ずっと我慢してたサーモン登場に嬉しさ大爆発のカワウソ Otter Excited about Salmon Cheat Day

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Hello! We live in Japan with two Asian Small-Clawed Otters.
Kotaro: Male, DOB 11/10/2017
Kotaro has a scar on his tail from being bitten by another otter when he was still a baby.
Hana: Female, DOB 11/24/2018
They have been toilet trained; they use a special pad that is designed for small dogs.
Since I'm using a translation function, my sentences might come out strange.
Please provide me with corrections if anything is translated improperly.
Twitter : twitter.com/Cotsumet

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  • id give kotaro the whole fish boi.

    B AB A3 分 前
  • hana being a vacuum is a mood

    Renee LaneRenee Lane8 分 前
  • So cute!

    Pika LeePika Lee12 分 前
  • Kotaro is salmon drunk 🍣🤤😭

    Rileigh HansonRileigh Hanson20 分 前
  • OMG! Hana is so greedy. It's not fair that you are giving Kotaro less. 😂 Kotaro is so funny when he eats. He's like in a trance.

    JulietteJuliette24 分 前
  • So cute

    carinne25carinne2526 分 前
  • Does anyone else genuinely not know what to do when you see something this cute??? HOW DO I REACT

    SomeReadingsASMRSomeReadingsASMR27 分 前
  • So freakin cute sitting at the table using their little hands. Its a race!

    Leisah MarieLeisah Marie30 分 前
  • Me watching this video; OMG how adorable!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰 Me watching the otter revenge video; Omg.. 😳🤭

    Rob DRob D31 分 前
  • And they eat at the table too, it Looks like it’s not all the time and was probably just for the video as a saw a dog bowl. Hanna probably got a big eating her brothers food. She gobbles it down and he savors it. It look like he was playing with it at first

    Chanel MoneChanel Mone31 分 前
  • Чегольто тоже лосося захотелось..., схожу ка я в магазин чтоль))).

    Vlad SerijVlad Serij32 分 前
  • Omg. I wonder how my cats are gonna cope with a new otter ?!!

    Chad MarkzChad Markz42 分 前
  • Kotaro so cute. I bet he would like it better if he was in the water on his back eating that salmon. Already looks like he is trying to do that with every piece he eats.

    jess alvajess alva時間 前
  • I'm not greedy, I just love Salmon! Cute

    Little GoatLittle Goat時間 前
  • They're smacking their lips on purpose to show off.

    Slick WillieSlick Willie時間 前
  • Awwww poor baby reach in there and get em some momma/daddy

    Dazzling ExtremesDazzling Extremes時間 前
  • Women: Here baby otter, eat your favorite treat. Also women: Good news, government approved baby dumping stations. We can dump our babies at any gas station now YAY !!!

    Tony NamelessTony Nameless時間 前
  • They only seem to eat when they put it in their mouth with their hands - they won't mack it directly off the plate or chair. They pick it up and drop it down into their little mouths

    MontoMonto時間 前
  • I would not be able to refuse them food ever

    maha77maha77時間 前
  • Ok...where can I buy an otter?

  • So cute

    James KirkmanJames Kirkman時間 前
  • WOW! That’s gotta be the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen!🥰 I would love to have them!

    Christian JorgensenChristian Jorgensen時間 前
  • It was intense! Scared everytime that Hana will steal Kotaro's :D

    Sylvia MasriSylvia Masri2 時間 前
  • I didn't know otters were so adorable!

    Dale HowardDale Howard2 時間 前
  • Man, those cheat days are the best!

    Kelsey RoppKelsey Ropp2 時間 前
  • The one on the left is a piggy. The one on the right is quite a character.

    donald wilcoxdonald wilcox2 時間 前
  • Eating like she going to the electric chair ahahah. Probably didn't even taste the food

    chitownBear773chitownBear7732 時間 前
  • That’s ridiculous you need to put them into separate bowls one eight more than the other and the one is not comfortable

    Campbell’s Freedom FarmCampbell’s Freedom Farm2 時間 前
  • A face full of cuteness!

