SPACE JAM 2 A NEW LEGACY Trailer (2021) Family Movie

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SPACE JAM 2 A NEW LEGACY Trailer (2021) Family Movie
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  • Ready player one.... stupid movie.... isassiciative from the 1st and brons que card acting is going to be great for children. Won’t be watching this trash.

    Andrew TuckerAndrew Tucker30 分 前
  • This looks terrrrible

    Josh LevanJosh Levan時間 前
  • Yo are all the monstars basket ball players in this movie

    Laith YonesLaith Yones3 時間 前
  • This is the lamest, Lachina James lol boooooo

    Z AZ A3 時間 前
  • Ready player one but space jam we get it "kids these days" make something original ffs

    Mr AbcMr Abc3 時間 前
  • LeBron just trying to be Michael

    Mr. SmilesMr. Smiles4 時間 前
  • Looks absolutely dog shit.

    randy marsholerandy marshole4 時間 前
  • Can't wait

    NA - 10ZZ 681199 Castlebrooke SSNA - 10ZZ 681199 Castlebrooke SS5 時間 前
  • I saw this trailer when I saw Godzilla Vs Kong and I'm excited. I'm a huge Looney Tunes fan and i was excited that a sequel to the original film was on the way and I get to see my favorite characters like not only the main ones but also Lola Bunny and my personal favorite Wile E Coyote. The last time we saw the Looney Tunes on the screen was Looney Tunes Back In Action from 2003 which I thought was too slow but I want to see how this sequel to the original film will go.

    Daniel MoralesDaniel Morales5 時間 前
  • Now this is a trailer. This almost feels like a Marvel movie. The cinematography and the acting, the animation. I'm very excited. I've waited for a sequel to Space Jam for YEARS. 🙌🙌🙌

    Jizzie JamesJizzie James7 時間 前
  • I can already see it now. In a couple years we’re gonna have lebron James, meeting up with Jon snow, and Lara Croft from tomb raider. Ending up at lady Dimitrescu’s castle in order to find the chaos emeralds to stop out world’s invasion

    Xavier OchoaXavier Ochoa7 時間 前
  • This doesn't really feel like space jam, getting a matrix and reck it ralph vibes

    GodOfCowsGodOfCows7 時間 前
  • Okay, time to spill my thoughts on this: I'll start by addressing the positives I like about the trailer. First, I like the idea of giving more of a motivation for the real life basketball star to be involved. Last movie, Michael Jordan was basically competing against his will. Here, LeBron James is competing on a rescue mission to save his son. A plot that's kinda cliché, but nothing that's disqualifying of a good story. Also, it's nice that they have the classic Looney Tunes style of comedy, and they gave Yosemite Sam his guns back, so we at least don't have to worry about his personality being dull. Gabriel Iglesias is doing the voice of Speedy Gonzalez. He's one of my favorite comedians, so I like that he gets to be a part of this franchise. That being said, that's where my compliments of this movie seeing the trailer stops. By giving more of a reason why LeBron James is competing, it kind of destroys why the Looney Tunes are competing, unless it gets established that they're going to be kidnapped like in the first movie. Also, there's a huge problem I have with the 3-D CG design of the Looney Tunes. If there's anything I learned from the Jimmy Neutron & Fairly Odd Parents crossover, it's that some things that were originally drawn in 2-D should NEVER be drawn in 3-D. And the Looney Tunes is no exception. Am I the only one that thinks they look creepy? This may be a nitpick, but I also really don't like the design of the Tune Squad jerseys. A lot of the effects look like they'll be hard to watch for anyone who suffers from seizures. And then there's the jokes about The Looney Tunes trying to be hip, edgy, and cool; which I have never liked about post-1980's Looney Tunes. Overall, I do think that this movie deserves a fair chance, but my predicted opinion has not changed much. Granted, it's nice that at least one of the gun slingers gets his personality back, basically, but the other isn't here.

    nascarfanatic2425nascarfanatic24258 時間 前
  • One thing im curious about is if this movie is gonna show some continuity from the first movie like is there gonna be a scene where lebron ask the looney tunes are they capable of playing basket ball and bugs is like "of course after all we done this before with another basket ball player"

    J DawsonJ Dawson9 時間 前
  • WEll... im dissapointed.

    harlemhornetharlemhornet10 時間 前
  • Man I'm sooo gonna miss June in this film For some reason I can't watch looney tunes the same way without her lol RIP June Foray 1919 - 2017 (Granny)

    nin*tonynin*tony11 時間 前
  • Ok whos gonna sing the soundtrack Not R Kelly anymore ,hmm Usher, Bruno Mars, Rubben Studdard, But please no Khalid, Weeknd, or any milenial male RnB Singer i (we) want glorious such I Believe i can fly and only Great singer can able to do that Deny12 時間 前
  • Alright im calling it now: they are gonna make atleast one big chungus joke

    otskari motskariotskari motskari13 時間 前
  • 😂😂 Quassic

    Daniel DanielDaniel Daniel14 時間 前
  • Man they really gotta be putting Don Cheadle in everything.

