Fox News Lies About the Texas Blackouts as GOP Lies About the Election: A Closer Look

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Seth takes a closer look at the Republican Party lying about the Green New Deal and the 2020 election as the U.S. passes a grim coronavirus milestone and Texas experiences an unprecedented power crisis.
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Fox News Lies About the Texas Blackouts as GOP Lies About the Election: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

  • "That 12 year old dog looks old!" as the argument... I mean, I guess it's better than "The (former) President today admitted to working with Russia, and he released video saying he did. Wait! Wait! This just in! Nevermind, that was all fake news and he did not do it. We do not have tapes that we just showed you, those tapes didn't exist... this whole day was a Democrat lie!" that we've had for the last few years.

    ArtimidorusArtimidorus分 前
  • The most popular president of all times 😂

    Rutilio NamazianoRutilio Namaziano3 分 前
  • Seth meyers has as much charisma as a kitchen appliance reading the prompters like that. Bad writers too in this show

    Larry SundqvistLarry Sundqvist8 分 前
  • It's absolutely true that ol' Rudy Colludey married its' cousin - her name is Regina Peruggi, ans she BINNED "HIM BECAUSE "HE" COULDN'T KEEP IT IN HIS TROUSERS. Which, rather disturbingly, means that at least TWO WOMEN HAVE VOLUNTARILY, UM, MADE-THE-BEAST-WITH-TWO-BACKS WITH THE GRUBBY WEE GARGOYLE.

    Richard PierpointRichard Pierpoint25 分 前
  • I'm not certain, but I suspect the central Newsmax stooge MIGHT be an android - or a reanimated corpse. Just saying!

    Richard PierpointRichard Pierpoint29 分 前
  • so does this mean the democrats lied about russia? ukraine? 2 bogus impeachment hearings? hunter biden??? shall i go on???????????????????????

    devil raindevil rain31 分 前
  • Leave The Dog alone....

    Danny HughesDanny Hughes43 分 前
  • Vote *YES* on issue 13, a Joker for every American! Say yes to madness, say yes to mayhem! Do it for the children and their children's children. Vote yes, on Issue 13.

    Jonathan ZimmerJonathan Zimmer時間 前
  • (I know this (#saveoakflat) isn't about the dog but I need to try to get people aware of the situation. Also please don't blame residents or people of British,chinese, Australian, etc. It's only the investors from those places who have any responsibility to this situation. Please stop the hate. We have to work together to make our planet better) Please everybody #saveoakflat the British, Australian, Chinese, and other multinational company doesn't care about the indigenous American community or the general population tonbe fair. It's our job to help protect them and help them keep their land safe. The so called jobs created are only for people who work within the company and won't do anything substantial for the economy of America. They want you to believe it's for the people but the only people the mean are the investors. American people need to get involved please🙏 check into Rio Tinto. They have a record of taking irreplaceable land from indigenous communities most recently in Australia. Where afterwards the CEO? Quit. They have a record of admitting to giving bribes. At least they told the truth I know but this is the type of business it is. Our planet can't take much more of humanities greed and destruction. Please stand with the Apache people and neighboring tribes who lose so much when the land their families have held sacred for thousands of years is stolen from them.

    AprilApril時間 前
  • What the actual F!!?

    Pammy JamsPammy Jams時間 前
  • He's not even in office anymore and you can't stop talking about him. It's like you guys still secretly want him in office. But for real though, what good has biden done yet. I can't think of anything.....

    GMACGMAC時間 前
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    Rosemary RossRosemary Ross時間 前
  • Hi from Canada 🇨🇦❤️ I read an article in a European newspaper saying most trump supporters have an IQ below 70....true?

    connie oppalconnie oppal時間 前
  • It wouldn't have taken one minute of research to discover that Biden's dog is approaching 100 in human years...

    steve vermillionsteve vermillion2 時間 前
  • Who says you can't do voices!!?!?!!? They're dead wrong!

    ladygreenlifeladygreenlife2 時間 前
  • A closer look: Seth Meyers lies about being a Comedian.

