSheep/MasterSheepGaming.

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  • do fight scene again in OT 25

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  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • You guys should do hide and seek stereotypes

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  • Hello

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  • that star wars segment was literally better than disneys three "movies"

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  • I finished the syrup too...

    Prathik.SPrathik.S9 時間 前
  • Me: Hey look Cory gets to have a nice time Ty: ( Bear Grills ) Me: uhhh what, ehh at least that wasn’t Cory. ( TEAM CORY )

    A Person KA Person K9 時間 前
  • You will be amazed at 25:56

    junder magicjunder magic9 時間 前
  • I've have watched your videos 5 year ago by life came and this is my first video back

    johnathon aitaujohnathon aitau9 時間 前
  • nice. beginning of video and garret is in the middle, instantly threw me off lol

    Alexander VanceAlexander Vance9 時間 前
  • I feel like the tall guy just disliked almost everything because he was uncool lol

    LocusLocus9 時間 前
  • Hahaha

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  • Make more bucket list videos please the first one was insane!!!!

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  • Glad it landed on ty for the second time ever

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  • The sad moment when dude perfect made a better light saber fight than Disney

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  • When gar had is product he looked like one of the umbaran soldiers from clone wars.

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  • Food trick shots?

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    Zach BlahuschZach Blahusch11 時間 前
  • did anyone else notice jerys ski boot went from yellow to orange then back to yellow when tyhler pulled it out on the desk and sorry for my spelling

    Finn AxeFinn Axe11 時間 前
  • Is there name actually John and William

    LOCHLAN RulesLOCHLAN Rules11 時間 前
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  • How do you do come up with stuff

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  • I thought that Tyler is tt

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  • Fight scene needs to be a regular like cool not cool

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  • Haha how many times do u think they messed up the Star Wars segment by laughing when a scream comes on.

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  • Overtime: Editor Edition?

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  • This video was private for a while.

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  • Fight scene was honestly better than most lightsaber duels in the sequels

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  • 6:35 who would not like that

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  • next game time you should play five nights at freddys

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  • 6:01 the best item ever for cool not cool

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  • if it were 4 degrees, ty would not have been able to not wear pants

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    • Hey DP you guys should do an Avatar the Last Airbender fight scene that would be AWESOME. Anyone else think it would be cool to see that?

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