カワウソの赤ちゃんに栄養を!【生後3日目】 Otter baby needs nutrition a lot!【Day 3】

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  • Otsuyu is so cute

    もげ太郎もげ太郎8 時間 前
  • 🌼❤️🤔🤗🙏😇❤️❤️🇨🇿

    Eva MokraEva Mokra日 前
  • Такие красавицы, невозможно оторвать взгляд!!!!

    Алена ДырдоАлена Дырдо日 前
  • Give my girl a fish!

    Mia. ClareMia. Clare日 前
  • Omg 😲 she eats like us with her hands lol🤭🤣

    Pele'sVolcanoPele'sVolcano2 日 前
  • Im confused??? Aren't otters water animals????

    Desiree WadsworthDesiree Wadsworth2 日 前
  • Piękne stworzenie ...:)

    Adrian SzajAdrian Szaj2 日 前
  • Mommy needs clam shells to chew on, so her teeth do not grow too long.

    Cynthia RogersCynthia Rogers2 日 前
  • Essa é domesticada e manhosa lindas tem um pelo sedoso !!!

    Rose MonteiroRose Monteiro3 日 前
  • É engraçado o jeito de elas comerem, nunca vi uma lontra com bebê é raridade na natureza vc ver lontras pois são muito selvagens e agressivas ...

    Rose MonteiroRose Monteiro3 日 前
  • She is so full of happy squeaks 😃

    Anne JenkinsAnne Jenkins3 日 前
  • 咀嚼する時に上向くのカワイイ

    ぬまるーぬまるー3 日 前
  • Animals makes me happy..otter are awesome ,my new discovery and I love it..here from Rome 🤩🤩😍😘

    Jagath HarankahawaJagath Harankahawa3 日 前
  • Bravo, la maman .c est bebes sonts trop mignons.❤

    Zio PanayotouZio Panayotou3 日 前
  • Such a good mom!! She loves her babies so much💙💙💙💕💕So cute😍😍

    Bettie COMETTIBettie COMETTI4 日 前
  • So sweet

    Rosanne GaileyRosanne Gailey4 日 前
  • Дети выдры нуждаются в большом количестве еды Дети выдры нуждаются в частом питании Русский язык В много питании - не правильно!

    Павел ПавловПавел Павлов4 日 前
  • She is such a good mom ❤

    tardigradetardigrade4 日 前
  • Здоровья деткам и мамочке !!! Какая заботливая !!!

    Svetlana KurganskayaSvetlana Kurganskaya4 日 前
  • 😄😁😃😝😍

    김성한김성한4 日 前
  • she's such a good Momma omg and I love how they reach for their food and the way they chew..so cute!!

    Life DiscoveriesLife Discoveries5 日 前
  • So cute 🥰

    CasandraCasandra5 日 前
  • Magnifaaaaaiiiiiiique!!!...que dire de plus ..C adorable.

    Fabienne PoupinelFabienne Poupinel5 日 前
  • They’re so dexterous with their little paws so cute!

    Vanessa YeboahVanessa Yeboah5 日 前
  • O que tô fazendo nesse canal nem cachorro eu tenho muito menso lontra 🤣🤣🤣 só sei que é legal vê isso

    oliveirasoundoliveirasound5 日 前
  • Definitely a strange pet 😀

  • She is such a good mom I'm so proud of her

    Sylvia BeamSylvia Beam5 日 前
  • I love watching them eating with their hands.

    Angelu CuatonAngelu Cuaton5 日 前
  • Otsuyu. What meaning?

    Lilinoe DavisLilinoe Davis5 日 前
  • What does Otsuyo mean?

    Lilinoe DavisLilinoe Davis5 日 前
  • What a good Mama

    Michele ChapmanMichele Chapman5 日 前
  • What a caring mama... like us mothers gotta eat fast while baby is sleeping 🥰👍🏻🙏🏻

    09tatjana09tatjana5 日 前
  • So cute

    Sangeeta SingnarpiSangeeta Singnarpi6 日 前
  • Lol! Odashi eats as much as Otsuyu, so cute. Otsuyu is a good Mom.

    Robin MazeRobin Maze6 日 前
  • لا اله الا الله سبحان الله

    سوبر لوليتا super lolitaسوبر لوليتا super lolita6 日 前
  • ❤️

    Luqman FirdausLuqman Firdaus6 日 前
  • Se alimenta com a mão ✋ e muito bonitinho

    Gislene Maria CaetanoGislene Maria Caetano6 日 前
  • Fofinho

    Cristina OliveiraCristina Oliveira6 日 前
  • かわゆす かわゆす💗

  • Awww, I love Otters! They're my absolute favorite critters on Earth! 💕😇

    David CarterDavid Carter6 日 前
  • 出産もそうだったけどちゃんとお母さんだぁ。感動。人間みたいに人の手助けがなくても自力で出産するんだもんね。動物ってすごいなぁ。いっぱい食べていっぱい寝てねーお母さんは大変だからね。ママも見守ってくれてるし安心して子育て出来るね。

    chiroru 266chiroru 2666 日 前
  • So cute babies and mom🙂

    Himadri GulatiHimadri Gulati6 日 前
  • who is here after the birth video ?

    omi gurungomi gurung6 日 前
  • I just love to see when they are grapping with their paw to get the dry food in the foodbowl. :D ♥

    MoonyButtMoonyButt6 日 前
  • このビデオいいね。

    Reisetsu FarberReisetsu Farber6 日 前
  • Bonjour la vidéo sur les loutres est très intéressant, je ne connaissais pas dû tout ,l accouchement de Maman loutre est extraordinaire, merci pour cette vidéo Amitiés

    louise michellouise michel6 日 前
  • 손으로 잡어서 먹네 신기하다

    김용식김용식6 日 前
  • Какая прелесть.И мама и детки.

