Trump’s Travel Ban: A Disaster in Four Acts | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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Trump’s attempt to institute a travel ban to majority-Muslim countries played out like a Shakespearean tragedy. Here’s the story, in four acts: #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Trump
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  • Personally every single politician is at least somewhat garbage. Just some more than others. Sigh.

    oXiikawaiiXooXiikawaiiXo23 時間 前
  • No Trump do that take again 😡, I won't extreme trump Extremmmmm....😬

    Steve PellewSteve Pellew日 前
  • "What kind of slap-dash, arts and crafts administration are these fools running?" Arts and crafts would imply they were creative IMO, more like brain dead.

    DakkTribalDakkTribal2 日 前
  • He is an extremist Like Indian prime minister is a fascist

    wesley julietwesley juliet2 日 前
  • It’s gonna be extra special coming back to these old videos about the dumbshit that Trump has enforced in this country.😂

    Manuel EspinozaManuel Espinoza2 日 前
  • "Take a spin class or something" LMAO. That's cruel

    VPagonVPagon2 日 前
  • One of the shittiest leaders ever in world history

    jaack12jaack122 日 前
  • To be honest not a trump supporter but i havent watched finding dory

  • For people who say "It's taken out of context", what is the context? What context could possibly excuse any of this?

    James PettersonJames Petterson3 日 前
  • Trump the fret is you

    Adlih KristopherAdlih Kristopher5 日 前
  • H h v v

    nhens parnhens par6 日 前
  • Ft y ft

    xXKaedenProGamerXxxXKaedenProGamerXx7 日 前
  • Everyone.. Do not vote for this gereactric shameless heartless fool

    xXKaedenProGamerXxxXKaedenProGamerXx7 日 前
  • To 2017 Trevor: Wait till the pandemic travel ban happens :D

    Nabila ZNabila Z7 日 前
  • Sore Loser ! The problem is that Trump doesn't know to have Shame... Furious and now Trump is like an elephant in a crockery shop ... He's going to destroy everything . Trump is killing The USA 😝 LOL 😝🤣

    Roger NguyenRoger Nguyen7 日 前
  • That canny PM of NZ Jacinda Arderne has a great suggestion. If we want to do the most damage to the clown POTUS, simply never write or say his name again - xxxxx will do if you must write something.

    Tim CollinsTim Collins7 日 前
  • another trump basher.....not worth watching..pure nonsense!

    youmm90roblox {aka youmm90pro}youmm90roblox {aka youmm90pro}8 日 前
  • Too! Many! Commercials!!!

    marcovanhattummarcovanhattum9 日 前
  • Good for them dont help the U S😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😋😋😋😂😂😂😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

    Ramesh SookramsinghRamesh Sookramsingh9 日 前
  • K-Von best youtuber

    luigi lomazzoluigi lomazzo9 日 前
  • Did he fire her on Twitter?

    Gabbar SinghGabbar Singh9 日 前
  • 100% I agree. Good at running his empires but not a country, and it's certainly not "his country" to build and do whatever he thinks he can, like a spoiled child with an expensive lego set. And thats where he keeps going wrong.

    Estrelia SorianoEstrelia Soriano9 日 前
  • "We should only let into the country those who share our values and respect our people." By this logic, let's go throw Trump into the Atlantic ocean! Since the election has been decided, he clearly doesn't share America's values (freedom and fair democracy), and he sure as hell doesn't respect the grand majority of our people!

    SmolSmol10 日 前
  • God bless President Donald J Trump!!! God bless Vice President Mike Pence!! God bless the United States of America!

    Anthony OmokoAnthony Omoko10 日 前
    • @Anthony Omoko 🙏

      MrBeforeheadMrBeforehead10 日 前
    • @MrBeforehead May God continue to bless President Donald Trump & give him victory over those that hate him!🙏

      Anthony OmokoAnthony Omoko10 日 前
    • Oh leave it out!! God has blessed us alright, he blessed us on November 3

      MrBeforeheadMrBeforehead10 日 前
  • From the UK love it 😂🤣😂🤣.

    Barrie WrightBarrie Wright11 日 前
  • Once Trump go out of Country he may no be allowed to land him again in USA.

    Sajeev Padmanabha PanickerSajeev Padmanabha Panicker11 日 前
  • Well inside the letter maybe there is a picture of him saying you're fired lol.

    Azzahid AdhityaAzzahid Adhitya11 日 前
  • "these are the good times" they were though

    MachinofactureMachinofacture11 日 前
  • Trump is a piece of cow dung

    Patricia ZimmermanPatricia Zimmerman11 日 前
  • Trump is a disaster he turn USA into a perfect disaster the travel ban is truly a disaster put them all together what do you get disaster,😅,disaster, 😅,disaster 😅

    Augusta AugustaAugusta Augusta11 日 前
  • Lol

    Linda JamesLinda James12 日 前
  • 😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂💯💯💯♥️💯💯♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️👍👍👍👍👍💩👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Carmen MoralesCarmen Morales13 日 前
  • Zzxzzzzzzzdx

    fofanah mohamed ahmed daudafofanah mohamed ahmed dauda13 日 前
  • For the past 4 yrs America has been living in a nightmare🙆‍♂️

    Bongekile DlaminiBongekile Dlamini13 日 前
  • Was that Winona Ryder at 9:11? Her face tho 🤣

    anonymous commenteranonymous commenter13 日 前
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    Mathia LucasMathia Lucas13 日 前
  • I'm an American ex-expat, and I haven't seen my son in over a year because of the Dipsh*t travel restrictions. We lived in Kazakhstan before they moved back to China, and my husband was specifically told that his ties to those two countries made him 'suspect' for acceptance/entry back to the US.

