The Offspring - Let The Bad Times Roll (Official Music Video)

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The official music video for The Offspring’s “Let The Bad Times Roll”.
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Our tenth studio album 'Let The Bad Times Roll' will be available everywhere on April 16, 2021!
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Director: Marc Klasfeld
Producer: Nicole Acacio
Production Company: Hound
EP’s: Missy Galanida & Isaac Rice
DP: Corey Jennings
Editor: Steve Rees @ Sunset Edit
"Let The Bad Times Roll" Lyrics:
We’re gonna hang ‘em high
We’re gonna shoot straight up in the air
This eye is for an eye
Don’t need to ask and don’t need to care
But don’t be thinking we’re crazy
When you see all the hell that we’re raising
Don’t be thinking we’re crazy
Cause the truth is what we’re erasing
And so I
I’m doing it all for you
I’m doing it all for you
Oh baby let the bad times roll
Machiavelli flow
Hey Lincoln, how does your grave roll?
Take what’s right and make it wrong
Make it up as I go along
Let me know when you decide
Apathy or suicide
Oh baby let the bad times roll
Now it was all a lie
But that bitch won’t get in my way
Keep shoutin’ what I like - lock her up lock her up
Now that’s a good one I gotta say
But don’t be thinking we’re crazy
When you see all the hell that we’re raising
Don’t be thinking we’re crazy
Cause the truth is what we’re erasing
And so I
I’m turning my back on you
I’m turning my back on you
Oh baby let the bad times roll
On a stripper pole
Ya fuck it let the bad times roll
Mexicans and blacks and Jews
Got it all figured out for you
Gonna build a wall let you decide
Apathy or suicide
Oh baby let the bad times roll
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Music video by The Offspring performing Let The Bad Times Roll. © 2021 Wabi Sabi Worldwide, LLC., Under exclusive license to Concord Records. Distributed by Concord.

  • Punk used to be against the they flow along with everyone done with this shit...Offspring is garbage...

    Brad SheridanBrad Sheridan時間 前
  • Compren el CD, no sean así. En Amazon está baratico. Hagamos que el Rock vuelva a su TRONO!!!!

    mgediermgedier2 時間 前
  • Lyrics on are on point yo )

    Craig HaxtonCraig Haxton2 時間 前

    Fernando OlliveiraFernando Olliveira3 時間 前
  • Smash is still their best album

    HAUL Hip HopHAUL Hip Hop3 時間 前
  • Love it !!!!!!

    lola Tajduslola Tajdus4 時間 前
  • I don’t mind the song but I think it sounds more like good Charlotte than the offspring. Too pop for the offspring

    John SearlsJohn Searls5 時間 前
    • Listen the other songs of the album

      Bulma LarrattBulma Larratt4 時間 前
  • Que música fraca, decepcionou!

    Glaukorn 1Glaukorn 17 時間 前
  • How long i wait it ! 🔥 🔥 🔥

    Юстес БредЮстес Бред10 時間 前
  • Offspring Crazy Táxi bons tempos 🇧🇷🎮🕹️🇧🇷😎😎😎🇧🇷

  • The phone in this is pretty close to the one I always envisioned for a video for "The Future is Now...."

    Jennifer RaislerJennifer Raisler11 時間 前
  • The Offspring - GOAT ⚡

    Rajesh nagarajanRajesh nagarajan12 時間 前
  • This past year summed up lol

    MrRagefan2kMrRagefan2k13 時間 前
  • Fuck yea

    Joseph WaradzinJoseph Waradzin13 時間 前
  • I've already watched this like 10 times and yet youtubes POS algorithm keeps recommending it to me as if I've never watched it before. Hmmmmm

    MRBLACK947MRBLACK94714 時間 前
  • Awesome album! Congrats from Brazil! 🇧🇷🤘

    Neander SilveiraNeander Silveira14 時間 前
  • Gracias por volver The offsrping , te extrañamos

    Richard BastiasRichard Bastias16 時間 前
  • classic offspring banger! been doing it for 30 years still cranking out these awesome hits

    Kyle MeluchKyle Meluch17 時間 前
  • Showwww!!!👏🏼👏🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🎶🎶🎶🤩🎸

    Raphaela CésarRaphaela César17 時間 前
  • yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • So good to hear this voice. Welcome back :)

    H.BedlamH.Bedlam19 時間 前
  • What the hell is this video with emoji spider-phones, talking toilet paper and giant bugs? And why am I seeing it as an ad before Sorrow TV videos?

