(Hot Debut) aespa - Black Mamba [Music Bank / 2020.11.20]

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  • winter and ning ning OMG YES GURLS

    minty sherbetminty sherbet52 分 前
  • æspa 짱!!!

    Khalesa AndhamariKhalesa Andhamari56 分 前
  • Love this song💚💚

    Naruto BoomNaruto Boom時間 前
  • Love this song💚💚

    Naruto BoomNaruto Boom時間 前
  • うつくしすぎん!?

    AhAh時間 前
  • i feel like a proud mom seeing ningning debut

    zhong lelezhong lele時間 前
  • Ningning so beautifful

    nurvi 1994nurvi 1994時間 前
  • Winter yeppo

    Sonia ZuleykaSonia Zuleyka時間 前
  • Aespa stan before debut🙋🏻‍♀️ Anyone?

    Khaira De GuzmanKhaira De Guzman時間 前
  • NOmo chuwaaa

    Nova SorayaNova Soraya2 時間 前
  • BB KARINA to 2366

    Jowairia DyJowairia Dy2 時間 前
  • i love everything about aespa

    Annisa Delvia NasyaAnnisa Delvia Nasya2 時間 前
  • Amazinggg!!!

    Regina PuspitaRegina Puspita2 時間 前
  • Giselle....

    She lvShe lv2 時間 前
  • beautyfullllllll bodyyy

    Ervina AndrianiErvina Andriani2 時間 前
  • There was nothing interesting about this

    Ahudha TaehberriesAhudha Taehberries2 時間 前
  • 요즘..일본 극우, 중국 극민족주의 세력들이..한국인인척 한글 댓글 달며, 거짓 루머 퍼트리며~울 kpop어린 애들, 방탄, 블핑 등 쥑이려 엄청 공격한다고함.. 악플 공격보이면..바로 신고ㄱㄱㄱㄱㄱ

    go심플go심플2 時間 前
  • 그룹으로 연습생들 왕따시키고 자살하게까지 만든 그룹인데 생각보다 빨아주는 사람들이 많네,,,연습생들한테도 안좋게 대했는데 아이린처럼 스탭들한테도 무대 뒤에서 문제있을꺼같은데,,,,

    홍유진홍유진2 時間 前
  • ayayayayayaya

    Dianty • 9-4Dianty • 9-42 時間 前
  • Okay this is clearly addicted

    Rara Fahira An NuurRara Fahira An Nuur3 時間 前
  • ningning lowkey reminds me of lee hi

    Fariha BatrisyahFariha Batrisyah3 時間 前
  • Mantap masih masuk 10 besar tranding yt ..

    Fajar IbnuFajar Ibnu3 時間 前
  • I kinda wish Giselle and Ningning‘s outfit color was the same as Karina and Winter, from afar they don’t stand out as much :-((

    Emily HoEmily Ho3 時間 前
  • 닝닝 귀엽닝..♡

    김소미김소미3 時間 前
  • Tataba nyo bigat ng puso

    Hot ChocoHot Choco3 時間 前
  • Bobo animal

    Hot ChocoHot Choco3 時間 前
  • Ningning is so damn beautiful! Her voice is AMAZING!

    Dinia DwimDinia Dwim3 時間 前
  • When Winter smiles, she looks a bit like Sandara to me..

    AiyukahanAiyukahan3 時間 前
  • this really sound like KDA popstar like its strikingly the same no offense i stan them thoooo 💚💚

    nicholsen calopenicholsen calope3 時間 前
  • Jihyo + Jennie = Ningning

    Junel Divine BachoJunel Divine Bacho3 時間 前
  • Omg ...!!! I like it karina so beautifull and cool ❤

    agustiana anhaagustiana anha4 時間 前
  • Ningning😍

    Miro VioMiro Vio4 時間 前
  • My str3@m 5M, watch Gfriend Mago mv

    budi marwantobudi marwanto4 時間 前
  • Giselle!!!! T_T

    kkura blossomkkura blossom4 時間 前
  • Gaes jangan lupa subscribe channel aku ya video sholawat

    Story sholawat TVStory sholawat TV4 時間 前
  • Ning ning kaya dinda hauw fix no debat

    haura zabrinahaura zabrina4 時間 前
  • Panggung ny keren ya The stage is awesome...