    Filmore1991Filmore19912 時間 前
  • Hana and I have one thing in common...Salmon is Life even on a cheat date!🤭🤭🤭🤭🥰 love these beautiful babies!!🥰🥰🥰

    Brenda HerreraBrenda Herrera2 時間 前
  • They literally have table manners and everything

    Mathew ClephasMathew Clephas3 時間 前
  • Otters are so cute! They really are. And quite entertaining! I suppose not quite so much when they decide to be excessively demanding.

    Cheetah DolciniCheetah Dolcini3 時間 前
  • They eat like me when I'm drunk!!

    heavystarch100heavystarch1003 時間 前
  • Those two are the Cutest !!!!!!

    JimJim3 時間 前
  • Top vilãos de toda a história das lontras: 1 - lontra hanna, 2 - lontra hanna, de novo 3 - lontra hanna shippuden

    João Guilherme G. E.João Guilherme G. E.3 時間 前
  • To animals food is money and cuteness celebrity status.

    EyePropsEyeProps3 時間 前
  • this is what I like to call a goodboi

    Zee FeaverZee Feaver3 時間 前
  • Dam I had to watch this now I can't stop plz don't post more

    Ryan DanielsRyan Daniels3 時間 前
  • Very cute But I’m not sure the music fits the situation 😆

    State of artState of art3 時間 前
  • Love these two!

    Jen McCulloughJen McCullough3 時間 前
  • I hope people realize the violence that would occur. seems like an evil way of making a video

    Gilbert ClementGilbert Clement4 時間 前
  • I so love animals

    Tim GavordTim Gavord4 時間 前
  • This made my day. So sweet. There happy

    Tim GavordTim Gavord4 時間 前
  • I don't know how to feel about this after watching hood nature

    Rainbow GangRainbow Gang4 時間 前
  • They say otters make terrible pets... but can they really be worse than a ferret

    Cyan FishCyan Fish4 時間 前
  • That one otter look away from the plate while eating 😂😂

    ndufcatndufcat4 時間 前
  • haha something so satisfying about watching animals get spoiled.. I don't want to be the one to do it because they become so beggy lol

    Hoony K.Hoony K.4 時間 前
  • I thought Otters were dangerous creatures. Wow didn't know they made great pets. I need to get one.

    Juicy Gossip WorldJuicy Gossip World4 時間 前
  • Hans's all like I'M NOT FAT I'M JUST BIG BONED!!!

    Lin YLin Y4 時間 前
  • Is that a cat or something?

    Amar SainiAmar Saini5 時間 前
  • 2:09 omggossh did one of them just SQUEAK! 😩😩❤️❤️❤️❤️ how cuuuuute

    TeTe5 時間 前
  • Poor Kotaro, Hana is not much of a "sharing is caring" sorta girl, is she.... unless it is Kotaro's, in which case he better share :/

    Chpow01Chpow015 時間 前
  • This is made funnier to me by the fact my bf's nickname for me is Hana lol

    Naitohana the Elf CatNaitohana the Elf Cat5 時間 前
  • I tilt my head back too when I eat so nothing falls out my mouth.

    Paradigm Zer0Paradigm Zer05 時間 前
  • Thank you for making sure the other otter got its fair share.

    Kel EKel E5 時間 前
  • Lol! They are cuteness overload! What kind of people gave this video a 👎🏻??!

    Robyn RockRobyn Rock5 時間 前
  • Those are some strange looking cats. 😹

    R6-D2R6-D25 時間 前
  • 'What kind of cuteness is this' - Vergil, probably

    Allan AnkozAllan Ankoz5 時間 前
  • Muito fofas❤❤

    Keite AlbuquerqueKeite Albuquerque5 時間 前
  • Not fair..that greedy one ate most of it...awe .. my female lab puppy always steals my male Newfies food . .so he gets secret treats .... actually that looks awesome...Sushi.. I'll be having Ahi Tuna for dinner now...😄😁

    Lil WingedLil Winged5 時間 前
  • Their little hands. D'awww

    EbbtideChequeEbbtideCheque5 時間 前
  • They're very cute, but that whining and squeeling is extremely annoying FFS

    Agressor NationAgressor Nation5 時間 前
  • Did they just wash their hand and face at the end? haha

    Mo CMo C5 時間 前
  • 😍💕

    bruna cogottibruna cogotti6 時間 前
  • I want to smell that chair.

