Nishikori vs Pella; Tsonga, Andujar & Chardy In Action | Barcelona Open 2021 Highlights Day 1

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Day 1 from the 2021 Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell featuring Kei Nishikori and Pablo Andújar...
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  • Go Nishikori, GO!!

    moikeru1moikeru123 日 前
  • Is this the retirement tour for Tsonga?

    ----23 日 前
  • Has Basilashvili won anything since Federer?

    ----23 日 前
  • Fuckkk only 2 points from basilashvili match?fuck tennis tv media group, haters everythere 😠😠😠

    dimitri joxadzedimitri joxadze23 日 前
  • I would love to see Kei nishikori stays injury free for another 3-4 years.

    mnlrgmmnlrgm23 日 前
  • The nextgen crew is here and making their faces known. Players like Simon are on the sunset of their careers now.

    Trent TimoyTrent Timoy23 日 前
  • 錦織には隙が最近は大ありなのが残念である。 フォアサイドボールが浅すぎる。ダニエル太郎までとはいかないが、返球が中途半端な事が多い。 そして自滅オンパレード マジで深刻であります

    Djokovic1 NovakDjokovic1 Novak24 日 前
    • あと平均サービススピードも大分他より遅いのもやばい。

      Djokovic1 NovakDjokovic1 Novak24 日 前
  • Adding Max Mirnyi in the coaching team has been a great choice!Kei will do great things this summer💪🏻

    Alejandro Pikoulas PlataAlejandro Pikoulas Plata24 日 前
  • Did we all have a hallucination of Chardy&Basili motion?

    Deniz YanıközDeniz Yanıköz24 日 前
  • The editor seems do not like Nishikori. What a thumbnail pic. His look is definitely better than that

    Wonhee LeeWonhee Lee24 日 前
    • @Wonhee Lee But Nishikori and the ATP crew probably don't.

      Emperor II The PenguinEmperor II The Penguin23 日 前
    • @Emperor II The Penguin thx for your comment. but I care my pic and my look even playing tennis.

      Wonhee LeeWonhee Lee23 日 前
    • I don't think any tennis fan or ATP crew care about someone's look. The highlight of his performace is what we all came for. Tennis is not a beauty pageant after all.

      Emperor II The PenguinEmperor II The Penguin23 日 前
  • that was genius, magnificent, unbelievable, truly stunning, amazing, very nicely done...just lovely tennis

    piner74piner7424 日 前
  • Tconga fack

    Giorgi DameniaGiorgi Damenia24 日 前
    • "Tsonga fact" ?

      Emperor II The PenguinEmperor II The Penguin23 日 前
  • Let's go Nishikori!

    Tennis HammersTennis Hammers24 日 前
  • Man i really want nishikori to win something. I like him a lot and he really gives it his best whenever he's out on the court. This was a good win, but i hope he can continue his level. I just feel like he deserves a win man.

    Phil.KPhil.K24 日 前
  • Min 8:00 In the background, you can see kinda the logo of "Real Inter Milan". And they are in Barcelona 😂

    krafthundkrafthund24 日 前
  • 安定感が違うな

    nak_ aplnak_ apl24 日 前
  • simon's mouth is bigger than his shots.

    Jaimin TrivediJaimin Trivedi24 日 前
  • French Loose...

    Antoine __Antoine __24 日 前
  • What happened to Tsonga? He used to go toe to toe with the top four.

    Sean DurhamSean Durham24 日 前
  • What the hell happened to Tsonga, he looks so fat and not motivated.

    Suvantola SSuvantola S24 日 前
  • go

    Yuta GameYuta Game24 日 前
  • Great improvement in the camera angle for this tournament, used to be very far and high.

    valfar27valfar2724 日 前
  • ミス多すぎたけどよく勝てたな 途中明らかにブチ切れてラケット叩きつけそうな雰囲気出てたけどよく粘ったね

    山田太郎山田太郎24 日 前
  • Nishi..... i think top5 is impossible

    김민석김민석24 日 前
    • Top 15 is possible. Top 5 is too high.

