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New Single “雨のち晴れ” Release 2021.2.10
GENERATIONS New Year JPworlds Live ※事前に収録した映像をそのままお送りしています。
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【CD+DVD】 RZCD-77328/B ¥1,800(税抜)
【CD only】 RZCD-77189 ¥1,000(税抜)
■CD 収録内容
テレビ朝日土曜ナイトドラマ「モコミ 〜彼女ちょっとヘンだけど〜」主題歌
■DVD 収録内容
雨のち晴れ (Music Video)

  • 途中から・・ 9:12 Hayato: Mandy-san, what day is your birthday? 25th? Mandy: 25th, the same as Taiki's..... And Sakurai-kun's of ARASHI. Hayato: It's around the corner. How is it? You know, it was uncertain about the future in the last year, but the new year's coming. This year might be a turning for you because you'll be 30. What do you feel? Can I ask you about your wishes or something? Because we can't experience your age and feeling yet, oh can you talk something? Have you been powerd off? Mandy: Oh no of course I’m thinking about it. Well… 30… Others: “Well…” ”30..." Hayato It’s 3! (san) Alan: Isn’t he who goes crazy when 3 comes? (He refers a certain Japanese comedian) Mandy: I'll be "30" so...(imitating the comedian) Maybe I’m gonna be crazy in my 30s. Ryota: You've been crazy since in your 20s. Reo: Your 20s are also... Mandy: But in 2020...because of Covid-19.... I realized what we took for granted was not so. When I think ”Someone possibly is gone tomorrow”, I came to hope “I wanna do what wanna do!!” Reo: That’s not the comment for your 30’s! Mandy: Wrll, what I wanna say is “I might be die tomorrow” so….. Reo: Please say so! Not “I wanna do what wanna do.” You looks hyped-up like a newcomer male host. Mandy: Well it's not that I'm telling about "Rain and later sunny(GENE’s new song)”, but I hope we’ll be going in positive. 11:17 Hayato: As Mandy-san said, February 10, is coming next month. It's now less than a month until our new song will be released. The first song in 2020 will be released in a month. In 2020, a lot of things that we planned were turned into Zero and we needed to make it built one from zero very much. And the new year’s coming, so we’re very happy to deliver this song to you as one of our works. As Mandy-san said, in a way, at times we took it for granted that we can create and release a song. After that familiar environment has gone suddenly, we feel very happy to make one thing like this now. 12:10 Hayato: We'll talk about “Rain and later sunny” at a later date… Well, so 2021 has started, can someone talk about your wishes or something? Sorry Yuta-kun, it's passed 15 min but I’ve not let you say a word. Sorry sorry, It’s the first I can hear your voice today. (He’s teasing) How do you want your 2021 to go ? 12:47 Yuta: We have a tour as EXILE tribe, And I really wanna stand at the stage at a dome concert as GENERATIONS this year. Hayato: I know what you feel. Alan: So do I. Yuta: The all plans have gone to zero last year, there were some negative things but we’ve been doing our best positively. so I wanna deliver this our energy to the fans. 13:12 Alan: He’s saying “Is that it?” Mandy: “I want more." Hayato: It’s ok this is a streaming but… Reo: Isn't there any your new gag? Hayato: You know, we’re doing relaxed but we wanna see your first shot in this year! How about doing Magical Lovely-san’s...(a japanese comedy duo) Yuta: The hardle is big… Ryota: Hey you know he appeared the channel in which that he’s always wanted to be, that Jarujaru-san’s.(another comedy duo / Reo: I was envious. Yuta: Jarujaru-san…. I’d like them to have their hair sweptback.…. Ryota: Is that your wish of this year's? Yuta: Sweptback…. Oh I want us all to have our hair sweptback!! Reo: "We all have our hair sweptback!" Mandy: Oh what's wrong, Alan. Alan: I've never said no for my job..... But this time ...."NO". (Joke about thinning hair) Ryota: This of all others! Alan: Because this is a big deal relating to Alan Shirahama's branding.... Ryota: I've seen your sweptback hair before. Alan: "The past is just a past, the present is a present, live in the future." By Alan Shirahama. Hayato: Like a wisdom but it was just a word by a man said NG for his sweptback hair. Alan: Of course I'd like to, I also can shave my head when others wanna do. Hayato: So Alan-kun, what do you wanna do in 2021? Alan: In 2021? Camp! Reo: Are you a kid? Hayato: This place affected you?

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  • Iくんて、いのちんくん?!ww

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  • 仲良くクリスマスパーティーして後輩にも若干引かれてるGENE愛おしすぎるし、サンタになっちゃうのも素敵だし、それを翌日にウキウキで着てくるマネさんも可愛すぎるし、みんな好き!!!!大好き!

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  • perfumeちゃん、GENE高出てほし♪

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  • 10:17 涼太くんのナイスツッコミ笑

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  • Ini semua kan pemain high and low aslinya emang grup band

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  • 涼太くんいつもこの髪型でお願いしますスタイリストさん本当にお願いしますお願いしますお願いしますかわいすぎる

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  • 1人ずつに話を聞くコーナーがあったほうがよかったかな。涼太くんとりゅうとくんと裕太くんのお話ももっと聞きたかったな。

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  • I watched the video but Hayato speaks too fast and I didn't understand anything. T.T I'm studying Japanese but the finish line is still far. T.T Generations

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  • GENERATIONS hello from Russian girl and your fan 😃🙏 HELLO guys😃 何てことだ!みなさんの声を聞いて、一緒に会えてとてもうれしいです, my lovely GENERATIONS😍 Hayato 、あなたはとてもハンサムな若い男です!ロシアにはあなたほどハンサムな男の子はいないので、お会いできてとてもうれしいです😊 才能をありがとうございました😍 新年があなたにポジティブで新しいインスピレーションの海を与えてくれますように🙏❣ Russia loves you GUYS ❤

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  • Can we get at least a translation for any of their live videos uploaded here in YT? This way even if they speak their own language, we as International fans can understand them further and connect with them. 😭😭😭 Please... 🙏🙏🙏🙏 Dang! I love Hayato's big voice, such improvement from being baby boy before lol Happy New Year Boys! Keep working hard. Greetings from Philippines! 🇵🇭😘

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  • Happy new year 2021 to you all! 올해가 여러분에게 더 나아지고 더 나은 건강과 행복으로 기쁨과 번영으로 가득 차길 바랍니다. You all are amazing! For LDH, please see take care of them. Their health is your fans' priority ❤🇰🇷

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  • Generation from exile tribe is back!! They came to the Hollywood AON, New York City, London, Paris ad Italy in 2017 and 2018 in Beijing/Shanghai should do a world tour later on again!! 🇯🇵🇺🇸🇯🇵🇺🇸🇯🇵

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