NCT U 엔시티 유 'From Home' MV

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01 Make A Wish (Birthday Song)
02 Misfit
03 Volcano
04 백열등 (Light Bulb)
05 Dancing In The Rain
06 Interlude : Past to Present
07 무대로 (déjà vu; 舞代路)
08 月之迷 (Nectar)
09 Music, Dance
10 피아노 (Faded In My Last Song)
11 From Home
12 From Home (Korean Ver.)
13 Make A Wish (Birthday Song) (English Ver.)
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NCT U 엔시티 유 'From Home' MV ℗ SM Entertainment

  • Gamon sama nih mv ma lagunya :')

    cherry blossom1215cherry blossom121516 分 前
  • the ammount of times that i cried hearing this song is ENORMOUS. thank you for giving us such a great song, the lyrics just breaks my heart:(

    b4rbarab4rbara3 時間 前
  • renjun gue sayang banget sama lo

    Nur AnnisaaNur Annisaa3 時間 前
  • ai essa música é tudooo

    Lidiane MelloLidiane Mello3 時間 前
  • Setelah sekian lama gak kesini, kesini lagi karna kangen :'(

    SH Putri.SH Putri.4 時間 前
  • Kangen banget ama NCT2020ㅠㅠㅠ

    SH Putri.SH Putri.4 時間 前
  • can we talk about kun & renjun's visual

    LNLN4 時間 前
  • cuando digo que nct es lo mejor que me paso en la vida, lo digo de verdad :')

    lulovesneoslulovesneos4 時間 前

    yutaethic'syutaethic's5 時間 前

    yutaethic'syutaethic's5 時間 前

    yutaethic'syutaethic's5 時間 前

    yutaethic'syutaethic's5 時間 前
  • *RENJUN*

    yutaethic'syutaethic's5 時間 前
  • *KUN*

    yutaethic'syutaethic's5 時間 前
  • *CHENLE*

    yutaethic'syutaethic's5 時間 前
  • *TAEIL*

    yutaethic'syutaethic's5 時間 前

    yutaethic'syutaethic's5 時間 前
  • *YUTA*

    yutaethic'syutaethic's5 時間 前
  • taeilllll

    yutaethic'syutaethic's5 時間 前
  • Haechanbbbb

    yutaethic'syutaethic's5 時間 前
  • conloooo

    yutaethic'syutaethic's5 時間 前
  • Doyoungggg

    yutaethic'syutaethic's5 時間 前
  • Kunnn geee

    yutaethic'syutaethic's5 時間 前
  • lonjwinnnnn

    yutaethic'syutaethic's5 時間 前
  • Yutaaaa sannnn

    yutaethic'syutaethic's5 時間 前
  • it all starts from homeeeeeee

    yutaethic'syutaethic's5 時間 前
  • aaaaaaaa

    yutaethic'syutaethic's5 時間 前
  • Echan ❤️❤️

    yutaethic'syutaethic's5 時間 前

    yutaethic'syutaethic's5 時間 前

    yutaethic'syutaethic's5 時間 前
  • this song accompanies me to sleep, really melodious ... 🤩

    % jay% jay6 時間 前
  • NCT U from home will always have a special place at my heart

    tyongie's Yukkuriiityongie's Yukkuriii7 時間 前
  • "it all start from home", they stay with each other from the start, they are mean to be together, they bond together, they are not just group but a family. And what make nct special is because they are more than a boy group. Today news really disappointed please SM reconsider again about creating NCT hollywood , how can you add a new member that have no bond and connection to the current members??.

    Vatey KohaiVatey Kohai9 時間 前
  • no fancy set, no CGs, just pure talent

    Chea LeeChea Lee11 時間 前
  • I'm touched.

    Maria Adriani Wirasty Laju ; 7HMaria Adriani Wirasty Laju ; 7H12 時間 前
  • Ten would have rocked this song. Should have included him

    renesmeerenesmee12 時間 前
  • Lee haechan stop playing with my feelings okk!!!

    nasha nazneennasha nazneen12 時間 前
  • Why did I discover this masterpiece this late :(

    Jhanvi GubgotraJhanvi Gubgotra14 時間 前
  • Chorando aqui

    jaque dos yoonkhei !jaque dos yoonkhei !14 時間 前
  • Lagu sebagus dan seadem ini harus 100M dong:( mana mv estetok lagiii! Skuyy gas kennnn -6521

    Aina WannaoneAina Wannaone15 時間 前
  • I'm alive from home by this song

    Natthaphon ShinNatthaphon Shin16 時間 前
  • uhh, i'm sorry

    Insyirotun NisaInsyirotun Nisa16 時間 前
  • Yuta outshined here. His voice gaves me chills

    From Home Gives Meaning To LifeFrom Home Gives Meaning To Life16 時間 前
  • Out23

    stay atinystay atiny21 時間 前
  • Out23

    stay atinystay atiny21 時間 前
  • Let's 60 milion

    Chearen Cynta SChearen Cynta S22 時間 前
  • Kutsanmak kutsanmak

    ZeryaZerya22 時間 前
  • Y aqui se demuestra que NCT U no necesita autotune el autotune los necesita a ellos. Tremendos vocales

    Lorena Yamile Davila EspinozaLorena Yamile Davila Espinoza23 時間 前
  • Can someone tell me who is saying the “thank you’s” is it all of them? If so can you tell me who says it and in which language they say it.