    Andromeda is ComingAndromeda is Coming15 時間 前
  • yeah of course it's 3d cgi, please don't ever make another roger rabbit movie if this is what it will be like.

    Jim StoneJim Stone16 時間 前
  • Most of the voices were alright, but it's like they didn't even try for Tweety

    Half Baked MediaHalf Baked Media17 時間 前
  • Theaters aren't even open

  • Why isn't Michael Jordan in this movie you ask because he's not woke enough

    James HuddlestonJames Huddleston21 時間 前
  • I'd stick to original.

    Kevin John DuermeKevin John Duerme22 時間 前
  • whack. First one is always G.O.A.T.

    DreamwakeDreamwake23 時間 前

    Docker PockerDocker Pocker日 前
  • Did I just see yogi bear? He ain't no loony toon.

    Rickee LangRickee Lang日 前
  • Isn’t space jam supposed to involve.. ya know.. SPACE

    B ScanB Scan日 前
  • Whats up doc!!!

    Ali Jafar RazaAli Jafar Raza日 前
  • Did I just see Superman being on the list of Lebron James Dream team? Lol 😆

    Kiss My EtniesKiss My Etnies日 前
  • Looks like a mess of vivid colors and characters, all lead by an America-hating racist who thinks targeting police officers is good business.

    Candymantempting 41Candymantempting 41日 前
  • This looks like shit

    Hernandez MarkieHernandez Markie日 前
  • Jordan is better.

    Mr. ArchnemesisMr. Archnemesis日 前
  • What change that trailer

    Ujwal BodaUjwal Boda日 前
  • Look how they butchered my girl Lola

    Kody KennedyKody Kennedy日 前
  • Why make him a cartoon though

    BiG AlBiG Al日 前
  • This is absolute garbage. A virtue signaling, police hating (yet still demands they protect him) is the absolute worst person to have in a "family" movie. Warner Brothers, you and Disney need to really lay off the damn sequels and get your priorities together.

    JL OConnellJL OConnell日 前
  • Spoiler.. he doesn't win until Space Jam 4.

    FlyhighphillyFlyhighphilly日 前
  • yeah great

    Mark Jestoni GarciaMark Jestoni Garcia日 前
  • Funny story Before Godzilla vs Kong came out, literally everyone in my English class was talking about it. When this trailer dropped, being the biggest space jam fan in my school, was excited to see who else watched this trailer. So the next day, I asked my class how many people were excited for this, and literally the entire class was DEAD SILENT.

    The Pineapple from Outer SpaceThe Pineapple from Outer Space日 前
    • Everyone in your class is uncultured.

      Big Bawlz LebowskiBig Bawlz Lebowski9 時間 前
    • you should've tried asking their parents instead.

      Jim StoneJim Stone16 時間 前

    Maureen MunarMaureen Munar日 前
  • 1:58 When you see a hot woman.

    emilio serrano 2emilio serrano 2日 前
  • I’m wondering if the warner siblings will make a cameo. That would be cool!

    Dork n' BeanzDork n' Beanz日 前
  • i thought space jam from Michael Jordan was the only space jam movie. Glad there's a new movie of space jam

    Solo 1Solo 12 日 前
  • Oh look they have baby jane hudson and the wizard of oz in this trailer

    blue redblue red2 日 前
  • 2:08 yall already know

    Sweater Gang PodcastsSweater Gang Podcasts2 日 前
  • My reaction when I see kong:😀😀😀 My reaction when I see iron giant:🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌/10 excitment

    Jorge SalazarJorge Salazar2 日 前
  • i like how the iron giant and Godzilla get more screen time then half of the toon squad

    EZRAEZRA2 日 前
  • Did lola bunny really just do the dwyane wade alley oop look away... Bruh...

    Eloi SherifiEloi Sherifi2 日 前
  • I've watched this trailer 409 times.

    The Guy In The CommentsThe Guy In The Comments2 日 前
  • Why all the irrelevant characters? The fuck is kong doing In looney tunes?

    ThxyLivxThxyLivx2 日 前
  • TIME TRAVELED TO THE 90S 90s kid: Hey i just saw Space Jam. Time Traveler: Oh which one? 90s Kid: 👀👄👀

    Terrill WilliamsTerrill Williams2 日 前
  • Anyone else notice Lola has the same styled tail as Bugs? Her tail was rounded in the first movie. 1:22

    awesometacularawesometacular2 日 前
    • They just didn't put much effort as the first space jam

      Pastor FuturePastor Future2 日 前
  • I 💕 the Amazing

    Nia SayamuongboNia Sayamuongbo2 日 前
  • Interesting twist on reality. Sooo, it's the kid, not the father who abandons the family? 😂😂😂

    LaurieLaurie2 日 前
  • This commie worshipping yutz stars in this??? Screw this movie.

    dogeymon83dogeymon832 日 前
  • Ayoooo RL Grime on the soundtrack

    Mason SayreMason Sayre2 日 前
  • I know it's getting old to hate on everything... But seriously, this looks awful. The furry, lifelike 3D versioning of classic animations and video games always ends up looking so disgusting

    WW2 日 前
  • sorry lebron james is not that level of MJ he is a glory hunter moving around nba team so he can win champs not like MJ one man playing for one team.

    brian65058brian650582 日 前
  • I cant wait

    Antonio StanAntonio Stan2 日 前
  • Did anyone else noticed in the back they used the models of the scooby doo gang and blue falcon from the scoob movie

    Nick AllisonNick Allison2 日 前
  • What they did to Lola Bunny is called "desexualizing". Which is just another word for "body shaming"!