    Curt Cour de LionCurt Cour de Lion2 時間 前
  • I totally agree... I too would watch Top Gun 3: Goose is a Goose now

    Dr. AnonymousDr. Anonymous2 時間 前
  • that's all they got the dog?

    deborah thompsondeborah thompson3 時間 前
  • Omg please , Tom Cruise is the WORST actor to ever be seen on a screen , I have never gotten the “ he is a great actor “ view . I just needed to get that off my chest

    Elle OElle O3 時間 前
  • Everytime these republican hacks talk on tv, puppies die.

    SpartacusSpartacus3 時間 前
  • Of course fox lied, do you really expect anything else from a fake network?

    Daniel WarnerDaniel Warner3 時間 前
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  • The type of people that comment criticism on the aging dog must be the same people that will get rid of, abandon or put down their senior age pet to get a new puppy or kitten.

    Amy HartmanAmy Hartman3 時間 前
  • well, hello america. welcome to the rest of the world where capitalism is seen as something FUCKING the citizens and benefiting big private companies. good to have you with us. for 3 days.

    TheDega12TheDega123 時間 前
  • republicans are carbuncles on the anus of liberty and the skid marks on the panties of liberty.

    Brian MillerBrian Miller3 時間 前
  • 1:16 ; why does this guy sound like he is TRYING to sound like Trump?

    Brooke SpragginsBrooke Spraggins3 時間 前
    • It is so honorable that Joe ADOPTED A DOG FROM A SHELTER!!!!

      Brooke SpragginsBrooke Spraggins3 時間 前
  • Criticizing Biden's dog is stupid but really, this fool and all the commenters here act like this is all Fox news does. Really? Your living in another universe. Trump kicked their asses so bad for 4 years, they still can't handle it.

    Bryanx1964Bryanx19644 時間 前
  • The dog is stunning. Grey and black wolf-like. German Shepherds are the best.

    Rena SalehRena Saleh5 時間 前
  • Yes the non renewable resource power issue was the largest issue. But only bc it covered the largest areas. And it failed bc it was tasked with accounting for the areas that were out bc of the windmill freeze and it couldn’t and failed. That is what happened. So who is Milea ding their audience? The newsmax segment was an actual joke. He is treating it like a real segment.

    Trey SharpeTrey Sharpe5 時間 前
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    Anil KumarAnil Kumar5 時間 前
  • You like that freaky scientolgist? You know scientology makes people disappear(shelly miscavage and abuse chilren On boats sea org Oh but you wont talk about that But you will go see a tom cruise movie so tom cruise can pour Hollywood money in a corrupt origination But no we get i incest jokes

    Tom GodwinTom Godwin5 時間 前
  • dude go away from politics shits mad annoying 🙄

    David HendricksonDavid Hendrickson5 時間 前
  • Wow!you are annoying

    Tom GodwinTom Godwin5 時間 前
  • Who the hell are you? And what are you doing on my screen? WTF?i was watching a video of how bad disney Is handling the starwars IP NOW IM HERE?

    Tom GodwinTom Godwin5 時間 前
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    Aube ReitemaAube Reitema5 時間 前
  • Insane implies they werent doing it in bad faith, they are shills for billionaires

    Nick HowardNick Howard6 時間 前
  • wow you fake media.... who is SethMeyers anyway ?

    Anthony CellaAnthony Cella6 時間 前
  • I think Biden's dog is just old!, picking on that poor old dog that is low.

    James JonesJames Jones6 時間 前
  • What the hell??? Let's diss Bidens dog, that'll improve Republican ratings. How sad is that?

    Steven BoothSteven Booth6 時間 前
  • They're burned out from their cocaine High. That's why they all have to breathe in so hard through their nose when they're talking. Very rational all the time.

