『ホロライブ・オルタナティブ』 ティザーPV

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  • これはセカイをつくるモノガタリーー ホロライブが送るもうひとつのホロライブ!

    hololive ホロライブ - VTuber Grouphololive ホロライブ - VTuber Group18 日 前
    • えらいこっちゃ!!! 突き抜けすぎだろホロライブ!!!

      ナインナイン日 前
    • あくたん可愛すぎだろ!かわよ死する

      みこやみこや日 前
    • かっけぇ

      八幡六倻八幡六倻3 日 前
    • この仕事に携われてる人幸せだなぁ

      ホロライブてぇてぇホロライブてぇてぇ5 日 前
    • Thank you

      Akramullah ShariefAkramullah Sharief6 日 前
  • If it be anime i will be so happy

    BruhBruh時間 前
    • For me it impossible

      BruhBruh時間 前
    • But it only a dream

      BruhBruh時間 前
  • アニメ化すると聞いて!!!!!!!!!!

    妖夢妖夢2 時間 前
  • 0:22 "Kamisama one borgar please"

    Aldi 9090Aldi 90907 時間 前
  • I wonder how much of Hololive would be in this. Because some of the members would be overpowered as characters.

    DJ Dedf1shDJ Dedf1sh8 時間 前
    • This is Promo video of their Project Which is gonna make online games, apps and other social media interaction, maybe VR too.. Hololive Alternative Manga is confirmed..that will focus on Marine 1st

      ShegsShegs7 時間 前
  • 0:17 Ojou fighting against her father

    Neo ApikNeo Apik9 時間 前
  • This feels like The Lostbelts all over again.

    [AUO] Gil[AUO] Gil9 時間 前
  • このcm?の監督がFGOのcm作ってる人と一緒って知ってびっくりした

    ゆうにガンプラゆうにガンプラ9 時間 前
  • Sora: Ruler Marine: Rider Shion: Caster Noel: Berserker or Saber Ayame: Saber or Assassin Flare: Archer Kanata: Caster or Berserker ( Gorilla Tenshi need to get nerf because she's too op

    Smoke Moe EverydaySmoke Moe Everyday9 時間 前
  • あやめさんの後に落ちてる方は誰ですか?

    佐野トールギス佐野トールギス11 時間 前
  • JPworldsの字幕ってこんなこと出来たのか……凄いな。

    426 komugi426 komugi11 時間 前
  • FGO?

    c X2c X213 時間 前
    • @Shegs Nice, then I want 10 Marine's

      c X2c X210 時間 前
    • @c X2 well they confirmed the Manga that will focus on Marine 1st

      ShegsShegs11 時間 前
    • @Shegs oh really nice!! So how many aqua's can we get

      c X2c X211 時間 前
    • This is Made by the same Staff But not related to FGO Just same style since same staff.. Search here in JPworlds "What is Hololive Alternative?" You will know how awesome it is

      ShegsShegs11 時間 前
  • Fate/Grand Order

    高橋武瑠高橋武瑠19 時間 前
    • Made by the same staff so thats why it have the same style

      ShegsShegs11 時間 前
    • LoL Eroge

      Hiyori KamatsuHiyori Kamatsu16 時間 前
  • Not an anime, it is a teaser for something, but not an anime

    Jack KennedyJack Kennedy20 時間 前
  • Press f for okayu's onigiri

    Zolve 122Zolve 12221 時間 前
  • This is Fate/Grand Order

    Daniel Veas SánchezDaniel Veas Sánchez22 時間 前
  • ok, but 🔺 if you know, you know

    deadpannn _deadpannn _22 時間 前
  • I hope that an anime so i can take clip and make edit

    • This video is just a Promo video of their Project .. you can search What is Hololive Alternative here in JPworlds for an Awesome info about their Project.. Manga is confirmed so Anime adaption might happen years later

      ShegsShegs14 時間 前
  • I can smell ufotable in here!!!!!!!