    Indah IndrianiIndah Indriani4 時間 前
  • Gini kan enek liatnya ♥️♥️

    Ly On RicsLy On Rics4 時間 前
  • is this live?!?!!

    firafira4 時間 前
  • I do not know her name but there is a member among them that reminds Jennie of blackpinck kkkj

    AnaAna4 時間 前
  • Goddess KARINA😍

    Rose RoseRose Rose4 時間 前
  • Ningning really has Jennie vibes it's crazy

    blndrgnblndrgn4 時間 前
  • tbh i did not expect this 4 to be that powerful cuz of their cute visual but they prove me wrong

    Ten10daeTen10dae4 時間 前
  • I love the way SM treat her Visual

    no nameno name5 時間 前
  • Don't forget later at 6 KST there Will be live voting in starplay

    Muthia Amanda KhansaMuthia Amanda Khansa5 時間 前
  • go ningning

    Stan NCTStan NCT5 時間 前
  • go winter

    Stan NCTStan NCT5 時間 前
  • go giselle

    Stan NCTStan NCT5 時間 前
  • go karina

    Stan NCTStan NCT5 時間 前
  • Wa black pink

    Taufik HidayatTaufik Hidayat5 時間 前
  • aku minta no wa nya dong

    Taufik HidayatTaufik Hidayat5 時間 前
  • How can they shake their head vigorously and their hair just stays the same?! What Kpop sorcery is this. And is it only me, or them dancing in these outfits (dresses) didn't really suit the dance and the song? 🤔

    KpopLunaticKpopLunatic5 時間 前
  • keren. valid no debat.

    SM stan EntertainmentSM stan Entertainment5 時間 前
  • They're just faking blackpink

    MAN 79MAN 795 時間 前
    • how the hell they're faking bp? care to explain?

      EXO -LEXO -L3 時間 前
  • I don't understand.. Why SM debut this girsl in the last this year, after the vote for mama had been opened..

    Naura AmaliaNaura Amalia5 時間 前
  • Wowww!

    Hannah Grace MakilingHannah Grace Makiling5 時間 前
  • I love you Aespa😘to all those who hates Karina plsss stop I'm begging you😞Karina slayed this dance so much they are great dancers especially winter kills me so much that catch my attention

    Raiza Marie QuimnoRaiza Marie Quimno5 時間 前
  • Mereka dibalik kamera enak banget tuh baru debut aja udah punya banyak fans dan dapet fasilitas enak karena dari agensi gede ga kebayang gimana mereka yang dari agensi kecil

    afifah dewiafifah dewi5 時間 前
  • Aneh bgt wkekekek ga menarik sama sekali, gini aja masuk trending duh

    Queen BellaQueen Bella6 時間 前
    • @afifah dewi iya kan over banget. gitu katanya cantik wkwk dibanding visualnya & talentnya bp, rv, tw, gf mah jauhhh banget anjir, mana fandomnya udah songong ngajak ribut banyak fandom yg ngatain kualitas ngerap jenlisa, ga ngebolehin army pake sebutan "my", dll. jijay

      Queen BellaQueen Bella5 時間 前

      afifah dewiafifah dewi5 時間 前
  • Jessica + Taeyeon = Winter Just my opini

    hunaenah myhunaenah my6 時間 前
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    H SH S6 時間 前
  • Idk but ningning face look like jennie i think

    Yuliana DewiYuliana Dewi6 時間 前
  • Why is nobody talking about the background

    Mae RaMae Ra6 時間 前
  • Gissele!!!! I'm so in love with your aura. The voice of ningning gosh, the charismatic aura of Karina and our ACE winter. They slay!!! I'm so excited for their album.

