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作詞・作曲:武田将弥 (Dream Monster)
編曲:高木龍一 (Dream Monster)、武田将弥 (Dream Monster)
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  • i'm sans is here.

    Sans The Skeleton - balde 64Sans The Skeleton - balde 647 時間 前
  • 4:13:25 FUBUKIlovania

    Gabriel SCSGabriel SCS7 時間 前
  • 😱

    DocDoc3 日 前
  • Half the stream was the sans fight...

    Galaxy ꧁ ꧂ BirdGalaxy ꧁ ꧂ Bird4 日 前
  • 1:30:31 Gルートを100万回すればいいの? Should I do 1 million times of G routes?

    ファボゼラーファボゼラー5 日 前
  • Interesting

    Li-bat09 .TLi-bat09 .T5 日 前
  • I wish her struggle against Undyne got more credit tbh. All in all, I'm proud of Fubuki for sticking through it all. Determination to destroy is still determination in the end.

    YenreiYenrei5 日 前
  • 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    stella britostella brito7 日 前
  • Congrats on defeating Sans fubuki

    ZeroToHeroZeroToHero7 日 前
  • 1:32:15 ※ヒーローが あらわれた

    鯖落ち姫鯖落ち姫8 日 前
  • The Undyne fight never fails to give me chills. It’s so epic.

    Gamesmarts194Gamesmarts1948 日 前
  • 3:11:35この声マジで可愛い

    シャムしゃむシャムしゃむ8 日 前
  • nice

    マリモmarimoマリモmarimo8 日 前
  • Enserio verás 8 horas de una Chica con orejas de zorro pelear contra mounstros? Yo: Quien no?

    El Aka'sh Ru_HaEl Aka'sh Ru_Ha8 日 前
  • Gamer fox not even going for N or P route. She wants the C H A L L E N G E ! ! ! !

    thatpolarburswagthatpolarburswag8 日 前
  • Wait is her first experience playing undertale... Is G route? Immediately jumps in hard mode What a gamer

    MivaMiva8 日 前
  • 4:12:16やっぱり猫じゃないか!

    ナマコブシナマコブシ8 日 前
  • Gルートのアンダインまじかっこい。何回見ても震える

    笹田笹丸笹田笹丸9 日 前
  • HL vs Sans the Comic

    Alvin VinluanAlvin Vinluan9 日 前
  • 1:33:17 *Beloved Tomboyish Girl playing* Ice Sign "Icicle Fail'" Easy 1:49:13 *ZUNpet intensify*

    Vorapol UeranantVorapol Ueranant9 日 前
  • Gルートクリアおめでとうございます!フブキング! 最後のサンズスリスリと寝るサンズは心温まる瞬間でしたw Pルートも頑張って下さいw いくぞ!はじめようぜ!

    Yusuke MYusuke M9 日 前
  • 急上昇ランキング5位おめでとう!!

    アーカードアーカード9 日 前
  • 4:10:58 I think everyone wait this.

    DarkSoul316DarkSoul3169 日 前
  • 初っ端フラウィからRTA走者の技術使ってて草

    デカもーさんデカもーさん9 日 前
  • この配信で確信したけど、ちょっとサイコ入ってるよ…ね?

    Die福Die福9 日 前
    • ちょっとどころじゃない…

      Dr.ボンドルドDr.ボンドルド5 日 前
  • I remember the 3 stream with total of 16+ hours of pain Shuba.

    Oozora MioOozora Mio9 日 前
  • 30:51 Kawaiii

    千羽月痕千羽月痕9 日 前
  • For the record, closest attempt was the 53rd attempt at 6:44:39.

    ThaiThai9 日 前
  • Rushia: oh kawaii doggo :3 Meanwhile, Fubuki: HAHA KNIFE GO STAB 🔪

    Jericho YabutJericho Yabut9 日 前
  • It may not feel like it, but everytime you fight SANS you get closer to winning. You also have something SANS does not. You have thousands of FRIENDS with you cheering you on. SANS has none, because you killed them all. DETERMINATION FRIEND.

    Dark LightDark Light9 日 前
  • 3:12:50 for undyne boss end

    Crisdan PadillaCrisdan Padilla9 日 前
  • Friend, Genocide route is not easy. It challenges you Emotionally, Physically, and Mentally. Its almost impossible to finish on your first playthrough in one sitting. It is even more difficult if you have not played pacifist first and learned the game mechanics. But as long as you stay determined you will win. Then, when you win it is both an amazing and yet terrible feeling. This is something you will not forget and it will become a part of you.

