Jimmy Kimmel’s Interview with Mike Lindell

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Mike talks about recovering from his addiction to crack and gambling, not getting vaccinated, going into hiding after getting many threats, coming to our show in 2014, Rudy Giuliani’s apartment being raided, meeting with Donald Trump in 2016 and being photographed with papers that said “Martial Law,” and Jimmy pushes him on his Dominion Voting Systems conspiracy, donating $50,000 to help bail out Kenosha killer Kyle Rittenhouse, and the interview is interrupted by the other Mike Lindell (James Adomian).
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  • Wow most recovering addicts aren't trashed on TV these days are they?

    T HT H37 秒 前
  • What a virtue signaling clown. Screw you Jimmy.

    Randy MRandy M43 秒 前
  • Was that an interview or a hit job? Holy crap.

    SusanSusan3 分 前
  • Everything is a distraction to keep you busy

    Indr1DC01DIndr1DC01D11 分 前
  • Jimmy your show is a joke and your a woke joke. Why are you worried so much about the Arizona Audit? "It was the safest election in history" right? So you go and a attack a man with actual facts and proof. Jimmy your worried because all the democrats like yourself and big tech have been cheating and your about to be brought to the light. TRUTH WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL AND SHOW ALL THE DEMONS AND NASTY GHOULS WHAT THEY ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE. You should be worried.

    philly staniphilly stani13 分 前
  • Kimmel's attitude and choice of language throughout is vomit inducing, he really should quit this job.

    Edge-of-SanityEdge-of-Sanity18 分 前
  • i didn't watch but lemme guess, kimmel ridicules him for 15 minutes

    chad windhamchad windham21 分 前
  • Liberals are despicable people. Jimmy don't forget about a little thing called History. History isn't going to be kind to you.

    Son of GodSon of God22 分 前
  • How Sad, Trying to make fun of a guy that's a self made millionaire, donates millions of dollars to charity. Attacks him because he supported Trump.

    BamanflBamanfl28 分 前
  • I actually unsubcried this channel after this video. Jimmy kimmel acted the same way tucker carlson would have handled a left politician...shameless

    Benjamin PohlBenjamin Pohl29 分 前
  • The crack jokes seem like a character attack to derail his argument. Comparing the thought of a unfair election as a crackhead paranoia is bizarre.

    RedneczbraRedneczbra37 分 前
  • This is a disgrace. Jimmy seems paranoid. Not funny.

    Space SSpace S39 分 前
  • Kimmel is a jersey. Lindell is a patriot. Between the two, my trust certainly wouldn't be placed in Kimmel.

    Debra LongDebra Long41 分 前
  • I am only watching because I Love and respect Mike . HE is driven by a Power inside his soul. NOTHING go to stand in his way. Not Hollywood Reptiles for sure. Hollywood is the Cesspool of the world. I personally have not watched a Movie in years and The Mainstream " Lanestream" Media since 2013.

    Michelle JohnsonMichelle Johnson47 分 前
  • Un happy for Dems cheating thays not all

    Raymona RomainRaymona Romain57 分 前
  • What an embarrassing interview.... Jimmy Kimmel is the one who’s on crack here if he thinks this is entertainment, this is pure cringe...

    Trap AkTrap Ak時間 前
  • Jimmy Kimmel what a fool! Leaves the comment section open, to openly show the massive silent majority!!!!

    Danny CohnDanny Cohn時間 前
  • So many people struggling with drug addiction today. Mike is a rare recovery success story who tries to help others. Kimmel’s response is to use Mike’s past problems as a form of ridicule. Doesn’t let him explain himself and keeps saying “I’m worried about you.” Nicely done.

    Brett StadlerBrett Stadler時間 前
  • Thank Mike for your ratings boost. Won't happen again lolol.