    Andrea AlanizAndrea Alaniz日 前
  • Yuta🥺

    Sharmila AcharyaSharmila Acharya日 前
  • MEU DEUS QUE OBRA DE ARTE........... Parabéns SM, você tem os melhores!!!

    victória Figueróvictória Figueró日 前
  • Super talentosos todos, mi favorito Doyoung me encanta su voz y personalidad .

    lauljm Mlauljm M日 前
  • Amo tanto el trabajo de nct. Son pocos los artistas que de verdad saben transmitir sentimientos en tan sólo una canción. Con ellos me adentre al kpop, y ha sido el unico grupo que me ha gustado tanto. Only nct wayv

    Jaquelin GarcíaJaquelin García日 前
  • Why at 2:50 i hear HEACHAN

    acappacapp日 前
  • 0:16

    toey toeytoey toey日 前
  • 57.618.683

    Park Nhaylin ahnPark Nhaylin ahn日 前
  • 2:44

    yanayana日 前
  • 616,338

    Maria Adriani Wirasty Laju ; 7HMaria Adriani Wirasty Laju ; 7H日 前
  • kangen NCT 2020

    michelia citramichelia citra日 前
    • Samaa:(

      Aina WannaoneAina Wannaone15 時間 前

    ahgazendayahgazenday日 前

    ahgazendayahgazenday日 前
  • I've heard the now I know of doyoung everywhere

    ahgazendayahgazenday日 前
  • MY FEELS 😭

    ahgazendayahgazenday日 前
  • cuz I'm not alone~

    ange cange c日 前
  • POV: You're still coming back to listen to this masterpiece

    Clara HuangClara Huang日 前

    JR BlancoJR Blanco日 前

    kirito HKkirito HK日 前
  • I miss you all boys♡

    l lemonadel lemonade日 前
  • 57.594u3jeieje

    chittaprrrchittaprrr日 前
  • 57,6M soon

    White ChocoWhite Choco日 前
  • 598,036

    White ChocoWhite Choco日 前

    Elysia HuangElysia Huang日 前
  • Gracias por hacerme tan feliz, GRACIAS. Les deseo todo lo bueno en este mundo I LOVE YOU

    Nazarena BernalNazarena Bernal日 前
  • And we start from here our home~

    Afi LynhAfi Lynh日 前

    Arian AzizahArian Azizah日 前
  • U guys can't deny the fact that 2020 is NCT year

    Zaidi _wowZaidi _wow日 前
  • 590,471

    Zaidi _wowZaidi _wow日 前
  • Gak tau aku suka aja sama MV nya from home ini... Simpel tapi the best

    IcexxIcexx日 前
    • Wkwk iya, kek sederhana tapi feel nya dapet bgt:)

      Aina WannaoneAina Wannaone15 時間 前
  • "tatapan kita bertemu,sambil berpelukan kesepian ku pun menghilang"

    IcexxIcexx日 前
  • yo cuando veo que pasaron 6 meses desde que salió from home: I remember like it's yesterday~ •́ ‿ ,•̀

    ʙᴜʙᴜ'ꜱ ʟɪɢʜᴛʙᴜʙᴜ'ꜱ ʟɪɢʜᴛ2 日 前
    • El tiempo pasa rápido (:

      Jaquelin GarcíaJaquelin García日 前
  • should not have watched before taking my final... now i am crying

    juliajulia2 日 前
  • Saat aku kesulitan dalam kesepian waktu itu~~

    silvsilv2 日 前
  • I miss NCT2020

    win2timeswin2times2 日 前
  • Stay streaming

    Aisa RahmaAisa Rahma2 日 前
    • Done

      Aina WannaoneAina Wannaone15 時間 前
  • 57.574.150

    Taeyong & kun’s patienceTaeyong & kun’s patience2 日 前
  • lab lab lab

    Marielle under the sunMarielle under the sun2 日 前
  • Bop

    than Ltthan Lt2 日 前
  • year 2021 but still, this is my nct comfort song ♡

    minggus neoworldminggus neoworld2 日 前
  • lah udh abis

    Maria Adriani Wirasty Laju ; 7HMaria Adriani Wirasty Laju ; 7H2 日 前
  • bntr aku ambil minum

    Maria Adriani Wirasty Laju ; 7HMaria Adriani Wirasty Laju ; 7H2 日 前
  • haus hih

    Maria Adriani Wirasty Laju ; 7HMaria Adriani Wirasty Laju ; 7H2 日 前
  • leher ku saqit, klo winwin up kasih tau yyy

    Maria Adriani Wirasty Laju ; 7HMaria Adriani Wirasty Laju ; 7H2 日 前
  • Let's go 60M

    DFNA -DFNA -2 日 前
  • Ayo semangat sebentar lagi 58M

    Nuna 0800Nuna 08002 日 前

    White ChocoWhite Choco2 日 前
  • Plz recommend me more song this group. M being possessed to this song.

    Tshering TshomoTshering Tshomo2 日 前
    • @Pearl Neo Champagne thanz I will definitely listen 💓🥰

      Tshering TshomoTshering Tshomo11 時間 前
    • @Tshering Tshomo NCT U - without NCT U - i.o.u NCT U - my everything NCT U - coming home NCT U - TIMELESS NCT 127 - touch NCT 127 - no longer NCT 127 - make your day NCT DREAM - dear dream

      Pearl Neo ChampagnePearl Neo Champagne15 時間 前
    • No, I didn’t mean that More song like this type of song in past.

      Tshering TshomoTshering Tshomo15 時間 前
    • You can see on descriptions box

      Pearl Neo ChampagnePearl Neo Champagne2 日 前

  • i literally cried after watching this. so beautiful

    full sunfull sun2 日 前
  • I cannot get over this masterpiece

    Tori BlueTori Blue2 日 前
  • i can't get over the fact that i'll be leaving these boys one day.

    G08 Flores Ma. AngelikaG08 Flores Ma. Angelika2 日 前