Wizards vs Lakers HIGHLIGHTS Full Game + OT | NBA February 22

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Check out Wizards vs Lakers HIGHLIGHTS

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Our Sports Talk Line team picked the best NBA game Highlights for you to enjoy.
In today’s game the Wizards showed some magic and beat the Lakers in a thrilling overtime 127-124 and won their 5th game in the row
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  • No mcgee not howard no davis NO RING!!! see you next season lakers

    MotoGreg 28MotoGreg 288 日 前
  • iyak mga lakes 😂

    marc aldrie maligligmarc aldrie maliglig10 日 前
  • Marc Gasol is just like a lame grizzly bear. Bring back Howard n MacGee

    Kuang An HauwKuang An Hauw10 日 前
  • What a pity of last free throw in regular time!

    蔡蔡蔡蔡10 日 前
  • Lakers is not doing well at all and something needs to be done ASAP. LeBron👑 appears to be doing all the work alone. Hail the King! I feel for him, the whole team is just not there

    Goabaone SekalabaGoabaone Sekalaba11 日 前
  • King James my ass.

    Brendan van RensburgBrendan van Rensburg11 日 前
  • Lebron got it to win but miss the shot.

    Youshain BrooksYoushain Brooks11 日 前
  • Lefloppers crying again cos of a regular season lost😂 move on lefloppers it's not yet the end of the world there's always a next game🤭😂

  • 🗣Deviiiiiiiiiiiiis 😭!!!!!!!!!??

    Rayann MvinzouRayann Mvinzou11 日 前
  • 最后判罚给加索尔太假了吧,八村垒和小洛佩兹撞一起了,就非得抓着小家的动作不放?

    逯瑶逯瑶11 日 前
  • nice win wizards

    Mamoru EnomotoMamoru Enomoto11 日 前
  • Dear Lakers, this is why you should have drafted Giannis antentekonokpu. 1 in 4. With AD out, there would have been a back up Giannis for James

    Joseph UjiadugheleJoseph Ujiadughele11 日 前
  • Boy oh boy this is a plucky wizards team; Hogwarts doing well

    MBM IIMBM II11 日 前
  • LeClutch:)

    blackcrowblackcrow11 日 前
  • Height of gasol are useless, better to put him on bench and watch all the games till the seasons end

    tito adztito adz11 日 前
  • Height of gasol are useless, better to put him on bench and watch all the games till the seasons end

    tito adztito adz11 日 前
  • porque ustedes no pusieron el tiro que lebron fallo antes de kuzman, abusadores fanaticos de lebron

    David MedinaDavid Medina11 日 前
  • Westbrook loves playing against grated teams hahaha. Lakers don't look the same without AD or there just taking a break because they know in a 7 game series nobody is going to beat them

    Mark DarnellMark Darnell11 日 前
  • cousin will go to nets

    ian jasper Mendozaian jasper Mendoza11 日 前
  • look at how happy the wizards are

    施沛安PeiAn 8De_28_Shih施沛安PeiAn 8De_28_Shih11 日 前
  • Get rid of kyle kuzma and gasol, and bring in McGee, Howard and Rajon Rondo cause this new squad is hurting us.

    The PrinceThe Prince11 日 前
  • 2:37-2:40 LBJ LMAO

    亮諸葛亮諸葛11 日 前
  • Massive fan KLBJ but you have to get this free throws in. Is called free throws not three point.

