[MPD직캠] 엔하이픈 니키 직캠 4K 'Drunk-Dazed' (ENHYPEN NI-KI FanCam) | @ENHYPEN COMEBACK SHOW 'CARNIVAL'

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[MPD직캠] 엔하이픈 니키 - Drunk-Dazed
[MPD FanCam] ENHYPEN NI-KI - Drunk-Dazed
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  • HE ATE

    Yoonmin_LIFEE XoxoYoonmin_LIFEE Xoxo6 時間 前

    LECHUGOOO Yang JungwonLECHUGOOO Yang Jungwon8 時間 前
  • Nikrangdan semangat,yuk buat 1M v1ewers buat ni-ki dia pantes ngedapetinya.yuk yuk kaya pas fancam given taken

    Annisa Nur RakhmahAnnisa Nur Rakhmah9 時間 前
  • Body control ni-ki bagus banget.. Makanya dance ni-ki selalu menonjol soalnya dance dia paling enak dilihat..

    Annisa Nur RakhmahAnnisa Nur Rakhmah9 時間 前
  • We're going very slow to reach 1m but I can see us reaching 600-700k

    Ni-King Taehyun JKyoongs De-aeseoshtaNi-King Taehyun JKyoongs De-aeseoshta10 時間 前
  • I showed this to like abt 15 kids and now they're in love w nishimura riki, his name was said sm to the point that a babys first words were icki ( since she cant pronounce 'n' yet)

    catgirlcatgirl18 時間 前
  • I really need NI-KI's fever fancam now

    猫村猫村日 前
  • Ni-ki is a stunning and insane idol. 4tg best dancer. I'm obsessed with his dance.

    Ni-King Taehyun JKyoongs De-aeseoshtaNi-King Taehyun JKyoongs De-aeseoshta日 前
  • I didn't understand why people hyped him that much, now I do... he's so talented, I mean look at that stage presence and from what I know he's only 15

    María José VireMaría José Vire日 前
  • Hi I'm finally free

    Ni-King Taehyun JKyoongs De-aeseoshtaNi-King Taehyun JKyoongs De-aeseoshta日 前
  • Can't wait for NI-KI's FEVER fancam

    猫村猫村2 日 前
  • Almost 550k

    猫村猫村2 日 前
  • Even when he sings he doesn’t waiver wow

    As FlowerieAs Flowerie3 日 前
  • Gonna learn from the best

    As FlowerieAs Flowerie3 日 前
  • 600k juseyo🎉

    Moa ArmyMoa Army3 日 前

    glitter princessglitter princess3 日 前
  • omg

    Maui PedronMaui Pedron3 日 前
  • 541.964 - > 600.000

    TXT deserves betterTXT deserves better3 日 前
  • ニキくんのダンス、ONE PIECEのルフィに見える。もちろんいい意味で、人間離れした二次元のような迫力。

    ぷくはらぷくこぷくはらぷくこ3 日 前
    • わかります😉ニキはアニメの主人公に描かれるイケメンの キャラですね😍👍

      美奈子小川美奈子小川3 日 前
  • 600k let's go

    Ni-King Taehyun JKyoongs De-aeseoshtaNi-King Taehyun JKyoongs De-aeseoshta3 日 前
  • 毎日何回観てるんだろう😂💟

    美奈子小川美奈子小川4 日 前
  • 1M v*ews for Ni-ki let's do this!!! 1M v*ews come on engenes!

    Delana JohnsonDelana Johnson4 日 前

    Ren CRen C4 日 前
  • Guys if u love Ni-Ki c’mon lets support him on www.starmometer.com he currently losing point to his competitor

    Marlyn GMarlyn G5 日 前
  • Vote ni-ki for heartthrob I think? Also for close up shot in idol champ. Ni-Ki is in third. And like I eaid for close up shot not individual ranking.

    Ni-King Taehyun JKyoongs De-aeseoshtaNi-King Taehyun JKyoongs De-aeseoshta5 日 前
  • watching Niki is so entertaining

    jimjim5 日 前
  • 1million 600k

    Ni-King Taehyun JKyoongs De-aeseoshtaNi-King Taehyun JKyoongs De-aeseoshta6 日 前
  • Here

    Ni-King Taehyun JKyoongs De-aeseoshtaNi-King Taehyun JKyoongs De-aeseoshta6 日 前
  • いつみても最高です( v^-゜)♪

    美奈子小川美奈子小川6 日 前

    pinopino6 日 前

    takowasatakowasa7 日 前
  • Please repent of your sins and accept Jesus as your savior because Jesus is coming back soon. And don't forget, God loves you and He wants you to be save.

