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SUPER YAGOO TIIIIIIIME #redditshitreview
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  • O shit a Bridge! 55:20

    Chicken ButterChicken Butter時間 前
  • The learning English meme feels kinda incomplete, could make a much more elaborate one: Marine - Do English Classes Noel - Learn on Duolingo + Reddit Luna - Use Duolingo and repeat pronouncing every word at least 100 times Polka - You can use Duolingo, but most important is that you enjoy it Roboco - Learn on Duolingo but switch to keyboard input instead of selecting the words Sora - Buy books for learning English. Kiara - Doing any lessons is pointless, just talk with people

    Rya BreadRya Bread4 時間 前
  • Coco is a madlass

    Snake - ヘビSnake - ヘビ日 前
  • I had this in my watch list for so long and skimmed through it earlier actually thinking Yago made an appearance.

    moohoomanmoohooman日 前
  • Forgetting the name of your boss while introducing him is an alpha move.

    John FischerJohn Fischer日 前
  • imagine not only making a soundboard of your boss, but also telling him to shut up

    jan409jan409日 前
  • 55:32 I'mma just leave it here

    Hello HoomanHello Hooman2 日 前
  • Coco-chan fue divertido directo de Espera convexa Reddit Shitpost Review !! si vino la MEJOR CHICA y fue realmente genial ver a fubuki-chan aqui a si claro tambien esta yagoo pero las dos son muy lindas coco-chan como fubuki-chan me gustaria volver a escuchar a cocospanish pero eso sera それが私の願いです.

    Gustavo Ch.人間のサンズパワーGustavo Ch.人間のサンズパワー2 日 前
  • Love that coco keeps telling yagoo to shut up lol!

    HxPunisherHxPunisher2 日 前
  • haters will say it’s fake

    itpalitpal2 日 前
  • Can't say "Hololive" without "lol"

    G NugrohoG Nugroho2 日 前
  • Oh my...

    Dan DareDan Dare2 日 前
  • Coco, please. If you want to play with Dad, just ask him.

    ArkanterianArkanterian2 日 前
  • 2 languages while managing her stream and her guest. Good job Coco.

    otaku1699otaku16993 日 前
  • where yagoo...?

    WoW_iuWoW_iu4 日 前
  • Hey there Coco, I love your streams, I know that you're the best vtuber I've ever known. Your videos entertained me the right way at the right time, its amazing how the vtuber with the highest number of oopsies become the best to me 😂. Keep going girl!

    Fanes TimothyFanes Timothy4 日 前
  • All I’ve figured out is... 母音具姆印具=ボイングボイング=boing boing

    NekoNeko4 日 前
  • "oh, you little sh!ts want Yagoo on the meme review? I'll give you Yagoo motherfnckers" -Coco (probably)

    ShadowAkatoraShadowAkatora4 日 前
  • Next on is alimony please. I even used please instead of pls

    Chief WhitebirdChief Whitebird4 日 前
  • COCO!!!! ❤️❤️😊😊😂😂

    Enrique SanchezEnrique Sanchez4 日 前
  • yyyoooooooooooooooooo

    Generic background CharacterGeneric background Character4 日 前
  • "The best streaming in hololive"

    雪中梅雪中梅4 日 前
  • Just imagine how much the preparations for this 1 hour stream would take. Well done Coco, well done

    oxygen consuming individualoxygen consuming individual4 日 前
  • I wish we could at least get an occasional comment from Yagoo. I really want to know what he thinks about the content, and the (clearly playful) jokes at his expense.

    Geebus CrustGeebus Crust4 日 前
    • After this, he tweeted about how he was trending on Twitter and laughed.

      KeatonKeaton3 日 前
  • Coco with Yagoo sound board. ULTIMATE POWER.