    Chunk BerryChunk Berry19 時間 前
  • When you look at the album on iTunes, it shows an iTunes review where it says “Holland details the album, track by track”. So, for the song “This Is Not Utopia”, this is what Dexter said… “We wrote a song called “S**t Is F**ked Up”, but that was nothing… check out now!. To me, the song sounds like it’s about the rioting that was going on last summer, but i actually finished it in april, so it was before that. It wasn’t like i predicted it or anything, but there was a sense that this stuff was bubbling. It was ready to spill over. People are oppressed, and they’re feeling it, and they’re striking out”. And for the song “Let The Bad Times Roll”, this is what Dexter said… “We could have written a song called “Trump Is A S**thead” or whatever, but that would have been too easy. There’s more going on than just that. And it’s too bad we’re at that point. (The lyric) “Machiavelli flow”, to me, is a leader saying whatever they want to say to get into office and then totally screwing everybody over once they get there. Give me the dignity of patronizing me. Now, it’s just like, “Oh, f**k you, figure it out”. The verses are rocking, they’re pretty heavy, and then it goes to this light chorus, almost like a musical coping mechanism”.

    Marco GreenEyezMarco GreenEyez21 時間 前
  • I love this f****** song

    Arcade KaosArcade Kaos22 時間 前
  • Молодці!)

    volodymyr motykavolodymyr motyka22 時間 前

    Az SohoAz Soho日 前
  • Brasil 2021🇧🇷

    Eduardo FreitasEduardo Freitas日 前
  • Still as brilliant as they were 30 years ago

    Keith MilneKeith Milne日 前
  • This song so catchy

    SkZ BlinkSkZ Blink日 前
  • I know we all get older, but his voice lacks the sharpness, clarity and pitch it had. The musicianship is still solid, and I will definitely go see them when they come to town on tour again.

    Steve EricksonSteve Erickson日 前
  • 最高です! ありがとうございます!

    あきらそうまあきらそうま日 前
  • ⚡️⚡️⚡️ liking this 🤘

    JoePiperMagic OfficialJoePiperMagic Official日 前
  • verygood

    Christophe LucainChristophe Lucain日 前
  • good

    Christophe LucainChristophe Lucain日 前
  • Спасибо за ваше творчество!

    Наталья БушинаНаталья Бушина日 前
  • I like offspring since ignition album. As a punk rock band I would expect a clip more aggressively against the virus source and not conformity!

    Jefferson HenriqueJefferson Henrique日 前
  • LMAO! It's really the "You gotta keep '​em separated" guy from Come Out And Play saying "fuck it" over there? The way he comes in and out from the screen... that's what I call a reference!

    Thiago DantasThiago Dantas日 前
  • Notice how the band is mostly in shadows and quickly edited? Is it even them? 😂🤟😂🤟😂🤟

    Rick SRick S日 前
  • As an offspring fan since last 20 years, i used to paint his names and the "conspiracy of one skull" all around in my street. But after what happened with Greg K, i am done with those guys. It is just plain ironic they are trying to settle down their left few bucks with the lawyers after "I don't know how many years" they worked together. This is just plain BS, and learn to mix fucking song, the levels are fucked up in the mastering.

    Mahmut DikçizgiMahmut Dikçizgi日 前
  • After all these years, they still got it. Rock is not dead!

    BombfizzleTVBombfizzleTV日 前
  • Seen ‘em @ Carolina Rebellion. They rocked, like to see ‘em again soon

    BombfizzleTVBombfizzleTV日 前
  • This is Punk you reckon??

    Pablo’s MasterPablo’s Master日 前
  • Damn...went from perfect to...that "perfect" that people want to attain and is a mystery but out of reach. .guess I don't have words. These boys are the most wonderful thing to grace the music scene ... lyrics, deep thoughts.... always throwing out all sides of an issue...whether male or female...environmental..blah...

    cari abelcari abel日 前
  • ♥️♥️♥️♥️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Forever

    Luis Mr BarberLuis Mr Barber日 前
  • И вновь я слышу новый альбом Как будто вернулся в 2008 и послушал первый раз.

    Паштет БуяновПаштет Буянов日 前
  • Yikes. This is bad, bad. Smash and Ixnay on the hombre were as good as it got. This is just pure shit.

    Manda MorganManda Morgan日 前
  • Never thought I would hear offspring go from ignition to this. Surely the bad times are rolling for modern pop.

    Scott GoodmanScott Goodman日 前
  • The offspring están sabiendo envejecer... Puedo decir que amo esta banda... Siempre he sido fan. Han pasado los años con dignidad como pocas bandas lo han hecho.

    Yilber CupitraYilber Cupitra日 前
  • Daft Punk were quicker... (Video)

    Mr. MisterMr. Mister日 前
  • When did The Offspring turn into Fall Out Boy?

    chickenonanapkinchickenonanapkin日 前
  • Que album maravilhoso! Obg por manterem toda essencia!

    MrGalloMMMrGalloMM日 前
  • I believe the way albums are set up by track listing really has an impact, listen in this order in its entirety, it makes a huge difference how you experience the album: *Add Here Kitty Kitty to album. 1 - Here Kitty Kitty (replaces In The Hall Of The Mountain King and Lulliby) 2 - Army Of One 3 - Behind Your Walls 4 - Gone Away 5 - Breaking These Bones 6 - Hassan Chop 7 - The Opiod Diaries 8 - This Is Not Utopia 9 - Let The Bad Times Roll 10 - Coming For You 11 - We Never Have Sex Anymore It flows so much better in this order IMO

    Jason VoorheesJason Voorhees日 前
  • MY REVIEW OF THE NEW OFFSPRING CD Imagine if a turd had a sound, it sounds like that. one word review, "SPRUNG" They defended Joe Exotic and slander Big Cat Rescue in a failed attempt to remain relevant when they no longer are

    Enstigator OfficialEnstigator Official日 前
  • thank you very much guys back to the future to the good old times punk never dies !

    lol lolollol lolol日 前
  • So so gooood !

