Two way Shohei! Ohtani strikes out 9 while also driving in 2

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Ohtani hits and pitches the Angels to victory.
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  • they need to add a new rule to the P/DH spot. If a Pitcher is lifted from from the mound, he is eligible to stay in as a DH.

    S PS P5 時間 前
  • He reminds me of the babe.

    Jeff SaintJeff Saint6 時間 前
  • real life Shigeno Goro

    RagzuzRagzuz9 時間 前

    kous-k kous-kkous-k kous-k10 時間 前
  • There is a legendary ballplayer called "The Natural", and Ohtani looks like it ! QUESTION: Can he stay healthy to have a rich, full career filled with this level of performance?

    marbanakmarbanak23 時間 前
  • a rare infield bunt by a pitcher turned into a run wow man oh man is that awesome!

    Kimura RommeltKimura Rommelt日 前
  • This man is the complete package. Throws strikes and is an offensive weapon! So crazy.

    Travel with Alex WongTravel with Alex Wong日 前
  • 座って下さい!

    ドミニクドミニク日 前
  • w0w a pitcher who doesnt swing like a little girl.

    Keepitfresh02Keepitfresh02日 前
  • otani ia chinese

    xi jinping mother fuck3rxi jinping mother fuck3r日 前
  • Ohtani >>> Goro

    いいね稼ぎのボスクくんいいね稼ぎのボスクくん日 前
  • This guy is a beast and most of the world doesn't even know it yet. I hope he can keep it up for the full season. I guess the world still doesn't know about the game's best either, Trout ...

    Shawn McCauleyShawn McCauley2 日 前
  • This guy is major

    Darnell ShuteDarnell Shute2 日 前
  • these announcer abahahah

    Chase CanaliChase Canali2 日 前
  • Sanshin !!

    elkysunnykurielkysunnykuri2 日 前
  • 笑死 😄

    JPLJPL2 日 前
  • What a thing of beauty to witness.

    Euge BEuge B2 日 前
  • Ohtani should win MVP every year

    TylerTyler2 日 前
  • O:37 Honey, this is the guy, text your friend for the 26 th time just after this at bat that cost me 725$.

    shatner99shatner993 日 前
  • His Nick name should be "The Greatest Shohei in Baseball."

    Mike CraphoneMike Craphone3 日 前
  • And somehow they are still trash

    Frank ChampionFrank Champion4 日 前
  • I wonder Shohei taking major league more exciting.

    Mamoru OkawaMamoru Okawa4 日 前
  • I see Shohei, I click

    Jakub HubickaJakub Hubicka4 日 前
  • Whoever this Angels announcer is, he says "We are desensitized to . . ." Wayyy too much.

    msgtblbjmsgtblbj4 日 前
  • さんしんw

    jounbjounb4 日 前
  • What a nasty Splitter

    Daily doseDaily dose4 日 前

  • 3:03 Please Sit Down.

    BrockBrock4 日 前
  • This guy is what every kid playing baseball is in their imagination 😎👍🏼

    Rob MangeriRob Mangeri4 日 前
  • The 🐐

    Explodable CanExplodable Can5 日 前
  • never realized earlier that he pitches right handed but bats goofy footed/left handed

    Shaun DizShaun Diz5 日 前
  • This anime’s SAKUGA is beautiful.

    Quwrof WrlccywrlfrQuwrof Wrlccywrlfr5 日 前
  • Why do the pitch graphics look like they are from the 1990s? Oh yeah, because they are desperately trying to save money wherever they can because no one is watching baseball anymore.

    Natty BumppoNatty Bumppo5 日 前
  • They figured out the secret to turn anime into real life and viceVersa.

    keithtkokeithtko5 日 前
  • 3:02 I laughed so hard when he said "SIT DOWN" in Japanese! 🤣

    ManakynManakyn5 日 前
  • How much is Ohtani getting paid. -:)

    Bryan ChanceBryan Chance5 日 前
    • Trout and Ohtani...27 & 17. They make the games more fun to watch!