    Exiled Doublep89Exiled Doublep895 日 前
  • Dawg , Meme review all collab are soundboard . there a quick meme

    ZeikestsuZeikestsu5 日 前
  • TIL the kanji for phoenix is "undying bird"

    Golden KingGolden King5 日 前
  • 55:32 A little treat for y'all

    FaeremanFaereman5 日 前
  • As Garnt once said on his channel “ it’s less like AKB48 and more like AK47”

    XxCrimsonCxXXxCrimsonCxX5 日 前
  • 55:32

    Melody of the HikkikomoriMelody of the Hikkikomori5 日 前
  • I'd love to have that Soundboard 😂

    Ahmad Daffa PratamaAhmad Daffa Pratama5 日 前
  • Kaichou really having fun in this review! 😂👏👏👏👏

    [Jaka][Jaka]5 日 前
  • 隙あらば会社説明からのシャラップメチャクチャ好きwww

    しろたましろたま5 日 前
  • 16:09

    ロジロジロジロジ5 日 前
  • くそレディットシリーズで一番笑った

    十兵衛十兵衛5 日 前
  • yagoo?

    chen aaronchen aaron5 日 前
  • At 57:50, I thought at first Fubuki said "NO! FUCK THIS!" but she more likely said " NO! FOX DESU!"

    Mr. ViewerMr. Viewer5 日 前

    BananiceBananice5 日 前
  • i reluctantly subscribe to this because she said "bitch on the street" when describing hoes.

    Some Day DreamerSome Day Dreamer6 日 前
  • 1:19 Stream start

    CPTpurrfectCPTpurrfect6 日 前
  • Don't let Yagoo's Matafaka distract you from the most heartwarming KanaCoco moment ever at 12:58 where Coco's about to say Uchi no Kanata (My Kanata) before she catches herself saying it

    LukaLuka6 日 前
    • uchi no isn't necessarily translateable to my though

      Yves Reginald MangonYves Reginald Mangon3 日 前
  • Almost got me

    Уее ЛевиУее Леви6 日 前
  • Felt so sad for Coco using the Yagoo puppet. It's cute, and it's a hilarious bit, but it strained my heart seeing her go it alone. Stay strong, drago. I had a great time watching the stream.

    Cataphracts123Cataphracts1236 日 前
  • Yagoo is over here wondering where he went so wrong and so right at the same time

    Arcane SupernovaArcane Supernova6 日 前
  • SeladeYTSeladeYT6 日 前
  • Coco killed Yagoo and used his corpse as a puppet

    Vendetta162XVendetta162X6 日 前
  • why not just call it 'jokes' or 'skits' or at least 'skitposts' why are you dumbing down the asian/japanese culture using toilet humour/slang like "shitpost" this is why i prefer hololive en then westernise coco, not that its any better then kiara droping dumb millennial jargon like 'boomer' and crap like that not all viewers are millennial white people

    google incgoogle inc6 日 前
    • Shitposting is a time honored tradition, been around since before the internet was even called the internet. It's not their fault you're uncultured.

      No NameNo Name5 日 前
  • Hint : not Yagoo

    Lucky TridentLucky Trident6 日 前
  • While this was quite literally not what I expected in any sense of the word, it was quite the twist and still a blast nonetheless. the effort into that Yagoo soundboard was something else, and it really enhanced the stream. Though now I'm wondering if you'll bring that anywhere else... Also thanks Fubuki for also dropping in for a bit and having some fun with Coco!

    Dradic NovaDradic Nova6 日 前
  • Yagoo is the best hololive girl

    Yuan-Jen LeeYuan-Jen Lee6 日 前
  • Fubuki(Majima): Coco-chaaaaaan!

    bitter blossombitter blossom6 日 前
  • SUS

    MehradMehrad6 日 前
  • 3:38 【悲報】YAGOO黙らされる

    こんにちはこんにちは6 日 前
  • 15:00 ye

    LnlyZ33LnlyZ336 日 前
  • the effort in this video is immeasurable, and my day is made

    a degenerate human beinga degenerate human being6 日 前
  • Yagoo sus!

    Leo TseLeo Tse6 日 前
  • Pretty sure Polka meant to write "convenient" instead of "inconvenient" on her meme.

    NamefagNamefag6 日 前
  • LMAO I missed this ending!

