Tokyo by Train

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Come along as I ride the trains of Tokyo from first to last train!
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Steady-ish shots:
For those wondering, the stabilizer used is the Zhiyun Crane. It allowed me to capture scenes I normally wouldn't as I was walking from one place to another. It's not completely smooth though, as a lot of footage has some bounce if you pay attention. If I would have walked with a more ninja-like step, I probably could have cut it down somewhat.
People not staring:
The nice thing about the handheld stabilizer, is that it wasn't as obvious when I was filming, due to way I was holding it. People did look at the camera here and there, but not as much as if I would have used a tripod, or if I stuck my face behind the camera at all times. Depending on where I was, I would just hold the camera at stomach level and not look at the camera, so you wouldn't know I was filming. It probably looked like I was carrying my camera going from one place to the next as opposed to looking like I was actively filming.
Face masks:
Totally anecdotal, but I hear half the reason is to wear while sick to prevent spread of germs, half is to not get sick, and if a lady is wearing, it may be because she didn't feel like putting on makeup. Air quality is fine, no problem there.
Camera setup:
Sony a7sii with Sony 16-35mm f4, 24-240mm f3.5-5.6, and 55mm f1.8 lenses. Most is shot using the 16-35mm lens.
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