    StreetLogicStreetLogic時間 前
  • Jimmy is a total A hole. Mocking Mike saying that he's crazy from the drugs he took. Mike is an example to all struggling with addiction. He overcame his addictions and became a multimillionaire. I have more respect for Mike and even more disdain for Jimmy than before

    Karen MarcusKaren Marcus時間 前
  • I didn't realize Jimmy Kimmel was such a coward, attacking Mike Lindell like that about his past and putting him down

    cody santalacody santala時間 前
  • Mike chewed up Jimmy and spit him out...

    thegoldenlogthegoldenlog時間 前
  • Jimmy trying to convince people that if a person has a past history of drug abuse makes that person less credible. Shame Shame Shame

    PennyPenny時間 前
  • "If there's no issue, then just show them". I wonder why he didn't take this same stance with his Supreme Leader's tax returns? Also, good for Jimmy for calling him out. Being rich doesn't mean you're not still a rambling crackhead.

    Hugh JassolHugh Jassol時間 前
  • Jimmy is so obviously held prisoner. The truth will set you free. The first to plea his case sounds right until another comes to examine it. Simply think, why are we not allowing it to be examined but instead spreading so much doubt and threats? Dominion can easily prove their innocence by allowing investigators to review their process but they are guilty allowing this doubt to fester because they refuse to prove their opposition wrong.

    Ryan HarknessRyan Harkness時間 前
  • Jimmy is the one making himself look ignorant. No civil conversation just jabs. I love how he keeps looking away...does he even believe himself.

    S MatusS Matus時間 前
  • Jimmy Kimmel and mainstream media are awful.

    Adam's TruthTrekAdam's TruthTrek時間 前
  • Could it not be that people just tried to use this guy for their purposes and cut him off some time without him noticing it?

    The WhizkidThe Whizkid時間 前
  • two people with severely stunted frontal lobes, Jimmy and Mike. JK's swollen eye lids indicate an intervention might be in order.

    Richard KentRichard Kent時間 前
  • Jimmy, you should be ashamed of yourself

    Sean MarrenSean Marren時間 前
  • Jimmy kimmel is a typical left wing socialist Jew...So typical. I guess I’m One of the few Jews I know who is not a left-wing liberal. I’m embarrassed.

    Joan LJoan L2 時間 前
  • Oh Jimmy you actually think you pulled it off and you were funny. I think it's time for a Jimmy Kimmel flashback to the 90's that will get your viewers cancelling you like you try and cancel others.

    Robert WoodhouseRobert Woodhouse2 時間 前
  • I will never look at JK the same. What a piece of CRAP. great job ML for your strength and belief.

    john castrojohn castro2 時間 前
  • Jimmy Kimmel needs to have his lights punched out. He is demeaning this man for no reason

    Frank PerriFrank Perri2 時間 前
  • Little known fact Mike Lindell & El Chapo are brothers

    Mike WalshMike Walsh2 時間 前
  • Kimmel is painful to watch while Lindell completely out classes him!

    Wendy McIlroyWendy McIlroy2 時間 前
  • Who are the people who liked this video???? Jimmy is awful!!! Lost all respect for him with this one

    ABCABC2 時間 前
  • All these demon creatures act the same around godly men like Mike Lindell. Mike we love you. You will go down as a great man who fought from the bottom to the top. And won

    Big MikeBig Mike2 時間 前
  • Yeah.... I don’t like mike lindel but the way jimmy k went on him wasn’t ok. This made mike look a lot better, unless that was Jimmy’s hidden agenda

    ABCABC2 時間 前
  • We all love Mike

    Big MikeBig Mike2 時間 前
  • I’ve never seen someone go as out of their way to treat someone so badly, and say some of the rudest comments as JF did in this interview. Mike didn’t budge from his stance and Jimmy looked like a rude host. But at this point, I don’t think Jimmy cares about anyone’s opinion but his own and what he’s told to say. Sad really

    RachealRacheal2 時間 前
  • Mike will have the last laugh believe me!

    Mike BartleyMike Bartley2 時間 前
  • Mike Lindell, our hero!!!

    Lydia ZhangLydia Zhang2 時間 前
  • Say what you will, this country will never move on until Nov. 3 is dealt with. I don't understand why Biden and the Dems don't want this if they're so confident. It would legitimize Biden as President and let us move on, but yet they are doing everything possible to shut down audits and questions. Hmmmm🤔🤔

    Purple GoosePurple Goose3 時間 前
  • I'm not American, but even I can see what Jimmy is up to. He wants to discredit everyone that is not liberal. He didn't give Mike a chance to speak. You're so woke Jimmy.