    David UnderwoodDavid Underwood6 時間 前
  • Слева прожорливый

    Антон ЧигурАнтон Чигур6 時間 前
  • omg they're like little kids

    e schwarze schwarz6 時間 前
  • My god these are the cutest dogs ive ever seen. I love how they grab the fish with their paws and put it to their mouth instead of just biting it off the plate.

    pacefkapacefka6 時間 前
  • The way Kotaro eats his salmon looks almost exactly the way my dog eats his food; clumsy cuties ❤️❤️

    L L U V I AL L U V I A6 時間 前
  • hana is a MACHINE! lolol

    E TE T6 時間 前
  • Kotaro has no manners!!!

    Marrion LuluMarrion Lulu6 時間 前
  • Are otters dangerous, or hard to keep? Do they get mean or bite? They look so awesome!!!!

    Peter TroutPeter Trout7 時間 前
  • Няяяяяяяяяяя!

    grmtr4grmtr47 時間 前
  • 👍🏿

    Dewana SamuelDewana Samuel7 時間 前
  • why are you japanese

    darkfantasy brundarkfantasy brun7 時間 前
  • Первый быстрее мясорубки Bosch работает, в два горла аж залетает 😁🤣👍

    Артур ИоновАртур Ионов7 時間 前
  • i want 50

    Perky NaanaaPerky Naanaa7 時間 前
  • These little guys are funny*

    Gellybean RileyGellybean Riley8 時間 前
  • Besides all the cuteness and the fact that one otter is getting more food than the other, I just realized they eat better than I do, I can't remember the last time I had salmon.

    music fanmusic fan8 時間 前
  • It's like a restaurant for very clumsy customers...

    efektefekt8 時間 前
  • Kotaro's way of eating lunch had me laughing so hard I started coughing.

    Tori Johanne LauTori Johanne Lau8 時間 前
  • so i need an otter now.

    O3 ReportingO3 Reporting8 時間 前
  • Вот это да! Я не знала, что выдры похожи в поведении на кошек! Какие они милые!

    Елена АбрамоваЕлена Абрамова8 時間 前
  • Fatty fishy goodness

    I'm OutI'm Out8 時間 前
  • Why is it that I can’t stand it when anyone else smacks while eating their food, but when they do it, it’s the cutest thing in the world😭😭

    Miya ElishaMiya Elisha8 時間 前
  • i don't understand what these animals are doing in someone's house??????? they are wild and belong to the wild. or is it that people appropriates themselves everything the see, take everything they want??????? take and take and take????????

    Ilinka DrieuIlinka Drieu8 時間 前
  • why are they so damn cute?!!

    vofffvofff9 時間 前
  • 2:37 Now this can be a new way for me to eat food.

    Intellectual CrocodileIntellectual Crocodile9 時間 前
  • the one gonna lay over the whole plate to not share. rofl

    Rilly JoRilly Jo9 時間 前
  • Нихера себе кормёжка, не пробовали ещё икорки черной подмешивать, они будут не просто взволнованы, они нахрен в обморок падать будут!

    SIRIUS13SIRIUS139 時間 前
  • How did JPworlds know this was what I needed today

    phat albotphat albot9 時間 前
  • They are so adorable

    Kimberlain O'DriscollKimberlain O'Driscoll9 時間 前
  • LOL, is Kotaro unable to put something in his mouth without looking at the ceiling?

    Rusty MettleRusty Mettle9 時間 前
  • I don't mean to be all judgey...but Hana need some manna's .....lol. Cuteness overload

    jonathan hoytjonathan hoyt9 時間 前
  • These beautiful creatures have better table manners than so called ' humans' in a local McDonalds...

    Dezza DigglerDezza Diggler9 時間 前
  • they are cute ill wish i have them instead of a cats i like cats only lot of work to care them

    Robert ValentinRobert Valentin9 時間 前
  • It's official, I was an otter in a past life. I just love salmon that much!

    TheOmniPrincess *TheOmniPrincess *9 時間 前
  • Like 2 kids eating there favorite food lol

    Anthony McCoyAnthony McCoy10 時間 前

    Pinky PinkyPinky Pinky10 時間 前
  • Хочу в эту семью, хочу с ними за столом лосося трескать

    Ахсар СалбиевАхсар Салбиев10 時間 前