    Joe BakerJoe Baker6 時間 前
  • All these people are doing is allowing this to continue just stopped reporting the nonsense and it'll be gone. Why do they keep giving them a forum to lie from. They all sound like little crybaby children. Jeffrey took my water bottle and I want it back for our hahaha

    Joe BakerJoe Baker6 時間 前
  • Here in Europe we build wind turbines in the North Sea all the time and they never freeze. Did you went cheap with your instalation?

    Claudio GomesClaudio Gomes6 時間 前
  • US Is Falling Apart?!???! WELL NO WAY SHERLOCK! I wonder who's Fault is THAT i think it starts with Lib and ends with Tard

    UnitedStates EnclaveUnitedStates Enclave6 時間 前
  • I hope you donate that money to the family who had parents and grandparents murdered by Governor Coumo.

    Sinister ElevenSinister Eleven6 時間 前
  • How dare they mess with Major or Champ!! I am literally PISSED🤬🤬🤬🤬 PICK ALL the fights they want with humans. Those 2 dogs look better than their darkened, greedy, empty, so biased with circular logic in polarity that their polarity has a centrifugal force, lost souls every day of the week! Lower than low. Those two beautiful dogs have more self-respect in their ears than those three ugly humans have in the entirety of their vulgar, crass beings combined.

    SouthFloridaThrifter ScryndiSouthFloridaThrifter Scryndi6 時間 前
  • Screw the Texans. They don't want to be a part of the US, and frankly, we are fine with that. Once they are frozen solid, we'll invade and rescue all the Quarter Horses.

    shilodance1stshilodance1st6 時間 前
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    Karl DominguesKarl Domingues6 時間 前
  • fail on the Australian accent... very sad

    Graham DavidsonGraham Davidson6 時間 前
  • “It’s windmills & AOC!” No. It’s the same reason chemical plants in red states blow up- lack of regulation. For-profit corporations don’t do the right thing out of the goodness of their own hearts. $ is their purpose. They’ll cut any corner you let them.

    H K SH K S7 時間 前
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    Kris GeorgeKris George7 時間 前
  • The rash is the least of your worries, buddy. You need a shrink. Or even better , a guy with a Polygraph machine. Or maybe a taxidermist .

    BrownLeafBrownLeaf7 時間 前
  • One of our major political parties is continuing to plunge deeper into an alternative universe while the other one is simply shoving us , the non political midgets , into well .... la la land. You know where those enchanting landscapes are, don't you ?

    BrownLeafBrownLeaf7 時間 前
  • Also, HILARIOUS irony: Paul Rudd’s parents were second cousins. Maybe Giuliani’s incestuous love child would have been the opposite of Paul Rudd. Or.... more awesome?

    Bradley NeherBradley Neher7 時間 前
  • Never watched Greg Kelly, but it seriously sounds like he’s TRYING to sound like Trump. He either has the same speech patterns, or this was an audition to play Trump’s understudy.

    Bradley NeherBradley Neher7 時間 前
  • Our country resembles a socialist commune of the "70s. OK, it is an exaggeration but the zeitgeist is very indicative. Get it, little man?

    BrownLeafBrownLeaf8 時間 前
  • I like the dog. Love animals. Some are more "with it" than their fartbag owners.

    BrownLeafBrownLeaf8 時間 前
  • Do failed actors resort to late night gigs to demonstrate that they can also manage to fail at comedy? Just sayin' ....

    BrownLeafBrownLeaf8 時間 前
  • You can look at Seth and tell he is a manipulative narcissistic person. They all have the same eyes.

    Legion93Legion938 時間 前
  • Texas bit the big one this time. By the way , when you do the Texas accent ... better without. How'bout Cali? Like the unmanaged forest burning down Paradise ( the town) because that fine untility co in Cali are doing such a fine job maintaining their lines . The rest will be burned down on a yearly basis. Do you remember the gas explosion in fancy "Silicon Valley" a few years ago that scorched dozens of homes and burned to a crisp a number of humans? Do you? Buy some jokes , for Pete's sake !

