GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE - Bill Murray Reacts to the Mini-Pufts

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Marshmallows, look out. 🔥 Bill Murray reacts to the Mini-Pufts. #Ghostbusters: Afterlife
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From director Jason Reitman and producer Ivan Reitman, comes the next chapter in the original Ghostbusters universe. In Ghostbusters: Afterlife, when a single mom and her two kids arrive in a small town, they begin to discover their connection to the original ghostbusters and the secret legacy their grandfather left behind. The film is written by Jason Reitman & Gil Kenan.
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  • He knows it’s 100% better than the 2016 version and the fact he lit up with laughter makes my day Even tho this is a slightly old video

    Southern CinephileSouthern Cinephile日 前
  • きちがいよ

    小林真由美小林真由美日 前
  • もういないはず

    小林真由美小林真由美日 前
  • It's amazing how young he still seems. Dunno what it is but Murray makes the world a better place. Probably is everything.

    Fuhk UtuhbFuhk Utuhb日 前
  • I don't know how often I watch this video

    Martin RademacherMartin Rademacher3 日 前
  • ghostbusters afterlife: the movie only in theaters november 11th

    Raphael BirdRaphael Bird4 日 前
  • Man, this movie is taking forever to come out. I wonder how big Bill's role in the movie is. I hope it is a lot more than just a cameo, same with the other older cast members.

    no hassleno hassle4 日 前
  • He sure didn't have that feel for the 2nd movie, but did it for Akroyd. It is nice to see him totally upbeat about this one.

    DementedCaverDementedCaver5 日 前
  • Cite so much

    Kancion Sin ZiztemaKancion Sin Ziztema5 日 前
  • Super power my favorite lovers ❤️💖❤️❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️

    Kancion Sin ZiztemaKancion Sin Ziztema5 日 前
  • Was that a Space Jam shirt Bill Murray was wearing?

    Jason SmithJason Smith6 日 前
  • Thank you Gremlins \m/\m/

    GuppusmaximusGuppusmaximus6 日 前
  • If Bill Murray is impressed, you know this movie is in the bag for winning

    SquicxSquicx6 日 前
  • Reminds alot of gremlins ! All these little monsters doing silly dangerous stuff

    Emile CaretteEmile Carette6 日 前
  • I should take this to mean that Bill isn't in the movie?

    UHFStation1UHFStation17 日 前
  • Little marshmallows? Oh oh who u gonna call?

    The Georgieality ShowThe Georgieality Show7 日 前
  • When will they release it

    J.T. J'nyceJ.T. J'nyce7 日 前
  • I could be wrong, but is Bill Murray wearing a Space Jam t-shirt? Anyway, this is going to be brilliant, Ghostbusters was my life back in the mid 1980’s when I was a kid the cartoon was huge, the films were available on VHS and the toys just added to my whole way of interacting with this amazing story and universe. Now it’s 2021, everything I’ve seen looks immensely familiar, spooky and heartwarming and I’m looking forward to stepping back into a cinema and watching this film come and kick some ass!

    Chris BurroughsChris Burroughs7 日 前
  • They're laughing, but In the inside they're having a PTSD

    TanjorelTanjorel7 日 前
  • Super looking forward to this film

    Pete KayPete Kay7 日 前
  • Sony pictures please dubbe venom 2 malayalam dubbed vertion 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Abin ShajiAbin Shaji7 日 前
  • Lets hope this movie isn't geared too much for kids.

    The BotmanThe Botman8 日 前
  • The comedy is important to Ghostbusters

    Leonard DementLeonard Dement8 日 前
  • Don't know bill personally but his laughter seems so forced. Just leave these classics alone, it's so cringy. You couldn't think of new characters?! It's a ghost movie! Can't be too hard... the cartoon did it. Man, people are so lazy in these days of CG madness

    Gary WrightGary Wright8 日 前
  • This is what an official seal of quality looks like :)

  • Well if Bill Murray likes it. But then gain he pretended to like 2016 ghostbusters as well.

    Matthew SmithMatthew Smith9 日 前
  • Awesome

    B SB S9 日 前
  • Im Sailing! Im a Sailor!

    Chad BestChad Best9 日 前
  • Hopefully this movie isn’t WOKE

    South Texas Chicanos for TrumpSouth Texas Chicanos for Trump9 日 前
  • This movie has the right humor while 2016 fails

    Bobby ReynoldsBobby Reynolds10 日 前
  • I change my mind, I don't wanna see this movie. It looks too stupid. Ghostbusters: The Video Game will always be Ghostbusters 3 for me, not this crappy looking junior Ghostbusters shit!!

