P!nk, Willow Sage Hart - Cover Me In Sunshine (Official Video)

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P!nk + Willow Sage Hart // “Cover Me In Sunshine” // Out Now!
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“Cover Me In Sunshine”

I’ve been dreaming
friendly faces
I’ve got so much time to kill

just imagine
people laughing
I know some day we will

and even if it’s far away
get me through another day

cover me in sunshine
shower me with good times
tell me that the world’s been spinning since the beginning
and everything’ll be alright
cover me in sunshine

from a distance
all these mountains
are just some tiny hills

they keep living
while they’re just standing still

I’ve been missing yesterday
but what if theres a better place

cover me in sunshine
shower me with good times
tell me that the world’s been spinning since the beginning
and everything’ll be alright
cover me in sunshine
shower me with good times
tell me that the world’s been spinning since the beginning
and everything’ll be alright
cover me in sunshine

La la la

cover me in sunshine
shower me with good times
tell me that the world’s been spinning since the beginning
and everything’ll be alright
cover me in sunshine
#pink #willowsagehart #covermeinsunshine

  • My baby girl and I recorded a song and made a video together!! We hope it brings you joy and sweetness and sunshine 🥰

    P!NKP!NK21 日 前
    • thank you so much for sharing. she really is a mini you!!! love you 2

      Kimberley TatumKimberley Tatum17 日 前
    • Ahww thank you so much! You too

      Titanic FanTitanic Fan20 日 前
    • 🥰

      Gran BarrufetGran Barrufet20 日 前
    • shes gawjus, P!nk love it youve got a very talented future pink

      Chamus WarrenChamus Warren20 日 前
    • I just can't stop watching this. Soo amazing! Both of you are wonderful. I hear this song and I instantly get happier. Thank You so much!

      Olivér TóthOlivér Tóth20 日 前
  • 🥰😍😊😢I feel sad

    johtablejohtable15 分 前
  • This video is all we needed, huge well done to you and willow ❤️

    Eilish McdonoughEilish Mcdonough27 分 前
  • This kid could be the next Ariana Grande❤️✨

    PlatinumAyezhaPlatinumAyezha47 分 前
  • This is excellent! I love that Pink lives her life on her terms, and raises her children so they have a real childhood! I see a very bright future for Miss Willow if that's the path she wishes to take.

    Amy ShepherdAmy Shepherd57 分 前
  • Williow is so pretty and her voice along with P!Nk;s was amazing!!!! #Socute!

    Elle TucciElle Tucci59 分 前
  • I think if there was one family I could meet in all the world it would be this one. . What an amazing all-around good human being and talented soul.. real people through and through.. maybe the best vocalist alive and to see Willow growing and singing in all her beautiful glory feels like such a gift to all of us. The video is fantastic. I just love it.

    Carla CurleeCarla Curlee時間 前
  • OMG! Love It❤️😘

    Raquel MoraisRaquel Morais時間 前
  • So beautiful! Can’t believe you have such a grown up daughter! She looks so much like you. So gorgeous xx

    Kinia RegulskaKinia Regulska時間 前
  • Can’t believe my idol (loved you since I was a kid ) got such a big beautiful daughter and and a gorgeous son♥️ remember when you just got together with Carey xx

    Kinia RegulskaKinia Regulska時間 前
  • Anyone? The chicken is eating a egg.

    Jack CarrollJack Carroll2 時間 前
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    m0rp4euzm0rp4euz2 時間 前
  • Willow is beautiful

    Ewa GrzywnyEwa Grzywny3 時間 前
  • This is just the cutest thing I've ever heard!!

    Catherine YoungCatherine Young3 時間 前
  • Pink is amazing! This song warms my heart!! Willow you are an amazing, awesome individual!! Love and hugs to all!!! ❤🥰

    Kim LewisKim Lewis3 時間 前
  • omg- willow is such a good singer! so are you pink i love you both so much

    Rainbow Bubbles YTRainbow Bubbles YT3 時間 前
  • I don't how people dislike this song They got problems man

    bibek gurungbibek gurung3 時間 前
  • Wow, that is amazing

    s iss is3 時間 前
  • 👍

    Toys of Joy & HappinessToys of Joy & Happiness3 時間 前
  • I absolutely love this...it's so sweet. I sing with my son all the time and it's the sweetest thing. It brings tears to me eyes every time I hear it :)

    Renai RobertsRenai Roberts3 時間 前
  • Love it ❤

    Sinead TroySinead Troy3 時間 前
  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Lucie KašparováLucie Kašparová3 時間 前
  • I love this song so much and seeing P!nk with her child is so cute! I was smiling the whole time!

