WayV 威神V 'Action Figure' Performance Video

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  • ok but Ten in a ponytail is a god tier concept

    Suhani JainSuhani Jain時間 前
  • Ten, you are very good. I really like your dancing I will follow your performance.

    A.JumpalaA.Jumpala時間 前
  • I cant believe this was Xiaojun's apple hair before... In lucas Vlog.. He was so cute there 🍎🍎😊😊😊

    Queen INGQueen ING時間 前
  • why nobody talks about Xiaojun's beautiful voice?

    LittleMy肖俊LittleMy肖俊3 時間 前
  • me : watching it again but its 3:45 a.m

    Anwesha PhukonAnwesha Phukon4 時間 前
  • Man Winwin's voice is addictive SM you better give him more lines

    Jul1n3 M.Jul1n3 M.4 時間 前
  • to the person that added the elephant sound effect in the beginning: what were you on and where can I buy it?

    random personrandom person5 時間 前
  • qalqalahnya dejun T_T

    heyy0tiny'니니heyy0tiny'니니5 時間 前
  • selamat pagiii jodoh saya, qian kun 🤩

    snowkun whitesnowkun white5 時間 前
  • Pregunta seria ¿porque es tan adictiva?, gran trabajo por los idols y el trabajo de cámara e edición wow esta a otro nivel pese a ser un escenario sencillo

    The Score MéxicoThe Score México5 時間 前

    l love kpopl love kpop6 時間 前
  • net not

    Diyah ViftaDiyah Vifta6 時間 前
  • Xiaojun’s part= me dead

    JiminechiJiminechi6 時間 前
  • why is there only a performance version

    Riyan BilimoriaRiyan Bilimoria7 時間 前
  • Love ittt

    Mariam RaedMariam Raed7 時間 前
  • Things that i strongly notice in this performance: -yangyang gets many screentime as he should. He absolutely ATE this performance up! -center hendery is so underrated. He is center material, tbh. -winwin, omg, his aura shook that entire parking lot and building, especially when he is in the center. -kun, xiaojun, and ten vocals are wayzennies’ BIGGEST FLEX! But kun’s is my favorite. -lucas’ existence is very dominant, oh yes he is always the most stand out one.

    Taeyong & kun’s patienceTaeyong & kun’s patience7 時間 前
    • Kun is so fine here, tbh

      Neptune Yo!Neptune Yo!時間 前
    • your pfp haaaa I love it

      WayV SimpWayV Simp6 時間 前
  • This badass song deserves an MV and SOTY, periodt.

    Taeyong & kun’s patienceTaeyong & kun’s patience8 時間 前
  • Candu bnget ama QalQalah ny dejun🤧

    dinar nilasaridinar nilasari8 時間 前

      Taeyong & kun’s patienceTaeyong & kun’s patience8 時間 前
  • i love it and them

    anna loves honeyanna loves honey8 時間 前
  • Soy la única que escucha en el min 2:21 que Ten dice "dame sushi"? 😂

    Karla Montserrath Vital OrdoñezKarla Montserrath Vital Ordoñez8 時間 前
  • yangyang's vocals just hit different

    Arya ChaturvediArya Chaturvedi9 時間 前
  • hendery eres el amor de mi vida pspsps

    Hwang DaniHwang Dani9 時間 前
  • esta canción es demasiado adictiva.

    Hwang DaniHwang Dani9 時間 前
  • Are these idols??

    Kummaraguntla SrinivasKummaraguntla Srinivas9 時間 前
    • just look at their faces that should be your answer lmao

      ArdaArda4 時間 前
    • what do you mean? this is Wayv the Chinese subunit from nct Lucas and Ten are also in SuperM

      WayV SimpWayV Simp6 時間 前
  • Candu parah

    silvsilv10 時間 前
  • no puedo estudiar con esta cancion puesta JDFGDSHJ

    Yamna ValenzuelaYamna Valenzuela10 時間 前
    • MOOD *

      Hwang DaniHwang Dani9 時間 前
    • MOOF

      Hwang DaniHwang Dani9 時間 前
  • I'm addicted to Xiaojun part (〒﹏〒)