    SxinexsithSxinexsith23 時間 前
    • Yes yess

      SxinexsithSxinexsith13 時間 前
    • This video is made by the same staff/animators of FGO CMs And this is just a Promo vid of their Project.. you can see some video here explaining what is Hololive Alternative Watch it for awesome Info Manga is confirmed so Anime is possible years later

      ShegsShegs14 時間 前

    Nicolas HenriquezNicolas Henriquez日 前

    TTV xd TakuTTV xd Taku日 前
  • これが新しいFGOか… たしかに課金(スパチャ)額はエグそうだ

    澤野弘之澤野弘之日 前
  • 型月と星辰

    論ず将論ず将日 前
  • みんな1回でいいから片目で見てみ? めっちゃ3D感増すから。

    涼香涼香日 前

    yoryor日 前
  • Anime anime pleaseeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

    秋元秋元日 前
    • Hololive Alternative Manga is Confirmed so might have Anime Adaption of that Manga might happen years later This video is just PV of their Project You can search here on youtube "What is Hololive alternative?" For Awesome info of their Project

      ShegsShegs14 時間 前
  • I'll take your entire stock.

    Cihan VuralCihan Vural日 前
  • Dude.. this is Fate Grand Order reference

    Tiky TechTiky Tech日 前
    • Made by the Same Director/Staff

      ShegsShegs14 時間 前
  • ホロライブコラボの新鯖多いですね

    魔王いかるが魔王いかるが日 前
  • i feel bad for coco

    FruitFruit日 前
  • めっっっっっっっちゃFGOだなって思ったらやっぱり製作者一緒なんやね。 まじでかっこいい

    ふらわぁふらわぁ日 前
  • 願望機をかけて戦争しそう(小並感)

    いろいろtiredいろいろtired日 前
  • Fate/Grand Hololive.

    Palmer PalmeroPalmer Palmero日 前
  • シオン魔法使いとかかと思ったら思いっきりキックで草

    太田輝太田輝日 前
  • 自用 一定有寫錯嗚嗚 0:02 時乃空 0:05 紫咲詩音 0:06 不知火芙蕾雅 0:07 白銀諾艾爾 0:09 桐生可可 0:12 寶鐘瑪琳 0:13 湊阿庫婭 0:15 蘿蔔子 0:16 癒月巧可 0:17 百鬼綾目 0:18 天音彼方 0:18 櫻巫女 0:19 夏色祭 0:20 戌神沁音&貓又小粥 0:21 兔田佩克拉 0:22 白上吹雪&大神澪 0:23 白上吹雪

    楊妍妮楊妍妮日 前
  • When you realize the "Reaper's apprentice" sang this.

    RodnigoRodnigo日 前
  • Sora already looking like a protagonist. looking at a distance with her hair like Pocahontas and she lookin' cute.

    RodnigoRodnigo日 前
  • スバウ…

    かなえ1160かなえ1160日 前
  • fgoのCMみたいでカッコいい

    t ft f日 前

    Alkaid CAlkaid C日 前
  • 気のせいかもしれないけど片目で見たら3Dになる 自分の目がおかしいだけかもしれないけど

    天パです。天パです。日 前
  • I got recommended this what’s this?

    MiguelPpMMiguelPpM日 前
    • They are all hololive streamers appearing in a music video

      mandarmandar日 前
  • bruh i just realise mori is the one siginging in this clip

    zak ritozak rito日 前

    M1KUB0TM1KUB0T日 前
  • 定期的に見に来たくなる中毒性

    初見です初見です日 前
  • Jsjajajajajjajshsbh yes

    Beatriz C. WladykaBeatriz C. Wladyka日 前
  • They can actually make like an anime inspired by Love Live? Like concert lovey thingy with super powers and stuff. Sorry. I only watched the first couple of episodes of that anime since around mid season 1, they went from like high school cutesy stuff to a WHOLE DIFFERENT GENRE. Which I really don't like. STILL, if it's hololive, I might watch it. Or since the Holo Girls are actually entertaining talking about each other, why not make a slice of life/comedy anime. It's like Lucky Star or Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya but this kind of quality. Those kinds of anime, they can do whatever which I think will be really good. Like one time, they're talking about going to school, normal stuff then sucked into a minecraft thing and the next episode, they can just scrap everything and redo like nothing happened. Like a one episode plot like doraemon or something. That's the best course of their anime in my opinion since they don't need to limit on what they can and can't do story wise and every episode will surely be a blast of nonsense and just pure fun.

    kmelvin santoskmelvin santos日 前
    • This is PV of Hololive Alternative Project that plan to make online games, apps or other social media interaction Also they confirmed Hololive Alternative Manga So Anime adaption of that manga may come in a few years

      ShegsShegs日 前
  • If Yagoo is not the MC, Im not watching

    FriendlyGuyFriendlyGuy2 日 前
    • @timothy teofani cameo or small part might happen... We will see in the future