    BrownLeafBrownLeaf8 時間 前
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    Bathsheba HoladayBathsheba Holaday8 時間 前
  • Dog story was stupid. Who are those guys anyway? ...But talk about empty talk ... have you listened to the vapid imbeciles at CNN , MSNBC etc ? They fixed the media: all the morons talking to like minded morons. Nice. You are NOT funny and your German accent was better left out ... The infrastructure in this country sucks everywhere. Have you hit the interstate lately? Alabama , population less than 5 million has better infrastructure than Cali. Fancy aye ?

    BrownLeafBrownLeaf8 時間 前
  • And what you do how is it any different

    Leon VerhagenLeon Verhagen8 時間 前
  • Please learn to read muhfugga

    Kyle BoothKyle Booth8 時間 前
  • Man, I think it's kind of fucked up the graphics department didn't include the Heath Ledger joker, in that Bernie too many jokers joke

    Michael BermanMichael Berman8 時間 前
  • You gotta be kidding me, there were three in the white house. Last time.

    Spiffy SpiceSpiffy Spice8 時間 前
  • And wasn't Texas talking about seceding from the Union?

    Green MachineGreen Machine8 時間 前
  • Really? Ask yourself a simple question: If these windmills did not fail would this have happened? NO !Obama shut down 3 energy plants in Texas replacing them with Windmills. If those plants were up and running this would not have happened. And it's going to get worse. The fan blades on these mills are extremely expensive and because of their size hard to replace and after years of running the failure rate is now taking its toll. There is no way they are going to replace them all so guess what? These so called experts put a lid on this.

    Beau BikerBeau Biker9 時間 前
  • The keen delivery neurally shrug because money ectrodactyly lick below a slim dill. silly, callous country

    sujon khansujon khan9 時間 前
  • This is all the more reason to never set foot in the shthole state of Texas. I wish it would go back to being a dam Mexican territory.

    ????????????9 時間 前
  • FOX NEWS the fairy tale network. We will never let the facts get in the way of a good story.

    Austin HoudeAustin Houde9 時間 前
  • Wind generators work very well in Ontario, right up to the Arctic circle, we have thousands of them. No dead birds, no noise, the only valid complaint is that sunlight behind the blades turning can bring on an attack of epilepsy in some. Our highest electricity rate is about 15 cents a KWH. Maybe Texas should bring in some experts from Canada. Gas lines, coal fired generation, water pipes freezing solid? Come on, man. It's all about MONEY.

    Lumby1Lumby19 時間 前
  • Carlson/Haley 2028

    U seven of 10U seven of 109 時間 前
  • Wtf frist of all turd what do u think CNN does all day stupid

    Daniel BlueDaniel Blue9 時間 前
  • They're called Newsmax because Propagandamax has too many syllables for their audience.

    Bill FreeseBill Freese9 時間 前
  • Texans want to break from the Union. Now they are begging for help.

    Charles AmaralCharles Amaral9 時間 前
  • Rick Perry must own a generator and a well-stocked pantry.

    Marcy DowMarcy Dow9 時間 前
  • Champ is a pure bread German Shepard and there life span is only around 7 yr.' It's a sad day when Fox News has to report on a Dog, how about you report on the 8.5 Trillion Trump added to the National Debt in 4 Yr.'s after being handed a good Economy and Stock Market. Or the 10 Million Job's lost or the 40 Thousand people the GOP sat and watched Die and are still in Denial.

    Charles AmaralCharles Amaral9 時間 前
  • I love seth but he is starting to sound just as whiny as tucker :/

    CharlotteCharlotte10 時間 前
  • I would like to defend Joe's dog. It's a German Shepherd. They shed. I think his dog is beautiful. I have had German Shedders before. They are wonderful loyal loving dogs. They almost always look a bit ruffled and need a good deal of brushing during shedding time ... which is almost always for shepherds. Leave Joe's elder dog alone people. Find something more important to talk about ... I don't know... like maybe vaccines ... or even better... maybe Newsmax would like to TELL THE FREAKIN TRUTH about .. anything.