    M .W. KM .W. K2 日 前
  • W A F

    Melvin MumfordMelvin Mumford3 日 前
  • Ready player 1: Man we’re gonna make the most movie references ever Space Jam 2: Hold my beer

    Can PolatCan Polat3 日 前
  • I seriously can’t wait for this movie . Here for like the 20th watch. I need this new theme released lol 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Brick CityBrick City3 日 前
    • Seriously and need. Great values!

      ValenValen2 日 前
  • I'm glad it is live action

    Monty RayMonty Ray3 日 前
  • The greatest basket ball player of all time guys..i’m hyped

    Maga023Maga0233 日 前
    • Valen what?

      Maga023Maga0232 日 前
    • And forgot racist.

      ValenValen2 日 前
  • either gonna be real trash or real good the original always better doe

    Dominic Mackenzie-MorseDominic Mackenzie-Morse3 日 前
  • My childhood when it was space jam the first one lol

    Alina GabrialAlina Gabrial3 日 前
  • I see pennywise or IT in 1:46 look

    Mohammad Zabih ZargariMohammad Zabih Zargari3 日 前
  • The original was far better they have just ruined it

    C cC c3 日 前
    • the original was no masterpiece (i didn't like the first one) and this one is gonna be even worse and a real zero zone.

      Afi JamesAfi James2 日 前
  • This looks sh*t

    TinmenShakezoTinmenShakezo3 日 前
  • It's Lebron so at halftime he'll switch side and play for the Monstars

    TinmenShakezoTinmenShakezo3 日 前

    Steven JoannidisSteven Joannidis3 日 前
  • looks dumb

    chance manchance man3 日 前
  • Michael jodon my 90s kid memories space jam🤩😍😍

    Peace RPeace R3 日 前
  • Its going to be a tragedy if M.J. doesn't show up to save the day at the end just like Bill Murray!! Hell, bring them both back at the end!

    Lee RoyLee Roy3 日 前
  • I'm going watch this theater July 16 2027

    Chris SanchezChris Sanchez3 日 前
  • Dam King Kong making all the cut in every movies now “lol”

    IamSharkyIamSharky3 日 前
  • George Floyd 💖 Kimberly Brinks

    MrMelgibsteinMrMelgibstein3 日 前
  • 0:54 James Rhodes Iron Patriot War Machine

    Luis XLuis X3 日 前
  • Ew there 3 D

    я лисицая лисица3 日 前
  • Yooo granny got them moves

    ElectroTunesElectroTunes4 日 前
  • This literally looks like the stupidest shit ever. Thank you for running the original. Hope everyone is happy.

    Joker Vs Batman33Joker Vs Batman334 日 前
    • the original was garbage as well and this one is gonna be even worse and i'm gonna give space jam: a new legacy zero stars and by far the worst film of 2021, lebitch is a joke and deserve to be.

      Afi JamesAfi James2 日 前
  • Looney Tunes doesn't look right in 3D

    NoNameNoName4 日 前
  • i watched space jam just now with my class, beautiful.

    lxvely_rxseylxvely_rxsey4 日 前
    • @Arnaldo Makanju excuse me?! i am not my older brother.

      lxvely_rxseylxvely_rxsey2 日 前
    • I bet you're born in 2000!

      Arnaldo MakanjuArnaldo Makanju2 日 前
  • they need to put big chungus in this movie

    Percival_ SaladPercival_ Salad4 日 前
  • Bron trying to be Mj so fkng hard!

    Joaquin PhoenixJoaquin Phoenix4 日 前
    • The trailer proves the whole movie will be trying too hard

      FrostFrost3 日 前
  • Not keen ngl

    Greg BevingtonGreg Bevington4 日 前
  • Give me my thick Lola bunny back

    Xnoid 37Xnoid 374 日 前
  • 2:17

    Joe MAmaJoe MAma4 日 前
  • Man take LeBron and give us back Kobe! He would have been so perfect for this film.

    M&N DistributionM&N Distribution4 日 前
    • But Kobe is already died!

      Jatek Vadas170Jatek Vadas1703 日 前
  • Go to 1:46 Look to the right You will see pennywise

    ColoringChannelColoringChannel4 日 前

  • Why is it not looney toons its a better name in my opinion

    Its_IsaIts_Isa4 日 前
  • Looks horrible and boring but i could be wrong.

    Kaitlyn EdwardsKaitlyn Edwards4 日 前
  • OMG this Cgi and Design crazy

    Andrej RaicevicAndrej Raicevic4 日 前
  • I'm actually excited 😆

    NurProductionsNurProductions4 日 前
  • How curry not in this movie man he’s like the next best player after Lebron

    Captain ColdCaptain Cold4 日 前