      Emperor II The PenguinEmperor II The Penguin23 日 前
  • 相変わらずフルセット強いのほんと好き

    邪馬台国王愛萌様邪馬台国王愛萌様24 日 前
  • Super🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷

    Hugo PichonHugo Pichon24 日 前
  • 2 rallies, 19 sec of highlights - both points - setballs (Chardy vs Basilashvili)...hmm, new record ladies and gentlemen

    Alexey YarovikovAlexey Yarovikov24 日 前
  • Tsonga😭😭😭😭😭

    Vuqar RehimovVuqar Rehimov24 日 前
  • The tiny sip of the Chardonnay match left me thirsty for more. 😬

    binkyxz3binkyxz324 日 前
  • This is only the second match of the year played by Tsonga, if I remember it right,.

    Dean Ryan MartinDean Ryan Martin24 日 前
  • I wish Tennis TV would indicate which country each player is representing (ESP), (USA), (ITA) etc.

    Andrew RomeroAndrew Romero24 日 前
    • ​@Andrew Romero During GS, the indicate each players nationality. I don't know why they didn;t do the same with ATP.

      Emperor II The PenguinEmperor II The Penguin23 日 前
    • @Emperor II The Penguin Okay, that's all good but I don't have any cable subscription. The only way I can see ANY of these matches is via highlights. So, this is why I made my statement. I don't know a lot of these younger players and it would be nice to familiarize myself with an indication of nationality. Thanks!

      Andrew RomeroAndrew Romero23 日 前
    • When the match starts, they show each stats, career titles, age, height, money prize, birth date and location, nationality.

      Emperor II The PenguinEmperor II The Penguin23 日 前
  • i love court level views

    abhishek vanenooruabhishek vanenooru24 日 前
  • I suddenly blinked and missed chardy vs basilashvili highlights ☹️

    Juano EtcheversJuano Etchevers24 日 前
  • IDK . . . Does ATP tour is not meant for female players ? . . . i see no female player matches

    Augustya SingAugustya Sing24 日 前
    • ATP is for mens tennis, WTA is for womens tennis.

      Emperor II The PenguinEmperor II The Penguin23 日 前
    • Correct

      diskettediskette24 日 前
  • Man Nishikori backhand is right up there with Nole

    Gurvijay GillGurvijay Gill24 日 前
  • Rafa easy this week No one can touch Rafa 🐂 in red clay Vamos rafa

    Rafa BeastRafa Beast24 日 前
    • @Rafa Beast I like Nadal's game very much : strong grounstrokes, top spinned shots, curved serve, fighting for each ball etc. But you can't say "No one touch Rafa on clay" cause Nadal is not invincible.

      Emperor II The PenguinEmperor II The Penguin23 日 前
    • @Emperor II The Penguin last week rafa was injured Back injury Vamos rafa 💪💪💪

      Rafa BeastRafa Beast23 日 前
    • Yup, just last week ?

      Emperor II The PenguinEmperor II The Penguin23 日 前
  • Two points for a 3-set match between Chardy and Basilashvili? C'mon now, TennisTV media team. That's cheating your fans out of some good tennis.

    Matthew FosterMatthew Foster24 日 前
  • Tsonga played so passively

    MrSleepAllDayMrSleepAllDay25 日 前
  • ma boy Nishiiii need him back on tour beating the best

    DerekDerek25 日 前
  • Paire lost again in first round

    avtar Kahlonavtar Kahlon25 日 前
  • Wow it’s good to see these players🎾❤️

    Glinda ConardGlinda Conard25 日 前
  • nishi!!

    TarakoTarako25 日 前
  • Go Nishikori!

    dtv2031dtv203125 日 前
  • it's over Joe Wilfred...

    John StrombolyJohn Stromboly25 日 前
  • Will a French player ever win a slam again?