    Jacques BuitendagJacques Buitendag3 時間 前
  • America's pillow

    AnaboliChrisAnaboliChris3 時間 前
  • Jimmy Kimmel is a scumbag. Kudos to Mike Lindell !! 🇺🇲

    Mike gaitanMike gaitan3 時間 前
  • Interesting that Jimmy and people like him do not want to see or discuss proof of wrong doing, and stand tall on there position. Why doesn’t he want to see or discuss the evidence, then discredit it? What is he afraid of? This is the way closed minded people act. Too smug Jimmy! Typical Hollywood, once again letting the rest of us down with your low standards. Open you eyes and see the world.

    Guy with a GuitarGuy with a Guitar3 時間 前
  • Wow! That was such an obviously desperate attempt at the end to distract all of the audience from the truths they were hearing! Mike did an awesome job and of being composed and professional. He was also successful with getting some of the fact out too, yay! He has this Minnesotans' vote for Govern.

    Aubry WoksonsommersAubry Woksonsommers3 時間 前
  • Jimmy is not an honest or fair man. He's not even funny.

    Natasha HenningsNatasha Hennings3 時間 前
  • No class Jimmy

    Brian DouglassBrian Douglass3 時間 前
  • The truth always comes out. Kimmel your a clown and heres the proof

    Rene RodriguezRene Rodriguez3 時間 前
  • Shame on Kimmel. Let he who without sin cast the first stone. After after he went through with his son, you'd think he would of learned about being nice.

    L HayL Hay3 時間 前
  • What's an incredible scumbag... I can see why Sarah Silverman would like him

    Richard SternRichard Stern3 時間 前
  • I'm going to buy from mypillow, I love this guy. He handled himself well 👍👍

    Here Is TruthHere Is Truth4 時間 前
  • Kimmel is amazingly douchey. Bet he couldn't pass a drug test on any given Tuesday.

    George ChristiansenGeorge Christiansen4 時間 前
  • I didn't realize quite how mean-spirited Jimmy Kimmel is. I suspect he's an extremely unhappy individual with a lot of sexual problems

    Richard SternRichard Stern4 時間 前
  • He is an american hero and true patriot

    Pete UDOWPete UDOW4 時間 前
  • That was a brutal attack, Kimmel come on, I can’t believe how well Mike took it

    Doug BesplugDoug Besplug4 時間 前
  • Jimmy use to be funny now he's a DC puppet and Mike is a patriot

    Byron MagirlByron Magirl4 時間 前
  • So you had to resort to low ball comments on a recovered person because you know your out of ammo. The woke elite know they are done, it’s just a matter of time.

    nadine rutledgenadine rutledge4 時間 前
  • Jimmy is trash...

    REDMEX 70REDMEX 705 時間 前
  • Wow, what an embarrassing creep Kimmel is. Mike is a good dude that stands for the right things and Jimmy treats him like he’s a magazine salesman, Mike is a huge success story.

    BB-13BB-135 時間 前
  • There’s no such thing as an assault rifle.

    God Blessed AmericaGod Blessed America5 時間 前
  • To compare Mike Lindell to Hunter Biden is like comparing a Rolls Royce to a shopping cart with 4 square wheels . No comparison.

    God Blessed AmericaGod Blessed America5 時間 前
  • Mike, I have recorded evidence of everything that you are talking about

    Suzi's LightSuzi's Light5 時間 前
  • “I think it’s important that we talk to each other” Jimmy Kimmel It’s just as important that we listen to each other!

    God Blessed AmericaGod Blessed America5 時間 前
  • He's a raving looney

    Laura WalkerLaura Walker5 時間 前
  • Wow Jimmy Kimmel did you just show your true colors. Mike Lindell is risking everything for something he beliefs in and your too scared to have a differing opinion than your overloads because your afraid of losing ratings. This was a bad look Jimbo.

    Susan ZimmermanSusan Zimmerman5 時間 前
  • As Americans we must make sure the President and are Administration work on what we the people want and answer to us. America First does that and the media and big brother (Big Tech) try to shut our voices down. Keep up your voices call them out and demand and let them know they work for us. We need a better and new Big Tech and News media that's not so dishonest. Keep up the Good work America First and the policies that are honest and lawful.

