Leaked Water From Burst Pipe Freezes on Top of Car and Floor - 1178597

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  • Hey boss I'm going to be abit late today

    Edward TeachEdward Teach3 日 前
  • if you say whelp instead of welp we just couldn’t make it in a long term relationship

    John WestmorelandJohn Westmoreland4 日 前
  • Where in the world did this happen?

    LitoGeorgeLitoGeorge4 日 前
  • Good thing it's only a kia

    Alex TranAlex Tran5 日 前
  • How do we even go about fixing this

    String TheoryString Theory5 日 前
  • Song?

    Im3ricIm3ric5 日 前
  • My dumbass thought this was a picture but the camera was moving then I read the word ‘frozen’ in the title

    PeeperPeeper5 日 前
  • Rip

    Telearis9Telearis95 日 前
  • Frozon was mad that he took his parking spot

    Bibie ChichewBibie Chichew5 日 前
  • I wonder if he could drive it out.

    Mister AkiMister Aki5 日 前
  • Karen to the weather: i wanna talk to your manager.

  • I'm staking an early claim to the comment section on this Ole Badboy

    Simon MooreSimon Moore5 日 前
  • That's not so bad .. the car is safe .. can't be stolen at all :)

    haddochaddoc5 日 前
  • Did you sometimes look to a comment and think: "i wish i write that?"

    Bruh_ girlBruh_ girl6 日 前
  • This music goes hard

    XxMushiSushixXXxMushiSushixX6 日 前

    XxMushiSushixXXxMushiSushixX6 日 前
  • This is what happens when Sub-Zeros gf cheats on him

    Matthew ComptonMatthew Compton6 日 前
  • It's his fault,even though all that parking space he got he still managed to park under the leakage.

    Maldito cráneoMaldito cráneo6 日 前
  • Even if it's in my recommendations why Do I click it always -_-

    FlareFlare6 日 前
  • What's the music in the video lol it sounds familiar to me

    WackyMushroomsWackyMushrooms6 日 前
  • When a yeti blows it's load

    Ace HoleAce Hole6 日 前
  • Omg Elsa what have you done this time? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    ghostlylover99123ghostlylover991236 日 前
  • hammond your bloody cars frozen you pillock

    SalvodSalvod6 日 前
  • Moving to a island country

    vsboy 25vsboy 256 日 前
  • 2 Mil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    king_zr26king_zr266 日 前
  • I remember Tom and Jerry on this

    FCL—FCL—6 日 前
  • At least the pipe stopped leaking.

    Tom CTom C6 日 前
  • Imagine telling ur boss this is why u didn't come in

    MexicanWolfMexicanWolf6 日 前
  • It reminded me of an episode of Tom and Jerry 😆

    Ariel GamezAriel Gamez6 日 前
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    Only Jesus Can Save UsOnly Jesus Can Save Us6 日 前
  • how the fuck did this happen, i cant figure it out.

    NordigaNordiga6 日 前
  • hhmmmm

    YeetethYeeteth6 日 前
  • That sucks

    Chris MeneChris Mene6 日 前
  • happy to hear.

    lone wolflone wolf6 日 前
  • I can hear it now, 🎶We Are Farmers, bum bah dum bum bum bum🎶

    Everlena OliverEverlena Oliver6 日 前
  • The whole parking garage was empty and she went to her car and seen that

    Clarissa barnesClarissa barnes6 日 前
  • Texas 2021?

    Jason SimmonsJason Simmons6 日 前
  • This happened at my school today. The office, band room, and music room were all flooded. Apparently some water made it out the front doors (office is directly infront of the front doors) and froze. The principal, when heading in to work, was like why da heack is there so much ice in front of the door? 😂😂

    Slime Alive 25Slime Alive 256 日 前
  • 😧

    joe smoejoe smoe6 日 前
  • Tom and jerry episode

    Brent VX8500Brent VX85006 日 前
  • Looks like the iceman from The Incredibles got the better of them.

    Brandon TirralBrandon Tirral6 日 前
  • I remember seeing another video about this, apparently the entire lot was empty and this person happened to park their car right under the pipe, of ALL the places.

    Cyndy KrietschCyndy Krietsch6 日 前
  • “It’s fresh frozen”

    kyleyoumanskyleyoumans6 日 前
  • Ice: good luck getting that out

    ekin thaoekin thao6 日 前
  • We've seen it bcz we've covered it

    Jemp SkiJemp Ski6 日 前
  • Got my diamond tester here, *Beep Beep Beep. Ice 🥶*

    Zaiah TysonZaiah Tyson6 日 前
  • How long u think to that 🚘 gets unfrozen 🥶?

    WeezyWeezy6 日 前
  • Republicans: Climate change isn’t real, this weather is natural because God made and he’ll protect us so we don’t need to take any precautions. Reality:

    James SmithJames Smith6 日 前
  • Ingenious way to fire- and theftproof your car!

    Sparql LordSparql Lord6 日 前
  • So um you might just wanna call in and say you have the rona because that’s gonna take a while to fix

    Keith KnollKeith Knoll6 日 前
  • Pretty sure that was a tsunami of ice

    Yes YesYes Yes6 日 前
  • Is that sewerage water? Does it stink?