    Christopher YoungChristopher Young25 日 前
    • Dont think so

      avtar Kahlonavtar Kahlon25 日 前
  • Nishikori. wow. whew. really hope he continues to get bacl into the winners circle

    J nidJ nid25 日 前
  • Tsonga and Nishikori were in that weird generation that was snuffed out by three big three and the occasional Stan and Andy wins. Looks like they are done, the next gen is here and they are as we struggling

    BrandonBrandon25 日 前
    • @Brandon It sounds like you're trying to be a smartass but... welp.

      Emperor II The PenguinEmperor II The Penguin23 日 前
    • @Emperor II The Penguin it sounds like you are on some kind of illegal substance. It also sounds like you did not do well on any reading comprehension test. Doesn't mean it is the case, now go rest yourself and stop trying add words to something you don't understand

      BrandonBrandon23 日 前
    • @Brandon You said "Looks like they are done", it's the same as "They'll never be good", "their career is over". You got a brain, what do you understand ?

      Emperor II The PenguinEmperor II The Penguin23 日 前
    • @Tootspogs Forever I said looks. You got eyes, what do you see?

      BrandonBrandon24 日 前
    • never say never brandon boy!!😀

      Tootspogs ForeverTootspogs Forever25 日 前
  • I think I'm blessed because if not I wouldn't have met someone who is as spectacular as expert Mrs Rose Robert

    Jamea ParkJamea Park25 日 前
    • @Frank lol never seen so many bots replying to comment

      Gregory HouseGregory House24 日 前
    • looool wtf, the bots came out on this one

      FrankFrank25 日 前
    • Yes but do you know I have been paid out today

      Dennis BrownDennis Brown25 日 前
    • Anyone who she handles his or her trade for I believe is so lucky

      James MacbethJames Macbeth25 日 前
    • Can I start with $1000?

      Mark BenedethoMark Benedetho25 日 前
  • Mrs Rose Robert and her method works like magic I keep earning single week with new strategy

    Jamea ParkJamea Park25 日 前
  • Gilles simon needs to retire. His brand of tennis would only just about work on grass.

    nastasticnastastic25 日 前
  • 錦織ーー!!

    メープルメープル25 日 前
  • BWEEEH!!!

    Bugatti VeyronBugatti Veyron25 日 前
  • I feel kinda sorry for Tsonga

    oracle yangoracle yang25 日 前
  • As a Japanese, I'm really happy to see all these comments from around the world rooting for Nishikori every time tennis tv uploads a video. He has said throughout this season that he is just waiting for that '6th sense to click'. It may be baby steps, but I'd like to think that he is heading towards the right direction. Thank you from Japan for supporting him!

    Yuta ItoYuta Ito25 日 前
    • @Sam vamos rafa 🐐

      Rafa BeastRafa Beast22 日 前
    • @Rafa Beast covid is the fault of the ccp.Chinese people have nothing to do with it....

      Proud MuslimProud Muslim22 日 前
    • @Rafa Beast racist, wrong place to be here.

      SamSam22 日 前
    • @Qian Wu You're welcome dude ;)

      Nicolas CONSALVONicolas CONSALVO23 日 前
    • @Paul Johnson Always that one person huh ?

      Emperor II The PenguinEmperor II The Penguin23 日 前
  • super

    Nguyen ChanhNguyen Chanh25 日 前
  • Nishi

    nishinishi25 日 前
  • more tennis wisdom from the commentator: "that's genius," "that's wonderful," "that's a backhand," "what a tennis ball strike,"...