    älä tuleälä tule3 時間 前
  • Thank goodness 🌞

    Buba GanoushBuba Ganoush4 時間 前
  • BRB Crying

    The Fabric SnobThe Fabric Snob4 時間 前
  • Soooo beautiful❤️❤️

    Elitsa FriebeElitsa Friebe4 時間 前
  • Love her little strong voice❤️

    bere99bere994 時間 前
  • Omg omg omg her daughter’s voice 🥰

    zunicarcelenzunicarcelen4 時間 前
  • I love pink!

    Ethan LongEthan Long4 時間 前
  • this just made me cry. i hope one day i’ll be able to do the same thing with my child, it’s just so powerful and sweet🥺♥️

    AliceeGomezzAliceeGomezz4 時間 前
  • This is so precious and sweet the part with willow makes me cry. So sweet.

    Taylor WainscottTaylor Wainscott4 時間 前
  • You are so precious ♥️

    Yasmín FusterYasmín Fuster4 時間 前
  • This is so amazing it’s my new favourite song!

    Coke SquadCoke Squad4 時間 前
  • That was sooo sweet!

    Lauren HazelLauren Hazel5 時間 前
  • Where did time go?!?!? She is so big!

    Lu GeigerLu Geiger5 時間 前
  • Was für ein Talent. MotherLove :)

    Pre DatorPre Dator5 時間 前
  • LOVE this ❤

    L SL S5 時間 前
  • My heart burn 💖

    LumiLumi5 時間 前

    Jnyz StarzJnyz Starz5 時間 前
  • Pink is as cool as a mother can get 😍👌🏼

    amira bekkoucheamira bekkouche6 時間 前
  • é filha dela? lindas ♥

    Rafael RosaRafael Rosa6 時間 前
  • Yh. Peep how the hens eat their own eggs😂

    Q TaylorQ Taylor6 時間 前
  • This is so beautiful🥺🥺🥺

    Angelica PerdomoAngelica Perdomo6 時間 前
  • Pink and Willow are the cutest duo!

    YoonbreadYoonbread6 時間 前
  • Love it! Beautiful

    Felix MarquezFelix Marquez6 時間 前
  • I’m crying so hard right now this is so beautiful 😂😭 willow is such a beautiful girl just like her mama I’m so happy to see you so happy,,

    april_in_the_rainapril_in_the_rain6 時間 前
  • This song just makes me cry for good .

    One life ShreshthaOne life Shreshtha6 時間 前
  • Willows so lucky she gets to spend time with her mom my mom is in collage never spends time with me 😞

    Octopus funOctopus fun6 時間 前
  • I love everything about this...the lyrics, the vocals, the visuals. ❤️

    J CJ C7 時間 前
  • Wow, Willow looks like her dad.

    focchafoccha7 時間 前
  • I had to cry, you are so cute together! I love you so much!

    ItsMugnai _ItsMugnai _7 時間 前
  • We love it and our family see you as a true inspiration! Thank you for everything you do! We watched it 100 times! I’m writing this with my 6yr old daughter Alice, we listen to you every day xx 🌈❤️

    Adam GallieAdam Gallie7 時間 前

    Lydia YaredLydia Yared8 時間 前
  • I have a class of pre-k kids and they are obsessed with this song. They asked to please tell Willow that she is beautiful and they love her ! X

    June McKeeJune McKee9 時間 前
  • Lovely❤️

    J LeeJ Lee9 時間 前
  • 😍this Song is amazing! You have to write more songs with your beautifull daughter!😍

    Lexy catLexy cat10 時間 前
  • Willow is so lucky to have a beautiful Mother, not because she is rich or famous but because she is real. 🥰

    minij hooiminij hooi10 時間 前
  • I'm obsessed with p!nk daughter she sing so excellent

    Deddy Yan SetiawanDeddy Yan Setiawan10 時間 前
  • Loved it. What a sweet memory for you both.

    Laurie BLaurie B10 時間 前
    • 💕🥰

      minij hooiminij hooi10 時間 前
  • Love the song, love the vibes, i'm listening in a loop, the only way ot make it better, is to make it longer

    Dario SuardiDario Suardi10 時間 前
  • She Is Beautiful.

    Patricia SalutiPatricia Saluti11 時間 前
  • This is so sweet. It gives me chills hearing you both sing. 🙏🏻😍 such a joy to watch this video and dream away.

    Tim de WinterTim de Winter11 時間 前
  • Wow... Ein schöner Song!

