James Corden Is Against the Super League Proposal

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James Corden shares his thoughts on the European Super League proposal that would dismantle the sport. James sees successful adoption of the idea as "the end of the sport we love. It truly is."
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  • They may well have killed themselves, never mind the smaller teams. They were delusional about the viewing figures for the whole shitty Super League and I suspect TV and sponsorship money would have eventually started to dry up, when they realised fans of excluded clubs weren't watching it, many fans of included clubs had either abandoned their clubs, or at least refused to watch it and neutrals started to tire of the lack of variety and the dull repetitive nature of the Competition! Also, many of these clubs have been latched onto by glory hunters and some of them would have had hoards of such prawn sandwich eating tossers disappearing almost as quickly as they appeared, once they started to struggle in the tournament. It's those glory hunting types who are more likely to be in favour of the European Shite League, or whatever it was to be called, but some would soon see their chosen club go decades without another piece of silverware, if it had happened! Perez claimed 4 billion would have watched it! 4 billion is more than half the population of the entire Earth! No one with any sense would think than anywhere close to that number will ever watch football, never mind that only a fraction of the real figure who do watch it, would have watched their shitty little private members club!

    wir154wir15447 分 前
  • In nba terms the best teams make up there own league ex. Lakers, clippers, heat,celtics,bucks,warriors,sixers,nets,nuggets,bulls(bcuz of history)

    Klevr 818Klevr 81816 時間 前
  • It would be like NHL,NFL,NBA, etc.. :)

    FumeknightFumeknight21 時間 前
  • Awe I was never a fan myself but you can feel his and I’m sure so many others pain over this. It’s absolutely heart breaking to see something that can bring so much passion like that come to an end. 💔

    Nikki RiversNikki Rivers日 前
  • Only yankees call it soccer🤮🤭😬

    Prince Jeron VlogsPrince Jeron Vlogs日 前
  • Bruh, I'm an American and my favorite team in the whole world is the Wolverhampton Wanderers, and this league will shatter my dreams of seeing them possibly win a championship. So all I can say to the owners who want this league to happen is, YOU SUCK!

    Tyler LajoieTyler Lajoie2 日 前
  • lol like americans care

    Just CliffJust Cliff2 日 前
  • Give me a fucking break. The club puts the money, the time and the players and UEFA takes the money to pay themselves. Shut up about the sport of people

    D MD M3 日 前
  • Dreams can't be buy

    Soura Sena DasSoura Sena Das3 日 前
  • CONGRATUlations To Leicester FA CUP winers

    El Chispas 502El Chispas 5023 日 前
  • James Corden is probably the best ambassador of the game in the US and the way the world, not only in Europe, see and feel about football

    metz ergensteinmetz ergenstein3 日 前
  • Love how James was trying so hard to prevent himself from saying "they are trying to Americanise the sport". It's a tricky situation here. He feels passionate about it but doesn't want to offend the audience and the American public.

    Lord HadesLord Hades3 日 前
  • If I were there James and I wouldn’t of shut up.

    wdwn1wdwn13 日 前
  • The funny thing is he couldn't even get attention from the people in the room he was speaking in but he earned the respect of each and everyone of us football fans around the world. We love you James

    Ayush OvhalAyush Ovhal3 日 前
    • Yeah and thanks God , this Legaue don't happend

      MW 1701MW 17012 日 前
  • Alright can any of our European friends or any people who are fans of European Football here explain this situation for us in a way we can understand? Is it like if the New England Patriots, San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers branch out and form their own league?

    Jae Min JungJae Min Jung4 日 前
  • Respect James.

    gregnew1gregnew14 日 前
  • I know that you don't care but I do, ,I felt that 🙌

    Maia SwanMaia Swan5 日 前
  • But the thing is that eventhough UEFA looks like they are now the good guys, it's far from truth tbh. They are as much greedy fuckers as these massive team owners who wanted this Super League. And the reason why these teams wanted this Super League is because they are so deep in debt. Real Madrid and Barcelona maybe in biggest debt. Over a billion dollars..

    Dick McCarthyDick McCarthy5 日 前
  • This guy is one of the biggest virtue signallers.