      Bryan ChanceBryan Chance2 日 前
    • @texas summer he will eventually get that amount if he continues doing this!!😀

      Tootspogs ForeverTootspogs Forever3 日 前
    • @Tootspogs Forever 1/10 of traut. he doesn't care money. if he came here after 25, he could get 10 times.

      texas summertexas summer5 日 前
    • 3 million

      Tootspogs ForeverTootspogs Forever5 日 前
  • 日本の誇り✨

    しらいぬしらいぬ6 日 前
  • Freak!

    J ChoiJ Choi6 日 前
  • 3:01 "suwatte-kudasai" = "Please sit down" 4:01 "sawatte-kudasai" = "Please touch" , "sanshin" = "Strike out"

    Newクロタケくん#赤髪Newクロタケくん#赤髪6 日 前
  • oh man the "Unicorn" comment was hillarious!

    mdub2000mdub20006 日 前
  • I know he just matched babe ruth but why arent they calling this guy the Sho hei Kid!

    mdub2000mdub20006 日 前
  • heck

    Matthew BlancoMatthew Blanco6 日 前
  • It's like it's little league for him crazy every pitcher in the league is jealous

    captlucky 23captlucky 236 日 前
  • ㄏㄏ

    D KD K6 日 前
  • 関係ないけどアメリカってマジでマスク文化ないんだな

    市川房枝市川房枝6 日 前
  • カッコいい😭 応援してます頑張ってください

    いぬいぬ6 日 前
  • 大谷デカくなってない?

    aririri1000aririri10006 日 前
    • Chinese are big 😂😂😂

      Aliah DaneAliah Dane5 日 前
  • This new Texas ballpark is so much uglier than their old one - it looks like a fertilizer warehouse.

    Luc Welner-MonchukLuc Welner-Monchuk6 日 前
    • lmao

      Tootspogs ForeverTootspogs Forever6 日 前
  • 4:00 三振してください!三振!

    平井。平井。6 日 前
  • The best thing in Baseball since Ichiro.

    breakaway2xbreakaway2x6 日 前
  • ★Ohtani essence (Kanji analysis) The scale is so big, so we lose sight of the essence. However, the river that is essentially flowing between the big mountains and the mountains is certain. If you walk around many times to find the river, look at the river, see the details, everything is converged into a river (essence) and incorporated into itself. you can always use it. When I'm excited, I'm losing ➡. It's hard to succeed. When you get to the point of the next dimension, when you get to the point of the next dimension, you get to the point of the next dimension. We'll succeed.

    11 pursuit k/o11 pursuit k/o6 日 前
  • godd

    moai yesmoai yes6 日 前
  • ★大谷翔平の本質 大 大きい 広い空間 場所を占めている 普通の状態を遥かに超える こころがひろい 重要である 自分を他人や本質的な自分より優れている、偉い者だと思い 、いばる。粗い 重い 谷 道 行き詰まる 養う 育てる 山と山の間を流れる川 翔 鳥が高く飛ぶ、翼を張って飛び回る あちこちまわり歩く 振り返る 目的なく歩き回る 細かいところまでハッキリする 狂乱 興奮 鋭い発想  平 高低差なく凹凸もないこと 言葉が穏やか 正しい 普通 常 整い治まる わ

    11 pursuit k/o11 pursuit k/o6 日 前
    • スケールがとにかく大きく、故に本質を見失う。だが、大きな山と山の間には本質という川が確実に流れている。その川を見つけるために、何度も回り歩き、俯瞰し、細かいところまでハッキリさせると、全てが川(本質)に集約され、自分の中に組み込まれる。それを常に使うことが出来る様になる。 興奮している時➡︎本質を見失い、本質を見つめ直そうとしている。結果が出にくい。 穏やかな時➡︎本質にたどり着き、次の次元の力を手に入れた時。結果が出る。

      11 pursuit k/o11 pursuit k/o6 日 前
  • I like the announcer’s statement ‘you need to sign 6 free agents to match what this guy can do”

    AG Systems120AG Systems1206 日 前
  • this is absolutely crazy

    Eric CampbellEric Campbell6 日 前
  • How can he hit like that dam!!!! A pitcher who throws in the 90s and bats the good. What a unbelievable athlete!!!