    Dark LightDark Light9 日 前
    • This text is so edgy lol

      AteriAteri8 日 前
  • Megalovaniaはトラウマにならないから本当に特殊な曲

    ハセゴンハセゴン9 日 前
  • U3U

    among us Gemer among usamong us Gemer among us9 日 前
  • 私たちの間で

    among us Gemer among usamong us Gemer among us9 日 前
  • こんにちは

    among us Gemer among usamong us Gemer among us9 日 前
  • 4:13:25 let me just leave this for myself...

    Yushin100Yushin1009 日 前
  • Seeing FBK struggle with undyne makes me feel less bad about being super shitty at this game.

    MazuiMazui9 日 前
  • Spain

    Ixu GanzIxu Ganz9 日 前
  • GルートRTAでしか見たこと無かったからセリフ見るの新鮮でかなりキツかった ぱっぴー………………;;

    ケーシィ0809ケーシィ08099 日 前
  • アンテへの愛が凄まじい 神曲と言い、アンダイン様呼びにサンズ戦予習してないと何度も折れずにプレイするメンタル やっぱフブキングだよなぁ、、、、白上最高、狐(猫)しか勝たん

    チャンネルコメント用アハトアハトチャンネルコメント用アハトアハト9 日 前
  • Judging by her reactions she had spoiled herself thoroughly in advance, the rest was simply down to the boss fight challenge.

    Someone's Youtube UsernameSomeone's Youtube Username9 日 前
    • @s07195 Makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.

      Someone's Youtube UsernameSomeone's Youtube Username6 日 前
    • She did which is why she asked which route to do, since she wouldn't have 1st reactions

      s07195s071957 日 前
  • BGN良すぎて途中で寝落ちしてた(´•ω•`)

  • Moments that Undertale gives us fear: _But Nobody Came_ _If You Keep pretending to be one_ _You are gonna have a Bad time_ _16 lefts_ _Papyrus Dying_ _Your be dead were You stand_ _one hit of How powerful you are_ _Sans_ _In My way_ _Flowey getting scary_

    Gogesans AlexwolfGogesans Alexwolf9 日 前
  • アンダーテールは普通の和訳じゃなくて非公式日本語化パッチの言葉のほうがかっこよく見える

    鯖落ち姫鯖落ち姫9 日 前
  • Sans is : S adness A minosity N egativity S upreme Or _Pain_

    Gogesans AlexwolfGogesans Alexwolf9 日 前
    • sand

      HankSpan1309HankSpan13099 日 前
  • pain,pain,pian!

    zhou yuzhou yu9 日 前
  • 4:11:39 1st 4:12:51 2nd 4:14:17 3rd 4:15:39 4th 4:16:24 5th 4:17:22 6th 4:19:44 7th 4:21:30 8th 4:23:34 9th 4:25:42 10th 4:28:29 11th 4:31:13 12th 4:33:36 13th 4:37:20 14th (1st time second phase 4:41:59) 4:44:33 15th 4:46:52 16th 4:48:44 17th 4:49:41 18th 4:50:37 19th 4:52:13 20th 4:54:37 21st (2nd time second phase 4:58:48) 5:00:53 22nd 5:01:52 23rd 5:04:20 24th 5:05:13 25th(1st attack no damage)(3rd time second phase 5:09:09) 5:10:41 26th 5:11:09 27th 5:13:31 28th 5:15:31 29th 5:16:25 30th 5:18:48 31st 5:20:23 32nd (4th time second phase 5:24:07) 5:27:01 33rd (1st attack no damage)(5th time second phase 5:30:49) 5:32:28 34th(2nd phase 5:35:45) 5:38:48 35th 5:39:44 36th(2nd phase 5:43:22) 5:46:24 37th(2nd phase 5:49:50) 5:53:36 38th 5:55:10 39th 5:59:01 40th 5:59:43 41st 6:01:32 42nd(2nd phase 6:05:03) 6:09:17 43rd(2nd phase 6:12:55) 6:16:33 44th 6:17:02 45th 6:17:43 46th 6:18:50 47th(1st attack no damage) (2nd phase 6:22:00) 6:26:08 48th 6:27:37 49th(1st attack no damage) 6:30:00 50th(2nd phase 6:33:05)(special attack 6:35:05) 6:36:49 51st(2nd phase 6:39:47)(special attack 6:43:26) 6:44:06 52nd 6:44:37 53rd(2nd phase 6:47:59)(special attack almost 6:51:16) 6:52:08 54th(2nd phase 6:55:14) 6:58:46 55th(1st attack no damage) 7:00:17 56th(1st attack no damage) 7:01:32 57th(1st attack no damage)(2nd phase 7:04:35) 7:07:13 58th(1st attack no damage)(2nd phase 7:10:10)(special attack 7:13:27) 7:14:11 59th 7:15:31 60th 7:16:26 61st 7:17:07 62nd 7:22:09 63rd 7:23:43 64th(1st attack no damage) 7:25:38 65th 7:26:18 66th 7:26:58 67th 7:28:47 68th 7:29:29 69th 7:30:04 70th 7:30:51 71st(2nd phase 7:33:41)(special attack 7:37:44) 7:38:06 72nd(1st attack no damage)(2nd phase 7:41:01)(special attack 7:44:59) 7:46:06 73rd 7:46:59 74th(1st attack no damage) 7:48:56 75th(1st attack no damage) 7:52:16 76th(1st attack no damage) 7:54:59 77th 7:55:40 78th 7:56:25 79th 7:57:08 80th 7:57:51 81st(2nd phase 8:00:56)(special attack 8:04:20) 8:04:50 82nd 8:05:32 83rd 8:06:15 84th 8:06:57 85th 8:07:59 86th 8:08:42 87th 8:09:23 88th(2nd phase 8:12:32)

