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Hilarious Hitman cartoon by Frame Order.
Hilarious cartoons with a dark twist. Funny animated cartoons by animation studio Frame Order. Dark Comedy by Cartoon Box.
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A man is going for a hike!...
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Produced by Frame Order.
Written and Directed by Joost Lieuwma
Animation, backgrounds, colouring and sound by Joost Lieuwma, Mahmood Shakuri & Mark Schutte.
Advice by Frame Order
Cartoon Box is a funny comedy cartoon show by animation studio FRAME ORDER. Cartoon Box is your weekly dose of funny animated comedy cartoons. Cartoon shorts with a hilarious twist and a dark sense of cartoony humor.
The Cartoon-Box series has all different kind of subjects. From fairy tale cartoons to parody cartoons to superheroes cartoons, from movie parody cartoons to relationship cartoons.
Most of the cartoons have a dark edge. They all combine the same aspects: funny videos, funny animation, Funny cartoons, cartoon parody, cartoon parodies, funny animated cartoons, obscure comedy, animated comedy, weekly cartoons, and dark comedy . Not all cartoons are suited for young children.
Copyright 2021 Frame Order and Joost Lieuwma

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    • What a creation 😂😂😂

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    • @Sakthi ganesh it's a cartoon bro

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    • @MaskBoy ó

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  • Even if he had the key, how will he drive?

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  • I know that film

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  • So sad Boy

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  • He died the moment he crossed that ledge to the unknown. That's why I will always be a city boy the hell with the sense of curiosity 😂

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  • This reminds me with a flash game that requires you to amputate your body parts like arms, legs and your head to interact with stuff like buttons, etc to proceed to the next level. And the character also wears a hat that you can use to teleport

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  • He is builder He is farmer He is redstoner But most importantly he is always happy :)))))))

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  • Suppose he didn't forget to get the keys then also will he able to drive

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  • Deader moments

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  • But there's a bagpack in thumbnail 🙄

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  • lol

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  • This is real story but much change

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  • Love the optimism

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  • Silmy: First he cut all his body parts . After that he overcame all obstacles .Later overcoming all obstacles he found his key of car was missing and He thought he couldn't go but his key was useless . So here his thoughts killed him. If he thought he could also go without his key , it was just a obstacle , HE WOULD SURVIVE.

    Syed Ataur RahmanSyed Ataur Rahman4 日 前
  • Deadpool XD

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  • But in thumbnail he didn't has his key (01:43 )😅😅

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  • Normal people : Help... Cartoon box characters: whelp...

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  • Who come randomly

  • Great work. Which application you are using for animation bro

  • The only person in the world with dismembered limbs, happy.

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  • Cry cry 😭

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  • Your style reminds me of happy tree friends 💔💔

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  • Crazy

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  • Dark humor 🤣🤣🤣😭💀

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  • This reminds me of the movie where the dude got his arm stuck in the mountain

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  • Demás de toxica es esta caricatura..!!! Mis hijos están totalmente prohibido ver esta basura de comiquitas. D esto es que youtuber se debería dar cuenta y no en msj que edifican lo los mandan a cerrar. Tengo fen en Dios en que ese medio tendrá que ser cerrado x sus enseñanzas..

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  • La llave no estaba en la mano tiene muchos ERORES

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  • Why do u have more haters than likees

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  • I remember 127 hours

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  • Wow, ngeri ngeri sedap

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  • Wwwwwwwhelllllllllllp....lol

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  • His real story

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  • He turned out happy now hurt and. Sad

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  • Brutality

  • This is based on true story but by only cutting one arm

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  • "This cartoon not for kids"

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  • 127 horas

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  • This is 72 hrs movie like this ? 😂

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  • Pov: Even if he had key he can't drive😂😂😂

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  • Welp is my fav part.....

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  • I can't explain my emotions ...I am sad while laughing 😐😁

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