    JMD NelsonJMD Nelson10 日 前
  • a real 3rd movie and will be better then the crappy remake thought the game would be the only real 3rd movie cant wait for this to return and hope slimer returns as well

    nilocthecoyotenilocthecoyote10 日 前
  • NOPE. Huge mistake. I've lost all hope for this movie now. If they cut this scene, maybe we will get something reasonable but I do NOT need to see mini CGI stay-pufts cooking one another in a Ghostbusters film. C'mon Jason! Watch the first movie on repeat again and remind yourself that you're not making FLUBBER! >:-(

    Chad CostenChad Costen11 日 前
  • That trailer that dropped about a year and a half ago had me. I was all in. I was already buying a ticket, sitting in the theater, sipping on an overpriced soda, and watching far too many previews by the time I was 1 minute into that trailer. But seeing Bill react to this, and sensing his actual excitement ("say nothing") beforehand? That has me buying the t-shirt, sitting in a tent in line the night before, and quietly humming some Ray Parker Jr. to myself.

    John AbbottJohn Abbott11 日 前
  • I don't think Bill was too impressed. The smile and laugh wasn't natural. But he tried to look like he was amused when he really couldn't care less.

    AlphaTrion92AlphaTrion9211 日 前
  • Bill Murray doesn't look too bad for his age

    Matty BoyMatty Boy11 日 前
  • Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nick PowerNick Power11 日 前
  • Murray laugh...There is hope, America.

  • Marshmallows, look out ! 😂

    Blue StallionBlue Stallion11 日 前
  • Awesome can't wait to see Ghostbusters afterlife

    Kevin MarshKevin Marsh11 日 前
  • Why does it climb out of the bag wearing a sailor hat?

    Chris HewittChris Hewitt11 日 前
  • Los originales Ghostbusters vecman cidenmor spengler stantz

  • I would be curious to see what his reaction to the last 'ghostbusters' was.

    SpookySpooky12 日 前
  • These scene looks like a Super Bowl commercial

    Immersive PersonImmersive Person12 日 前
  • Bill Murray is a good actor

    Catch afireCatch afire12 日 前
  • "it seems harmless and puffy and cute-but given the right circumstances, everything can be turned black and become evil"

  • those are the OG.if bill sees this&laughs&likes it.''ITS A WIN.

    anthony whiteheadanthony whitehead12 日 前
  • Yo that is so creepy it's awesome

    WarriorD13WarriorD1312 日 前
  • I cant wait to have the good vibes back once more!!! :))

    Renato VarnarianoRenato Varnariano12 日 前
  • I think that Woody Harrelson should have beat Murray with a bowling ball in the movie Kingpin.

    Fred FlintstoneFred Flintstone13 日 前
  • Hard Pass

    Scotty - KoDominoScotty - KoDomino13 日 前
  • So is he gonna be in it or what?

    Buzzy TromboneBuzzy Trombone13 日 前
  • it looks and feels like Kevin Smith, in my honest opinion. I get that it's taking from a comic book addition to the series, but Stay Puft being a real character was caused by a deity and Ray's thoughts in the first film, and then came the silly yet scary, king kong sized stay puft. this feels more like the Weiner men in yoga hozers, yet, it could make some sort of sense, yet to be seen.

    Frederick BirdFrederick Bird13 日 前
  • Bill Murray is a hack and he killed Harold Ramis.

    John HirlemanJohn Hirleman13 日 前
    • I disagree with this angry guy

      The Death TwitchThe Death Twitch13 日 前
  • Dare I hope in this day and age of PC BS for a movie with no political influence trying to preach to me? I’m not used to Hollywood making movies in which we’re not attacked for the the past or our affiliations cause we’re not the race of the week. If anyone can do it, I’d like to think two of my few remaining Hollywood hero’s Ivan and Bill can pull it off. I miss the days of when we had stories not built around blue check marks.

    petepete13 日 前
  • Who you gonna call? Definitely not Paul Feig.

    Lucien SanchezLucien Sanchez13 日 前
  • 'I tried to think of the most harmless thing. Something that I loved from my childhood.......'

    MrDominic152MrDominic15213 日 前
  • You didnt show him the awkward Finn Wolfhard thats clearly ruining the movie?

    Captain NeroCaptain Nero13 日 前
  • 🤣😅

    April GrimmApril Grimm13 日 前
  • Can't. Freaking. Wait.

    Mike HughesMike Hughes13 日 前
  • If Bill likes it, I'll watch it !!!!

    Trent TaylorTrent Taylor13 日 前
  • That laughter is the hardest Bill Murray has acted in his entire life

    Mister MistaMister Mista13 日 前
  • Who knew Bill was such a asshole. I guess we all know now.

    Mark AllenMark Allen14 日 前
  • At first I was like, "Oh no, please don't baby Yodafy something in ghostbusters". There was a good reason they only made Slimer a main character in the Saturday morning cartoon. Then I see that they are bloodthirsty and suicidal, and it seems that all hope may not be lost. You know that they'll be selling the shit out of those cute little things baby Yoda style though.

    dusty hurddusty hurd14 日 前
  • He had to laugh and say something positive. Imagine what would happen if he showed dismay in public for this.