    Na JiHanNa JiHan10 時間 前
  • I love WayV ❤

    Mayra MarquezMayra Marquez10 時間 前
  • Title track we never had 😩

    Ella AlvarezElla Alvarez10 時間 前
  • hi everyone i am new fans here support from iDOLLA ) can you reaction DOLLA song??

    hanna hannahanna hanna10 時間 前
  • i don't listen to WayV that much but Action Figure is good! if there's any recommendations you can recommend some songs :)

    softwhispersssoftwhisperss11 時間 前
    • All bside song of kick back mini album

    • Please also try listening to these b-sides: Domino King of Hearts Say It All for Love Horizon :)

      GelGel5 時間 前
    • addition: leonidas by yangyang and kun

      snowkun whitesnowkun white5 時間 前
    • Love talk Take off Kick back Ten's solo songs Dream in a dream and New heroes Moonwalk

      WayV SimpWayV Simp6 時間 前
    • Love Talk Nectar

      Up 24Up 2410 時間 前
  • Let's Go 10M!!

    MaxMax11 時間 前
  • Really like this

    Tamara SitorusTamara Sitorus11 時間 前
  • So coolllllll🔥

    abdul halexabdul halex12 時間 前
  • 널 좋아하는건 행복한 일이다 💛

    baby baby-t-tbaby baby-t-t12 時間 前
  • Candu bgt

    Sabrina Aulia prameswariSabrina Aulia prameswari12 時間 前
  • WayVの色気がすごい😭

    さっちゃんさっちゃん12 時間 前
  • 最高すぎる! NCT2020きっかけでWayVの動画も色々見るようになった日本人です。 NCT最高!NCT127最高!NCT DREAM最高!WayV最高!

    さっちゃんさっちゃん12 時間 前
  • 2:04

    Aira ArkadewiAira Arkadewi13 時間 前
  • Lucas's deep voice will be the death of me

    164 Chandrika Bisht164 Chandrika Bisht13 時間 前
  • xiaojun part really made me fall in love 😭😭😭

    Sabrina IsaSabrina Isa13 時間 前
  • Winwin's voice ✨

    카일라카일라13 時間 前
  • Partnya xiaojun candu banget parah

    Apricilia Putri adindaApricilia Putri adinda14 時間 前
  • qian kun, i love you

    Dilara GültekinDilara Gültekin14 時間 前
  • i listen this everyday lol like a skincare routine

    sicheng gfsicheng gf14 時間 前
  • menuju 5M yuhuuu semangat

    Linda Nor SyifaLinda Nor Syifa14 時間 前
  • Confirmemos que Action Figure es un temazo sisi

    hy6ckhy6ck15 時間 前
  • this song issa bop

    yuliayulia15 時間 前
  • Dejun qalqalah gadak obat😩

    Nabila SyahiraNabila Syahira16 時間 前
  • Been waiting for my husband to come home from work now just realized that he went filming a performance video with his mates

    Nabilah Mufidah HudayaNabilah Mufidah Hudaya16 時間 前
    • omgksjcfjcj reoilllll

  • Ахуенная песня

    arina13arina1316 時間 前
  • I miss wayv so much I love them as an artist I can listen to them and watch them dance all day

    Manik RakshanManik Rakshan16 時間 前
  • adds public comment: everyone loves Xiaojun

    XiaojunStreღmXiaojunStreღm16 時間 前
  • I love this song, Xiexie wayv

    Yumii fillYumii fill17 時間 前
  • Lucas neomu swag vibe

    onnie dindaonnie dinda17 時間 前
  • 1:08 🥺💞..