    Ukeme ObotUkeme Obot11 日 前
  • Ch jersey is scam

    jialiang KONGjialiang KONG11 日 前
  • They are more loss already I think they can't win ring this year

    Jonats T.VJonats T.V11 日 前
    • They are number 2 in the league i think😅, they give wins only,

      tito adztito adz11 日 前
  • No a.d not good teams

    Jonats T.VJonats T.V11 日 前
  • And That's your King 😂😂😂

    JC 0317JC 031711 日 前
  • They defense is not good

    Jonats T.VJonats T.V11 日 前
  • Why lebron today just wasting time no good

    Jonats T.VJonats T.V11 日 前
  • Adios mathews, gasol ridicule 😤😤

    Gabriel BarbozaGabriel Barboza11 日 前
  • Nightmare game, 0 def, 0 ideas in attack, only stupid 3pts all game away

    Энди ПандаЭнди Панда11 日 前
  • I love the Gasol brothers as human beings but Marc gotta go. How are they gonna win a chip with Gasol at the 5.

    Julius SchleichJulius Schleich11 日 前
  • a game winning free throw wasted by Leflop.. He is definitely the GOAT

    Ian AzuraIan Azura11 日 前
  • No AD, Gasol too slow, Lebron got another choke..

    sandika wijaya ajisandika wijaya aji11 日 前
  • Lebron needs to start play more iso and drive in more if he wants to win. This is not a game the lakers usualy lost.

    KPH Tv Official KONESANS.KPH Tv Official KONESANS.11 日 前
  • Lakers miss Schroder than AD

    Ashir HaleemAshir Haleem11 日 前
  • Pinasok Sana free throw kuya lebron tapos n Sana.

    Isidro Jr BesasIsidro Jr Besas11 日 前
  • The idea was that Lakers would trade Dwight to free space for Gasol, who supposed to be better, especially offensively, but he wasnt, but why in the world they traded McGee is beyond me. He was there in LA for ocuple of years, he had great communication with LeBron, and made progress offensively with those hook shoots, and they just let him go, i mean come on.

    M RM R11 日 前
  • I wanted AD to win finals MVP last year.

    Chris EMEGHARAChris EMEGHARA11 日 前
  • now everyone know what a impact aD has on this team. Stop thinking Lebron is all for lakers. AD might be the best teammate Lebron has ever had.

    Stephen CurryStephen Curry11 日 前
  • obviously lakers and LBJ need help of the ref...8 vs 5 players of wizard hahaha

    Mark joseph BumatayMark joseph Bumatay11 日 前
  • Imagine Jordan missing a important FT, you can't lol

    Dead GiveawayDead Giveaway11 日 前
    • Oh wow lmao

      GLBizzieGLBizzie11 日 前
  • Looking forward to Skip's take

    flowerdemonflowerdemon11 日 前
  • Need to get rid of gasol, everyone attacking the paint

    Eric MilliganEric Milligan11 日 前
    • @Theo Quincy I will try it out now. Seems to be working :)

      Sullivan SullivanSullivan Sullivan5 日 前
    • Not sure if anyone gives a damn but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Instagram account using Instaportal. Find it on google enjoy!

      Theo QuincyTheo Quincy5 日 前
  • Lakers cudnt step in semis in this line up...

    Sam YangSam Yang11 日 前
  • Embiid Njoy that mvp 🏆

    Keep CalmKeep Calm11 日 前
  • Why not go with tree in OT? Didn’t like the matchups in OT

    Mike McgaskeyMike Mcgaskey11 日 前
  • LAL wo AD is nothing?

    yang taeyang tae11 日 前
  • Lakers team is full of nobody's imagine lebron at 37 still carrying the team

    Charbel MikhaelCharbel Mikhael11 日 前
    • am not sure you said this at the beginning of the season...they are rather not playing well as a team...moreover lakers have two superstars too with a very good depth....they just have to figure a way out themselves....I think Lebron should encourage them than rather blaming them for losses...

      Senanu Kwasi KlutseSenanu Kwasi Klutse11 日 前
    • Yeah.. Nets have 3 Superstars and they don’t get that hate. I don’t even know Why People Are so afraid. They call him all things available in the dictionary lmao I mean people always afraid of Lakers even though they didn’t win for a whole decade. Makes no sense to me

      GLBizzieGLBizzie11 日 前
  • Gasol is a big mistake to lakers.