    Наталья ЛаткинаНаталья Латкина6 日 前
  • So cute.

    P DayP Day6 日 前
  • She's like human in nature so loving and caring mom to her kids.

    Florencia CayananFlorencia Cayanan6 日 前
  • I want too take in a stray otters to help the ecosystem how do I do it

    Ryan MichaelsRyan Michaels6 日 前
  • I can't quit watching these otters How cute are they?

    MarcMarc7 日 前

    Manuela MoreiraManuela Moreira7 日 前
  • Чудесная мамочка! Очень заботливая!

    Elena BurtasovaElena Burtasova7 日 前
  • She’s such a good mom

    Melissa JongepierMelissa Jongepier7 日 前
  • Otsuyu is getting very good at balancing looking after babies with looking after own needs like eating and hanging out with her sis Odashi!

    Shawn NewellShawn Newell7 日 前
  • Is Odashi the father?

    Adalberto AntelamiAdalberto Antelami7 日 前
  • Beautiful!!!! I Love!!!!

  • So very, very cute!!

    Darlene HowardDarlene Howard7 日 前
  • I love this ❤️

    Sarah LeggatSarah Leggat7 日 前
  • Looks like her hair is growing back in.

  • Otters are my favorite animals. I never realized that baby otters have grew fur. Great job tsking care of these wonderful anamals.

    Jeanie MertensJeanie Mertens7 日 前
  • 😍😍

    Graciel DuranGraciel Duran7 日 前
  • JPworlds is not anyones friend.

    M KiddM Kidd7 日 前
  • Familia linda!!!

    Rosa mendesRosa mendes7 日 前
  • Otter are similar to Panda t’he way to taking Care of t’he baby.

    Bravelynn LushkinBravelynn Lushkin7 日 前
  • Лайк

    Vera PariVera Pari8 日 前
  • Cute cute cute

    Michele DunsworthMichele Dunsworth8 日 前
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Yuna MiYuna Mi8 日 前
  • stop body shaming odashi

    Bernardo CostaBernardo Costa8 日 前
  • How did she get pregnant? I mean, there arent any males in the house...or are there?

    satsumamoonsatsumamoon8 日 前
  • I wish SOME human beings were HALF the mama she is, wow they are wonderful I love watching this thank you for all uploads iam absolutely obsessed with these wonderful otters they're so beautiful so intelligent so sweet❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Cristina .FilipeCristina .Filipe8 日 前
  • Babies are sooo cute😍

    Auradr CaliforniaAuradr California8 日 前
  • Просто МИЛОТА

    Татьяна МангароваТатьяна Мангарова8 日 前
  • 😍 Brasil...lindos!!!❤❤❤❤

    Marcia QueirozMarcia Queiroz8 日 前
  • 🤗🤗🤗👍👍👍

    Yvgnia BrizYvgnia Briz8 日 前
  • 👏👏👏👍👍👍🥰🥰🥰🧚‍♀️🌺🐈

    Meow TBMeow TB8 日 前
  • ❤️

    Kiratis by NokkyKiratis by Nokky8 日 前
  • wow so cute !

  • when was video with childbirth i was realize what these otters are lesbians ^^

    avarro2017avarro20178 日 前
  • I never see them in or near water to swim in.

    Be MindfulBe Mindful8 日 前
  • Такие они замечательные!

    Venera FattahovaVenera Fattahova8 日 前
  • Mamma otter more cute than newborn otter gosh.

    Little LeonLittle Leon8 日 前
  • Such a loving, caring Mama! 🤗🦦🤗🦦🤗🦦🤗🦦💕💕💕💕💕💕🙏🏻🇨🇦🙏🏻💕

    Ms. GailMs. Gail8 日 前
  • Y donde nadan ?

    Aranzazu ZabaloAranzazu Zabalo8 日 前
  • Adoro come prende il cibo con la zampetta 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    Iside ColoniIside Coloni8 日 前
  • l feel the pain😱

    amy choiamy choi8 日 前
  • So caring & smart ✨ lol i luv them

    Carle SockCarle Sock8 日 前
  • They are so cute

    monique fioremonique fiore8 日 前
  • She's a great mother

    Matt LeeMatt Lee8 日 前
  • Otter needs water too. She looks thirsty.

    MunSu KwonMunSu Kwon8 日 前
  • I love she

    Maria D RodriguezMaria D Rodriguez8 日 前

    La WillLa Will8 日 前
  • Her eating fast is cute and hilarious!! 🤣🤣

    cbrooke16cbrooke168 日 前
  • I love these videos. Otters are such adorable characters ♥️

    JoAnn PuchirJoAnn Puchir8 日 前
  • awww so adorable!

    Memphis KorzMemphis Korz8 日 前
  • What a good mama!

    Stacy SalinasStacy Salinas8 日 前
  • Какая мама заботливая 😚пушистики няшки

    Лев ЯковлевЛев Яковлев8 日 前
    • Какие шубки будут , просто прелесть

      Yura RYura R5 日 前
  • So cute

    Douglas MccoyDouglas Mccoy8 日 前
  • Debería liberarlas , no tenerlas cautivas 😤

    Jaime Castro WannhoffJaime Castro Wannhoff9 日 前