    ChrisChris14 日 前
  • Ha! Bill Murray has my same tipe of kitchen :P

    Emiliano BorselliEmiliano Borselli14 日 前
  • I think his smile was genuine and they both were like..."you are putting them on fire...ahhhh...." watch their expression, I did not feel so great about that moment either.

    IRON ManIRON Man14 日 前
  • Please do NOT use this ugly fake cgi. It does NOT have "the feel".

    Ryan HRyan H14 日 前
  • So is Bill in the new one????

  • btw that 2016 "ghostbusters" movie does not exist

    thewilmer420thewilmer42014 日 前
  • Reacts??? I thought he's in it???

    FroggerFrogger14 日 前
  • Bill didn't have that enthusiasm in 2016.

    Dansky KralDansky Kral14 日 前
  • They should do one with all women...

    Dana HessDana Hess15 日 前
  • Sir Bill approves so therefore it gets EVERY Oscar 👍🏻

    Andy SAndy S15 日 前
  • it won't get made, not a single purple haired Doris to be seen anywhere.

    supernaturalsupernatural15 日 前
  • if Bill approves it should be a good movie then.

    PhantomGun4PhantomGun415 日 前
  • The man, the legend Bill Murray.

    Weeb SlackWeeb Slack15 日 前
  • The music is a Big Part, its stolen from gb1. Also, why the Marshmallow man? Hes great, but its the death star Syndrom. Nothing will ever top the First time we were introduced to these creations. A Bunch of kids? I Reserve me judgement until the Film is out, until then these things are hype. And... murray is an Actor!

    Stranger than FictionStranger than Fiction15 日 前
  • I can't wait!!!!

    After Dark ParanormalAfter Dark Paranormal15 日 前
  • Great ghost busters went Disney. They are missing the charm of the originals. Still better than the horrible one before with the 4 girls

    D GD G16 日 前
  • That's all I need to here to love this movie bills praise 🤟

    Jake Funnell PSNVile69666Jake Funnell PSNVile6966616 日 前
  • we came,we saw,we ate some s'more

    Michael holleMichael holle16 日 前
  • Only Paul Rudd can save Ghostbusters real legacy. Please God don't let there be any more crap.

    Adam KarolAdam Karol16 日 前
  • You can tell he believes in it more than that abomination we got a few years back.

  • seeing bill murray happy is a treat in its self

    Kenji's Gaming DenKenji's Gaming Den16 日 前
  • Very reminiscent of the mini Ash’s in Army Of Darkness

    SonnyGTASonnyGTA16 日 前
  • "That's got the feel, doesn't it?" And that's all Ghostbusters fans were asking for.

    ChaosTinctureChaosTincture16 日 前
  • Bill Murray on the same screen with Sta Puft. There is still hope for the world.

    Victor RiceroniVictor Riceroni16 日 前
  • People tend to forget that Bill Murray is an ACTOR and also old friends with Ivan Reitman, father of Jason Reitman. So Bill is doing a favor to Ivan pretending to like every piece of sith they show him.

    Luke SkywalkerLuke Skywalker16 日 前
  • God Bills a legend when he’s gone we shall honor him as one of the comedic gods

    SaMoore llcSaMoore llc16 日 前

    Tyrone BozemanTyrone Bozeman16 日 前
  • it's not going to be good, but it will be a billion times better than ghostbusters woke chicks.

    HtheorphanarianHtheorphanarian16 日 前
  • robin hoodrobin hood16 日 前
  • I guess Sam Raimi's Army of Darkness still one of the most influential films to date.

    Aaron SotoAaron Soto16 日 前
  • Mr. Bill if you are reading my comment, know this!..................... YOU ARE AMASEING AcTOR with so powerfull and affecting evry around you energy aura! Thank you for all movies you had made. Thank you for makeing my life more interesting and entertained! I was in a cinema year ago with my girlfriend. I wanted to leave the cinema cos it was one of this movies for WIMMEN made by coppolas daughter i think? With not seriously good acting or lack of acting and directing to :(. But your presence kept me in this cinema. Makeing me dreaming back in the days of Ghoustbusters, CaddySHack, Day of the ground hog and many others. You did not had to say even anything. It was inuff when you show up on a screan to build this unique atmosfere. If they chose co actors at least half close to your level and style I whould go and watch this movie same day again. Mr. BILL T H A N K Y O U !

    LiquidazotLiquidazot16 日 前
  • He starts laughing the very moment he sees one! Priceless!

    Rover120Rover12016 日 前
  • Bill Murray has gone from nearly tearing up on world television to smiling ear to ear. This movie is going to be golden.

    Aimiee Aminotsyma LemieuxAimiee Aminotsyma Lemieux16 日 前
  • Me: I NEED ONE !

    The blue TardisThe blue Tardis17 日 前
  • Bill Murray looking like a little kid during this. So great to see. He looked miserable on the 2016 GB press tour.

    Will CorkerWill Corker17 日 前
  • Paul Rudd was such a smart casting choice in all of his movies he has that same comedic presence all the original Ghostbusters had.

    TruthJuiceTruthJuice17 日 前