    Kish PatelKish Patel5 日 前
  • „Don‘t forget the people who did this.“ Spoken like a true fan, supporters against Super League and especially Perez and Agnelli. Greetings from Bavaria 🔴⚪️

    Alex GabrielAlex Gabriel6 日 前
  • well said this super league is a MASSIVE mistake and the thought of it should never have anyone mindes

    Roshan SodhaRoshan Sodha6 日 前
  • Of course when everyone is against something james cordan will say something on tv to look like he's standing up to the man🙄

    Big CrowBig Crow6 日 前
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  • unapologetically British!

    Fanuel AntenehFanuel Anteneh8 日 前
  • I know this is a stretch but we need to inform urinatingtree of this to shit on the teams parade

    J HeavenJ Heaven8 日 前
  • To put it into perspective, imagine the Cowboys, Patriots, Steelers, 49ers, Bucs, and 4 other top football markets broke off from the NFL to form their own playoffs and championships, and they were always guaranteed a spot for that championship instead of the rest of the NFL teams.

    Joe JuarezJoe Juarez8 日 前
  • Not millions football has 4 billion fans

    Anil KumarAnil Kumar8 日 前
  • Be pleased James they ran scared after the fans erupted

    Eleanor WIlliamsEleanor WIlliams9 日 前
  • Was so frustrating the audience not understanding but he did a very good job trying! Well done James

    Luke ShepLuke Shep9 日 前
  • Super league was such a vulgar, Donald Trump like idea. I'm a supporter of man city and real Madrid and I'm so sad my teams are/were part of this.

    Mike BMike B9 日 前
  • Now i love Bayern even more

    vino pitvino pit10 日 前
  • What does James know. Guy looks like he has not been able to run for 20 years. Gets gassed eating chocolate bars

    Nick ManningNick Manning10 日 前
  • I'm Brazilian, I get it. Bravo James. Speak up!

    Tatiany MonteiroTatiany Monteiro10 日 前
  • To put it in words Americans can understand: this is like the top 12 most valuable teams in MLB broke off to start their own league.

    WolfieJr 94WolfieJr 9410 日 前
    • @WolfieJr 94 I know but it didn’t properly convey how much worse than that the Super League was going to be because in your example only 50ish % of teams were being shunned when in the SL it was going to be hundreds of teams from multiple countries.

      AlexRNAlexRN4 日 前
    • @AlexRN I get your point but I’m just putting it in a way Americans can understand

      WolfieJr 94WolfieJr 944 日 前
    • Not exactly an appropriate comparison since the MLB, just like the now defunct Super League, is a closed club where only the invited teams can play in. In world football (except the MLS) thanks to the relegation/promotion system ANY team could potentially rise to the top, win their country’s top tier competition and, if they’re in Europe, enter the Champions’ League. If the MLB had promotion and relegation it’d be as if a AAA League team from Birmingham Alabama got promoted to the MLB and won the World Series and the Super League was going to shit can that possibility.

      AlexRNAlexRN4 日 前
  • I'm not a fan of Corden by any means and A League Of Their Own is miles better without him and I hope he stays in America... but every credit and respect to him for A. bringing it up, B. Calling it football, as it is true football, not padded rugby which the Americans call Football

    DP ADP A10 日 前
  • The world love super League

    jingzhe Jrjingzhe Jr10 日 前
  • This is like the Illuminati of football the game most of us played first it’s being destroyed

    Mr. PesosMr. Pesos11 日 前
  • Don't forget corruption of UEFA

    javier lafuentejavier lafuente12 日 前
    • True. Now UEFA made something arguably worse than the ESL out of the UEFA Champions League

      Metrofilmer88Metrofilmer886 日 前
  • Well said James...but you are in wrong place to be so brokenhearted about it...

    mirrr velllmirrr velll12 日 前
  • I like this guy :)

    Lina DominguezLina Dominguez12 日 前
  • Respect ❤️

    Tom JerryTom Jerry12 日 前
  • "They're not franchises" Pete Winkleman: ...