    Sayres RudySayres Rudy25 日 前
  • 10 secs for chardy’s match 😭

    GowtherGowther25 日 前
  • 0:14 手首壊してからここが甘くなったのが残念だ。

    Djokovic1 NovakDjokovic1 Novak25 日 前
  • I think we can start saying goodbye to Simon and Tsonga on the tour

    Alex WrightAlex Wright25 日 前
    • @Rafa Beast lol you are a lowlife toxic person with nothing else to do but comment shit online

      Proud MuslimProud Muslim22 日 前
    • ​@Alba M. The centre court in Barcelona open was renamed Pista Rafa Nadal and very often people tend to shorten his name for Rafa, instead of Rafael.

      Emperor II The PenguinEmperor II The Penguin23 日 前
    • @Emperor II The Penguin huh? I thought it was Federer's. I still remember some jewels... calling other players names. Rafa's? That's new.

      Alba M.Alba M.23 日 前
    • @Emperor II The Penguin monfils is a joke How dare you talk to rafa fan being A monfils fan U need to run 🏃 Vamos rafa

      Rafa BeastRafa Beast23 日 前
    • @Rafa Beast Yes I'm crying, buhuhu, chlip, chlop, schloch. I'm traumatised by your ruthless comment. Ouch, your comments hurts my feeling so much. Oh no.

      Emperor II The PenguinEmperor II The Penguin23 日 前
  • It'd be better if you didn't add the Chardy's "highlights" to this..

    Jimbo AriasJimbo Arias25 日 前
  • So great seeing Kei grind out a tough win

    alecksalecks25 日 前
  • Tsonga played too passive, too defensive. That's not his style. He normally dictates points.

    hg82methg82met25 日 前
  • Let’s go Nishikori

    20 Kkk20 Kkk25 日 前
  • aw gosh whatta bummer. i just watched that birthday video reel of tsonga killin it against the big 4 [sic] and it had me all hype on him, and someone said he'd be playing again in a couple days, i was excited. but here is a guy who can barely move it looks like.

    DanielBoonelightDanielBoonelight25 日 前
  • Would like to see Nishikori keep up the top quality of tennis good luck. 👍

    Chopper FokChopper Fok25 日 前
  • Tsonga was one of my favourite players to watch back in his prime, kind of sad seeing him struggle at the moment.

    Alex RichardsonAlex Richardson25 日 前
  • GRIDO Pella 😂

    Christian Astudillo AyalaChristian Astudillo Ayala25 日 前
  • With the majority of the tour struggling to find their form due to lack of matches, it’s great to see some of the older players like Nishikori start racking up W’s and building that confidence back up again

    AdidasAdidas25 日 前
  • What the hell how did gerasimov served for matvh point 7:58

    Niels MirouxNiels Miroux25 日 前
  • I think Kei is genius.

    中島大輔中島大輔25 日 前
  • Worst camera angle!

    SamirSamir25 日 前
  • I'm also happy to see Kei back playing better and better but is there anyone else who feels bad for Pella?? I really like his style and i enjoyed watching him 2 seasons ago when he beat raonic at wimbledon and had a few good results(broke into top 25 I think?)

    Teodor BalabanTeodor Balaban25 日 前
    • Yeah I really like Pella also

      Sel OsSel Os25 日 前
  • If not for tsonga at least nishikori won

    EstelEstel25 日 前
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    shahjadi tasmiashahjadi tasmia25 日 前
  • Watching Nishikori play is so satisfying. Such a clean style

    dev dharmadhikaridev dharmadhikari25 日 前
    • @Tootspogs Forever He's just pointing Nishikori's shots were not clean this time.

      Emperor II The PenguinEmperor II The Penguin23 日 前
    • You obviously didint watch him play today where he hit half his shots to the net or completely out untill the third set.

      Sebastian GomezSebastian Gomez25 日 前
  • Gerasimov's grunt sounds like a old man trying to take a shit

    Cussy RichardsCussy Richards25 日 前
  • Happy for Nishikori to moving forward - it's tough to come back from surgery and face Pella in the first round!

    Shyness Breakthrough CommunityShyness Breakthrough Community25 日 前
  • Does nishikoria ever just win in 2 sets?

    steven gaosteven gao25 日 前
    • he does... did you just follow him now??😀

      Tootspogs ForeverTootspogs Forever25 日 前
  • Gaio?