    Paki MoPaki Mo11 日 前
  • Loss again

    Richard NavaretteRichard Navarette11 日 前
  • LAL was having Lakeshow in the 1st half, but Washington just didn't give up and fighted like a playoff team. As a LeBron fan, Westbrook deserved credit instead of being hated

    Eric LiuEric Liu11 日 前
  • Now it is clear that AD is the best player for Lakers..... lets goooo CLIPPERS hihihihiii

    Ram NgaihzualaRam Ngaihzuala11 日 前
  • Hahahaha

    Sheryl OsabelSheryl Osabel11 日 前
  • I like your videos 🏆🥇🏅❤

    Shaikha AlbahoShaikha Albaho11 日 前
  • Just trade Gasol

    sammy Kingsammy King11 日 前
  • 8:15 what a clutch 3!!!

    yehudasamyehudasam11 日 前
  • hahahahahaha

    Thanos is RightThanos is Right11 日 前
  • @8:38 kyrie "tell me I'm WRONG..." LEBUM

    jG ArcjG Arc11 日 前
  • Lebron is a great player, but he can’t be the goat missing those game winning free throws

    ivo castroivo castro11 日 前
  • They need to trade for boogie asap trade gasol and maybe send morris as well with 1 more

    luis stanziolaluis stanziola11 日 前
  • Bron got get it back on fire from deep he been off lately

    G O A TG O A T11 日 前
    • So what......

      Ram NgaihzualaRam Ngaihzuala11 日 前
  • Still king.

    James WaudiJames Waudi11 日 前
  • Marc Gasol not shot blocker

    Upload Terserah MasterUpload Terserah Master11 日 前
  • Bulok sa dipensa lakers

    Jeco's ChannelJeco's Channel11 日 前
  • Lack of luck

    ezio Hezio H11 日 前
  • :)

    Chan -XChan -X11 日 前
  • Gasol was too slow Harrell deserve more time he is beast

    Mahayahay TvMahayahay Tv11 日 前
  • Westbrook 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

    Joe NjimJoe Njim11 日 前
  • LBJ nothing.

  • Làkers sucks especially you let go of good players who took the team to the final last year 😭 rip

    Loutu AlalatoaLoutu Alalatoa11 日 前
  • Wat a freethrow...😂

    Chris RamoChris Ramo11 日 前
  • Hahaha haha I knew it they can't win without AD hahaha, where are the Lakers when the best player in the world joined? Nothing hahahaha but when AD came they became champions.... So the bottom line is very simple the self proclaimed goat is nothing but a 2nd rate trying ha copy Cat! hahahahaha

    larry kinglarry king11 日 前
  • Lakers sucks at this point, blew 17 points lead, no defence at all, Whiteside should be the main priority now, forget about Cousins & Tucker, get Whiteside ASAP Lakers make that happen

    Entropy KaseEntropy Kase11 日 前
  • People are really blaming Gasol for ALL of their defensive errors, it really shows the general basketball IQ.

    TharThar12 日 前
    • Yes, most comments just dumb.

      Stop OverreactingStop Overreacting11 日 前
  • Plz.....find hu protect na rim....

    Yuan CondeYuan Conde12 日 前
  • Refs vs wsh

    saucysaucy12 日 前
  • 5winning in a row. Wow. They are in a zone. How long they are going to last is the quetion. As a japanese. I am also cheering for hachimura too.

    渡邉信一渡邉信一12 日 前
  • The Lakers can't have much hope in just Lebron, we all know he's 36 years old, the other players should be playing their best.

    Novy WoworNovy Wowor12 日 前
    • Young hahaha

      larry kinglarry king11 日 前
    • Remember when he was he was swept not just once in the finals but twice hahaha

      larry kinglarry king11 日 前
    • There's no hope either with LeBron did he bring to championship the Lakers when he joined them?

      larry kinglarry king11 日 前
  • Look at Lebron with the lockdown D with 11 seconds to go in overtime. That's clutch dude, just for the wrong team

    Nekys AcherontiosNekys Acherontios12 日 前
  • For god shake Lakers go find a better center!!!