    Lmbk 1Lmbk 112 日 前
  • Basically, they commercialised it and also took the competition out!

    Masood ShaikhMasood Shaikh12 日 前
  • what is wrong with his voice?

    Kamal MimouniKamal Mimouni12 日 前
  • Excellent speech

    Alex Arctic AdventuresAlex Arctic Adventures13 日 前
  • 3:00pm on a Saturday

    Steve MutindaSteve Mutinda13 日 前
  • That's the man spirit

    Ahamed Fayaz RAhamed Fayaz R13 日 前
    • This is absolutely sad , as a fan the only thing I can say is I will stop watching these teams and you love futbol please stop supporting this mafia , they just kill the dream .

      opzz xsinopzz xsin12 日 前
  • Thank you James for bringing this up. Coming from a person who calls it Football. Born and Raised in North America.

    Teresita D. A LiguidTeresita D. A Liguid13 日 前
    • I wish he would have actually said the names of the owners. FSG, Kroenke, etc...

      opzz xsinopzz xsin12 日 前
  • Sheffield F.C is older than Canada

    A_H318A_H31813 日 前
  • But James you are knocking the American team sports model which is what the UK football club owners want

    Brian SteensonBrian Steenson13 日 前
    • The difference being that the American model has proven successful with different rules and functions to for the most part keep teams in check. The ESL wouldn’t have any of those rules or functions

      Metrofilmer88Metrofilmer886 日 前
  • I was just watching that hotel at the background

    DeepakDeepak13 日 前
  • I totally agree !

    AytimurAytimur13 日 前
  • I’ve been scouring JPworlds trying to find a video that could explain this whole thing to someone as clueless as me and this was the best. Thank u James

    UK 1009UK 100913 日 前
  • Respect on James here! Thanks for bringing support to Football fans!!

    Spikey__MikeySpikey__Mikey13 日 前
    • Well said mon 🤔 doesn't look like its ever going to happen if the authorities put some gold plated rules in hopefully

      zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuy13 日 前
  • Americans don’t have communities, therefore they won’t understand

    Mackerel Bush PooMackerel Bush Poo13 日 前
    • di nordamericani che chiamano il "football" "soccer" che e' davvero una bestialita', ma insomma: Thanks James, you really explained what i the real passion for Football

      zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuy13 日 前
  • James is...cringe...Check out my opinions on the ESL and football reform in the podcast on: jpworlds.info/up/bideo/o6PNZtttn4Bj2Zs

    KBeatBotKBeatBot14 日 前
  • It always amazes me that football is the world's biggest and most loved sport and Americans (most, not all) don't watch it nor have that passion for it that the rest of the world has. I can kind of understand given how popular basketball and NFL are. Those are their loves.

    sunshine xoxosunshine xoxo14 日 前
  • I'm heart broken that these sheep's think the super league is about greed, but uefa and fifa wasn't.

    TsquareTsquare14 日 前
    • True. The New Champions League has been made with the same greed but when a few owners, who just happen to be American. People realize it’s about greed

      Metrofilmer88Metrofilmer886 日 前
  • James going on a rant about a subject that isn't especially interesting to most viewers is what I'm here for.

    Marie JorisMarie Joris14 日 前
  • People who calls "football" as "soccer" are discussing about European Super League. 🤣🤣🤣

    • I mean that’s what everyone called it pre-1940s when it was just about the passion and love for the game

      Metrofilmer88Metrofilmer886 日 前
  • I wish he would have actually said the names of the owners. FSG, Kroenke, etc...

    CamCam14 日 前
  • This is absolutely sad , as a fan the only thing I can say is I will stop watching these teams and you love futbol please stop supporting this mafia , they just kill the dream .

    majosemajose14 日 前
  • Dude, that's basically how every single competition works in America, what do you mean?