    Parvathi BinuParvathi Binu17 時間 前
  • 😍🇮🇳

    vikram sathevikram sathe17 時間 前
  • 1:08 akhi dejun with qolqolah🧚‍♂️

    AnindyaAnindya17 時間 前
  • I don't even know WayV, i've never heard a song of them, i found this song for superstar SM and jeez i love it

    Camila OwOCamila OwO18 時間 前
  • Imagine Lisa dance this song🤯🥶

    Zoro TotoroZoro Totoro18 時間 前
  • People around me wearing suits: dont look good Wayv wearing suits: look good af

    Yuna AlazbaYuna Alazba18 時間 前
  • I'm here 3 times a day, I just can't help watching this video

    Maryam davoudniaMaryam davoudnia18 時間 前
  • i want yangyang's outfit

    White ÉtoileWhite Étoile18 時間 前
  • konten nya nct masih numpuk kak, pusing aku mabuk konten 😤

    Maria Adriani Wirasty Laju ; 7HMaria Adriani Wirasty Laju ; 7H18 時間 前
    • @mellifluous minus staff hahaha 😭

    • Konten anak WayV jarang banget:), tapi gak papa. Memang kendala bahasa ini mah.

      mellifluousmellifluous16 時間 前
  • the hip thrusts!!

    jisung's momjisung's mom18 時間 前
  • 😮😮😮

    Placida AvilaPlacida Avila18 時間 前
  • 02:31 ಥ‿ಥ

  • add a public comment

    Diyah ViftaDiyah Vifta19 時間 前
  • WayV in business suits really hits different.

    s k a r e u ts k a r e u t19 時間 前
  • Kecanduan part dejun

    Park Su-jiPark Su-ji20 時間 前
  • Keep streaming! road to 5M!! so drippy so drippy

    Hannah NavarezHannah Navarez20 時間 前
  • Just a fact: Action Figure can be our SOTY

    Hannah NavarezHannah Navarez20 時間 前
  • 3:10 I thought they were saying "soulja b" this whole time lol.

    bong bong drr go brrrbong bong drr go brrr20 時間 前
  • should've been the title track..

    bong bong drr go brrrbong bong drr go brrr20 時間 前
  • I can't unhear that give it papi

    snowkun whitesnowkun white21 時間 前
  • Lagu candu bgt❤️

    Elma SalpianiElma Salpiani21 時間 前
  • 601.995

    otter dreamerotter dreamer21 時間 前
  • 5m soon

    Chung Shi JieChung Shi Jie21 時間 前
  • AMO

    Anto OsoresAnto Osores21 時間 前
  • Ten🔥🔥🔥

    จุฑาพิช แก้วตาลจุฑาพิช แก้วตาล22 時間 前
  • I love this song!! i´m completely in love with Kun´s voice i mean just hearing his voice blows me away

    Sarai BallezaSarai Balleza22 時間 前
  • Everyone: OMG THIS SONG IS SO ADDICTIVE 🔥 Me: isn't that where ateez filmed the "pick it up"

    Nikka ColemanNikka Coleman22 時間 前
  • this song is so addicting please 😩🤚🏻

    sashasasha22 時間 前
  • i'm an action figure

    Maria Adriani Wirasty Laju ; 7HMaria Adriani Wirasty Laju ; 7H23 時間 前
  • 6jt gass

    Johana KandouJohana Kandou23 時間 前
  • Goshhhhh

    13. Maruli Tua Sitorus13. Maruli Tua Sitorus23 時間 前
  • Ten 💞💞💞💞

    aom jungaom jung23 時間 前
  • win win i love u

    tama moontama moon23 時間 前
  • The way TEN say De Ai hits differently so attractive and sexy. Ahhh. C'mon man. Woman. Look out for this guyss.

    R.Y. A.R.Y. A.日 前
  • Right they

    ale gonzalezale gonzalez日 前
  • This is my fav wayv song. ❤

    DinaDina日 前
  • ¿¿Por qué tiene pocos likes?? ¡¡Esto se merece más apoyo!!

    Yam KiyYam Kiy日 前
  • WAY V 🔥

    kpop loverkpop lover日 前
  • Ten so attractive omg

    Seo HyunSeo Hyun日 前
  • this is just PERFECT♫︎

    Diamonica MacarseDiamonica Macarse日 前
  • this feels llike the male version of WAP

    Stephanie YUStephanie YU日 前
  • ♡♡♡♡♡♡

    win77nwin77n日 前

    ShrdzzzShrdzzz日 前
  • Me gusta

    Dora CLDora CL日 前
  • the best part winwin

    MY-æspa ‹3MY-æspa ‹3日 前