Freddie Mercury - The Great Pretender (Official Video Remastered)

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Remastered in 4K!
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Freddie Mercury was a man of many talents and many different sides. The songs he wrote for and with Queen filled stadiums around the globe and have rightly gone down in history, but he also embarked on a solo career that took him from the clubs of Munich and New York to the great opera houses of the world.

He was the ultimate showman, but he kept his private life away from the prying eyes of the media; a larger than life rock star who loved disco, classical music and ballet. He was a restless spirit, a true chameleon who revelled in his own contradictions.

All the different sides of this iconic musician can be found on Freddie Mercury: Messenger Of The Gods - The Singles. All formats released September 2nd 2016.
This memorable video, Directed by David Mallet, accompanied Freddie Mercury's seventh solo single. This is a cover version originally recorded by The Platters in the 1960s. The two 'lady' backing vocalists are none other than Freddie's good friends Peter Straker and a certain Mr Roger Taylor, from a band called Queen. The single was released in the UK on 23 February 1987.
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Freddie Mercury; lead singer of Queen and solo artist in his own right. Songwriter, musician, singer of songs, lover of life. Freddie majored in Stardom while giving new meaning to the word Showmanship. He left a legacy of songs that will never lose their stature as classics and will live on forever.
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Freddie Mercury - The Great Pretender (Official Video)

  • Um verdadeiro artista. Uma música maravilhosa....

    Rafael SchmidtRafael Schmidt3 時間 前
  • Es Maravilloso..unico

    Norma edith SilvaNorma edith Silva5 時間 前
  • I came from the anime lol

    Anime EditsAnime Edits8 時間 前
  • Pretend that your still around.

    Saiki KusuoSaiki Kusuo14 時間 前
  • Freddie Mercury fan or anime fan doesn't matter yes to both

    Nipun sehgalNipun sehgal19 時間 前
  • Fun Fact : After hearing Great Pretender anime, then you search this.

    No Internet.No Internet.20 時間 前
  • this just made me wanna watch Great Pretender

    BeelzeboobsBeelzeboobs21 時間 前
    • It won't dissapoint ;)

      BenzeriousBenzerious4 時間 前
  • I loved it too we got lots of money out of it i didnt even know i was on it untill the end of season 1 Laurent is such a creep sometimes

    edamura makotoedamura makoto日 前
  • Abbie, best girl... That's all I have to say.

  • Season 2 was just to good. Not of freddie Murcury sorry.

    DuckaDooDuckaDoo日 前
  • Banned exit to..

    Radames BoscoloRadames Boscolo日 前
  • Perfect!!! Freddie is the best vocalist ever!!!

    Белая божья коровкаБелая божья коровка日 前
  • Who else never skipped this ending? 🙌

    sephkunsephkun日 前
  • Rappers: Have girls in thier music videos Freddie mecury: Did it first

    Free RobuxFree Robux日 前
  • "Moment of silence for Freddie Mecury fans"

    Free RobuxFree Robux日 前
  • The Anime Industry sure loves Queen and or Freddie Mercury

    kak_has_eyeskak_has_eyes日 前
  • il parle de moi...

    Marylou lgxMarylou lgx2 日 前
  • Pqp, obrigado por existir.

    Gleicia RochaGleicia Rocha2 日 前
    • @Silva morreu ja?

      Gleicia RochaGleicia Rocha2 日 前
    • Correcao: por ter existido.

      SilvaSilva2 日 前
  • Yes, the anime was great, but y’all fr didn’t know Freddie sang this song?!

    trippy trintrippy trin2 日 前
  • freddy miss you en we love you forever

    Jean-Pierre van IneveldJean-Pierre van Ineveld2 日 前
  • For a guy with aids, he has the strongest pipes in the fucking universe

    Brad BurrBrad Burr2 日 前
  • This song hits different after anime

    sagar lakhesagar lakhe2 日 前
  • Karolaine CoimbraKarolaine Coimbra2 日 前
  • 80% of the comments is all about the Anime Great Pretender 👇

    Charls LabuguenCharls Labuguen2 日 前
    • oh look a beggar

      1_105_ Muhammad Justin Abdul Ghaffar1_105_ Muhammad Justin Abdul Ghaffar20 時間 前
  • everyone says just came for anime great pretender ı watched and ı love it but when they say ıdk who is freddy mercury just bruh

    Ada SokulganAda Sokulgan2 日 前
  • Everyone’s here from some anime, I’m just here for good music. 😐

    Juan LemusJuan Lemus3 日 前
  • Hey, does this make anyone think about a certain ex president of the USA?