    Noot Noot!!Noot Noot!!14 日 前
  • Thank you

    FunFun14 日 前
    • worldwide. Not the biggest football(soccer) fan but this would be shit if it happens. Basketball, Football and Rugby are the best biggest team sports in the world

      opzz xsinopzz xsin14 日 前
  • How can Americans react to this? They have this shit already,but they have it forever...they simply can't understand🤦🏼🤷🏼

    Mihaela JukićMihaela Jukić15 日 前
    • all their assets at rebranded initiatives and businesses. I personally don't get any of it but moves like this reinforce the madness....

      opzz xsinopzz xsin14 日 前
  • them. You can tell that he stays true to who he is and stands up for what he believes and that takes courage and a whole lot of character if you ask me.

    zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuy15 日 前
  • isnt most of american sports like esl??

    Autai UtsavAutai Utsav15 日 前
    • Not really. Yes most are privately owned and single tiers exist, but unlike the ESL, most leagues in North America have different functions and rules that prevent the issues that would be faced with the ESL. The Salary Cap makes sure that wealthy teams can’t just buy the best players and the draft helps evenly stack teams by giving the lowest teams the first picks marking it more competitive. Along with this, these leagues are Unionized with their respective players associations to ensure players are being reasonably treated by teams. Most teams are owned by multiple people and these people are usually very connected to the team and fans and because of this, usually do what they can to help the team succeed unlike what would happen with the ESL.

      Metrofilmer88Metrofilmer886 日 前
  • 100% agree. I'm a Juve and Madrid fan, I think this is disgusting.

    Frank PalermoFrank Palermo15 日 前
  • please use google translate cause is late and i m a bit tipsy and i do really want to write you something without any language filter.... oggi ho capito che non sei solo un bravo showman ma anche un vero appassionato di calcio, devo farti i miei piu' sentiti complimenti per la tua dichiarazione d'amore verso il Calcio. Non solo hai parlato ad un pubblico di nordamericani che chiamano il "football" "soccer" che e' davvero una bestialita', ma insomma: Thanks James, you really explained what i the real passion for Football

    Manlio SopignoManlio Sopigno15 日 前
    • happen. I’m glad United fans are making their voice heard with Glazer, Arsenal should take note

      zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuy15 日 前
  • Well said mon 🤔 doesn't look like its ever going to happen if the authorities put some gold plated rules in hopefully

    tony rigbytony rigby15 日 前
  • Americans don’t get football. That was one of the biggest days in football history. I feel so sorry for Americans that will never experience a day at the footy or an away day

    MR G donMR G don15 日 前
  • I love you James, for no reason

    Beni SutantoBeni Sutanto15 日 前
  • This league is a monopoly that will kill 90% of teams, the players who play for them and all the fans of those teams globally, this should not happen.

    J PJ P15 日 前
  • I know he’s a West Ham fan but massive respect for James Corden.

    dannyphantom 007dannyphantom 00715 日 前
  • The American audience can’t comprehend why this news is shattering because the leagues in their country are already closed shops where the rich get richer.

    notoreeuzznotoreeuzz15 日 前
  • I get emotional hearing the emotion in his voice about this.

    Bro BroBro Bro15 日 前
  • Money grabbing football clubs... Then dumb as f#+k hypocritical football fans who were happy to take money from big sponsers when the 'Premier league' broke away from the football league 20 years ago..

    hb78 rwtfghb78 rwtfg15 日 前
  • big respect for james here talking about this major issue at length, taking his stand, even if he knows his american audiences could not relate. Also, this proves how great football (Soccer) is as a sport - how people talk about it with passion and how the sport highly promotes community, grassroots development and fair play. A true gentleman's game.

    Migs GarciaMigs Garcia15 日 前
  • Money will always be the death of culture. Fans will still show, concessions money will still pour in, and sponsors will throw all the money they can at a new venture with a powerful PowerPoint behind it. COVID has upended economies in every country and old revenue lanes/ventures/buisness models are either on government life support or have failed completley. Plus there is this surge of having something new to cling to after everything collapsed in the various surges around the world. It's completley bizarre to me but folks that made it through to vaccinations feel like they have a new lease on life and want new things to try to return to normal. Banks are on to this trend heavy now and throwing all their assets at rebranded initiatives and businesses. I personally don't get any of it but moves like this reinforce the madness....

