Monologue: Old Malarkey | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Bill recaps the top stories of the week, including President Biden's address to a joint session of Congress.
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  • 22million watched ? What happened to the other 120 million who voted ?

    J McCJ McC日 前
  • After 4 years of hearing trump inherited a great economy from Obama, not sure i understand how bidens first 3 months is not thanks to trump... which is it?

    nick stackeninick stackeni日 前
  • So not including people getting their jobs back what did biden do to make the economy better ?

    nick stackeninick stackeni日 前
  • Bill Maher is talking about how Biden's socialism is working bc the GDP growth was up 6.4%, while the UE rate went up .1% & it only costs $6.5T to do it. Maher's smarter than that.

    Jay ThomasJay Thomas日 前
  • Education, Healthcare and Infrastructure three most important National social issues freedom goes beyond political independence's True freedom where the individual mind is free. politician doesn't care about you or your family. when will they learn, your politician only care about the rich. rich people pay little or no federal tax, maybe less than you do. you are taxed to sky heaven from property, insurance to income. school, education and infrastructure are falls beyond repaired, but you are not getting any Profligacy from yours governments. this is not about open states, open school and open for business, but only lying, deception, propaganda, provisions and intimidation. A true freedom is condition in which an individual can and will enjoy. thank you for reading. --------------------------------- Education: Education is a responsible learning Education is learning what is Real. not propaganda or indoctrination the school can't control their race certainly can control their Character. thank you for reading. --------------------------------- infratstructure: A basic physical and organizational structures and facilities, hospitals, buildings, roads, bridges, ports, airports, railway, transportation and power supplies, of society or enterprise. and the operation of public service is social infrastructure, the operation and support function for a healthy society. thank you for reading. --------------------------------- Healthcare: Healthcare is an organized provision of medical care for individuals or community is the social infrastructure, the operation and support function for a healthy society. thank you for reading.

    Alexander LeeAlexander Lee2 日 前
  • AOC in weed hahahaha

    Eduardo MaduenoEduardo Madueno2 日 前
  • the pa handler and sears jokes 😂😂😂💀💀💀💀

    Eduardo MaduenoEduardo Madueno2 日 前
  • Education, Healthcare and Infrastructure are the three most important social issues in freedom goes beyond political independence's True freedom where the individual mind is free. politician doesn't care about you or your family. when will they learn, your politician only care about the rich. rich people pay little or no federal tax, maybe less than you do. you are taxed to sky heaven from property, insurance to income. school, education and infrastructure are falls beyond repaired, but you are not getting any Profligacy from yours governments. this is not about open states, open school and open for business, but only lying, deception, propaganda, provisions and intimidation. A true freedom is condition in which an individual can and will enjoy. thank you for reading.

    Alexander LeeAlexander Lee2 日 前
  • Bill mahar is awesome but the only reason their is growth is the blue states stopped playing politics with shut downs . California is over 30% of us economy

    sean sperbersean sperber2 日 前
  • How have Maher’s producers & writers sold out to the Democrats?

    Kevin A KruegerKevin A Krueger2 日 前
  • I'm pinching off a Big Bill Maher right now!

    Jay FyreJay Fyre2 日 前
  • I’m surprised you haven’t noticed Cruz has moved to the elastic waist ban wardrobe? He’s blowing up like he’s in the Macy’s day parade!

  • Not so sure about the surge in the economy- spending, spending is certainly no indication of a boom- It's artificial- just to make the figures look Good- What do you have to say of America's foreign debt of 28 trillion dollars & climbing,most of it to China - Oh ,I forgot ,We can easily go into another FAKE WAR based on HUMUNGUS LIES to steal & control the oil resources of other countries- America lives in an artificial democracy measuring everything thru wealth,deceit & deception - As long as the FILTYHY RICH get richer at the expense of the masses ,the economy will be just GRRAT - ITS how the media want to manipulate things for their coffers

    M ModackM Modack3 日 前
  • Perhaps Lauren Boebert unfurled that Mylar blanket because it matched her tinfoil hat?

    Dean F.Dean F.3 日 前
  • Bill might be feeling bowel relief with trump out of office, but I guarantee you Joe is feeling a little bloated with all these progressive idiots up his ass.