    彩虹喵 虹にゃ彩虹喵 虹にゃ9 日 前
  • 今日も頑張れ!

    stella 18stella 189 日 前
  • サクナヒメの一件から何も学んでないのは草 ゲーム開発者に対する誠意を感じない

    ミミッキュの布ミミッキュの布9 日 前
  • 1:31:59 わたしが かならず きさまを ウチタオス!!!!

    ルンルン9 日 前
  • 忙しい人用 3:11開始 9:34マネキン 27:43トリエル忠告 28:45トリエル戦… 30:13フラウィとの会話 37:03ワンボー 37:03パズル①39:09パズル② 42:02イヌッスイヌッサ 43:31パズル③ 46:14忠告 1:02:51パピルス戦… 1:17:34亡霊戦 1:29:40本物のヒーロー… 3:12:52ヒーロー戦 終 3:16:16メタトン会話 3:20:00ロイヤル・ガード戦 3:22:00マフェット戦 3:51:08メタトン戦… (3:57:10 3:57:42 3:58:11 3:58:50 4:02:19 4:04:06~4:10:25)フラウィ対話 4:10:57長い戦いの始まり

    ヒシロンヒシロン9 日 前
  • 4:11:23

    きゅあぴんくきゅあぴんく9 日 前
  • Sans is so difficult but I know that our friend will beat him in the next stream

    Zehell yerfegZehell yerfeg9 日 前
  • Que sad no entenderle :((

    Angel Daniel Alvarez ValleAngel Daniel Alvarez Valle9 日 前
  • 4:10:30

    YasscraftX21 ._.YasscraftX21 ._.9 日 前
  • Subaru can relate to this

    JestJest9 日 前
  • Oh, my poor little д̴͍͚̘̈́͗̎͗͆р̶̢̭̩̟͊̄̉͝у̴͉̖̖̙͓̂͛г̶̧͖̺̙̮͒̄̈́̊

    AshkaelAshkael9 日 前
  • 3:52:31 "Goodbye"

    WhaffleeWhafflee9 日 前
  • 03:10 開始

    柯智懷柯智懷9 日 前
  • Finally she got some rest, I hope the second run will go smoothly.

    adham adyatmaadham adyatma9 日 前
  • アンテGルートおつこーんでした〜! 驚異的な集中力には驚きを隠せません...w 最後のガスターブラスターの攻撃まで行けてた瞬間もあったので、繰り返し覚える事さえ出来れば今日中には行けると思うので頑張って下さい!!

    モカモカ9 日 前
  • did she... pulled an all-nighter...?

    BlueGXBlueGX9 日 前
  • お疲れ様ですw

    音無クロ音無クロ9 日 前
  • 最後のは惜しかった。ビームの避け方覚えればクリアできそうか。

    nikkunikku9 日 前
  • Protip for the people who may want to try Sans with a controller (doesn't matter which) : Red heart -> Joystick Blue heart -> D-pad And of course lots of determination :^)

    FaeremanFaereman9 日 前
  • フブキさん配信お疲れ様。 4時間くらいであんなに上達してるから次の配信にはクリアできるかも しれないので頑張ってください!! スバルの16時間よりも早くクリアできると思いますよ とりあえずゆっくり休んでください

    鯖主のみかん鯖主のみかん9 日 前
  • 2:22:45 oui

    FénékkoFénékko9 日 前
    • 2:24:54 ah lala

      FénékkoFénékko9 日 前
  • Cute😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Hugo SolisfraireHugo Solisfraire9 日 前
  • 6:51:40 well that was close.

    Tomas CamachoTomas Camacho9 日 前
  • She has confidence fighting Sans with 1 health. Sasuga catfox waifriend

    Ayame’s Apostle [6th of the Twelve]Ayame’s Apostle [6th of the Twelve]9 日 前

    CastleCrasher350CastleCrasher3509 日 前
  • stay determined fubuki !! it took subaru couple days to do it so don't rush it

    けいKけいK9 日 前
  • 4 hour of domestic abuse

    мєтнмєтн9 日 前
  • Will she beat Subaru's record of 20+ hours vs sans? Find out on the next episode of Undertale!