    Kéren forbinKéren forbin7 日 前
  • Vote for Ni-ki on 100 Asian Heartthrobs!! Go Nishimura Riki!!!!

    Dana GrahamDana Graham7 日 前
  • Enhypen japan debut

    Ni-King Taehyun JKyoongs De-aeseoshtaNi-King Taehyun JKyoongs De-aeseoshta7 日 前
  • we loved ni-ki so much.

    Sri IndasahSri Indasah7 日 前
  • enhypen will debut japan soon. ni-ki better get more screentime

    seal georgeseal george7 日 前
  • ニキ!また来たよ~❤ 今さらだけどデビューしてくれてホントにありがとう! キミは私たち日本の誇りです! 世界中の人にニキを知ってもらいたい💛

    みみきいろみみきいろ7 日 前
  • If Ni-Ki is not clear where you are please post beutiful brilliant best boy and bright things about ni-ki. Protect Ni-Ki

    Ni-King Taehyun JKyoongs De-aeseoshtaNi-King Taehyun JKyoongs De-aeseoshta8 日 前
  • let's unlock 600k views. watch ni-ki's focus cam on enhypen's channel too and ofc don't forget the d-d mv!!

  • I can say only " woow"

    Park NachimoraPark Nachimora8 日 前
  • Our Ni-ki is nominated again this year for TC Candler Most Handsome Faces of 2021. Let's support him by liking and commenting on his photo in TC Candler Instagram. Spread the word, Nikrangdans. 🎉🐆🎉 instagram.com/p/COoutcEn8mw/?igshid=1ocy0iqgrvkkx If you will, nominate also the rest of Enha by going to TC Candler youtube channel. Next step is subscribe to their channel then find Handsome Face nominations video and comment for your nomination. You can comment/nominate as many times as you want. Support Ni-ki. Support Enhypen. 🎉

    pmgstnpmgstn8 日 前
  • Reminds me of Taemin, no one else in kpop has ever reached the level of Taemin when it comes to dancing for me but it’s just so obvious how special Niki is

    giant salamandergiant salamander8 日 前
  • NI-KI Said that at the age of 3 he started dancing. This is his result 👍😍 👌✔😁😘😊💖perfect. There is a situation where I can go back to the past and try to dance like him.

    לאי מוזסלאי מוזס8 日 前
  • As a dancer myself he always caught my attention no matter where his position was. Every member is indeed a good dancer but NiKi’s movements are always so sharp, clean, and powerful, yet he could control and balance it very well with the group since he is not a solo performer. I could already imagine how amazing he would be in the next 5 years. It would have been great to see him getting more center position or lines. Hopefully we could see him more in the next comeback! ENHYPEN fighting!

    Lolivi MeinyLolivi Meiny9 日 前
  • 1m let's go

    Ni-King Taehyun JKyoongs De-aeseoshtaNi-King Taehyun JKyoongs De-aeseoshta9 日 前
  • let's aim for 1m

    reignreign9 日 前
  • このファンカムと上半身のファンカムは特に好きすぎて毎日何回もリピート🎵 カリスマNIKIの目線、表情、ビジュアル、ダンスを高画質で見せてくれる!最高です💖

    hirokahiroka9 日 前
  • reminder he is only 15 years old so “hard stans” gtfo

    TyraTyra9 日 前
  • Vamos 1M

    Franklin LimaFranklin Lima9 日 前
  • I can’t believe this boy is 6’0 already 🥲

    eupharsiaeupharsia9 日 前
  • Is Niki a Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul?????????

    Bon BonBon Bon9 日 前
  • 5 billion views omg

    catgirlcatgirl9 日 前
  • 😳500k!!! すごい。。。

    カザクカザク9 日 前
  • Ni-ki 💮💯

    3 Ko4eee3 Ko4eee10 日 前
  • another 1M fancam sounds nice guys. we did it for day one era let's do it for this era too!

    Thanh Bình NguyễnThanh Bình Nguyễn10 日 前
  • 600k let's go 😍

    R DR D10 日 前
  • Yooooo 500k omg!!! Let's go for 1M guys

    cookiesNmilkBishhh _cookiesNmilkBishhh _10 日 前
  • 500k views, let’s bring it up to 1 mil. FIGHTING! Also keep streaming Drunk-Dazed MV

    Ni-Kitty ForeverNi-Kitty Forever10 日 前
  • The fans should shut up, I can't hear their voices good

    bts without jamsbts without jams10 日 前
  • Happy 500k

    Ziam ShipperZiam Shipper10 日 前
  • 500.015

    Soul MateSoul Mate10 日 前
  • Almost there

    Ni-King Taehyun JKyoongs De-aeseoshtaNi-King Taehyun JKyoongs De-aeseoshta10 日 前
  • difeerence between my icon't ni-ki and this ni-ki🥰

    NI-KI boxy smileNI-KI boxy smile10 日 前
  • I want the world to be kind to him.