    GoGo zoomerGoGo zoomer15 日 前
  • As much as I love American/Canadian sports its a joke that they call there grand final the world championship game. Basketball is the only big 4 sports of America thats worldwide. Not the biggest football(soccer) fan but this would be shit if it happens. Basketball, Football and Rugby are the best biggest team sports in the world

    Kyle ByrneKyle Byrne15 日 前
  • Football is Englands economic back bone

    Lee Van Der VindtLee Van Der Vindt15 日 前
  • Truly dont feel EPL has a stand to hold onto those big 6

    Lee Van Der VindtLee Van Der Vindt15 日 前
  • James doesn't understand clearly about football Proof : he named arsenal a big club 😂😂😂😂😂

    sidharth sidhusidharth sidhu15 日 前
    • James Corden : I don't think there's anything we can do about it. :( Gary Neville : hold my mic 🔥❤️😎

      JoannaJoanna15 日 前
  • James you have no idea how heartbroken I was When this was announced. Small football clubs are struggling so much, especially during this pandemic but they’re what make the sport beautiful. What hurt me the most was that Arsenal fired Gunnersaurus whilst in the middle of negotiating the billions that they’d earn if the super league were to happen. I’m glad United fans are making their voice heard with Glazer, Arsenal should take note

    It’s MeIt’s Me15 日 前
    • abomination, thankfully they saw sense.

      JoannaJoanna15 日 前
  • Sorry but get rid of that idiot on the laptop. There's a time and a place to act like a naïve idiot just to get a laugh, and this wasn't it.

    Crowd3RCrowd3R16 日 前
  • Parole sante

    Frens88Frens8816 日 前
  • Love United. Hate Glazers

    Miguel R.Miguel R.16 日 前
  • Thank you James, I love European football. I was trying to understand the Super League drama and you explained it so clearly. I never thought you'd be knowledgeable about sports. Thank you 😊

    The Greatest InvestorsThe Greatest Investors16 日 前
  • Good for you James - I heard you come from Wycombe - would the Wanderers be your team ?

    Jimmy GrievesJimmy Grieves16 日 前
  • Who cares what he thinks.

    Mark LanahanMark Lanahan16 日 前
  • This is why the mls is a useless league americans dont understand relegation

    SlezmassSlezmass16 日 前
    • MLS with religation at its current state would likely bring down the entire American professional association football scene with it as teams would struggle to stay afloat as there isn’t anywhere for mls to relegate teams to

      Metrofilmer88Metrofilmer886 日 前
  • I think what James says is truly fantastic but a bit naive. Now every sport is business, money move everything, That's the truth. And the thing that they did this SuperLeague because of the pandemic situation is the truth as well. All the major teams got in huge debts due to this crisis. So the words spoken by James are beautiful but also naive and idealistic.

    Vincenzo BassanoVincenzo Bassano16 日 前
  • heartbreaking and devastating! Even more so to use pandemic as their reason to do so

    AnuAnu16 日 前
  • Football is a game watched internationally except America In asia , I wake up 3 am to watch champions league football

    Master Rex _CRMaster Rex _CR16 日 前
    • It is watched here though. We have the 8th largest pro league in the world and European competition is widely watched here as well

      Metrofilmer88Metrofilmer886 日 前
  • No doubt you're against the Super League because it's all about money. But you're all for wearing $3000 Gucci beach shorts lol

    Neil BNeil B16 日 前
  • It would be like if 10 major nations decided to drop out of the Olympics and hold their own competition, and that killed the Olympics for every other nation. Or if only one nation competed in the baseball World Series...

    russellrussell16 日 前
  • 7:00 ish he managed to get a dig into Tottenham lol

    Tony MTony M16 日 前
  • As a lifelong Manchester City supporter, from Manchester, i wholeheartedly agree with James...I'm saddend that the club i have supported for over 40 years was part of this abomination, thankfully they saw sense.

    Return of the grapes.Return of the grapes.16 日 前
  • James Corden : I don't think there's anything we can do about it. :( Gary Neville : hold my mic 🔥❤️😎

    bowen voowybowen voowy17 日 前
  • 👏👏👏👏👏 you showed our love and respect for a sport: football.

    Pia BellPia Bell17 日 前