He DOES IT ALL! Shohei Ohtani launches homer, hits 100 mph while striking out 7!

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Angles two-way star Shohei Ohtani showed what he can do against the White Sox! He hit a home run, while also striking out 7 batters and hitting 100 mph on the radar gun!
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  • hotddamn is he the strongest man in baseball right now or what?

    John KimJohn Kim4 時間 前
  • This is Ohani.

    じゃらんじゃらんじゃらんじゃらん20 時間 前
  • its like watching major league anime but in reality 🔥💪🏽

    Kimura RommeltKimura Rommelt20 時間 前
  • If he eats enough, perhaps one day, he can aspire to be like Bartolo Colon. :-)

    Huy NguyenHuy Nguyen日 前
  • 1:01 ^ Dopamine Button ^

    Dylan GoldsteinDylan Goldstein2 日 前
  • talk about his batting all you want but that guy's throwing a splitter 93mph how in gods name are you hitting that.....

    JoeJoe2 日 前
  • His delivery is awesome.

    brautigan81brautigan812 日 前
  • 2:30... you cant hit that into play.. good lort

    MealsOnWheelsMealsOnWheels2 日 前
  • this guy is unreal. what a pleasure to watch

    Lamont JenkinsLamont Jenkins3 日 前
  • wow....

    Dylan MertzDylan Mertz3 日 前
  • As a left handed person, I appreciate where that home run came from.

    erin stahleerin stahle3 日 前
  • He needs to be the closer!!!!!

    Boss ForeverBoss Forever3 日 前
  • who's better? Shohei Ohtani or Gus Matthews?😀

    Tootspogs ForeverTootspogs Forever3 日 前
  • Baseball, was born in America.(意味深)

    。3 日 前
  • I'm going to sleep. Little tired.

    。3 日 前
  • my samsung phone is perfect

    。3 日 前
  • Team name is 「ANGELS」 This is all.

    。3 日 前
  • I am T-REX (意味深)

    。3 日 前

    。3 日 前
  • good

    Al ArmstrongAl Armstrong3 日 前
  • gooo

    Akando ArloAkando Arlo3 日 前
  • yess

    Ainsley ArlieAinsley Arlie3 日 前
  • nice

    Ain ArleyAin Arley3 日 前
  • love

    Aiken ArkwrightAiken Arkwright3 日 前
  • go

    Aiken AricAiken Aric3 日 前
  • I love Ohtani just as much as the next Dodger fan but lets be real. That pitch was grooved. Catcher wa set up for one right down the middle and pitcher threw a giant meatball high in the zone. Shohei didn't miss an inch though👏👏

    Muzikrazy213Muzikrazy2133 日 前
  • I was at this game with my two buddies, they were grabbing food during this at bat. They came back and asked, "Did we just miss the best play of the game?"

    Human InterestedHuman Interested3 日 前
  • 0:51 shohei demolished that ball

    yalqy nbyalqy nb4 日 前
  • I could be blind listening to this and know he hit a bomb.

    Andrew LinAndrew Lin4 日 前
  • Please take him to 2021 ALL STAR GAME.

    山本イチロー山本イチロー4 日 前
  • what a true professional. He hit a home run and doesn't even crack a smile until in the dugout.

    WaterTravelerWaterTraveler4 日 前
  • This guy throws some nasty stuff

    JohnJohn4 日 前

    ZetterZetter4 日 前
  • hello?

    Duhew GameDuhew Game4 日 前
  • 2021

    Gamil GameGamil Game4 日 前
  • woyy

    Ekal ZianEkal Zian4 日 前
  • love

    Dewa GameDewa Game4 日 前
  • That’s nothing special. I can do this in video game one or twice per day no problem. 😂

    Easton ChanEaston Chan4 日 前
  • live

    Toke GameToke Game4 日 前
  • go

    Betef GameBetef Game4 日 前
  • 大谷これでもまだ26歳だぜ イチローのメジャーデビューは27歳のとき まだまだ大谷伝説はこれから

    Marchan pMarchan p4 日 前
  • Is this Goro Shigeno?

    Ralph SicatRalph Sicat4 日 前
  • incredible things

    iso shuniso shun5 日 前
  • awesome sounds 🎵

    iso shuniso shun5 日 前
  • 00:58 beautiful

    Corn ChenCorn Chen5 日 前
  • Super Ohtani san

    いいね稼ぎのボスクくんいいね稼ぎのボスクくん5 日 前
  • damn he is good!

    Robin B.Robin B.5 日 前
  • 2:30 drops into strike zone, hitter frozen

    Chris LucasChris Lucas6 日 前
  • Ohtani needs to be talked about more because this is once in a lifetime stuff.

    Joe DJoe D6 日 前
  • It is only April, given pitchers get faster as summer approaches...scary. Hopefully, he stays healthy.

    John LeeJohn Lee6 日 前
  • Didn't know they use microphones instead of bats down there.

    H RodH Rod6 日 前
  • Great athlete. The Angels found a good one. 👍

    Brandon HounBrandon Houn7 日 前
  • His career is being wasted with the Angels. He and Trout need to play for the Dodgers.

    TheGuitarded1TheGuitarded17 日 前
  • that's not a bat, that's a gun

    Ethan KindrickEthan Kindrick7 日 前
  • 100mph is disgusting... Homerun was a blast... BUT that splitter is DISGUSTING! Ohtani is a star!

    Brennan DettingerBrennan Dettinger8 日 前
  • Furuya-kun?