    Ingrid Fong-DaleyIngrid Fong-Daley13 日 前
  • omg--pause it @11:33-35. I actually thought it was Alec Baldwin. i know that's o/t but it made me laugh when it happened :)

    Ingrid Fong-DaleyIngrid Fong-Daley13 日 前
  • Nightmare is over .

    Salwa MokbelSalwa Mokbel14 日 前
  • "Who hasnt watched fiding dory Yet" Me: *looks both ways* Ive definetly watched it

    EnivioEnivio14 日 前
  • This is one of the downfall of Trump 🤗🤗🤗😊😊😊

    Amumpiire SusanAmumpiire Susan14 日 前
  • Why u blaming this orange clown ? How the people voted for him and they whant vote for him again, when they know after this all?

    Maria MariaMaria Maria14 日 前
  • the part were he says feels like the next four years will be the trump organization saying one thing and we saying 'we have eyes, you called it

    Cadence Ndhlovu 2Cadence Ndhlovu 214 日 前
  • Only China has fixed Islamic terrorism on its soil, by whatever means to safeguard its country and it's people. And here Trevor Noah is mocking Trump for fake laughs in the background

    kashyap desaikashyap desai14 日 前
  • New government in USA may take trumps passport under custody don't lethim travels to out

    Muhammed AliMuhammed Ali15 日 前
  • Real racists Trumpet . Indeed abnormal President.

    Violeta Del rosarioVioleta Del rosario15 日 前
  • In my country being born in the country doesn't make you a citizen of the countrt

    kronercyis OTPkronercyis OTP15 日 前
  • 20:44 Me: oh no, trump is just protecting the nation from the rise of another trump Trump: you’re fired

    Niranjan RNiranjan R15 日 前
  • chilling and watching this all


  • Who is here after trump has lost the re-election? Just reliving the funniest four years of this show!

    joseph_broncosjoseph_broncos15 日 前
  • 11:19 he wasn’t lying when he said “these are the good times” 😭

    Ashley CralletAshley Crallet15 日 前
  • 12:20 lmao

    Poor BoiPoor Boi15 日 前
  • Thank God Mr Trp has been put to REST.

    Magdalena NgaizaMagdalena Ngaiza16 日 前
  • goodbye trump 2020

    A1 43A1 4316 日 前
  • Or they would just blame the earthquake on donald

    Kyle BrownKyle Brown16 日 前
  • Dx,

    Ricardo BurgessRicardo Burgess17 日 前
  • I really don’t understand how how you don’t consider yourself a bigot with your idiotic statements of racism

    WilliamWilliam17 日 前
  • Thank God he is not a president anymore that idiot divided the whole world not only USA

    MOHAMMED YusoufMOHAMMED Yusouf17 日 前
  • Respect our people?? TRUMP LMFAO!! You don't care about the people!! TRUMP YOU ONLY CARE ABOUT YOURSELF 💯...ME, ME, ME, I, I, I!! OH SHIT I FORGOT ABOUT IVANKA.....

    Sandy EdwardsSandy Edwards17 日 前
  • OMG! LOL america has become a did Americans allow this fool in the white house!!

    phelo kolobilephelo kolobile17 日 前
  • Can someone tell me who that was that they put into the clip reacting to Nancy Pelosi’s mic not working?

    Cole WernerCole Werner18 日 前

    DeeDee DaileyDeeDee Dailey18 日 前
  • Brilliant !

    Oana BoiciucOana Boiciuc19 日 前
  • OMG! Did you see Grandpa Trump's eyebrows in the pic with his mother 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 in the last minute of the video 🤣😴😪

    Marvin Shelton Sr.Marvin Shelton Sr.19 日 前
  • We can all now say to Trump "You're fired!".

    T GrenT Gren19 日 前
  • Please ban Australia, and we will ban America.

    kerry nichollskerry nicholls20 日 前
  • I don’t think anybody respects America any more

    kerry nichollskerry nicholls20 日 前
  • ARREST JOE BIDET FOR TREASON !!! Braking news - See Tony Bobulinski laptop affair - naval officer has damning evidence . SPREAD THIS VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION

    croton on hudsoncroton on hudson20 日 前
  • Always dreamed about visiting America now im like nah I'm good

    Chloe MacChloe Mac20 日 前
  • 11:34 this aged perfectly well

    James GentJames Gent21 日 前
  • Braking news before election - See Tony Bobulinski laptop affair - naval officer has damning evidence . SPREAD THIS VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION

    croton on hudsoncroton on hudson21 日 前
  • 8:50 something is weird with the image have a closer look. stay honest even against trump... " am a Muslim and against trump" love u Trevor.

    walid ouzaidwalid ouzaid21 日 前
  • Extreme vetting... Sounds like the white Australia policy test we got rid of decades ago. Trump is dragging the USA backwards in time. Good luck with your elections. I hope you all can rejoin the realm of sanity

    Lea is meLea is me21 日 前
  • Love to cut those little hands right the f**k off ! Never believe anyone waving their hands around like that !

    atsuko Robertsatsuko Roberts21 日 前
  • Anyone knows what happened with the fleeing Iraqi family?

