Marble Race: ML2020 from Last Week Tonight - ALL EVENTS

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Welcome to the fifth edition of the Marble League #ML2020, sponsored by Last Week Tonight With John Oliver!
Enjoy this nearly 3 hour video which includes all the events in full length - perfect to binge with your friends! This one's for all the marbles!! #marblelympics #marblerace
0:00:00 - Opening Ceremony
0:02:10 - E1 Balancing
0:10:31 - E2 Halfpipe
0:21:25 - E3 Funnel Endurance
0:31:03 - E4 Newton's Cradle
0:40:40 - E5 Long Jump
0:47:51 - E6 5m Hurdles
0:54:14 - E7 Block Pushing
1:03:35 - E8 Triathlon
1:12:06 - E9 Sand Mogul Race
1:18:17 - E10 5m Sprint
1:24:25 - E11 Black Hole Funnel
1:34:06 - E12 Relay Run
1:40:46 - E13 High Jump
2:00:53 - E14 Team Aquathlon
2:13:16 - E15 Collision
2:35:40 - E16 Marble Marathon
2:52:00 - Closing Ceremony
=== Credits: ===
Commentary: Greg Woods
Music: Minos Fylaktos
Graphics: Anton Weber, Tom Cui, Trevor Sayre
Editing: Bart Stoffels, Jelle Bakker
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  • This game sure relies a lot on chaos theory.

    TeirdalinTeirdalin9 時間 前
  • Where are the pinkies☹️

    Elmoo 33Elmoo 3313 時間 前
  • I have been watching this since 2015 and the Orangers have always been my favorite. I remember sitting down at 11 yrs old and seeing the orangers win. I was so happy. Ive been cheated this tourniment.

    Warnerjtw _Warnerjtw _日 前
  • I love this bro

    Sreepada Ram AkhileshSreepada Ram Akhilesh日 前
  • Bro u r awesome... Try to put an event of martial arts too pleeeeees and like in olymics there can be more than one contender of same country in races competing each other please try that also

    Sreepada Ram AkhileshSreepada Ram Akhilesh日 前
  • If this is how people feel when they watch people sports then I get it now

    Freya MansonFreya Manson日 前
  • As a Moroccan, marbles hada special place in my life. and this just made me remember my childhood, first year watching but i'm subscribed and can't wait to be a live viewer of the upcoming Marble League 2021

    At OussamaAt Oussama日 前
    • Thanks! And greets from the Netherlands!

      Jelle's Marble RunsJelle's Marble Runs日 前
  • Nobody : Absolutely no f*ing soul : Team Galactic : 5, take it or leave it

    Inspi 88Inspi 88日 前
  • Rooted for Thunderbolts, the collision event had me screaming

    Joost de VosJoost de Vos2 日 前
  • every year it gets better and better

    RIsPons ControlRIsPons Control2 日 前
  • I was really exited when my faviorite thunderbolts played but they did awful I'm hoping they do better in the rainforest qulifiers

    Daniel DeianaDaniel Deiana2 日 前
  • I love the hooligan crowd supporting the O’rangers. This is so well observed and enjoyable. Please, never stop

    Dunky's ChannelDunky's Channel3 日 前
  • karl jacobs

    amanda minajjamanda minajj3 日 前
  • I know, I know I'm very late to the video etc,etc but may I ask you,kind viewers what the MR is for Newtons Cradle. Please and thank you.

    clairereececlairereece3 日 前
  • My midnight wisps almost had it! 😭😭 still proud tho 💪🏻💪🏻

    TrueMaggot747TrueMaggot7473 日 前
  • 11:45 BREAKING NEWS: Giant space bug spotted at Andromadome during 2020 Marble League, yet no one seemed to care.

    Chris SimmonsChris Simmons4 日 前
  • 2:22 There's team Primary fans in the stadium even though Team Primary isn't even there.

    Chris SimmonsChris Simmons4 日 前
  • anyone from karls stream lol

    christinachristina4 日 前
  • My 3 favs are on Top 3!!!