    Denis LorettoDenis Loretto3 日 前
  • I feel like the anime makers found this song then decided to make an anime

    thenaynaycatthenaynaycat3 日 前
  • Freddie 🌹👉👈

    Depp DroedDepp Droed3 日 前

    KataraKatara3 日 前
  • great song great anime

    Yi_Kee 28Yi_Kee 283 日 前
  • Nothing hits hard when you're a Queen fan, Jojo fan, and a Great Pretender Fan.

    ZyldonZyldon3 日 前
  • the fact that the captions is in japanese is perfect

    Gabriel Jejomar PenaredondoGabriel Jejomar Penaredondo3 日 前
  • Parece que só otakus vieram comentar não é

    Guilherme SouzaGuilherme Souza4 日 前
  • Eo freddie no clipe?

    anonimo 0-0anonimo 0-04 日 前
  • Me when I'm a confidence man:

    Fourteen GathlineFourteen Gathline4 日 前
  • 歌詞みてると泣けてくる。 カバー曲って知ってそれにも驚いた。

    さとうジェラちゃんさとうジェラちゃん4 日 前

    PeverellPeverell4 日 前
  • Comments of Queen/ Freddie Mercury songs Killer Queen, Another One Bites the Dust, Made in Heaven, and Sheer Heart Attack: Jojo references Radio Ga Ga: "Heard it in GTA 5." This song: "Great anime." Other songs: Talks about how great Freddie Mercury's voice is.

    RioterJamesRioterJames4 日 前

    Maurizio CanaparoMaurizio Canaparo4 日 前
  • Lmao there is too much anime fans here bro. But at least they arent tik tok fans. Freddie and queen loved Japan anyway and keep in mind, the reason he look so skinny and he was wearing make up was because he was fucking dying at this point but still singing beautifully

    вlєєρвlєєρ4 日 前
  • ✔️ Psychological anime ✔️ Retro Vibe ✔️ Jazz Soundtracks ✔️ Freddie Mercury People need to stop sleeping on Great Pretender. Like... Literally, every vibe and genre I want from not just anime but entertainment, in general, was put in a single show.

    zkielzkiel4 日 前
  • East and west unity in comment section

    Sagar LakheSagar Lakhe4 日 前
  • Damn I wasn’t sure anyone could beat the original version (by The Platters) but I am quite impressed 😍

    Emily RoseEmily Rose4 日 前
  • ok raise your hand if you're here because of great pretender

    Regan HolmesRegan Holmes4 日 前
  • What anime r y'all talkin bout :0?

    Aaroni PepperoniAaroni Pepperoni4 日 前
    • I think there’s an Anime in Netflix called Great Pretender that’s why they’re here 😅

      Ash LockwoodAsh Lockwood4 日 前
  • are the three gorgeous drag, brian, john and roger?

    King RagoKing Rago4 日 前
    • freddie, roger, and peter straker (freddie's friend).

  • What an incredible showman Freddie was.

    hirdy6hirdy64 日 前
  • the great pretender is when you said you are rocker but you are weeb

    fauzi latiffauzi latif4 日 前
  • The song truly hits me on a personal note. I can't help but cry everytime I listen to this

    you go to brazilyou go to brazil4 日 前
  • am I the only one who didnt come from the anime lol

    flupycloudsflupyclouds4 日 前
  • Who's here for the anime

    Tang Wai YeeTang Wai Yee5 日 前
  • Pretending that you're still around

    NL LoukaNL Louka5 日 前
    • He is still pretending that he is still around 😍

  • My life is suck , i pretend to much

    Raja BebekRaja Bebek5 日 前
  • Извиняюсь это было в 1985 году.сольник ФРЕДДИ.

    Александр ЕршовАлександр Ершов5 日 前
  • Спустя 25 лет очень круто и сейчас.СУПЕР QUEEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Александр ЕршовАлександр Ершов5 日 前
  • All rise for Joe Biden's theme song

    Monsieur Bleu PenMonsieur Bleu Pen5 日 前
  • Been watching WandaVision tonight and this could be the theme song of the series. The lyrics almost perfectly describe Wanda and her situation- though maybe the original version is a better fit for the vibe of the series.

    Hb1290 LogosHb1290 Logos5 日 前
  • Song's not so much

    Aayush GadpalAayush Gadpal5 日 前
  • один из легенд .

    юра хеллюра хелл5 日 前
  • Rogerina Taylor regreso XD

    Valentina ZeruValentina Zeru5 日 前
  • The song of all Confidence Men/Women around the world.

    mightierthentheswordmightierthenthesword5 日 前
  • 4k ! freddie ! ...

    suede *suede *5 日 前
  • The anime is a masterpiece

    OtakuGamerOtakuGamer5 日 前
  • LAughing and gay?