    TheBestWayOneTheBestWayOne5 時間 前
  • After all the truth comes out from the five cheating states Mike Lindel and all of the others Will be vindicated . If there was no truth to Mike Lindel and all the others cases about voter fraud the other side would produce information That there was no voter fraud it seems to me that there was fraud because one side is seeking the truth the other side is hiding everything it can From the truth Godspeed

    Carlos MitchemCarlos Mitchem5 時間 前
  • Jimmy is nothing but a total embarrassment

  • Kimmel is the JOKE!!!!!

    Norma Jean EsmailkaNorma Jean Esmailka6 時間 前
  • Mike seems like a good man who's extremely gullible.

    LakeErieMermaid1LakeErieMermaid16 時間 前
  • I love how thin-skinned allyou trumper's are! You on this thread are the best part of this interview

    Jeff ShortJeff Short6 時間 前
  • Kinmel looked the fool big time...showed himself up for what he is ..he should be ashamed of himself!!

    k lgk lg6 時間 前
  • jimmy Kimmel sucks . it should be the lindell show

    James BearJames Bear6 時間 前
  • What a disrespectful interview, this makes me sick

    Quintin van der BijlQuintin van der Bijl6 時間 前
  • Love wins! Just look at this.

    Lost SocietyLost Society7 時間 前
  • Wow, completely rude, then 16:15. You people are sick.

    musicisart2musicisart27 時間 前
  • The way Kimmel berated mike over his past addictions! So accepting and inclusive on the left aren’t they!

    Matteo TsunamiMatteo Tsunami7 時間 前
  • Hebrews 11:38 😒 kimmel has no class. A bum. Who kicks a friendly family puppy who is nice to everyone?... a bum does - that's kimmel .

    kay joneskay jones7 時間 前
  • Jimmy is a jerk.

    Daniel SingeorzanDaniel Singeorzan8 時間 前
  • Kimmel didn't listen to a word his guest said and landed numerous low blows. You have to wonder if he was ever capable of reflection.

    Steve TSteve T8 時間 前
  • Youll never see AOC on a conservative show.

    J TJ T8 時間 前
  • Kenosha shooter? oh shut up jimmy you propagandist clown. Americans need to wake up to this and kick this clown off tv already. Bring back real late night again...not master dividers like jimmy.

    GAGA10 時間 前
  • I think Kimmel has a point about the cycle and self defeating psychology of sabotaging yourself repeatedly throughout different seasons of life. However, Mike made a compelling argument for empirical evidence through inspection vs partisan speculative argument.

    SidekickologySidekickology10 時間 前
  • More power to the pillow guy. Kimmel looking like an idiot. He set out to make a fool of him, but in the end embarrassed himself...

    Kevin BirdKevin Bird10 時間 前
  • Jimmmy so cocky that the evidence will never see the light of day because the people who own him are the ones pulling the strings...for along time now.

    GAGA10 時間 前
  • Jimmy is an absolute jerk in this interview.

    Donna JamesDonna James10 時間 前
  • Jimmy is the disgusting mouthpiece of hollywood. Only here to decieve the masses and divide us while the people he works for enslaves us..anyone like mike questions them and this is what they do to them.

    GAGA10 時間 前
  • Jimmy professional a-hole, not a professional host

    First LastFirst Last10 時間 前
  • Mike. Stood up for himself

    DivaPal2DivaPal210 時間 前
  • He brings up the cyber attack from China like they attacked the election machines but he doesn’t talk about the fact that Trump did nothing to deal with the attacks from China.

    S DS D10 時間 前
  • How many times has him and Rudy gave some date that we are going to see some evidence? Where is it? Never been seen

    S DS D10 時間 前
  • Mike you are a hero, Fake Jimmy have tried his best to humiliate you, but you reveal to Jimmy the LOVE of Christ!

    Daniel SindenDaniel Sinden10 時間 前
  • Go Mike Go

    Roberta Sikkelee CurtinRoberta Sikkelee Curtin11 時間 前
  • Jimmy showed his true colors what a looser. Mike is a true patriot. Total opposite of Kimmel.

    D GibsonD Gibson11 時間 前