    Frank BastianFrank Bastian11 時間 前
  • I'm a 27 year old male here, with a beautiful fiance and 2½ year old daughter. I love this song with all my heart, just reminds me of both of them. ❤

    Harley OHarley O11 時間 前
  • I heard that on the radio in my dad's cars

    Marshall Bruce SmetsersMarshall Bruce Smetsers11 時間 前
  • Almost as good as taking a deep drag on some uplifting weed

    SaveClimate NOW!SaveClimate NOW!12 時間 前
  • I love you pink so much and your daughter looks just like you and sounds amazing It’s so good to see you both so happy it brings joy to my world

    nascar andrew951nascar andrew95112 時間 前
  • Brought me to tears ...reminded me of my daughter and me singing when she was her age...Very beautiful Song and Family

    Andy SchneiderAndy Schneider12 時間 前
  • Saw this video 2 hours after it was posted. I'm not a "happy" music kind of girl. This came at the perfect time. I absolutely love it... Thank you!

    Laura SLaura S12 時間 前
  • 👍

    david leondavid leon13 時間 前
  • i can’t wait for her daughter to get older to see if she has a voice like her mom

    Dakota HilleryDakota Hillery13 時間 前
  • Both so beautiful 🥰

    Sannee4386Sannee438613 時間 前
  • Love love love this song

    Janeen ReidJaneen Reid13 時間 前
  • 💕🥰

    Cindy HobsonCindy Hobson13 時間 前
  • This warms my heart so much, such a beautiful song. Plus it's weird seeing willow all grown up when I remember hearing about pinks pregnancy during my early teenage years.

    Jordie SakuraJordie Sakura14 時間 前
  • Absolutely love it just sent to a friend 🙏🏻😊 l hope it bring her joy. Pink it’s definitely uplifting god bless your daughter gorgeous beautiful energy

    Anna BiaAnna Bia14 時間 前
  • Child abuse

    LaurensMHTLaurensMHT14 時間 前
  • Voice 🥊🍀🌙 of an angel 🌘🌗🌖🌕🌔🌓🌑🌒🌜🌙🍀

    Gail DayGail Day14 時間 前
  • My grandaughters will love this beautiful song ❤️🍀🌙🇮🇪

    Gail DayGail Day14 時間 前
  • Absolutely beautiful 🍀❤️🌙🥊🍀🌙

    Gail DayGail Day15 時間 前
  • so lovely! each mom will love this video: so warm, full of love, so naive )))

    Юлiя ВеретельникЮлiя Веретельник15 時間 前
  • ❤️

    Alena anelAAlena anelA15 時間 前
  • 最高🥰⤴️⤴️

    ビタミンCビタミンC15 時間 前
  • your daughter is so sweet and adorable and the song is successful again

    Eszter VSO Klein BorculoEszter VSO Klein Borculo15 時間 前
  • Merveilleux!😍

    AngèleAngèle16 時間 前
  • ❤❤❤❤❤🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭💓💓

    maddalena moscamaddalena mosca16 時間 前
  • Luv them!

    Jenn LandinJenn Landin17 時間 前
  • 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Charifa HamdaneCharifa Hamdane17 時間 前
  • The only normal and beauty Star !!!!! ♥️🌹Thank you for showing that you are a normal ♥️🍀💪🌹😇

    Elli Ka.Elli Ka.18 時間 前
  • Willow ist such a cute wild kid like her mum

    Kim de RoseKim de Rose18 時間 前
  • love this song so much that's why I created a song cover of it

    Katy ChanKaty Chan18 時間 前
  • I love you pink

    Lizzy FreemanLizzy Freeman18 時間 前
  • I can see your beautiful hearts - you know how special it is to be a Mum......I can see your joy and it mirrors my own - special children have special Mothers'.....love them with all your heart and DON'T ever stop....

    Poppy KochPoppy Koch19 時間 前
  • I hate your songs

    Tahlia vowlesTahlia vowles19 時間 前
  • i wonder if ur daughter is gonna have an amazing voice like you♥️

    IreneIrene19 時間 前
  • I can tell pink’s daughter is going to be like her beautiful amazing angelic mum when she grows up 🥰

    Emily smithEmily smith20 時間 前
  • I love you so much ❤️

    Brendon MizzieboBrendon Mizziebo20 時間 前
  • Beautiful 🍀

    Gail DayGail Day20 時間 前
  • ❤️🍀🌙🌜🌒🌑🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘➕🍀

    Gail DayGail Day20 時間 前
  • Absolutely love it...you are such a great mama!

    Georgia BelleGeorgia Belle21 時間 前