      ShegsShegs日 前
    • @Shegs I hope the bois from Holostar would appears too.

      timothy teofanitimothy teofani日 前
    • @FriendlyGuy LOL... yagoo will never appear because he is the Camera-man

      ShegsShegs日 前
    • @Shegs relax bro Im just joking, Or am I

      FriendlyGuyFriendlyGuy日 前
    • Hope your just joking.. Because Hololive is all about the Hololive members girls Yeah the joke is yagoo is the best girl But in reality Yagoo as a main character will never happen He might get some cameo but low chance that will happen because its focus on the girls

      ShegsShegs日 前
  • Fgo player who watch this and thought it was a new event here?

    Amirul AsyrafAmirul Asyraf2 日 前
  • ah yes, pekora-san

    RNARNA2 日 前
  • Harem king Yagoo

  • Make it happen to become anime please, i will waiting 😁

    David RiyantoDavid Riyanto2 日 前
    • Official confirmation is Manga of Hololive Alternative

      ShegsShegs2 日 前
  • Where's YAGOO and A-chan?

    AA2 日 前
  • There was an Idea. A-chan knows this. Called Hololive alternative. The idea is to gather a group of remarkable comedians. To be the idols we never could. Yagoo's dreams died still believing in that idea. In Idols. Well, it is an old fashion notion.

    Blacklist07Blacklist072 日 前
  • che spacchiu e ?

    Valentino RivaValentino Riva2 日 前
  • WHAAAAT????

    DhayDhay2 日 前
  • 流石と言うべきか、作画のレベルがレベチすぎるし、これにホロメンの声がくわわったアニメ来たら 成仏もんで草

    ひいらぎひいらぎ2 日 前
  • 😍

    Rin XDRin XD2 日 前
  • wait...so the one who sang this was Mori?..

    Yujin NijyuYujin Nijyu2 日 前
    • yes

      MIX Anime MixMIX Anime Mix2 日 前
  • Pekora's smile has NO business being this innocent!! Lol

    Chris DominguezChris Dominguez3 日 前
  • This is what humanity has achieved after thousands of years...and it won't get any better then this

    ObviouslyMartinObviouslyMartin3 日 前
  • Now it's strange to watch them with noses

    Santi BangSanti Bang3 日 前
    • @Jeve Mar Delos Reyes Of course

      Santi BangSanti Bang3 日 前
    • I'm guessing you've also watched the noseless version

      Jeve Mar Delos ReyesJeve Mar Delos Reyes3 日 前
  • This looks better than Aot S4 lmao

    HibtzerkHibtzerk3 日 前
  • Roswaal mansion 0:13 ?

    sniper4627sniper46273 日 前
    • Re zero crossover time

      Arnel CandelariaArnel Candelaria2 日 前
  • 3期生初配信のときから見始めて、スパチャ送るために最近アカウントも作ったけど、 ホロライブ自体がこんなに大きなものになると思ってなかった… なんか感動してる

    RinN!noりんにの 【MAD】RinN!noりんにの 【MAD】3 日 前
  • Can't wait to see Marine to go from "horny" to "fckn sea queen badass".

    Arty MesnankinArty Mesnankin3 日 前
  • 0:18 who is that falling down?

    fuyumoe冬萌fuyumoe冬萌3 日 前
    • kanata

      Ming LeeMing Lee3 日 前

    MyNarrator OfficialMyNarrator Official3 日 前
    • Possible.. Hololive Alternative Project is for making "Online" games ,Apps or other Social Media interaction

      ShegsShegs2 日 前

    RilezenRilezen3 日 前
    • Manga have Official confirmation... so Anime of that manga is possible in the future

      ShegsShegs2 日 前
  • A boy asks his father, "Dad, why is my sister named Rose?" "Because your mother loves roses," says his father. "Thanks, dad." "No problem, "hololive Alternative" Teaser PV."

    mendoriタイmendoriタイ3 日 前
  • 100%f g o

    過我帥過我帥3 日 前
  • 今更コメするけどこの1年の生きる希望見つけれたよね

    滅びの魔女滅びの魔女3 日 前
  • The fact this is Mori Calliope singing makes me very shook. This sounds NOTHING like how she usually portrays her voice, and is simply amazing.