    NI-KI boxy smileNI-KI boxy smile10 日 前
  • 音とひとつひとつのダンスの動作がぴったり合っていて驚いた これでまだ15歳だなんてニキには可能性しかないな…

    Mii soooMii sooo10 日 前
  • この衣装は体の線がよくわかるので NI-KI君がどれくらい上手いかよくわかる❤️👍

    maro0911 ashmaro0911 ash10 日 前
  • 5k more

    猫村猫村10 日 前
  • 500K coming up for our dance machine

    Delana JohnsonDelana Johnson11 日 前
  • so beautifulT_T♡

    zun suzun su11 日 前
  • Omg only 5k left for 500k lets goooo

    cookiesNmilkBishhh _cookiesNmilkBishhh _11 日 前
  • arkadaşlar bu çok mükemmel...

    I'm RoseI'm Rose11 日 前
  • I'm coming back here, the cameraman never gives ni-ki any screentime in the actual performance help 😭🙏

    catgirlcatgirl11 日 前
  • 色んな動画みてるけど、けっこうな頻度でこのちっけむに戻ってきちゃうな

    玲遊玲遊11 日 前
  • Hi

    Ni-King Taehyun JKyoongs De-aeseoshtaNi-King Taehyun JKyoongs De-aeseoshta12 日 前
  • As expected, NI-KI's dance is the coolest! It's great! His leg length and outstanding style accentuates his great dancing skills! NI-KI looks good in any clothes, but these clothes are very cool!

    harurun goldheartharurun goldheart12 日 前
  • silver hair color is best❤❤❤😍😍😍

    ikuiku12 日 前
  • 1M for Ni-ki let's go!!! Keep str3aming to 1M!

    Delana JohnsonDelana Johnson12 日 前
  • 2:35最高✨🕺✨

    ああああああああ12 日 前
  • 音楽番組1位おめでとう🎉❤️ ENGENEも嬉しかった😆

    miko mimimiko mimi12 日 前
  • Olha os views dessa fancam manoooooo

    Mourão MegumiMourão Megumi12 日 前
  • またしてもニキくん中毒!!! なんて色気のある少年なの? ラストのニキのパートがエグいほど力強くてたまらないわ💛

    みみきいろみみきいろ12 日 前
  • 500k let's go

    Asma MohammedAsma Mohammed12 日 前
  • almost 500k views let’s goo!!

    dd ddd d13 日 前
  • Ni-kis hair plus outfit is giving emo anime boy but then in not for sale he’s giving soft squishy lol

    Bella BellBella Bell13 日 前
  • 20k more views Fighting

    Ralte RalteRalte Ralte13 日 前
  • 우리 애기 완벽하다

    주스주스주스주스13 日 前
  • 으아아아아ㅏ앙ㄱ 춤 진짜 잘춘다 ㅠㅠ

    김수정김수정13 日 前
  • I want silver hair ni-ki again

    catgirlcatgirl13 日 前
  • almost 500k

    catgirlcatgirl13 日 前

    doggo cattodoggo catto13 日 前
  • Road to 1M

    txt 4th gen leaders periodttxt 4th gen leaders periodt13 日 前
  • 475.198 - > 500.000

    txt 4th gen leaders periodttxt 4th gen leaders periodt13 日 前
  • happy streaminggg for fancam !!!!

    fahira sarafahira sara13 日 前
  • ニキしか見えない😂❤👍

    美奈子小川美奈子小川13 日 前
  • 誇り

    anzu _anzu _13 日 前
  • Imagine him in a few years, we are all done for.

    Andreea CroitorAndreea Croitor14 日 前
  • ニキ💚

    いあいあ14 日 前
  • Come on half a million v!ews!! Let's get 1M for our dance King Ni-ki!!

    Delana JohnsonDelana Johnson14 日 前
  • Let's str3am more. I have not been str3aming as much because is exam season but let's get 1m. For that we'll have to increase vs significantly though.

    Ni-King Taehyun JKyoongs De-aeseoshtaNi-King Taehyun JKyoongs De-aeseoshta14 日 前
  • last year we give ni-ki one million views, can we do the same now?

    kozk 3kozk 314 日 前