    Exo-L RutchExo-L Rutch6 時間 前
  • I LOVE❤

    Hera Yuli AstutiHera Yuli Astuti6 時間 前
  • Those are lil like figure skaters costumes... they're pretty. SM has spared no expense for this debut

    Erika DErika D6 時間 前
  • Karina 😍

    Vondwi ChannelVondwi Channel6 時間 前
  • 👋

    Gavin LimGavin Lim7 時間 前
  • 👋

    Gavin LimGavin Lim7 時間 前
  • 1080p 지원도 부탁드림당

    BlackPink RubyRoseDiamondBlackPink RubyRoseDiamond7 時間 前
  • Nining oh nining wong jowo go inyernasional

    Wahyu FerdiantoWahyu Ferdianto7 時間 前
  • Winter🥺

    Ranthy ShaRanthy Sha7 時間 前
  • karina my gorgeous queen

    sweet derylightsweet derylight7 時間 前
  • sm에서 yg 창법을 쓰는애가 한명있구나

    우리 엄마우리 엄마7 時間 前
  • Ningning's voice is killing me!!

    Hilda DidotHilda Didot7 時間 前
  • 아이야야야 할때 안무 개웃기네ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    우리 엄마우리 엄마7 時間 前
    • lmao

      xiumin acexiumin ace6 時間 前
  • Giselle is my Bias 😍

    Daniel Pataueg jrDaniel Pataueg jr8 時間 前
  • They are just looking like pretty aliens

    Juairia KhanomJuairia Khanom8 時間 前

    J KJ K8 時間 前
  • wow

    table tennis top markotoptable tennis top markotop8 時間 前
  • I IOVE Y0U 😎

    Mk MkMk Mk8 時間 前
  • 😎🤵🤵🤵🙏

    Mk MkMk Mk8 時間 前

    moonlightbaemoonlightbae8 時間 前
  • 是的,我知道事實,現在在Instagram上的Cyber​​PunkHackers@GMAIL.COM或Cyber​​punk_hackers是幫助訪問社交媒體帳戶並監視配偶的配偶的合適組織,他們不知道,迅速聯繫他們並感到高興和高興

    陈望陈望8 時間 前
  • Sorry to break it to you but ningning is gonna be the underrated one in this group I can already see it 😬(please don’t come at me) btw I loved this way to much and imma have to stan them for vocals,visuals,raps,and talents basically everything and they are so pretty.who do y’all think your gonna bias?i think I’m gonna bias Giselle I really don’t know

    Mackclub2Mackclub28 時間 前
  • This girls are Perfection😍💜

    Gianne C.Gianne C.8 時間 前
  • Guyss dont forget stram 90s love mv

    Ingrid ViolinIngrid Violin8 時間 前
  • ive been seeing a lot of articles talking about karina being the visual but ummmmMmm do we just ignore winter???? cause i think she's the prettiest

    imyourchingyuimyourchingyu8 時間 前
  • why do these multi million companies use iphones to record these stages????

    Lola GreenLola Green8 時間 前
  • Woooww..17k dislike..haters work were not a joke anymore

    bae Oosijbae Oosij8 時間 前
  • When SM and YG doesnt give us a BLACKVELVET collab but THEN BLACKVELVET had secret daughters 0:19 This is how Rose and Yeri's Daughter would look like 0:21 so this is how Jennie and Joy's Daughter look like 0:26 and this is how Lisa, Seulgi and Wendy looks like 0:29 and this is how Jisoo, Wendy and Irene's Daughter look like

  • They are using playback 😓 but I like their presentation

    MayiiuMayiiu9 時間 前
  • Hot debut, right now am not used to each personality but I will because they are so cool and very charismatic. Their performance is another level and their voices are crystal clear...woooow.

    Ioraka 137Ioraka 1379 時間 前
  • 👍😍🥰🤩

    Lestaria SimanulangLestaria Simanulang9 時間 前
  • They’re all so prettyy and I dare to exist lmaooo

    NicoleNicole9 時間 前

    Sulis Tia08Sulis Tia089 時間 前
  • SM must treat them well, and SM must also continue to do vocal training for them so that their singing ability continues to develop and can be stable while performing.

    jdoridori jamjamjdoridori jamjam9 時間 前
  • They resemblance each other.

    Vanessa ColzVanessa Colz9 時間 前
  • 2:46 Oh......take my heart

    AtheerAtheer9 時間 前
  • NingNing looks and sounds so much like Bada! Amazing talent and vocals!

    Maria MedeirosMaria Medeiros9 時間 前