    Ricky LaeraRicky Laera25 日 前
  • Tsonga don’t look arsed

    Theo SimmondsTheo Simmonds25 日 前
  • Tsonga's one handers are like icing on a cake

    VedaswaramVedaswaram25 日 前
  • was that an inside out lefty slice serve on match point from Gerasimov? love when people actually use that serve

    Mana KMana K25 日 前
  • Pella plays a lot like Murray.

    Louis GianfrancescoLouis Gianfrancesco25 日 前
  • I wish Nishikori went back to his prime

    LeoLeo25 日 前
    • *...can go back to his prime

      JanuaryJanuary22 日 前
    • @jcorb *his

      JanuaryJanuary22 日 前
    • Leo I don't. Any player (or should I say "player") who takes 10-minute showers in the middle of the matches deserves to have poor form for the rest of him career.

      jcorbjcorb23 日 前
    • I wish he had won a grand slam in his prime

      Rainybark GordonRainybark Gordon24 日 前
    • @Kevin Jin well I think he did

      Hassan AbbasHassan Abbas24 日 前
  • Tsonga has a lot of class!!!lol

    Roberto GarciaRoberto Garcia25 日 前
  • great camera angle!

    James CrispJames Crisp25 日 前
    • no, it's too low!

      SamirSamir25 日 前
  • Tsonga tennis career is over its very difgicult for him to win a next tournament

    Peter MillerPeter Miller25 日 前
  • Tsonga tennis career is over its very difgicult for him to win a next tournament

    Peter MillerPeter Miller25 日 前
  • Second division tennis here. This really is the changing of the guard. Rublev and Tsitsipas had some amazing matches on clay in Monte Carlo.

    Radu HaseganRadu Hasegan25 日 前
  • Please nadal win this tournament!!❤

    silvester porconesilvester porcone25 日 前
  • Little more highlights please if you can from the other games!

    chris Kazachris Kaza25 日 前
  • 錦織頑張ってほしい!日本の宝ですね!✨

    リーダーphリーダーph25 日 前
  • Why is tsong still playing?? He is only embarrasing his own career

    Andreé FloresAndreé Flores25 日 前
  • Can't understand why Simon is still playing... Except for money, it is becoming really awkward to watch.

    Nicolas CONSALVONicolas CONSALVO25 日 前
  • Nishikori Victory✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

    wl novwl nov25 日 前
    • Ia m the tall ballkid on the right during the tie break. hahaha fr

      KryptonKrypton24 日 前
    • He's changed his game a bit, used to go to the angled off the court backhand play

      Peter LimPeter Lim24 日 前
  • What channel if any is this shown on in UK?

    Mitesh ShahMitesh Shah25 日 前
  • Cadê o jogo do Thiago Monteiro?

    Lucas PugetLucas Puget25 日 前
  • 錦織、ガリン戦も粘り強くがんばってほしい

    MihoMiho25 日 前
  • Noshikori deserves so much more. A great player. It's a pity that he doesn't win as many tournaments as I think he should have. Having won 12 career titles since he went Pro in 2007 and never a grand slam, I always feel that he should be winning more titles.

    KrisKris25 日 前
    • @Graham Swartwood You may be right. But he did reach the finals of a grand slam. That's not an easy thing to do. I do like his play... when he plays well though

      KrisKris22 日 前
    • @Graham Swartwood you know who's really overrated?? your mom!!!😀

      Tootspogs ForeverTootspogs Forever25 日 前
    • @Graham Swartwood I agree. Nishikori is good but he played in the age of the Big 3. Nobody won many titles in the past 1.5 decades because of them tbh

      Hemil ShahHemil Shah25 日 前
    • He”s overrated and overhyped in my opinion. Solid but no real weapons

      Graham SwartwoodGraham Swartwood25 日 前