    Wilhan TitoWilhan Tito12 日 前
  • Where’s lakers team tradition: Block Party?😌😌

    NickNick12 日 前
  • trade isa real 🤭 remember 2 big man.

    nuraisa jamdaninuraisa jamdani12 日 前
  • I am done Gasol is giving me headache too soft and slow.

    Mark WashingtonMark Washington12 日 前
    • Yh,yh he's not the reason the Lakers lost, lebron missed a game winning free throws and had like three terrible late turnovers

      Samlay JaySamlay Jay11 日 前
    • I had to give up on the game.. I hate him So much as a Laker Player. I don’t hate him as a human being but as a damn Lakers Men.. He should just piss off lmao

      GLBizzieGLBizzie11 日 前
  • Everyone attack the number 14.. number 14 is a big loop for ppl to get into the paint area and score

    Joshlyn ChanJoshlyn Chan12 日 前
  • Of cause they need ad just if LeBron was out its ok once ad returns its over so no need to panic

    George MohetauGeorge Mohetau12 日 前
  • westbrook planted his hand in caruso face intentionally should have been offensive foul

    fibernache o/fibernache o/12 日 前
  • Lakers never win with GAZOL he must be sold for they own good

    Djedje fidèleDjedje fidèle12 日 前
  • game sent to overtime because of missed freethrow...

    corkystorkycorkystorky12 日 前
  • 😆😆😁😁😆😂 your goat leflop missing ft,i told you he dosnt know how to make ft line😂

    Jet ElegorsJet Elegors12 日 前
    • And then?? You hated him for what?? Even ¹/⁸ of his money you cannot level it . Whaha idiot😏

      ArmanV channelArmanV channel11 日 前
  • No AD, no DS, no McG, no DH,.......= no defence

    Erken OmarErken Omar12 日 前
  • i want to see a comment that Bron is not clutch.. anyone? lol. Lakers in 6..

    Charlie J.Charlie J.12 日 前
  • Lakers is trash,up by 17 and they relax ,their game is always like this 🖕🖕

    Joecole kakaJoecole kaka12 日 前
  • if lakers cannot win with just 1 player out it is better to stop. Come one ..all the team depends of 1 fck player?are you serious? A big shakeout in trade and team is needed urgently...

    luc whiteluc white12 日 前
    • Two Player OUt? Dennis Schröder and Anthony Davis! Everyone was hating on Schröder coz he had like 2 bad games even though he delievered in all of his other games and now it shows that Schröder is needed too right now. Gasol, KCP and Matthews are trash right now and screwing it all up

      GLBizzieGLBizzie11 日 前
    • You are talking about a top 5 Player that is Out. It is a 5 Person Game and Not Football. AD is Not replacable with Just any Person.

      STKSTK11 日 前
  • lakers team 2019-2020 more stronger

    Aedey ArdemyAedey Ardemy12 日 前
  • Time sem vergonha ,sem Davis ,não consegue ganhar do w,w,. Time ridículo .

  • Skip about to have a field day

    sheed -sheed -12 日 前
  • omg lebron, wat a freethow!!

    buendu30 cirebuendu30 cire12 日 前
  • Come on Lakers y'all fucking around now...u mean we can't win with out AD

    Venice WilkinsVenice Wilkins12 日 前
  • I mean I don’t Blame LBJ and Kuzma! I mean when u have 3 suckers around that ain’t productive all season long (KCP, Gasol, Matthews).. I mean Nets need 3 Superstars to even stay relevant and even they lost to the Wizards once. Gimme a break.

    GLBizzieGLBizzie12 日 前
    • Lost to wizzards twice...

      Gabriel CalvoGabriel Calvo11 日 前