    Brighton ParkBrighton Park4 日 前
  • The Oceanics must’ve found a witch doctor to push their endless bad luck on to my beloved Team Momo and The Pinkies. Momomo & Pinky Toe got injured and suddenly the teams became slow and sloppy...very Oceanic like. 😤😏

    BlackPianoBlackPiano4 日 前
  • Anybody noticed that the first aligned ball ended the race as the leader or last placed 3/4 of the time?

    Fabio 555Fabio 5555 日 前
  • New sponsors got you sporting that all seeing eye at the end.....kinda ruins it....

    FreshPotatoesFreshPotatoes5 日 前
  • The entertainment is awesome but really the craziest thing is how much time he has to be spending on this.

    The SamekageThe Samekage5 日 前
  • wait hold up can someone clarify the rules? how come O'Rangers got WR at 14:21 when they didn't even beat Speeders?

    Liam GallihueLiam Gallihue5 日 前
    • More time stay in the pipe is the winner

      Brighton ParkBrighton Park4 日 前
  • smh now karl has me invested,,, time to watch this whole thing (no but genuinely i love this)

    Shannon NewellShannon Newell5 日 前
  • I genuienly thank karl for introducing this because im invested

    m i am i a6 日 前
  • Karl

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  • Karl Jacobs got me invested in this

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  • These marbles are feral for what??

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  • hello karl jacobs fans

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  • hello karl jacobs fans who are now obsessed with marble leagues

    TobieTobie6 日 前
    • Wait does Karl watch the marble league?

      Archie HunterArchie Hunter4 日 前
  • Who else chose the hornets to support at the start :(

    Levi FranksLevi Franks7 日 前
  • Recent convert- Fruit girl with the Raspberry Racers, the O'Rangers and the Limers. Just you need to add a red and white team. They're my football colours.

    NikkiNikki7 日 前
  • Karl Jacobs managed to get me interested in Marble Olympics. I’m actually excited for his next stream so we can watch more

    Kelsey LynnKelsey Lynn9 日 前
  • Yk, I’m glad that Karl decided to show this on stream cuz now I’m SO INTERESTED IN IT

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  • alright time to watch the rest of this now that I'm awake because Karl got me really sucked into it last night lmao

    FireyAlexFireyAlex9 日 前
  • Yeah this is pretty much the coolest thing I’ve watched in a long time. 👏🟠

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    kimberly velakimberly vela9 日 前
  • Hello Karl stans

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  • I am gonna be honest I am here from Karl but I will definitely stay and watch the other Videos. POG

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  • 1:34:10 timestamp

    Leif FenrayLeif Fenray9 日 前
  • this is what i love, a stupid idea that someone takes all the way so it becomes awesome and funny. good job sir

    Lasse LarsenLasse Larsen9 日 前
  • hi to everyone from karl's stream lulw

    julia :Djulia :D9 日 前
    • Hey heyyy

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  • karl left at 54:14 👍

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    • bless

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  • Does anyone know where Karl left?

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    • 54:14

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  • i got so excited when karl jacobs showed this on stream because i have been wATCHING THIS OLYMPICS FOR TWO YEARS, HIDING IT FROM EVERYONE BUT IT JUST MADE ME SO PROUD THAT HE WAS TALKING ABOUT IT.

    chi 'schi 's9 日 前
    • also, my top three: o'rangers, crazy cats eyes and minty maniacs.

      chi 'schi 's9 日 前
  • hi

    catracatra9 日 前
  • This is a masterpiece. WISPS SUPREMACY

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    Vianny AndradeVianny Andrade9 日 前

      Warnerjtw _Warnerjtw _日 前
  • is this what watching sports is like for straight people cause now i understand the hype

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      lucyy cooperlucyy cooper9 日 前

    SpicyDinnerMealSpicyDinnerMeal9 日 前
  • I lost it all betting on the Bumblebees in the Triathlon.

    frontier catfrontier cat10 日 前
  • Orangers and the savage speeders are using illegal enhancement marbles. its unfair

    antoda3antoda310 日 前
    • Get rekt ducks! This is ranked btw

      kressern95kressern9510 日 前
  • Balancing act should get additional points for finishing. Like +20 per marble in the green.

