Hitting This Lamborghini Aventador With A Skateboard.. #Shorts

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  • That was absolute shite

    PokecalPokecal38 分 前
  • Sí mela creí

    Daniela QuinterosDaniela Quinteros44 分 前
  • Omg I thought it was real

    Tasha HarrisTasha Harris時間 前
  • Eu nao tinha nao ja e um sacrificio para com pra

    Marcos RobertoMarcos Roberto時間 前
  • Ele nao tinha coragem

    Marcos RobertoMarcos Roberto時間 前
  • J est crus

    Stéphanie BonnetStéphanie Bonnet2 時間 前
  • At least he used normal music for once

    Late Game Cho'GathLate Game Cho'Gath2 時間 前
  • You can tell he not in slow motion 😂

    Amber RoseAmber Rose4 時間 前
  • His shirts have a string which are moving normally soooooo FAKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEezEEEEEeRe

    The ELITE of the classroomThe ELITE of the classroom4 時間 前
  • Acting like we can't tell your faking 😒🙄

    NevaehNevaeh4 時間 前
  • Hmmm funny 😒

    Erfan MohamadiErfan Mohamadi4 時間 前
  • Plot twist moments

    EP 123EP 1235 時間 前
  • wow

    SAFE7•YTSAFE7•YT5 時間 前
  • We get it your rich

    Tactical GamerTactical Gamer6 時間 前
  • 😂😂

    Farhan TanverFarhan Tanver6 時間 前
  • It makes me cringe how happy this guy is some one please come in and make this guy hit rock bottom and see if he can rise back up 👹😜🤟🏼

    AhpuchGod666AhpuchGod6667 時間 前
  • Fun fact: the vidio wasnt slowed cus just look at his legs

    Bajtek NoémiBajtek Noémi9 時間 前
  • Sai vitesh

    Sandhya KolleSandhya Kolle10 時間 前
  • Sai b ft ksg

    Sandhya KolleSandhya Kolle10 時間 前
  • Erkeksen vur

    İsa Turhanİsa Turhan10 時間 前
  • Funni man

    Apache PDApache PD11 時間 前
  • Wow

    Jasmine UmarJasmine Umar11 時間 前
  • I would destroy it

    LULU1422LULU142214 時間 前
  • Badtamiz Chinese tumhara China's se achcha to hamara Pakistan hai vaise aur tum kitni gandi chij khate ho na ja bichhu saamp anaconda aur hamen dekho beta jaan Ham to Allah Kare

    Zartisha AiyatZartisha Aiyat14 時間 前
  • 😂😂😂😂😂

    Indar mal MalviyaIndar mal Malviya14 時間 前
  • Rabid wala re

    Upendra KumarUpendra Kumar15 時間 前
  • "Impressive."

    Joon JangJoon Jang15 時間 前
  • Budak 46

    Sage TodSage Tod17 時間 前
  • What is a background song

    ชฟ.1-6 วรัณยู รุ่งเรืองศรีชฟ.1-6 วรัณยู รุ่งเรืองศรี17 時間 前
  • no one fell for that

    GreyGrey17 時間 前
  • Slow motion എന്ന് വിചാരിച്ചവർ ഒരു like

    Gaming with proGaming with pro18 時間 前
  • You don't have the balls😅

    Joy 007Joy 00718 時間 前
  • Now make it 4X And upload it in tictok 😂😂😂😂 So poor kidss

    Ritam okRitam ok18 時間 前
  • 2 de IQ 😐😐

    Martínez Méndez HéctorMartínez Méndez Héctor18 時間 前
  • Ampsiedad aumentando

    Edgar Efren MedinaEdgar Efren Medina19 時間 前
  • Loco 😒

    Sss SssSss Sss20 時間 前
  • Don't be shy. Do it.

    Your Dearest DiaryYour Dearest Diary21 時間 前
  • Se re nota que no esta en cámara lenta

    JuanGamesYT FFJuanGamesYT FF21 時間 前
  • Me to my siblings but realizing imma get in trouble

    TowelwipTowelwip22 時間 前
  • 😨😨😨. 😰😰😰😰😰😱😱😱😱😱😱😰💌

    Allison o OrtizAllison o Ortiz22 時間 前
  • Him: *riding skateboard* Car:vroom Him:🏃🏼‍♂️🏃🏼‍♂️🏃🏼‍♂️

  • noooooooooooooooooo

    بودي gemarبودي gemar23 時間 前
  • Mans used to be my favorite back in like 2018 but now he makes cringe stuff :/

    TSKxSpecialTSKxSpecial23 時間 前
  • 🧐🧐🤣🤣🤭

    Guli SharafutdinovaGuli Sharafutdinova23 時間 前
  • Que lixo,não vi graça alguma!