    KiraAsakura14KiraAsakura146 日 前
  • 44:30 for pepeloni

    The steam kidThe steam kid6 日 前
  • *_Coco is dangerous_*

    DaftyCrueltyDaftyCruelty6 日 前
  • 32:23 are we being bamboozled

    durp hurpdurp hurp6 日 前
  • The look of shock on Coco's face when fubuki showed up 🤣

    rusty shacklefordrusty shackleford6 日 前
  • Im gonna wait for yagoo 2d and 3d debut

    百鬼よぞら百鬼よぞら6 日 前
  • A real crime what the fuckers are doing to her career and collab potential. Big props to her management and community not letting her go, because that is what generally happens when mr Pooh gets involved.

    Piotr JeskePiotr Jeske6 日 前
  • This here is another example of how incredibly creative Coco can be. Brilliant shitpost review.

    Duskraven377Duskraven3777 日 前
  • I have never had my faith in humanity (dragonity?) be restored so hard in my life. The level of yagoo memery in this video is too high.

    ozone20rulezozone20rulez7 日 前
  • 分かんないけど「YEETS」って「明後日の方向に投げる」みたいな感じなのかな?

    ch1bakench1baken7 日 前
  • Fubiki's "Oshita bridge!" is way too cute.

    ArnoldsKArnoldsK7 日 前
  • Yagoo:why!! I am last idol I won't say mother fucker forever Coco: good morning mother fucker!!! Yagoo:(╥﹏╥)

    鑽石鑽鑽石鑽7 日 前
  • Our dragon went insane due to not having a guest for shitpose review ya草

  • Coco you are so amazing!

    Mathias ClausenMathias Clausen7 日 前
  • It happened Yagoo destroyed his own dream

    sesoma 666sesoma 6667 日 前

    廖明春廖明春7 日 前
  • 録音YAGOOであることに気づくのに20分くらいかかった

    K RK R7 日 前
  • 常磐ソウゴ常磐ソウゴ7 日 前
  • It's like watching Castaway, with Tom Hanks and Wilson.

    LastlasagnaLastlasagna7 日 前
  • Yagoo if you're being threatened look below

    Kyaru / キャラKyaru / キャラ7 日 前
  • culturing our children

    Gibraltar AlmeidaGibraltar Almeida7 日 前
    • As expected of a channel that got on JPworlds Kids.

      KeatonKeaton6 日 前
  • I didn't dare to believe that it was real Yagoo, but well played! We want real Yagoo!

    pite9pite97 日 前
  • YAGOO『まっざふぁっかー』

    ねこ。ねこ。7 日 前
  • a

    ArccihiroArccihiro7 日 前
  • YAGOO!?

    鯖缶鯖缶7 日 前

    KirasakiKirasaki7 日 前
  • I feel lied to...

    Matthew DMatthew D7 日 前
  • Coco you always make my days happy never go🥺❤

    DQxd 65DQxd 657 日 前
  • Best Girl

    Afonso FerreiraAfonso Ferreira7 日 前
  • wwww

    はりやはりや7 日 前
  • 流石にYAGOOのNEXT MEME は聞けなかったか・・・

    ヘーガヘーガ7 日 前
  • God bless live translators

    elektroencefalografistaelektroencefalografista7 日 前
  • had a smile from ear to ear this entire stream

    ジョニー3ジョニー37 日 前
  • How are you doing,Yagoo?

    ByanByan7 日 前

    Kisagi KyoKisagi Kyo7 日 前
  • 55:32 and everyone died.

    いい子いい子7 日 前
  • this episode was top tier hilarious, and FBK coming in at the last minute with "o shit a bridge" was perfect thanks Coco

    LinearskillzLinearskillz7 日 前
  • Absolute madlad-oragon. This sad yagoo though lol

    NujabesFanNujabesFan7 日 前
  • I'm sorry that you have yo do this alone (´;ω;`)

    Simón RodriguezSimón Rodriguez7 日 前
  • CEOにFAQと言わせるのはここだけだろ

    ていとくていとく7 日 前
  • why does yagoo look depressed

    Trần Bảo Quốc NguyễnTrần Bảo Quốc Nguyễn7 日 前
  • LOL imagine living in Aomori

    Kei TKAKei TKA7 日 前
  • Yagoo's dream is pretty much YaGone and I am enjoying it thoroughly

    TheFrog Man1808TheFrog Man18087 日 前