    LordBaneLordBane8 日 前
  • 2:43 the kid is a terrible fielder. bench him-lol

    RAH CapitalRAH Capital8 日 前
  • 와....... 할말이 없다... 살짝 높았는데 그걸 홈런 때려버리네,,, 그것도 미친듯한 파워로,, 대박!!

    vv leevv lee8 日 前
  • 発砲音😂🤣😂🤣

    川上英儀川上英儀8 日 前
  • ohtani vs ohtani. which win?

    日本人.日本人.8 日 前
    • Shohei will win.

      nicolas carnelnicolas carnel8 日 前
  • PRIDE of 🇯🇵🗾

    日本人.日本人.8 日 前
  • Freak.

    Porchen HundPorchen Hund8 日 前
  • This Japanese is beyond anime.😎

    1582年6月2日1582年6月2日8 日 前
  • anime protagonist

    henry manahanhenry manahan9 日 前
  • 何回も見ちゃうぞコレ!

    犬9 日 前
  • They made me use an ID for beer.

    S SS S9 日 前
  • That absolute silence before the contact was the most beautiful sound I've heard

    MarloSoBalJrMarloSoBalJr9 日 前
  • So talented.

    AppyAppy10 日 前
  • Angels robbing ohtani with a $8.5 million contract in 2 years

    Khira AmperKhira Amper10 日 前
  • 0:59 めっちゃ好き

    童貞王童貞王10 日 前
    • パットに当たる音好き

      たつたつ10 日 前
  • かっこよ

    わさびわさび11 日 前
  • If that's not the best sounds I ever heard off a bat..

    Steven GSteven G11 日 前
  • If they speed up baseball it’ll be worth watching fr but the commissioner ruins it

    Bastial PBastial P11 日 前
  • the Babe

    David LofdahlDavid Lofdahl11 日 前
  • If commissioner Roberta Manfred is going to take food out of the mouths of the working people in Georgia he too should feel some pain and cancel his membership at Augusta National.

    Boran ThekiBoran Theki11 日 前
  • Commissioner Manfred, when do you plan to cancel your membership at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia? It'd be hypocritical if you didn't, yes?

    Boran ThekiBoran Theki11 日 前
    • @604 Frijolero What does Fox News have to do with Manfred's duplicity?

      Boran ThekiBoran Theki9 日 前
  • sounds like ness baseball smash

    D CD C12 日 前
  • Feels like im watching Season 5 of Major, Gorou Shigeno in real life.

    ShWeePsShWeePs12 日 前
  • His WAR already 10.0 in 2021 😂

    tubenachostubenachos12 日 前
  • 개사기네

    AJYAJY12 日 前
  • 1:01解説さん笑

    189系あさま189系あさま12 日 前
  • Another generational talent that will be wasted by the Angels terrible management team.

    texas MADeMantexas MADeMan12 日 前
  • I don't like this anime way too unrealistic

    nekogami33nekogami3312 日 前
  • This Ohtani guy is something special. You rarely see this type of talent. I'm going to enjoy every second he's at the plate and on the mound.

    Michael YoungstromMichael Youngstrom12 日 前
    • True

      英文熟考英文熟考12 日 前
  • This guy is unbelievable....How come the Sports media does not Talk about baseball anymore

    John John ManzielJohn John Manziel12 日 前
    • because he doesn't play for the Dodgers or Yankees

  • If he could keep this up for an entire season he would have the best MVP season in MLB history no doubt, pitching and hitting and in the American League at that with the DH! This guy is amazing

    Miguel EspinalMiguel Espinal12 日 前
  • Not an Angels fan, but Ohtani is my fave player right now. Angels have two of the most talented baseball players in the game. Crazy.

    DY GDY G12 日 前
  • God was on one creating him lol

    Jay From EastsideJay From Eastside12 日 前
  • lol he has 99 overall in everything

    Ella T GrassoElla T Grasso12 日 前
    • You can add speed down to first base now. : )

      604 Frijolero604 Frijolero6 日 前
  • He is angel.

    ああああ12 日 前
  • Stay healthy man. I've been watching sports for 60 years and Ohtani is the one of the greatest baseball talents ever, and right now possibly the best athlete in the world. What a shot!

    gasper signorelligasper signorelli12 日 前
  • what's more harder, Bo and Deion playing 2 sports at a high level or Ohtani pitching and hitting at a high level?

    • ohtani most definitely!😀

      Tootspogs ForeverTootspogs Forever12 日 前
  • Astros fan for life but Ohtani fan for sure! This kid is amazing!

    Texas_MadeTexas_Made12 日 前
  • That crack when he connects is ecstasy

    Alex ThompsonAlex Thompson12 日 前
    • Reggie Jackson 71 all star esq

  • スプリットがえぐすぎる

    hizihizi13 日 前
  • 0:58 I've never heard a homrun that loud ever in my life, And that's the pitcher!

    Paul PothierPaul Pothier13 日 前
  • Happy Ohtani is back, such a pleasure to watch as a baseball fan.

    Amber AbalamaAmber Abalama13 日 前
  • Ohtani is going to break the free agency record if regular players are getting 350 million then he getting 500 million or better 💰

    Xavier MartinXavier Martin13 日 前
  • This guy doesn't exist. Its CG. I don't believe it.

    Eagermonkey7441Eagermonkey744113 日 前
  • Hopefully people will finally appreciate greatness in the moment, because that’s what this is.

    ImperiumFlowImperiumFlow13 日 前