    B RB R3 日 前
  • The panhandler joke was hilarious !

    gary schraagary schraa3 日 前
  • Economy surging! What else would you expect after being shutdown and then opening? Joe Biden is not causing the economy to Surge. I enjoy Bill Maher but it seems like he is afraid to make a joke about Joe Biden and Joe is giving of moments to make fun of. As a matter of fact most all of comedian seem to be chickenshit of making fun of As a matter of fact most all of comedian seem to be chickenshit of making fun of Joe Biden. Not a fan of Joe Biden or Donald Trump. I would just like to see them roasted equally.

    Mark BartlettMark Bartlett3 日 前
    • @Marc T at one time I liked Obama but then came Obama phones. And Obama set the stage for the United States to elect somebody like Donald Trump. I liked Ronald Reagan but it in hindsight I was simply fooled by his acting ability that roused patriotism. Ronald Reagan set the stage for the recent economic collapse by putting a Band-Aid on a gaping wound. Deregulations and elimination of glass-steagall act . I admire Jimmy Carter. Might have not being hugely successful as president but that's because he would not play their games. He is not part of the establishment and refuses to even stand beside the other presidents when a picture is taken. He is known for being punctual and on time and his work with Habitat for Humanity says a lot. He put solar panels on the White House that were promptly removed when the next president was sworn in because they did not want any of Jimmy Carter's legacy. He said cannabis should be legal for adults and that the law should never do more harm than what the substance does. Damn near fifty years later and we're finally beginning to legalize cannabis and use solar panels! Jimmy Carter got the hostages released from Iran and I did not know that until I watched a special on television. I thought Ronald Reagan got them released, and that was another reason I was a Ronald Reagan fan. I might have been a fan of JFK but that was before my time. I'm reading that he started the program called operation hummingbird which is probably still in effect today to control the media. But it does appear he handled the Cuban Missile Crisis with finesse.

      Mark BartlettMark Bartlett3 日 前
    • @Mark Bartlett that's 3 for 3. Who was a president you liked?

      Marc TMarc T3 日 前
    • @Marc T and you would lose that bet. But that does not mean that I like Obama either.

      Mark BartlettMark Bartlett3 日 前
    • I bet you believe Obama did not recover from the recession.

      Marc TMarc T3 日 前
  • Joe's proposed bills cost money but that is one of the things he ran on and one of the things that Americans want, we want money spent on our nation and people, not on wildly profitable big corporations or pointless protracted wars.

    Thunderwalker87 Help Me To Gensoyko - 幻想郷に行くのを手伝ってThunderwalker87 Help Me To Gensoyko - 幻想郷に行くのを手伝って3 日 前
  • Bill celebrating inflation. Printing money and giving it away is not a good thing. It will destroy so much of what made the US great.

    peter ponce de leonpeter ponce de leon4 日 前
  • Really? Mortgage forbearance is happening. Covid Unemployment benefits plus a child stipend per month. Of course people are spending shit loads of money. They literally didn't work for those paychecks

    Dr BeechasDr Beechas4 日 前
  • I listened to Biden's speech on the radio.

    Conner FieldsConner Fields4 日 前
  • Of course the economy is growing, we've been fucking decimated by a pandemic. There's nowhere to go but up. How stupid can you be to believe this is actual progress?

    Chuckies R UsChuckies R Us4 日 前
  • Amazing. Corona is going away and the economy is moving? Crock of shit

    Chinchow ChenChinchow Chen4 日 前
  • Biden is an incompetent fool . ..and im not a trumper . Biden is about to cause the largest inflation in world history . Your border is romper room. His speech was a clown recital . Days in he eliminates 1000s n 1000s of jobs . He lucks out w ecomony spending . He gave away ALL the money . His 9 trillion in 3months of office ? The spending will die. Watch . ALL OF YOU WILL BE BROKE . Then you got bozo here mauer playing to the choir for SOME KIND OF RATING. like cnn⬇

  • "We've reached 100 days in the Biden administration ...". And the useful idiots clap on cue in a round of virtue signaling ... Even as their country is being invaded.

    craigenputtockcraigenputtock4 日 前
  • He MUST pander to that far left crowd.

    Lissa LiteLissa Lite4 日 前
  • I think AOC is the active ingredient in dementia

    WayneWayne4 日 前
  • Socialism always works at first. It stops working when there is no one to steal money from.

    WayneWayne4 日 前
  • I love how he gives the immediate reaction that Lauren Boebert was trying to illicit (the connection to kids in cages) then criticizes her saying he didn't know what she was doing. Otherwise not a bad monologue.