    Ederson GonçalvesEderson Gonçalves23 時間 前
  • I wil do it 😭😂if you want but im not a hater 😂

    DJRara2015DJRara2015日 前
  • 😀😀😊😊💪👍

    zahraa 555zahraa 555日 前
  • WOW

    Rayane officielRayane officiel日 前
  • Take this rubbish video back to tik tok

    George IcarusGeorge Icarus日 前
  • I HATE U

    Windows 10XWindows 10X日 前
  • No one cares if you are rich.

    Epic killyEpic killy日 前
    • He’s not bragging about being rich

      PiletpigPiletpig日 前
  • This is physical real time editing..... 😂😂 No need of any software.....😂😂

  • Dom toy is a good one for sale

    shabbir ahmadshabbir ahmad日 前
  • Had me fooled

    PancakePancake日 前
  • I wanted him to do it!!😡😡😡

    Julian ShankarJulian Shankar日 前
  • Name of song

  • The fact he did it in the slow motion

    •Cskie••Cskie•日 前
  • Copyright music

    Petar KajinicPetar Kajinic日 前
  • I’m too high for this

    Joseph carrilloJoseph carrillo日 前
  • My heart stopped for a second

    Ardalan MoghadamArdalan Moghadam日 前
  • "How can I flex my parent's money without doing anything?" - he asked himself calmly

    Feels BadFeels Bad日 前
  • Et en plus ta cru que tu le faisais bien

  • Rich kids are really starting to loose their touch arent they

    Flaken MaskFlaken Mask日 前
  • Ok other than the fact that it was a flex, the fact that his slomo effect looked real was pretty cool.

    Gabriel Gandi GoesantosoGabriel Gandi Goesantoso日 前
    • I don’t think it was a flex. Using a rich car to make a video like this makes it more intense than originals

      PiletpigPiletpig日 前
  • うん、しってた

    はなかっぱの口の近くのほくろはなかっぱの口の近くのほくろ日 前
  • The fact that I fell for it😩

  • Ru at faze house

    Pavle VođinacPavle Vođinac日 前
  • Yisus crist you took me bro, don't do it again

    Edgar Fernando OjedaEdgar Fernando Ojeda日 前
  • وهسه شرايد

    Hussain MohmedHussain Mohmed日 前
  • Clickbait

    Stufen BKRStufen BKR日 前
  • HOLY

    MatthewMatthew日 前
  • 뭐야 어그로네

    황제르펭귄tv황제르펭귄tv日 前

  • you can tell it wasn't slow motion by the shaking leg lol

    Jetpack NoobeeJetpack Noobee日 前
  • Berak Dlu dah lu di Kebon yang bener

    Candy LipsCandy Lips日 前
  • It wasn’t even in slow motion his leg was moving faster than anything on his body

    Truu Ant-Truu Ant-日 前
  • Wait what noooooooooo😣

    Thiennhi LehoangThiennhi Lehoang日 前
  • I hate ppl that make videos like this

    Manuel RodriguezManuel Rodriguez日 前
  • Hola

    Griselda VeraGriselda Vera日 前
  • 炫富的富人就是腐敗!

    梁國武梁國武日 前
  • Wtf

    kylolkylol日 前
  • 😂😂😂😁

    Mayra LaraMayra Lara日 前
  • Ha gottem

    TDThe Destroyer123TDThe Destroyer123日 前
  • Click baters

    Francisco LopezFrancisco Lopez日 前
  • 😶😶😶

    новый годновый год日 前
  • You're at faze house

    Bobby Johnson 3rdBobby Johnson 3rd日 前
  • The fact that he has a Lamborghini tho 😶

    Your homie tomYour homie tom日 前
  • Jesus loves you

    Kael SchowenckKael Schowenck日 前
  • No

    Ximena FajardoXimena Fajardo日 前
  • Aw man he did not smash the Lamborghini I wanted him to

    Jaime RonquilloJaime Ronquillo日 前
  • Weridos

    James CrearJames Crear日 前
  • Imagine thinking people care

    Hi Buddy Waz supHi Buddy Waz sup日 前
    • @Hi Buddy Waz sup imagine

      PiletpigPiletpig日 前
    • @Piletpig okay karen

      Hi Buddy Waz supHi Buddy Waz sup日 前
    • @Hi Buddy Waz sup imagine being a 8 year old trying to act cool

      PiletpigPiletpig日 前
    • @Hi Buddy Waz sup ??? You really think responding to comments means you got hurt/mad?

      PiletpigPiletpig日 前
    • @Piletpig imagine responding because you got butthurt

      Hi Buddy Waz supHi Buddy Waz sup日 前
  • This hurts

    ZokiDokiZokiDoki日 前
  • 🌋🌋🌋

    Jazmin AbayayJazmin Abayay日 前
  • Stop playing GTA

    RyanRyan日 前
  • Bruh

    Diddy Kong69Diddy Kong69日 前
  • Jajaja

    Marg RodriMarg Rodri日 前
  • Vai bater no carro

    Elisangela FreireElisangela Freire2 日 前
  • this is the biggest nonsense ever

    wlog filmwlog film2 日 前