    Karl DuckettKarl Duckett12 日 前

    Sinead HoughSinead Hough13 日 前
  • i really love how much detail was brought into this project but i ESPECIALLY loved the musical motifs for each team

    Salty GoblinSalty Goblin13 日 前
  • crazy cats for the win

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  • Very Nice 😊👍

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  • Orangers

    Boboy NiksonBoboy Nikson14 日 前
  • The Midnight Wisps were robbed, the Hazers were we way too aggressive with them early on and everyone knows they cheat. I want everyone tested for performance enhancing substances. Also, Wospy is a total choke artist, cut him already.

    ShineAquaShineAqua15 日 前
  • Better than anything I have seen on tv ever

    Oliver FindlayOliver Findlay16 日 前

    ScrawlScrawl16 日 前
  • Savage Speeders were 16th at the start and now Savage Speeders won the whole thing

    Kobi OnyejeliKobi Onyejeli16 日 前
  • The halfpipe should be extended upwards to prevent marbles bumping against it maybe?

    Miks CeihnersMiks Ceihners17 日 前
  • GOOOOO'RANGERS!!!! o'rangers all the way #fucktheducks

    john fillinghamjohn fillingham18 日 前
  • Isn´t this great stuff for sports bars to view? The competition thrill is in there somehow. Why not, 10 minutes once a week on a set time and weekday. I bet there would be some smiles and thrills every time! Why not longer annual marble events too!

    Wicked WireWicked Wire19 日 前
    • My uncle had a bar when I was a kid. If my father worked on a Sunday, he was a Police Officer, we would go to the bar for the day. It was sometimes me, my brother, my cousin and the daughter of the owner of the pub down the road (he was friends with my uncle). This would have been perfect for our uncle to keep us entertained on a Sunday morning back then.

      NikkiNikki7 日 前
  • We choked...And our biggest rivals won instead

    YVNG P00TYVNG P00T19 日 前
  • What is this? Olypmics? With marbles? Yeah that sounds nice

    Lukas RainbowLukas Rainbow19 日 前
  • This is great. Are you in need of a color commentator ?

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  • i really want a raspberry racers jersey

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  • Don't ask why, but I LOATH the Minty Maniacs...

    Closets Closets Closets Closets!Closets Closets Closets Closets!22 日 前
  • Unfortunately my #GreenDucks didn't do well, but hey there's always next year! Congrats Speeders!

    Minato NamikazeMinato Namikaze23 日 前
  • Yeeeessss savage speeders!!! Well done

    Alessio CorazzaAlessio Corazza23 日 前
  • I happily spent three hours watching this and now I’m gonna spend several more hours on previous leagues

    KristineKristine24 日 前
  • I have been going through hard times this channel really helped me get over having two dogs being sold If you are reading this i wont you to have an amazing year

    Dylan DelaneyDylan Delaney25 日 前
  • Why are all my favorite teams trash😂😂

    BearwolfriderBearwolfrider25 日 前
  • Incredible

    Kristian McclellandKristian Mcclelland25 日 前
  • 2nd place this year, LETS GO OOOOORANGERS!

    Uno - The Official Card GameUno - The Official Card Game26 日 前
  • I like how he doesn't mention the disastrous turnout for the oceanics in 2019.

    The Average PurgerThe Average Purger29 日 前
    • At their home stadium

      Liam WardLiam Ward28 日 前
  • I don't know how, but this somehow got me emotional over marbles

    Tijn SpruitTijn Spruitヶ月 前
  • WTF 3 *H O U R S*

    淡定紅淡定紅ヶ月 前
    • 全片還都有中文字幕

      Bubon巴波Bubon巴波22 日 前