    Haoseng YangHaoseng Yang9 日 前
  • Still better than Subaru so far :D

    Jojob541Jojob5419 日 前
  • good luck next time friend !

    BigSadDilanBigSadDilan9 日 前
  • So did anyone keep the death count?

    Cl0wnpieceCl0wnpiece9 日 前
  • She actually suceeded to go halfway through sans! What an achievement!

    Adhicitta Bodhi RakhitaAdhicitta Bodhi Rakhita9 日 前
  • I bet tomorrow she'll be able to nail this at first try...

    Jackal CreepJackal Creep9 日 前
    • @dximagine_ breakerxb same as Subaru

      Jackal CreepJackal Creep9 日 前
    • Literally me when I opened it on my third day

      dximagine_ breakerxbdximagine_ breakerxb9 日 前
  • A run of 5 hrs against sans... Now that's determination...

    Jackal CreepJackal Creep9 日 前
  • Bad time

    RIPRIP9 日 前
  • 7:37:31

    Jeffrey KwokJeffrey Kwok9 日 前
  • Of course she spend half the stream trying to beat him....well, better luck next time, maybe she manages to get a first try next stream.

    Aerenn TyneAerenn Tyne9 日 前
  • おつかれさまー

    秀司鄭秀司鄭9 日 前
  • I gotta be honest, I know Undertale is very well-loved but the consistent amount of watchers in this stream, always around 17k-20k and more consistently for the whole stream! It is a bit of a surprise!

    SiVelSiVel9 日 前
    • Well loved game played by well loved friend!

      zaini ikhwanzaini ikhwan9 日 前
  • On the first two hrs I was expecting her to win since she reached the 2nd part with relative ease a few times but damn, wasn't expecting for her to g9 that long and still not pass, but friend is filled with determination and I'm sure she'll make it next time.

    Seiba Lion [SSRB]Seiba Lion [SSRB]9 日 前
  • 4:11:20 You want to have a bad time?

    Yami DihYami Dih9 日 前
  • 6:46:40 personal stamp

    yt premiumyt premium9 日 前
  • I wish there was english subtitles

    By MonkeyBy Monkey9 日 前
  • This smol white fox doesn't give up, that why i like her🦊🌽 😍

    おめがch. /Omega ch.おめがch. /Omega ch.9 日 前
  • 4 hours suffering, 87 deaths F for Fubuki * DETERMINATION.

    Yusmit KovøinYusmit Kovøin9 日 前
  • ohhh fubuki?~ getting some sins crawling on her mofu tail mhhh :3333 hmm that fight agaisnt mettaton.. she knows this. she already played this didnt she? owo

    Link3000XDLink3000XD9 日 前
  • I hope Fubuki had a good rest. But right now, she's having a collab stream which makes to 9 hours streaming. Stay healthy, Fubuki!

    amedane46amedane469 日 前
  • Me seing fubuki fighting sans Also me:you're gonna have a badtime

    anime fananime fan9 日 前
  • お疲れさまでした

    a ma m9 日 前
  • I have defeat king, and why i fight with flower wtf lmao, he is over power

    This is lerhinThis is lerhin9 日 前
  • サンズ戦…こればっかりは体に覚えさせるしかないっすね、自分は3ヶ月ほどかかってやっとクリアしました!! しらかみ! ケツイをちからにかえるんだ!!!

    馬と筋肉の精霊馬と筋肉の精霊9 日 前
  • *When Sans said "You're gonna have a bad time" he really meant it.. Imagine taking half of the stream's length and even damaging Controller-Kun, he even almost made our Friend insane and killed her almost 100 times... Sans is a real savage when giving judgement*

    Kohatsu Ch.Kohatsu Ch.9 日 前
    • @Syntax Error he knows that you can just respawn anytime you are ‘killed’, so in a last ditch effort to save the underground, he makes sure that u ain’t getting past without a fight

      Lonely Introvert120Lonely Introvert1209 日 前
    • @Blank I'm pretty sure Sans's whole plan is to make you give up and reset, because how else do you beat someone with infinite respawns?

      Syntax ErrorSyntax Error9 日 前
    • She's not at Subaru's 15 hours stuck at Sans yet, but hopefully she won't need to get there either.

      IDKmyBFFJillIDKmyBFFJill9 日 前
    • That's why I love Sans, he knows he can't beat you, so he makes your life hell when you are fighting him

      BlankBlank9 日 前
    • imagine your brother and friends being killed by a someone's friend

      Kagamy • FxKagamy • Fx9 日 前
  • フブキマジ素敵……

    葉月リン葉月リン9 日 前