    Andrew VillanuevaAndrew Villanueva7 日 前
  • 日本人はいいね ↓

    m rm r7 日 前
  • 3:02「スワッテクダサイッ」

    野村チルドレン野村チルドレン7 日 前
  • 4:16 もっと三塁線のバントやってほしい!

    登録者1人で1本の赤い毛登録者1人で1本の赤い毛7 日 前
  • Ohtani is the modern day Babe Ruth. Madison Bumgarner being a close 2nd to that honor.

    mnb205mnb2057 日 前
  • sanshin sanshin sanshin

    メガンテメガンテ7 日 前
  • Why is no one talking about the broadcaster speaking Japanese? It sounds like they are making fun of the language, sounds pretty racist 😆.

    M1M17 日 前
  • Cartoon? I think you meant manga

    AsianVideoGamerAsianVideoGamer7 日 前
  • if Yoyoka Soma is the reincarnation of John Bonham, then Shohei Otani is the reincarnation of the Babe!!.. and he is a "babe" himself!!😀

    Tootspogs ForeverTootspogs Forever7 日 前
  • Those announcers are begging to have the opportunity to get on their knees..

    Timmy LongTimmy Long7 日 前
  • Lol is everyone just gonna ignore he gave up 4 runs in the 1st inning

    General LukeGeneral Luke7 日 前
    • he just wanted the game to be exciting luke!!😀

      Tootspogs ForeverTootspogs Forever7 日 前
  • As a fellow Japanese, I'm proud of him🇯🇵🇯🇵

    そ る.そ る.7 日 前
  • How was he able to hit as a pitcher in an American League game?

    Aidan RandallAidan Randall7 日 前
    • @Tootspogs ForeverYou're in charge of the MLB American League?

      Aidan RandallAidan Randall6 日 前
    • @Aidan Randall since i decided about a month ago!!😁

      Tootspogs ForeverTootspogs Forever6 日 前
    • ​@Tootspogs Forever since when were they allowed to do that

      Aidan RandallAidan Randall7 日 前
    • @Aidan Randall from what i know so far, the AL team can give up the designated hitter to make room for ohtani to bat when he pitches on that day

      Tootspogs ForeverTootspogs Forever7 日 前
    • @Tootspogs Forever in American League pitchers don't bat it the DH's job

      Aidan RandallAidan Randall7 日 前
  • His homer against the White Sox was ridiculous. 彼はすごい

    Steve MartinSteve Martin7 日 前
  • ウイグル人ジェノサイドを認めない創価公明。 ウイグル弾圧企業とされているものに創価学会系企業が多いですね。 ダイソー等もメイドインチャイナが多いのでリスト漏れも多そう。 これは創価企業に対する忖度では無いでしょうか。 ウイグル人弾圧を認めない事によって、これからも何食わぬ顔で中国から輸入し続け、ウイグル人への抑圧虐殺に間接的に加担し続けるつもりなのかも知れませんね笑

    最中サトヲ最中サトヲ7 日 前
  • 大谷最高やで

    あぴあぴ7 日 前
  • SANSHIN He speaks Japanese very good

    m ppm pp7 日 前
  • アメリカの人ってマジでマスクしないんやな

    tvかすきんtvかすきん7 日 前
  • Reincarnation of babe Ruth

    Lauro SanchezLauro Sanchez7 日 前
  • 3:58サンシン!

    ヨーダヨーダ7 日 前
  • 3:00 4:00 Can anyone tell me why he said "please sit down" in Japanese? sit down=strikeout??