    Level headedLevel headed6 日 前
  • quien paso por acá después de ver el anime el gran farsante por netflix :D

    EzeousEzeous6 日 前
  • Dedicated to the Usurper "China" Joe Biden !

    lifetime002lifetime0026 日 前
  • this song is amazing

    ArtsySundaeArtsySundae6 日 前
  • Such a shame Freddie's career was decades before the well-fitted suits era.

    TelefragTelefrag6 日 前
  • 😭😭😭😭❤❤

    Isa PereiraIsa Pereira6 日 前
  • ホントにフレディマーキュリーなんだw

    テント張りのパンツテント張りのパンツ6 日 前
  • アニメで使う前から字幕日本語だけだったんだろうか

    Kenji OkabeKenji Okabe6 日 前
  • I was extremely surprised to see a Freddie Mercury song as an Anime Ending... My happiness is immeasurable and my day is made.

    Zura زوراZura زورا6 日 前
    • It also has in a jojo game with the Made in Heaven music. (Roblox)

      HeyHey3 日 前
  • Uhhhh, did freddie or the platters made this song?

    YozuGetzuYozuGetzu6 日 前
  • Seen too much of Anime' s Fans. I need to see Freddie's

    Khadija HsiniKhadija Hsini6 日 前
  • Damn bro, why is his voice feels so good to hear 😂

    yareyaredazeyareyaredaze6 日 前

    Jay GillJay Gill6 日 前
  • I was wondering why people were talking about an anime and now i know. Its a banger

  • I love art. Music and art mix so well. ❤️

    CasablancasCasablancas7 日 前
  • Makoto always get trick by French man

    Symuelle LeonesSymuelle Leones7 日 前
  • this song gives me chills

    Erica BroadhurstErica Broadhurst7 日 前
  • 👁👄👁

    Human ZoeHuman Zoe7 日 前
  • uma das maiores vozes do rock internacional que infelizmente nos deixou no dia de 24 11 1991 há quase 30 anos morria o cantor e compositor fred mercury o líder de uma das mais famosas bandas de rock do mundo e etc.

    jandeilson azevedojandeilson azevedo7 日 前
    • ele morreu em consequência dá aids que no começo dá década de 80 e 90 não tinha remédios fortes para combater à doença e impedir que quem tinha à doença não morresse que nos dias de hoje quem têm à doença não tá mais morrendo mais têm que tomar o coquetel se não fica fraco e morre da doença porquê o corpo fica fraco e pode pegar qualquer doença e etc.

      jandeilson azevedojandeilson azevedo7 日 前
  • uma das músicas mais lindas do fred mercury cantor como ele já mais vai existir na história dá música internacional e inglesa e sem contar que ele tinha um timbre de voz apurado e agudo e etc.

    jandeilson azevedojandeilson azevedo7 日 前
    • em morreu mais às suas músicas ainda fazem sucesso nos dias de hoje e em 24 11 2021 fazera 30 anos da morte do lendário fred mercury uma das lendas vivas dá história do rock inglês e internacional e etc.

      jandeilson azevedojandeilson azevedo7 日 前
  • Anime ❤️

    OVEROVER7 日 前
  • This song is the reason why i watched great pretender

    NicholustNicholust7 日 前
  • I was not ready for hearing this song again in an anime. It was amazing !

    A28WolfA28Wolf7 日 前
  • The Beatles are one of the best bands of all time, but even they don’t have an anime OST.

    advid01advid017 日 前
  • This is Absolutely the Best Music Video I have ever seen in my life and I am 73.5 years young.

    Pamela YoungPamela Young8 日 前
  • Anime fan...wait a second I know this voice. Oh hell yes! 😊❤

    lainnorcallainnorcal8 日 前
  • Only here cuz or the anime

    von henrick jalbonavon henrick jalbona8 日 前
  • Miss U SOO much.. NJ..❤

    Joanne VonaJoanne Vona8 日 前
  • such an amazing voice and man was freddie, gone but not forgotten. P.S. the anime was good but the last 2 episodes werent the best. Still love Queen

    Kieran MilehamKieran Mileham8 日 前
  • fvck the anime

    CarcsCarcs8 日 前
  • When Anime suggests you should listen to Freddie Mercury again. Then something great is happening

    SiptomSiptom8 日 前
  • Pretending the your still around

    WARAY CHANNEL ni meloWARAY CHANNEL ni melo8 日 前
  • i realized the credits sounds like his voice and boom whaddaya know

    DexterTheMightyGodwinDexterTheMightyGodwin8 日 前

    frances beckhamfrances beckham8 日 前
  • Love u from Japan😘 R.I.P. Freddie😌

    Stay GoldStay Gold8 日 前
  • freddie was and is a king

    cici thee avocadocici thee avocado8 日 前