    Samrat SenguptaSamrat Sengupta6 日 前
  • Title: Leaked water from burst pipe freezes on top of car and floor Daily Dose of Internet: interesting

    YaBoi JaxsonYaBoi Jaxson6 日 前
  • Fun fact: *you got this in your recommendations*

    YaBoi JaxsonYaBoi Jaxson6 日 前
  • F

  • Holy crap that song sounds terrible

    Sebas OrtizSebas Ortiz6 日 前
  • Hey, I wouldn’t be complaining, it’s a free ice skating rink!

    Chicken NuggetsChicken Nuggets6 日 前
  • hello my fellow Texan!!!! I see your car has also been fused to the ground by the angry winter gods. 😐

    lunan essencelunan essence6 日 前
  • “Wha- what do you mean water expands when it freezes?”

    Good SoloniusGood Solonius6 日 前
  • Hello everyone, this is your daily dose of internet...

    Elijah LeeElijah Lee6 日 前

    Poor Redneck WorldPoor Redneck World6 日 前
  • I’m ignorant of the powers of ice so I have to ask, does this mess the car up permanently?

    Lo RoLo Ro6 日 前

    E.CONEJ0E.CONEJ06 日 前
  • Welp, good news is that the pipe is fixed!

    Mag NightMag Night6 日 前
  • lmaooooo this takes being icy to a whole another level

    Dat BoiDat Boi6 日 前
  • I wonder how long he had set his car there

    Raheem edwardsRaheem edwards6 日 前
  • wow now you have your own ice ring

    Mr_kiwi676Mr_kiwi6766 日 前
  • Dude who froze my car?

    Timothy LenihanTimothy Lenihan6 日 前
  • Is it Texas rn?

    Gourav DasGourav Das6 日 前
  • ❄️“Sub Zero WINS!!!!!!!!!! Mortal Combat!”🥋

    Joe SaccoJoe Sacco6 日 前
  • Go ice skating

    nono6 日 前
  • I wonder if the only thing plugging that pipe is the ice and it'll start flowing as soon as things melt enough to move the car.

    Simply SaidaSimply Saida6 日 前
  • Trae young’s car after dropping 40 be like.....

    Randy SettlesRandy Settles6 日 前
  • Do a flip!

    Black MorpheusBlack Morpheus6 日 前
  • The weird algorithm has again gathered us here at the mini videos section

    Sounak ChakrabortySounak Chakraborty6 日 前
  • Yep

    crusty rxspycrusty rxspy6 日 前
  • On today’s episode of how fu***d up is fu***d up....that’s fu***d up

    Felipe MartinezFelipe Martinez6 日 前
  • Wait for Spring I guess?

    Ariston SpartaAriston Sparta6 日 前
  • Looks like Elsa’s job here is done ✅

    Robloxmayemo 28Robloxmayemo 286 日 前
  • That’s unfortunate 🥲

    TiannaTianna6 日 前
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    ShanobroShanobro6 日 前
    • Shut up

      Sebas OrtizSebas Ortiz6 日 前
  • Song name please !!

    duonduon6 日 前
  • Grapes? 🍇

    Nazil FelixNazil Felix6 日 前
  • Cool

    Mr. FeathersmithMr. Feathersmith6 日 前
  • Im a pipe fitter from NY, seeing an exposed water line outdoors makes my head hurt.

    tom lawtom law6 日 前
  • It's ok, just hop on a flight to Cancun!

    NikolasCage FreeEEGSNikolasCage FreeEEGS6 日 前
  • Texas at the moment

    Dustin DDustin D6 日 前
  • Man..... you gotta love these portrait mode 10 second videos ,they show so much.

    Tony 2000Tony 20006 日 前
  • I think his car will still work bc the engine doesn’t seem to have gotten frozen or wet. As long as his back window didn’t break, I think the car will be okay, he just has to thaw the ice somehow

    zcrosbyzcrosby6 日 前

    Mr SkillefMr Skillef6 日 前
  • Atleast it stopped leaking

    Evening 509[R] Mayank MurmuEvening 509[R] Mayank Murmu6 日 前
  • Get in the car

    Fantastic Mr. FoxFantastic Mr. Fox6 日 前
  • Wait for the ice to melt and everything will be good right?

    Jose IbarraJose Ibarra6 日 前
  • Mr. Freeze is back. Prepare yourself gotham. Subzero froze Scorpion's car and Lol'd about it. Else getting pissed her car wouldn't start so the bitch froze it and said fuck it

    morgan rickmorgan rick6 日 前
  • It's the beginning of the Ice Age !!

    Sarat CSarat C6 日 前
  • Well I mean you stopped the leak... for now.

    RandomPersonRandomPerson6 日 前
  • Da

    LukeGsevani.LukeGsevani.6 日 前
  • Just pure bad luck😔

    Sebastian GodinezSebastian Godinez6 日 前
  • Holy shit Batman.

    SamuraiXSamuraiX6 日 前
  • I hope things get better there, keep safe people.

    mmr ngnmmr ngn6 日 前