    Janet GustafsonJanet Gustafson10 時間 前
  • America slowing going back to being a 3rd world country!

    Doulton WaddickDoulton Waddick10 時間 前
  • Ok hahahaha

    kathy misuracakathy misuraca10 時間 前
  • Ended up are mara lago??????

    kathy misuracakathy misuraca10 時間 前
  • Why is pushing your crap, nobody likes you or any nigh show nonsense

    Mr. & Mrs. LarauntMr. & Mrs. Laraunt10 時間 前
  • Obama got 850 billion dollars for infrastructure. Where did all that money go? IT did not help Texas

    Betty MaryBetty Mary10 時間 前
  • Why the mention of Paul Rudd? Is he an asshole now too?

    kathy misuracakathy misuraca10 時間 前
  • When a president makes few enough mistakes that you feel like you have to insult a dog. What brave men -.-

    prof. steinprof. stein10 時間 前
  • A windmill robbed me at gunpoint and slapped my mother.

    Alex EmeryAlex Emery11 時間 前

    Teachers Standing Against Covid-19Teachers Standing Against Covid-1911 時間 前
  • I kinda want my own Joker now.

    James WilsonJames Wilson11 時間 前
  • Trump's courts said he lost 62 times 63 if you count the Supreme court🤗😊😄😂☺

    Rose JensenRose Jensen11 時間 前
  • Listening to George Carlin and rewatching Black Mirror from Season 1 and have realized why I feel good - Thanks George, I am a Spectator - Frack this species, I'm out - just gonna sit here and watch the sh*tshow and eat me popcorn.

    Herman LaneHerman Lane11 時間 前
  • Coward

    Rose JensenRose Jensen11 時間 前
  • If it weren't so sad it would be funny. They get paid for not doing their job. And why they get voted in is beyond me. Poor uneducated souls

    Rose JensenRose Jensen11 時間 前
  • AOC or AC POWER....Green New Deal Dreamt up by An Unemployed Bartender on a Paper Napkin and then brought to the Ancient of Ancients that look more like the Lord of the Rings.....The Last Episode of A Night At The Museum ...Did We See Nicolas Cage...Oh and then later Lady Gaga made such a Grand Entrance fit for a Wedding....Only at The Lord of the Rings ...No Pillows !

    The Blue Earthling ExtraterrestrialThe Blue Earthling Extraterrestrial11 時間 前
  • Mr.Seth Are You A"See-theyer"of Dire Predictons or A Court Jester?......The New White House "Dog Colonel"reminds me of Adolf Hitlers Love for German Shepherd".....All Dictators love the Power a Big German Shepherd gives them" Army pupt the Joker In!

    The Blue Earthling ExtraterrestrialThe Blue Earthling Extraterrestrial11 時間 前
  • You know, I think the fcc might need to take action against fox. Republicans will scream but their echo chamber where they make up a theory and then support it as truth later, is very harmful to america. Its one thing to have a slant but you can't just literally make up things because it'll sounds good. Minimally make any station which does not follow journalistic standards remove "news" from their name. Bring back equal time requirements. Call out blatant lies via fines. If you can't support what you say with facts you shouldn't be saying it.

    Brian MyersBrian Myers11 時間 前
  • I love these systematic failures. They are showing how Capitalism won't work. And it is pushing our society closer and closer to real freedom.

    Adam the ThirdAdam the Third11 時間 前
  • I’d buy the many states didn’t follow their own state laws argument if these trumplicans would actually call out Texas for doing the same crap. Because they won’t it’s basically, trump lost so it matters, trump won Texas so we can ignore that. Meaning their whole argument is based on who lost rather than actually having any real issue.

    realrepublicanrealrepublican11 時間 前
  • Why are you giving Newsmax any publicity at all.

    Tony AdlerTony Adler11 時間 前
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    Robin BurkhalterRobin Burkhalter12 時間 前