    Gregg MooreGregg Moore4 日 前
  • Bill Maher looks and sounds sooo relieved these days.😂👍

    Belinda GrimesBelinda Grimes4 日 前
  • 100 day Trump cleanse. Feeling better, not 100%, but I don't feel the crushing existential rot that tore this country apart for the last five years.

    Ethan TracyEthan Tracy4 日 前
  • Elections are not open to the public they’re just an advertising survey. A new president is just the latest CEO of the company. Company policy remains the same decade after decade. You’re old enough to know.

    David CanatellaDavid Canatella5 日 前
  • Gotta love the 10 people laughing @ this guy!!!

    lowrider9367lowrider93675 日 前
  • The economy is doing great, you say, because Biden established Socialism in 100 days and it works? What am I supposed to laugh at and applaud? How monumentally daft you are?

    GM AlexanderGM Alexander5 日 前
  • Bill is washed up old hack job. Go home bill...

    Jeff BruceJeff Bruce5 日 前
  • Nixon secretly contacted North Vietnam in 1968 to tell them that they would get a better deal at the peace talks under his administration and they pulled out of the talks. This further undermined Herbert Humphreys campaign. Ronald Reagan contacted Iran in 1980 to keep the hostages through the 1980 campaign thus undermining Jimmy Carter. They did and "Saint" Ronnie subsequently illegally sold Iran weapons in the "Iran Contra" scandal. So Trump's foreign collusion is not unprecedented; it is the Rethuglican MO.

    David SmithDavid Smith5 日 前
  • Would that be a mylar blanket in protest of all of the kids that Trump separated their parents and left to rot?

    Joyce MooreJoyce Moore5 日 前
  • Bill almost had as good joke there at the end.

    Nick CappielloNick Cappiello5 日 前
  • Joe "where am I?" Biden hasn't done ANYTHING to invigorate the economy

    capone70capone705 日 前
  • Hordes of people are still unemployed, and can't pay their rent. We are in a Depression worst than 2008/9.

    Denton FenderDenton Fender5 日 前
  • Put Repubs in charge and they TAKE all your money--for themselves.

    JanusAtTheGateJanusAtTheGate5 日 前
  • this is idiocy. of coarse the economy is coming back. it would have come back under maryanne williamson or vermin supreme.

    William DevitoWilliam Devito5 日 前
  • More kids in cages than any other administration... Nice job downplaying the crisis.

    Who Are YouWho Are You5 日 前
  • Maher doesn't give a shit anymore. He should quit. He did some awesome stuff - especially "Religious". He had his time - it's time to let go. Because this here - this is total shit, written by his co-workers, he just doesn't give a shit anymore.

    Mariusz JagodaMariusz Jagoda5 日 前
    • I’m a diehard leftist and have been following bill for years and can honestly say that he’s really fallen off. I’m not commenting on this monologue in particular (though I have my beef with parts of it) but he’s been wrong on a lot of things and I am really tired of his smug, arrogant delivery.

      Lucas LinnellLucas Linnell5 日 前
  • Best monologue! 🤣🤣

    Karen ThomasKaren Thomas5 日 前
  • TDS is still a thing lol

    Rich G.Rich G.5 日 前
    • And there's no vaccine yet

      B RB R3 日 前
  • Apparently Bill Maher needs to be added to the list of >90% of Americans in serious need of a dictionary. Homework for Bill (and the rest of America): look up the words "socialist" and "socialism;" if you still think that Biden is a socialist after that, then America's problem is much bigger than a mere case of mass ignorance.

    jonny-fivejonny-five5 日 前
  • China: 5G, high speed train, AI and quantum computer. digital currency, belt and road initiative yes we build the walls too. Trump: no i thought of it first. China stolen it from us. look at me i am so smart. i make China great again, China, China, China . ( i need to borrow your money ) trump america: 5G, i have 5 girlfriends young and beautiful. god blessed america and me first. china invented the first WI-FI but us try to scam them for free many years. in return no one in us will invent any thing similar if they can get for free. yes years went by china improve at lightning speed now us is left behind. thank you for reading.

    Alexander LeeAlexander Lee5 日 前
  • Six Trillions Dollars to Fix Trump's 99 Trillions Dolars Massive F... up Mistake . Trump America Toxic Virus . God blessed america and me first.