    Lan Ying Huang 「凛フレ釣区」Lan Ying Huang 「凛フレ釣区」3 日 前

    Gekopu artGekopu art3 日 前
    • Be patient...when they release the song.. you can listen to it all day then everyday if you want

      ShegsShegs2 日 前
  • Daily viewing before Hololive anime coming true

    Hotate TetahoHotate Tetaho3 日 前
    • Hololive Alternative Project sounds like Making Games,Apps or other Social Media Manga is confirmed.. So i think..release is Manga 1st then Games or Apps and Anime Adaption years later

      ShegsShegs2 日 前
  • Even though this is a serious take on Hololive, I bet you they're going to sneak in some references to their streaming life. For example, Aqua could love eating onions in this universe.

    unknown_identityunknown_identity3 日 前

    Torva MessorTorva Messor3 日 前
  • Love this

    Just K-nameJust K-name3 日 前
  • Wait is this gonna be an anime?

    Mboss8Mboss83 日 前
    • There are videos here in JPworlds explaining "What is Hololive Alternative?" for an Awesome Info about it

      ShegsShegs2 日 前
  • I am glad i was born in the correct time

    EZ HumbugEZ Humbug3 日 前
  • クソガキックは草

    ゆうまる。ゆうまる。3 日 前
  • I wonder what genre(s) it would be if they actually turned it into an anime

    日本人じゃないです日本人じゃないです3 日 前
    • Hololive already have most of the genre category...

      ShegsShegs2 日 前
  • i can't wait for it if i have i have time travel power i will go to the future to watch the full movie

    Yuuto KagamiYuuto Kagami3 日 前
  • Tried to watch in 0.25x to better see each frame of the animation, Laugh instead because the singer sounded like in sorrow. lol

    Knight DroidKnight Droid3 日 前
    • @Shegs lol

      Knight DroidKnight Droid2 日 前
    • Yeah.. i tried it too.. then i turn off the sound

      ShegsShegs2 日 前
  • 0:10 imagine captain marine fighting Edward kenway:v

    HDR KamiKazeHDR KamiKaze4 日 前
  • Hype

    TzuiroTzuiro4 日 前
  • アニメやるんですか!!

    うちの猫うちの猫4 日 前
  • 0:11 kinda reminds me of the scene of sieghart in the Grand Chase PC trailer

    Diego RiveraDiego Rivera4 日 前
  • When you actually made this as a religion

    arkenarken4 日 前
  • fellow men we cant lie the only reason were here is for the waifus.

    skyeLO_skyeLO_4 日 前
  • FGOのPVみたい

    梟喰瑠璃梟喰瑠璃4 日 前
  • Is it fubuki on the last part before sora???

    Kate MercadoKate Mercado4 日 前
    • Yes

  • 2 reason why im gonna watch this 1. The song is just really gooood considering that Calli sang it 2. The animation is just god tier

    中野ニノ中野ニノ4 日 前
    • The animation is made by one of the animators of fate/apocrypha

  • Yagoo's dream is alive

    SeresHotesSeresHotes4 日 前
  • I really want it to be an anime please don't end up just being a FGO reference ;-;

    LORX _XLORX _X4 日 前
    • @NUT VIRUS who knows bro it might be a hololive version of FGO intro

      LORX _XLORX _X2 日 前
    • @Shegs wow that would be great :o

      LORX _XLORX _X2 日 前
    • Hololive Alternative Manga is confirmed

      ShegsShegs2 日 前
    • Wdym FGO reference? Their animator/staff is the same

  • kusogakick

    Kevin FelixianoKevin Felixiano4 日 前
  • What if you make an anime of hololive members with episodes and season's?

    Grand fire phGrand fire ph4 日 前
    • They said that the Manga of Hololive Alternative that they will release will focus on Marine 1st

      ShegsShegs2 日 前
  • これカリオペ歌ってるって聞いたんだが、それってつまりホロライブの中でカリオペだけがライバーとして知ってたわけよな? なんか……良いね……

    しらすしらす4 日 前
  • If anytime in the future we get anime with everyone, a good format could be each episode delves into the lives of the girls in their own fantasy world.

    jay menjay men4 日 前
    • Hololive said that the Manga of Hololive Alternative they will release will focus on Marine first..

      ShegsShegs2 日 前
  • I just realized that the A used in alternative is the greek letter delta. Does this mean? I wish it is. Miss that girl.

    Lord Raymond SayasLord Raymond Sayas4 日 前