Hungry Snake Comes After Cat || ViralHog

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Occurred on February 7, 2021 / Nonthaburi, Thailand
My dad was watering his plants, suddenly he found a big snake on his right-hand side, was slithering inside trying to eat my cat. He didn't even hesitate, he jumped across the bench and grabbed the cat, and tried to call the security guard around there. At that minute he saw the snake coming closer and closer so he ran into the house, but the snake was still chasing with hunger. Finally, the snake escaped to somewhere around here.
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  • After a while you would notice that white cat does not seem that it is running away from the snake. Instead, the cat is trying to go back and face the snake. With that slippery tiles, snake will have difficulty to slither. By the way, cats are very fierce with its claws, teeth, high flexibility and agility when it comes to a fight and have a good chance of defeating the snake in open area fight.

    badworld02badworld0213 日 前
    • Unfortunately, not all cats does. Also, depending on the types (vernom or not) and size of that snake, Even stray cats may lose out, domesticated pets are worse, no defencing skills.

      the gh0ST505the gh0ST5058 日 前
  • 00:38 My man : " Stay the eff away from my cat and property" 🐍snake: " damn cat ate my rat🐁, hey put it down, bring it back, wanna show it whoz boss... And I don't give a damn about your property , it's free real estate,🏃 yeah, you better run!!!" 😂

    Thabz MadThabz Mad14 日 前
    • @ 00:27 Cat: "Oh yeah, I was coming back to face you slitherin, hell ain't gonna run". I was so ready and in the mood for poking those eyes of yours with my sharp claws and teeth. This was your lucky day snaky head" lol haahaa

      badworld02badworld0213 日 前
  • Que medo 😰

    Greice FrançaGreice França18 日 前
  • MY GOD ! !😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

    andrea severinoandrea severino18 日 前
  • Thank heavens the cat’s owner was right there to scoop up kitty and get him to safety!

    GLINGGLING21 日 前
  • It’s a good thing that you were there since kitty was going in for round two.

    skc3753skc375323 日 前
  • And here I was complaining about living in a city I have to shovel snow in this morning

    korlu01korlu0123 日 前
  • Smart Gāto

    Mr HMr H23 日 前
  • Hate snakes 🐍

    Steve AndersonSteve Anderson23 日 前
  • 😨😨😨😨😨

    Carla VelaCarla Vela23 日 前
  • Are those snake venomous or constrictor !?

    Xavier AncarnoXavier Ancarno23 日 前
    • Python

      sam sengsam seng16 日 前
  • They are so fast!😳

    Therese NydahlTherese Nydahl23 日 前
  • All that is missing is his pantyhose & lipstick.

    Doh Joe GringoDoh Joe Gringo23 日 前
  • I don't feel comfortable living on the same planet that this occurred on.

    Frederick JonesFrederick Jones23 日 前
    • Glad I was born on a patch of dirt that doesn't have many snakes.

      Mic TuritionMic Turition23 日 前