    Alexander LeeAlexander Lee5 日 前
  • Trump America: Honest Government Ad | President Trump ( youtube ) thejuicemedia ( youtube channel ) published on November, - 16 - 2016 Honest Government Ad | We're F........... ( youtube ) thejuicemedia ( youtube channel ) published on September, - 02 - 2019 Honest Government Ad | Coronavirous: Flatten the Curve ( youtube ) thejuicemedia ( youtube channel ) published on March, - 13 - 2020 Honest Government Ad | TRUMP 2020 ( youtube ) thejuicemedia ( youtube channel ) published on July, - 30 - 2020 ( PG Version) Honest Government Ad | The Recession ( youtube ) thejuicemedia ( youtube channel ) published on October, - 01 - 2020 ( PG Version) Honest Government Ad | Q ( youtube ) thejuicemedia ( youtube channel ) published on October, - 25 - 2020

    Alexander LeeAlexander Lee5 日 前
  • After wasting 3 trillion in Iraq ,and 2 trillion in tax cuts to billionaires what else could be wasted

    james jackovichjames jackovich5 日 前
  • Everybody wanted to be in Cancun without a can opener

    james jackovichjames jackovich5 日 前
  • """ Build the Mask,Build the Mask ""[ Like Trumps build The wall ] ? illegal Variants [ illegal Aliens ] ? M.A.M.A [ Make America Maskless Again ] [ M.A.G.A ] ?

    Dell WorkstationDell Workstation5 日 前
  • The Affluenza Russian circus left town

    james jackovichjames jackovich5 日 前
  • We should advocate for saving, not spending Bill. Personal debt is through the roof but you wouldn’t know anything about that you elitist.

    Adam MotschenbacherAdam Motschenbacher5 日 前
  • alright I don't like trump but to say within 100 days Biden is the reason the economy is surging seems to be a little bs. It was the same with republicans claiming Obama was to blame for the collapse.

    Vic SVic S5 日 前
  • Surging because Texas and Florida are opening up... country has been closed down completely have you noticed?

    Shirlyn MakarShirlyn Makar5 日 前
  • Wow! Neo-liberalism is good for the economy! Phew. Thank goodness the corporations and billionaires are safe and doing well.

    J LJ L5 日 前
  • Amazing what a few trillion dollars can buy...

    Chuck SnyderChuck Snyder5 日 前
  • OMg Bill is such a democratic hack! just wait til those Capitol Gains Biden wants passed kick in Maher. The economy is only doing well because people are spending their stimulus checks. BTW---how about those gas prices? how about that border situation? Sorry, Biden sucks, and so does anyone who is trying to sell me on him.

    Brian McCarthyBrian McCarthy5 日 前
  • economy surging...not in blue states

  • In the USA vote blue in the UK vote red , we need to get rid of our bojo 🤡

    Ellie McCarthyEllie McCarthy5 日 前
  • And if you put trump in charge he will also spend all of your money. Or did everyone forget his extreme spending?

    Kathleen RobertsKathleen Roberts5 日 前
  • Boring!

    keith0610keith06106 日 前
  • Yes in 3 months you are spending 10 trillion dollars You're fucked America you are truly fucked

    John Mac DonaldJohn Mac Donald6 日 前
  • So all four years of the Trump economy is due to Obama, but the first 100 days of Biden is because of his brilliant economic strategy. Uh...sure

    Gadfly SoothsayerGadfly Soothsayer6 日 前
  • You need Trump back in office so bad

    Chris SullivanChris Sullivan6 日 前
  • Your audience is smart

    Chris SullivanChris Sullivan6 日 前
  • I get it. He hates Trump. Most of us do. However, the whole Trump punchline is getting threadbare. There comes a point to which the Trump effect becomes moot; meaning we are moving beyond his dumpster fire of a presidency. Time to turn the focus on the antics of the current administration and the floundering, comical efforts of the Republican party to repudiate it.

    Gordon StewartGordon Stewart6 日 前
  • Hey Bill. You forgot Cornpop, his favorite snack.

    B BB B6 日 前
  • It would make perfect since that the economy would go up as the states opened up; duh! Lets talk about the economy in two years.

    HoustonHouston6 日 前
  • 100 days are over

    Jon BlakeJon Blake6 日 前
  • you tube whatcha suggesting this for me to watch??? I wouldn't through Mahr a life preserver on the Titanic.