    CyberGothikaCyberGothika22 日 前
  • Hey CornBread with all of that hate you've thrown around Trump if I were you come Nov.4 I'd go in hiding. 1: You're not funny 2: You have no talent 3: Trump will win 4: ENJOY THE SUCK !!

    IluvCanadaIluvCanada22 日 前
  • 🇺🇸Vote Biden🇺🇸Vote Biden🇺🇸

    Gale J****Gale J****22 日 前
  • مَا شَاءَ اللَّهُ لَا قُوَّةَ إِلَّا بِاللَّهِ

    Sheryar Ali KhanSheryar Ali Khan23 日 前
  • to keep me out of America not smart move

    david kgausudavid kgausu23 日 前
  • Mf channel

    Jack GangteJack Gangte23 日 前
  • Simply the best.

    Rodolfo SalutoRodolfo Saluto23 日 前
  • Canned laughter, much? Who is this fool, and why was it recommended to me?

    Natasha MudfordNatasha Mudford23 日 前
    • @Natasha Mudford you wouldn't know comedy even if it smacked you in the face. Btw, please sod off, there are over 8 million people who enjoy Trevor Noah's comedy, you can go back to watch greg gutfield "comedy"

      MrBeforeheadMrBeforehead10 日 前
    • @ALIEN He's funny to absolute morons.

      Natasha MudfordNatasha Mudford23 日 前
    • It’s not canned, he’s funny. He’s a talk show host.

      ALIENALIEN23 日 前
  • “Our country needs to be safe” but creates no plan for COVID, even though he knew it was coming

    Adrian BolanosAdrian Bolanos23 日 前
  • Did Obama know the USA paid $ 500 000 000 dollars and China only paid +- 38 000 000 dollars - every year for world trade , Trump fixed that, not sleeping Joe. Chine distributed the virus not Trump you have nothing good to say about a fellow American never mind your President, you know how lucky to have president that communicates to his people every day, not like ours once in blue moon and it's never good news I think that you are a very ungrateful people. And really Trump never said one racist thing( only sound bites informed by the media. I prey he wins just to prove my point!

    Q E.Q E.23 日 前
  • Foreign dictators should not be allowed to give birth here! Only American dictators and their foreign wives!

    MeMe23 日 前
  • Hey Trump your fired fool!!

    earle Felkinsearle Felkins24 日 前
  • Trump has no respect for anybody and that includes his crime family. He's only thinking of how his reputation will look when's he's being booted from the white house. He will look like a failure and I'm excited the whole world will see him as a fake all along.

    earle Felkinsearle Felkins24 日 前
  • It's so damn depressing seeing this crap. I'm sooooooooo tired of it and can't wait for a change!

    Adam BaconAdam Bacon24 日 前
  • Love the ending

    May I have a cup of tea plzMay I have a cup of tea plz24 日 前
  • Extreme vetting and only Trump's people is this is President Trump immigration plan was it's not very good vote for Joe Biden he knows this country way better than Trump ever will trump is cheated the American people all his life we don't need a commander in cheat we need a commander in chief. 😀👍

    Anthony BautistaAnthony Bautista24 日 前
  • Noah's got above 60 accents😂😂😂

    Ayuk VernonAyuk Vernon24 日 前
  • Donald is not a Joke... He is the President you are a Joke because you are comedian... Your existence is a joke... Now you have to spend another 4 more years whining and weeping for Donald J Trump because he Will be re elected as President for the second time..

    thuputo venuhthuputo venuh24 日 前
    • Why do you like him? Genuinely?

      ALIENALIEN23 日 前

    Rita deRuiterRita deRuiter24 日 前
  • Trevor Noah is Stupid🤣🤣🤣

    Antonio HicksAntonio Hicks24 日 前
  • Can we get a trumps biggest blunders compliation for 2020

    Daltastar2012Daltastar201225 日 前
  • ⚡❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.?? みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• ·̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやらかしたのもドキドキでした!今後は気を付けないとね💕💞💞😊😊💕😻😻💕😊😊😊🙂 h

    Marina KaramoyMarina Karamoy25 日 前
  • Biden Harris 2020!

    Skyler JohnsonSkyler Johnson25 日 前
  • Interesting how his plan to expand the travel ban worked out.

    mabuloomabuloo25 日 前
  • Prophetic words at 11:27.

    Vasiliu VictorVasiliu Victor25 日 前