    YS CYS C7 日 前
  • 3:02 It's more natural to say, “Bench ni modore . At first I couldn't figure out why he was asking him to sit down.😄🇯🇵

    ユウヤユウヤ7 日 前
  • 3:00 suwatte kudasai = Sit down.

    こ7 日 前
  • さんしん!😄

    。えっとぅー。えっとぅー7 日 前
  • "Oh" means big or grand , and "tani" means canyon , so Japanese Ohtani means Grand Canyon. Go Mr. Grand Canyon.

    Mark PowerBuildMark PowerBuild8 日 前
  • A Pinpoint slider coming at you ! 92!!

    baseballman74baseballman748 日 前
  • I wish the announcer stop trying to speak Japanese, it's embarrassing! He's going to cause an international incident!😂

    SaruchanSaruchan8 日 前
    • i think it's cute!! chill and just enjoy the game!!! nothing to be all stresed about 😀

      Tootspogs ForeverTootspogs Forever6 日 前
  • 3:03 4:00 Please take a seat

    Shin LiangShin Liang8 日 前
  • Have you ever seen an Alien? I have....

    Ricardo Ramón AcelRicardo Ramón Acel8 日 前
  • Isn’t he a designated hitter ??? 😂

    わらわらわらわらわらわらわらわら8 日 前
    • yup!!

      Tootspogs ForeverTootspogs Forever6 日 前
  • 座ってください!最高、今後も希望。

    boy eastboy east8 日 前
  • The announcer was saying 'pls sit down' in japanese which is 'sowate kudasaii' after each of those strikeouts. I think it means you're done, go back to the dugout! LOL.

    John KishabaJohn Kishaba8 日 前
  • He’s avg at best. Does everything okay. Nothing great.

    K LyK Ly8 日 前
    • your comment is average!!!😀

      Tootspogs ForeverTootspogs Forever7 日 前
  • commentator said " suwa te kudasai ( please sit down)." i never understand why he said this....

    teri yakiteri yaki8 日 前
  • "Sit down "は、投手が打者を三振させたときに、投手や解説者が言う英語の表現です。ダグアウトに戻ってベンチに座るという意味です。

    FroziaFrozia8 日 前
  • 0:44 Crack! Absolutely perfect sound.

    matpsimmatpsim8 日 前
  • How much should we pay for him?

    くれくれくれくれ8 日 前
    • $500 million baby!!!😀

      Tootspogs ForeverTootspogs Forever7 日 前
  • How does Ohtani get to hit and pitch in American League games?

    Walter W Shan JrWalter W Shan Jr8 日 前
    • The Angels have to give up the DH spot every time Ohtani hits and pitches in the same game.

      Dave GomezDave Gomez8 日 前
  • Trout, Betts,deGrom, Acuna, Tatis etc... may end up more valuable but, Ohtani is the most entertaining baseball player rn for sure.

    Adam HuxleyAdam Huxley8 日 前
    • those are bums you mentioned.. compared to what Ohtani can contribute to the team!!😀

      Tootspogs ForeverTootspogs Forever7 日 前
  • I can't believe we're watching this! This is history, boys and girls. It's too bad baseball is no longer the popular sport it used to be . . .

    Figaro JamesFigaro James8 日 前
  • i dont get it how hard can it be to hit and throw a fast ball?

    Kid PokerKid Poker8 日 前
  • This is our Cool Japan Ohtani (`・ω・´)

    NameName8 日 前
  • In Japan, height of young Men is, mean 170cm, σ 5.8cm. Shohei is 193cm = mean + 4σ. Very rare.

    okinawapunterokinawapunter8 日 前
    • not that rare with the kind of kids growing up all over the world with better nutrition and more interracial offsprings😀

      Tootspogs ForeverTootspogs Forever7 日 前
  • 03:19 03:28 03:58

    no nameno name8 日 前
  • he's the lebron james of baseball - the most freakish/versatile athlete playing

    Gene HannGene Hann8 日 前