    TheLindadbTheLindadb6 日 前
  • Monologue is crap this week, crypto bit was good. Too easy on Biden and the spend spend spend agenda.

    Rain CarpoolRain Carpool6 日 前
  • 3 month juice cleanse indeed sir

    Jon BlakeJon Blake6 日 前
  • As with Joe, Bill didn’t talk about the border mess. If the media and the white house don’t talk about it, it doesn’t exist.

    Mark DugginsMark Duggins6 日 前
  • 6.4percent annual rate, not quarterly. Everyone makes that mistake

    Tom FinnellTom Finnell6 日 前
  • 5 months in, Trump Trump Trump...

  • none of bidens programs have been passed yet! except bail out- recover has nothing to do with biden

    David GoldmanDavid Goldman6 日 前
  • Damnnn what a great monologue!!

    Leandro DiveraLeandro Divera6 日 前
  • Bill, you're a comedian, act like it. Fawning over Joe is agonizing.

    DaveDave6 日 前
  • F him!not funny at all!

    keith meadowskeith meadows6 日 前
  • Enjoy Bill yet realize he's probably a strong supporter of the Harris-emhoff choice for V.P..

    valerie haidervalerie haider6 日 前
  • I guess you'd use a mylar blanket when you realize you've been had! Where else are you gonna go? Into the arms of Rep. Gaetz to be consoled? Hell no, cause you're too old and he'll send you flying out the door.

    Reverend Monique-Marie BrayReverend Monique-Marie Bray6 日 前
  • 100 days of debt

    Anonymous BAnonymous B6 日 前
  • Everyone who's watched HBO's Band of Brothers knows that Malarkey is a slang for bullshit.

    MarinaMarina6 日 前
  • Still. talking about Trump eh?

    ItsNot SoBadItsNot SoBad6 日 前
  • You never talked about economic growth, under Trump Lol 😆 now you are praising Biden Rubbish 🗑

    Martins 8Martins 86 日 前
  • Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.💰

    Jeo HendersonJeo Henderson6 日 前
    • How did this get to be one giant crypto Ad?

      Gordon ReiherGordon Reiher3 日 前
    • So you’re all investing in the currency of the future to make lots of the currency of the past ? Do you ever plan on spending this new currency or just cash it in for old money?

      TheecatTheecat6 日 前
    • Seeing alot of successstories, he must be honest and trustworthy for people to talk this good about him

      Lillian ClintonLillian Clinton6 日 前
    • My first investment with Mr Anthony Philip gave me the assurance that has made me invest without the fear of losing, I got four of my friends involved with him already

      Fredrick SamFredrick Sam6 日 前
    • @Jordan Michael Thanks , placing my trade with expert Anthony Philip ASAP

      David MaxwellDavid Maxwell6 日 前
  • 6% growth derived from slowly relinquishing government crackdowns is not very impressive...

    chaoscranechaoscrane6 日 前
  • Weak

    Tom CarlosTom Carlos6 日 前
  • Wow Bill says, look how well the economy is doing. What he left off is, It's amazing how people go out and buy shit when the government prints money and hands it out.

    royroy6 日 前
  • The economy growth numbers must be based on the increase in prices...WTH? Is this life under socialism? Oil has gone from $37.50/barrel to $63.50/barrel, a 70% move! • Lumber has gone from $500 to $1,500, a 200% move! (in six months!!) • Copper has jumped from $3.10 to $4.50, a 45% appreciation! • Coffee has soared from $100 to $143, a 43% gain! • Wheat has surged from $550 to $740, a 34% yield

    Amanda HugginkisAmanda Hugginkis6 日 前
  • you saw a Sears!

    Renee DennisRenee Dennis6 日 前
  • As long as they spend it on me & on stuff that will better my life, then spend away!

    terriej123terriej1236 日 前
  • Who’s gonna pay for da wall? MEXICO🤣😂😅

    Yola MontalvanYola Montalvan6 日 前
  • I wouldn't hold your breath. Get back to us after more than just a few months.

    Seth HSeth H6 日 前
  • You got me with the Pan Handler joke. But I'm serious Bill. You gotta do better.

    Chuck StarkChuck Stark6 日 前
  • The rebound of the economy is more due to reopening of red state policies

    Gary MillowGary Millow6 日 前
  • Mahr is about as bright as bidenpervertas

    Fred DFred D6 日 前