    Ludovic CouvrandLudovic Couvrand日 前
  • Not a patch on the Vandals song of the same name

    PatrickPatrick日 前

    Henrisson De AvilaHenrisson De Avila日 前
  • Hell yeah

    Thomas MendezThomas Mendez日 前
  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Thelightarmada BandThelightarmada Band日 前
  • Posso até ser julgado por isso, mas eu sou contra a covid-19

    Rodrigo MariettoRodrigo Marietto日 前
  • pop.

    Sr. Incrível de OliveiraSr. Incrível de Oliveira日 前
  • That's the first song I want listen to when this lockdown shit here in Germany is over

    KlaubeiReweKlaubeiRewe日 前
  • Brazil ❤❤

    Michelle AlmeidaMichelle Almeida日 前
  • You can tell this should have come out two years earlier. The video doesn't really match the lyrics 🤔 Trump is gone, and now corona is the new evil...

    SchaeubloneSchaeublone2 日 前
  • This is a good song for a band whose been playing in the garage, not a what used to be great rock group.

    William HoskerWilliam Hosker2 日 前
  • vim pelo anuncio, amei

  • at some point i thought the song was going to start

    Maxime LandryMaxime Landry2 日 前
  • One of the rare good things that happened in 2021. - to hear new songs from Offspring! hurey!

    LU CHOLU CHO2 日 前
  • Is this real life? New offspring let’s freaking go dude

    Daniel A HotteDaniel A Hotte2 日 前
  • Enfin le retour de la bonne musique en 2021 et d'un super groupe

    Florian LebretonFlorian Lebreton2 日 前
    • 👍

      DobbyDobby日 前
  • NICE TRACK !!!!!!!

    Darth Putin SidiousDarth Putin Sidious2 日 前
  • awesome! let's go on a tour of Russia

    Саня МаляйСаня Маляй2 日 前
  • This Song just give me vibes i dont know why

    Manuel BrandManuel Brand2 日 前
  • старички ЖГУТ!

    Саня МаляйСаня Маляй2 日 前
  • Les meilleurs sont de retour!!! Enjoy 🎸

    fabien soulafabien soula2 日 前
  • 2 MILLION views

    Bulma LarrattBulma Larratt2 日 前
  • Video is better than the song.

    gregg drewgregg drew2 日 前
  • Offsteen 👎 Inepsy 🖒

    D78 INWEBD78 INWEB2 日 前
  • 1:12 lmao

    BryanBryan2 日 前
  • It is crazy when you grew up listening to a band and they are still making new music when you're in your 30s. I first heard them on the game Crazy Taxi im 1999 when I was 10 🤯

    Operation 3SixtyOperation 3Sixty2 日 前
  • Старички в деле! Круто. Old firm! Cool!

    Vladimir VladimirovVladimir Vladimirov2 日 前
  • 3

    Gabriel SantosGabriel Santos2 日 前
  • 3

    Gabriel SantosGabriel Santos2 日 前
  • 3

    Gabriel SantosGabriel Santos2 日 前
  • 3

    Gabriel SantosGabriel Santos2 日 前
  • 3

    Gabriel SantosGabriel Santos2 日 前
  • 3

    Gabriel SantosGabriel Santos2 日 前
  • 3

    Gabriel SantosGabriel Santos2 日 前
  • 3

    Gabriel SantosGabriel Santos2 日 前
  • 3

    Gabriel SantosGabriel Santos2 日 前
  • 3

    Gabriel SantosGabriel Santos2 日 前
  • The new album is EXCELLENT ! Thank you Offspring for this album ! You make me feel like if I was 20 years younger !!! Best thing in 2021 SO FAR !

    S St-PierreS St-Pierre2 日 前
  • WoW!

    Diego GarciaDiego Garcia2 日 前
  • Vaccine Sellouts!

    Josche LeiJosche Lei2 日 前
  • This is Fall Out Boy - Folie a Deux / Save Rock and Roll vibes, right? Loved The Offspring well before those albums ever came out, it's so weird comparing Dexter to Patrick

    jenna fjenna f2 日 前
  • Вот жеж веть ебашут дядьки то :D

    NiceOneNiceOne2 日 前
  • grandpa still got the groove

    Syed HusseinSyed Hussein2 日 前
  • I love Off Spring since I am very young

    Programmer web4Programmer web42 日 前
  • The Offspring aways be Offspring

    Alexandre CamposAlexandre Campos2 日 前
  • It's shit! Looks like pop. Must respect who likes it but this is an opinion.

    Wickt BastarddWickt Bastardd2 日 前